[Drunken Jasmine]Chapter 1 – About Love

(This article is my maiden novel, dedicated to my wife, charming, who loves to read novels day and night. May she always be healthy, happy, and carefree.)

  No one is born to know love, and no one is born to love. Everything is from understanding to understanding, never to meeting. Love, too.

  Love, you can’t make an appointment, it’s like making an appointment to have a meal together. Love can’t be exchanged, just like negotiating a price and exchanging it together.

  Love is the process of a person growing up and becoming oneself. The real life and personality starts from the moment you understand love.

  On a cloudy and rainy day in winter, with drizzle and cold wind, the train station platform was crowded with people. “Woo~woooo~woooo!” The train whistle sounded and slowly began to move.

  With hot tears in my eyes, in the cold wind, I looked up at a girl in the carriage, concentrated all my energy, and tried my best to remember her last face.

  And she kept her head down silently. A long hair covered her cheeks, and her hands were tangled together on her lap, deliberately avoiding my gaze. As the train slowly accelerated, she gradually disappeared from sight.

  Tears blurred my vision. I’m not the kind of person to cry. I just stood there quietly, fighting back the pain in my chest. Imagine that the train can stop and she can change her mind and jump off the train. Ha, sneered, shook his head, so stupid. Farewell, I wish you happiness, everyone has their own aspirations.

  The train had been gone for a long time, and there was only one person left on the silent platform. Gradually, he came to his senses, wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes, raised his head and took a deep breath, turned and walked out of the platform.

  Walked through the door like a zombie, felt powerless, and lay on the bed on your back. It seemed that it was really a huge blow, mentally, not physically.

  Suddenly, tears came down again, why are you so fragile? Why so cowardly? Useless thing, a slap hit his face, no pain, numbness. Another slap in the face, get up! Struggling to get out! Don’t stay on the ground!

  I, thinking hard in tears, may never understand why this is, it is called “destiny”.

  Confused, I don’t know how I fell asleep, but I woke up a little late. A man with a job and a career cannot be decadent, get up immediately, wash up, ride a bicycle, and set off.

  I am 20 years old this year. I have just worked as an intern for four months, repairing computers in a government planning and design institute. Although it is a government unit, there are too many people like me who want to get involved. They are all related households. In terms of work strength, they are garbage to me. Not because I’m arrogant, but because they’re trash.

  There are many computers in the unit, all of which are used for design and planning drawings. And on each floor, there is only one repairman and hundreds of computers. It is really busy day and night.

  But I also became a well-known figure in the building. Whoever made their computer broke, they came to me at the first time. Some engineers also begged me to help him repair first, so as not to delay his work. Many times, I even feel that I am their leader, holding the power to kill them.

  If you have the strength to work, you really don’t have to be afraid. Working in such a unit, as long as there are no violations of regulations and no accidents, you can work in peace and stability for a lifetime, until retirement, perfect. This is the government unit of the country. Although I am just a small gong, it should be no problem to get old.

  You can eat lunch and dinner in the cafeteria of the unit every day. The cafeteria of the government unit is different from the one outside. There are many varieties and large quantities of dishes! A large platoon is twice as big as the one outside, and you can eat until you die every day, but you only need to spend a few yuan, which is still the money in the unit’s meal card. In such a good unit, how many people want to rely on connections to come in?

  However, in their eyes, many times, they can only be regarded as a little fart child. Maybe for this reason, many people care about me. Caring about my life, caring about my work, caring about my mood, caring about whether I have a girlfriend.

  No, Brother Xiong sat down beside me with a dinner plate, chewed slowly, muttered and asked, “What’s the matter, you look so serious today? Are you broken up?”

  Brother Xiong, 32 years old this year, he is tall and powerful, with thick eyebrows and big eyes, wearing glasses, a long face, a big mouth and a high nose bridge. He has a simple, honest and reliable appearance. . I like computers the most, and I often care about me, probably because there are common topics.

  Although he is 12 years older than me, he speaks to me like a friend, and sometimes I am very willing to talk to him and listen to his opinions.

  ”Yeah.” I lowered my head and answered him simply and clearly, perhaps with a little emotion, and my eyes started to get wet. I also realized that my vision was blurred, and I scolded myself over and over again, bitch! Don’t be ashamed!

  Brother Xiong quickly swallowed the meal in his mouth, cleared his throat, and asked softly, “How many years have you been talking about?”

  I try to calculate hard, talk for a few years? It turns out that we don’t seem to be in love, and the time together before and after may only add up to a few days. The rest of the time, it’s just my own brains and fantasies. If I had to sum it up, it would be that a girl said she was going to fall in love with me, she made an appointment to wait for her for a year, she said she had a boyfriend, and then dumped me, it’s that simple.

  It really wakes up the person in the dream. It turns out that I have been dreaming all the time, it is just a dream of mine, it is too stupid.

  Finally relieved, nodded silently, and stuffed a mouthful of rice into his mouth.

  ”Don’t be sad, there are many good girls in the world. Brother will send you a few tomorrow.” Brother Xiong patted me on the shoulder, looking like he could see through the world and be omnipotent. Then he continued to eat in big mouthfuls, feeling as if he was holding a bunch of girls in his hands, wishing to send them out one by one.

  ”Is there anyone who looks like Hong Kong star Zhou Huimin?” I stopped chewing, and a pair of eyes full of trust looked at him expectantly.

  A mouthful of rice almost spewed out of Brother Xiong’s mouth, “Yes, I will give it to you if you have it. Take a look at the others first, don’t waste it.”

  Haha, we looked at each other and laughed together, I was just like the emperor, everyone was waiting in line for me. Brother Xiong, your bragging is getting more and more powerful.

  That afternoon, Brother Xiong rushed into my office and gave me a phone number, saying that it was a girl named Wang, a local who was the same age as me, and was doing an internship in his friend’s unit.

  ”Ah?! Brother Xiong, are you serious, are you really sending me a girl?!” I was a little startled, and when I touched my face, it was so hot! His face also turned red. Brother Xiong, you are an old man, and you are married and have children. You are still holding a handful of cards in your hand. Are you tired?

  ”When did you make a joke, brother, I talked to several girls when I was 16 years old, and that was when I was 18 years old, you know.” He winked at me triumphantly, shook his head and smiled back to himself. office.

  Holding this note and looking at the phone number on it, I felt a little excited and apprehensive, is a new life about to start? Looking at Brother Xiong’s self-confidence, he should be a woman of national beauty, right?

  I dare not fight, I am afraid.

  What are you afraid of?

  I don’t know, I’m just afraid.

  So cowardly.

  No, I dare.

  Picking up the phone beside him, he pressed a series of numbers.

  To be continued…

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