[Return – AI Campaign] Chapter 6, Purple Rain

  With a cigarette in his mouth, he breathed helplessly. Xiao Su, who was standing on the balcony, looked at the continuous purple rain, feeling melancholy.

  I really want to know my background, but I only heard that I was an orphan when I was born. Who exactly told him, can’t remember.

  This continuous purple rain has been falling for three months, and half of the earth is surrounded by purple clouds. Is it nature’s punishment for man’s use of nuclear weapons?

  ”Darling, the food is ready, you can eat.” Wang Lihe’s warm and sweet words came from behind.

  Turning around and entering the restaurant, the dishes and chopsticks on the table are neatly arranged, which is quite ceremonial.

  The two sat facing each other, Wang Lihe smiled and looked at Xiao Su with expectant eyes. I wish him a happy meal and a tasty meal, every day.

  The TV behind him is playing an expert talk show. “According to the latest analysis by experts, the continuous purple rain contains a special element that has never been found on earth, and no signs of harm to the human body have been found so far.”

  ”After the purple rain, the nuclear-contaminated areas were quickly purified. The plants were lush and full of vitality. This special ingredient defused nuclear pollution and prevented nuclear fission. Nuclear power plants gradually stopped working, nuclear fusion could no longer be produced, and nuclear weapons were ineffective. ”

  Xiao Su and Wang Baihe turned their heads and watched the expert talk show curiously.

  ”I think this may be a weather weapon for aliens. Injecting a new element into the entire earth to prevent nuclear fusion. Because their vanguard was defeated by nuclear weapons.” A nuclear research expert is righteous. said.

  ”I think this is a gift of nature. The nuclear pollution has disappeared everywhere in the purple rain. This should be the Earth’s self-healing system at work.” A nature research expert said solemnly.

  ”I like this purple rain very much, the air is fresh, and the fragrance is in the air. It’s very good for the skin, I think I’ve been a lot younger recently.”, the host’s serious nonsense!

  Xiao Su picked up the remote control, turned off the TV program, and after the quick meal, got up and went out to the population management department of the police station.

  It may be the instinct and desire of every human orphan to want to know the situation of his parents. Although he travels through the bustling cities and streets, he is extremely lonely inside, like walking on a strange street alone. There is no sense of belonging or even the meaning of being alive.

  This is an orderly society. Pedestrians on the road walk well and have fixed routes. Only Xiao Su, swaying from side to side, doing whatever she wants.

  Vehicles on the road, whether they are driving on the ground or flying in the air, are very quiet, and no one has ever honked their horns.

  Traffic lights have long been obsolete. Give way or go forward, the vehicle makes it clear. I don’t know what the rules and logic are, anyway, Xiao Su can only fly a plane.

  All stores are available for free, on demand. The planet has long since lost its financial system and monetary rules. All this seems reasonable, but it does not conform to social logic.

  Xiao Su randomly walked into an ice cream shop, asked for an ice cream on demand and left. The waiter smiled and bowed, “Thank you for coming.”

  After eating the ice cream, throw the rubbish on the street. A cleaner would clean it up and wave to him, saying, “Safe journey.”

  What a harmonious society this is. Human society has developed to such a level that words cannot describe it.

  When I came to the population management department, I found a long consultation line at the door. Visualize hundreds of people asking the same question. These are orphans eager to find out the whereabouts of their parents.

  Like other consultants, Xiao Su got a medical examination form from the hospital. Ask to go to the hospital for a full-body examination, including DNA analysis, through DNA matching, you can find your biological parents.

  This sounded reasonable, Xiao Su took the medical form to the hospital. But the strange thing is, why do you have to be blindfolded when you draw blood? It is said that this is the rule of blood drawing, and it is a respect for blood…

  After the test, the test results are available soon, and a DNA match is done.

  It turned out that his parents were astronauts. Not long after he was born, he lost contact during an aerospace mission and disappeared into the vast universe, with his life and death uncertain.

  Xiao Su took the DNA matching report and the identity information of her parents and walked out of the hospital with tears streaming down her face.

  Several other people around were also in a low mood, holding DNA matching reports and parental identification information.

  After chatting, I learned that they are all orphans in the world. Coincidentally, their parents, too, are astronauts. It was also an accident during a mission, and his life and death were uncertain…

  Xiao Su, who went home, shuttled through the continuous purple rain. A trace of doubt arose. Doubt yourself, doubt life, and even doubt the world.

  Passing by the canteen downstairs, the uncle in the store always smiled at him, and the gesture of smiling was the same every time. Uncle does the same thing every day, day after day, just like an NPC.

  Xiao Su has suspected many times that this uncle has a mental illness. Because every time he went to the commissary to buy cigarettes, his answer was always the same, even the tone was the same.

  Especially the line, “Time is money, my friend.”

  What’s even more outrageous is that the uncle’s wife, whenever Xiao Su walked out of the canteen, she would kindly say, “May the Holy Light shine on you.”

  Makes people wonder…

  The building manager of the apartment is also very strange. He stands there every day and never sees him sitting down. Isn’t he tired?

  Whenever Xiao Su left, he would raise his head with a smirk and say, “May the stars guide your way.”

  Now that Xiao Su is back, he will look up and smirk again and say, “May the goddess bless you.”

  Whether Xiao Su responded or not, he ignored it and looked down at the newspaper.

  Makes people confused…

  Back home, Wang Baihe greeted her with a smile as always, hugged and kissed, and said tenderly, “You’re back.”

  Xiao Su smiled slightly, looking at her innocent and loyal eyes. It seems that she is the only person in the world who cares about herself the most and loves herself. In what lifetime is this a blessing from cultivation?

  Before I had time to eat, the videophone suddenly rang!

  The air force commander was dressed in uniform and said sternly, “The pilots return to the team immediately, the situation is unexpected!”

  A second ago, Wang Baihe was still warm and sweet, with a smile on her face, but a second later, she suddenly became serious, bitter and hated…

  The two hurriedly put on their uniforms and rushed downstairs. The army transport vehicle was already waiting downstairs.

  Xiao Su suddenly found that there were many new and unfamiliar faces in the building, all of them dazed and dull eyes. Quickly get into the car with him and head to the Air Force base.

  In the combat guidance room, there were already a lot of people, and the seats were full, and Xiao Su, Wang Baihe and others squeezed in.

  ”A huge meteorite group is moving fast. According to calculations, the landing target is the earth. An hour ago, we had launched more than 100 nuclear weapons and wanted to destroy them in the space outside the earth, but they were attacked by photon weapons in the middle. Intercept. Obviously, this is a plan by aliens to attack the earth.” The commander on the stage was pointing at the 3D image, the fragment of the meteorite movement, with a worried expression.

  ”After accurate calculation, these meteorites will burn due to friction and reduce by half after entering the atmosphere. But if the remaining part falls to the earth, it will also bring a huge blow to the earth, or even destroy it. It seems that the aliens are to destroy the earth.”

  There was a lot of discussion under the stage, whispering, and everyone panicked.

  The commander called up the 3D combat map and said solemnly, “After calculation, the impact point of the meteorite is an important city where the federal government is located. So the task of our Air Force is to take off immediately and wait over the city. Once the meteorite appears, immediately use photon weapons to It shatters, reducing the explosive power caused by the meteorite hitting the ground.”

  ”If there are no other problems, prepare to leave immediately. The meteorite will arrive in six hours.” The commander looked down at the stage with a passionate expression.

  ”Sir, why don’t you use nuclear weapons to destroy meteorites over the earth?”, a comrade asked.

  ”Due to a rare purple rain, nuclear fusion on Earth cannot be produced again, and all nuclear weapons have been lost. Scientists are studying the reasons, so we cannot use nuclear weapons and energy.” The commander said helplessly.

  ”Sir, how many meteorites are there, and what is the size of the meteorites?” the comrades in the audience raised their hands and asked.

  ”According to observations, the number of meteorites is in the thousands. It is calculated that after the friction and combustion of the atmosphere, the size of entering the earth is like a building. We have prepared 10,000 fighter jets to ensure that nothing is lost.” The comrades below gave a solemn military salute.

  All rise! Back to the military salute! Shouting the slogan, “Earth will win, mankind will win.”

  Everyone quickly left the combat command center and headed to the airport. Xiao Su and Wang Baihe boarded their own fighter jets, lifted off to gather, and headed to the combat location.

  After more than four hours of flight, it reached the other side of the earth, over the target city.

  Xiao Su suddenly found that the sky was full of darkness, and there were more than 10,000 fighter jets in the air, waiting in full force. Air tankers are constantly refueling one by one.

  ”The pilots of the 1088th formation, please pay attention, follow the wingman to the designated combat position and form a good formation.” The commander’s dispatch order came from the helmet.

  Wang Lihe piloted the fighter proficiently and entered the designated position. Xiao Su checks whether all the offensive weapons are ready to make sure that nothing goes wrong.

  Looking from the ground, the sky is full of planes, a piece of black, mighty and imposing.

  The citizens on the ground stopped their work one after another and looked up at the sky, feeling uneasy. Fire squadrons and emergency centres are already on the ground ready.

  A large number of robot troops were assembled on the ground, ready to be rescued after collision.

  Everything seemed to be well prepared, and nothing went wrong. Then, in the far side of the sky, dense fire spots appeared, and the meteorite was re-entering the atmosphere.

  ”Attention to all air units! The meteorite is entering the atmosphere. Once it enters the attack range, fire freely and pick a big one! Break it up to reduce the damage after landing.” The last command from the command center came from the helmet. .

  Xiao Su turned on the high-end electronic telescope on the plane and observed the fireballs burning in the distance, the meteorites that were rubbing and burning in the atmosphere.

  The huge meteorite is rubbing, the fire is soaring, the smoke is filled, and it gradually becomes smaller.

  Everyone has locked their targets one by one, ready to press the attack button at any time.

  Suddenly, the burning meteorites shattered in the air! There’s actually an alien aircraft hiding inside!

  To be continued…

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