[Return – AI Campaign] Chapter 7, Second Wave

  The electronic telescope showed that the aircraft was more than 100 meters long, 50 meters wide and 30 meters high. Shaped like strips of cigars, it quickly fell to the ground.

  Xiao Su suddenly panicked and looked around. All kinds of loud noises came from the helmet.

  ”what’s the situation?”

  ”Fuck me, alien craft.”

  ”What, what’s going on here?”

  The commander’s latest order came from the helmet, “Attention all units, this is a sneak attack by aliens. Be adaptable, counterattack with all your strength, and fire freely!”

  Immediately, the whole sky flickered with golden light, and the photon weapons fired with all their strength!

  Surprisingly, blue shields appeared around the alien craft. Resisted the attacks of all photon weapons without being hurt.

  ”This… what’s going on?” Xiao Su’s eyes widened, staring straight ahead, helpless.

  The alien aircraft started to fight back in the process of falling, and the flashing lasers roared. In the intensive firepower, Wang Baihe drove the fighter jet to evade flexibly.

  The sky was spinning, Xiao Su was already dizzy and dizzy. No one can afford this tossing, upside-down flight pattern.

  The whole sky was full of fire, smoke and explosions.

  Suddenly, a fighter jet exploded on the side, sending huge shock waves and debris flying. Shattered the glass of Xiao Su’s plane, and the shards destroyed the engine! Immediately, thick smoke billowed, the sky was spinning, and the plane lost control.

  There was a dizziness in front of him, and Xiao Su found that he had left the plane and was spinning in the air.

  ”Wow!” The parachute opened. Only then did Xiao Su wake up and found that she was slowly descending.

  ”Xiao Su, we’ll see you on the ground. Turn on the positioning device, and I’ll come to find you.” Wang Baihe’s voice came from the helmet. Xiao Su looked left and right.

  The sky was full of fire, and the sky was filled with smoke. Wang Lihe was waving to him from a distance and slowly descending.

  ”Be careful!”, Xiao Su shouted at Wang Baihe, and turned on the positioning device in his hand.

  Xiao Su, who was slowly descending in the air, could clearly see that the alien aircraft began to slow down just before it landed.

  Finally landed smoothly and opened several hatches. Teams of white alien creatures rushed out from inside, in large numbers, armed with traditional weapons. For citizens on the ground, kill them when they see them.

  Immediately, the ground burst into flames, thick smoke billowed, and exploded everywhere. The robot army, who was ready to rescue, immediately plunged into the battle and began a tenacious resistance.

  ”Da da da da da da da da!”

  Xiao Su, who was about to land, could clearly hear the screams from the ground and the panicked screams of the citizens.

  Innocent citizens were hit by the weapons of alien creatures, and suddenly thick smoke turned into a puff of green smoke, leaving behind a lump of residual iron.

  Xiao Su landed in the city, immediately got up and released the parachute, surrounded by citizens running in a panic.

  ”Da da da, da da da, da da da!”

  Bullets fly overhead! A blank patch of alien creatures in front of them, armed with traditional weapons, advanced while shooting. The surrounding robot army is firing at full force to resist.

  Xiao Su took out the laser gun on his body, joined the robot team, hid behind the robot, and fought hard to resist the alien creatures ahead.

  ”biu biu biu biu!!!”

  Photon weapons are powerful! The aliens in front of them fell to the ground. Xiao Su is confused, why do aliens use traditional weapons instead of advanced photon weapons?

  At this moment, he clearly saw an alien creature in front of him that had just fallen to the ground and threw a grenade. The grenade flashed blue light and swirled in the air.

  Xiao Su hurriedly lay down and hugged her head, only to see the grenade flashing in the air, emitting a dazzling light. The harsh blue light made Xiao Su unable to open her eyes. Then, a deafening electromagnetic wave sound came from the ear, and the head was dizzy.

  The surroundings suddenly became quiet, and Xiao Su slightly opened his eyes to take a look. Visually, within 100 meters around, it was enveloped by faint blue electromagnetic waves. All the robots in the range fell to the ground, and all electronic equipment failed. When I looked down at the laser gun in my hand, it was no longer usable.

  Xiao Su suddenly remembered the blue hood and blue tower before, this is an alien electronic jamming bomb!

  This is over, all the robot armies around have been scrapped, and many citizens have fallen to the ground and cannot move. There are only a few survivors, running in panic and chaos.

  Unable to fight without carrying traditional weapons. Xiao Su tumbled flexibly on the ground and hid in a building.

  ”Da-da-da, da-da-da!”

  There were gunshots in and out of the building, and there were thick smoke billowing scorched iron residue everywhere. Alien creatures seem to want to wipe out all human beings and slaughter mercilessly.

  I ran upstairs and looked down. I could clearly see that the resisting robot army fell to the ground under the explosion of blue electromagnetic grenades.

  ”Xiao Su hold on! I’m coming to find you.” Wang Lihe’s voice came from the helmet.

  ”Don’t! Don’t come here, hide! There are too many enemies!”, Xiao Su replied anxiously.

  ”Attention to all combat units, the Army’s vanguard is coming to support and is expected to arrive within half an hour.” There was encouraging news from the helmet.

  Watching the robot army downstairs fall to the ground piece by piece. Xiao Su couldn’t help sighing that modern high-tech weapons are so vulnerable in front of primitive traditional weapons. It all boils down to the fact that modern weapons are based on electronics, lose power and are nothing.

  When he touched himself again, there was nothing but a saber.

  Just then, a panicked scream came from behind. Turning to look, several citizen ID cards ran in in panic.

  ”Da-da-da, da-da-da!”

  Bullets came from their backs, and they fell to the ground. Thick smoke rose and turned into bursts of blue smoke, leaving piles of scorched iron on the ground.

  An alien creature, kill it!

  In the building, Xiao Su and it met by a narrow path. This is the first time that he has had such a close encounter with an alien creature. In a short moment, I looked at it carefully.

  White gelatinous skin, burly stature, more than two meters visually, and also has two hands and feet. Holding a traditional weapon, the head is large and neckless, slightly hunchbacked, with a long tentacle on the top of the head, and the eyes and mouth cannot be found.

  ”Da da da!”, the alien raised a gun and shot at Xiao Su.

  Xiao Su, who had undergone military training, fell to the ground subconsciously, and several rolled over to escape the bullets.

  ”Da da da!”

  A few more agile rolls and dodged bullets. It seems that the accuracy of this primitive traditional weapon is indeed not high.

  ”Kaka!”, the alien creature checked the weapon at the bottom, and it should have fired the bullet.

  Seeing the situation, Xiao Su got up quickly, ran forward, and a flying leg kicked the alien creature to the ground. Then he lifted a large gravel beside him and smashed it on it!

  The alien creature staggered to his feet, immediately rushed back, threw a heavy punch, and knocked Xiao Su flying.

  This punch was so powerful that Xiao Su was hit so hard that he fell into the rubble, dizzy.

  Several panicked citizens ran past, seeing this, they immediately united and rushed up! The four pinned the alien creature to the ground.

  Xiao Su stood up tremblingly, picked up the gravel on the side, rushed up, and hit the alien creature’s head several times!

  The alien creature was dying, but couldn’t move. Then Xiao Su pulled out his saber, ready to stab him.

  Just then, the red light on the alien began to flash. My God, I’m going to blow myself up!

  Everyone fled in all directions, and the alien creature got up and ran towards Xiao Su! Xiao Su was cornered and had nowhere to escape.

  Seeing that it was about to explode, in desperation, Xiao Su fell to the ground with his head in his arms.


  A few seconds passed without any response, Xiao Su raised her head and opened her eyes slightly. It was found that the extraterrestrial creature flashed red light, twitched all over, and could not move. Is this a mechanical failure?

  It must be a mechanical failure, Xiao Su slowly got up, patted the dust on his body, and put away his saber.

  Suddenly, a seam opened in the chest of the alien creature, and one drilled out from it!

  people! ! !

  Xiao Su’s eyes widened, she couldn’t believe what she saw! Rubbed his eyes to confirm, yes, it is indeed a person!

  And also a human woman. Thin eyebrows, big eyes, high nose bridge, long hair and small mouth. Tall, fit, sweaty and panting. He stared at Xiao Su fiercely.

  ”This…, isn’t it a dream? What’s going on here?” Xiao Su looked at her in surprise, bewildered.

  Bean-sized beads of sweat slowly flowed down her cheeks, her long hair fluttered slowly in the breeze, and her whole body exuded a princess-like delicacy.

  Among the alien creatures, there was such a beautiful and slim woman, Xiao Su was sluggish.

  But this woman was ruthless, pulled out her saber, went crazy, and rushed towards Xiao Su. Swing the saber, the knife is lethal.

  But after all, she was a woman. After three or two rounds, she was out of breath and her movements were slow. But his brows were furious, his aura was threatening, as if he had not avenged his father’s revenge…

  During the fight, she was inattentive and was kicked by Xiao Su with her back swinging leg, and she fell to the sky.

  Before she had time to get up, Xiao Su had already pressed on her, raised the saber high, and stabbed it habitually.

  The woman’s eyes were closed, her slender eyebrows were knitted together, and she turned her face to the side, with a helpless expression of death, and gave up resistance.

  The saber stopped right around her neck.

  Xiao Su was moved by this woman’s brave and fearless spirit. At the same time, he was also attracted by her beautiful appearance like a princess, and stopped, not wanting to hurt her.

  The woman opened her eyes slightly, and when she saw Xiao Su stagnant standing there, she ruthlessly kicked him down. Get up, pick up the saber, pounce on it, and drop the knife in his hand.


  Xiao Su screamed, and the saber deeply inserted into his chest. He held the saber tightly in both hands and pulled it out with all his strength.

  ”Xiao Su!”, Wang Baihe’s voice came from behind, and Wang Baihe was as light as a swallow, rising into the air. A flying leg kicked over, kicking the woman to the ground and rolling three times in a row.

  The two women went back and forth, fighting hard. And Xiao Su looked down and was surprised to find that blue liquid was flowing out of her chest! How is this going? Xiao Su was terrified and puzzled.

  What is even more puzzling is why Wang Baihe, a weak woman, suddenly became a martial arts master? He is agile, as light as a swallow, his fists are in place, and his moves are vicious.

  Two more alien creatures rushed in, and Wang Baihe scuffled with them without fear. Accidentally, he was slashed by an alien creature with a saber that was more than one meter long, turning it into two sections.

  ”Wang Lily!” Xiao Su shouted with tears in her eyes. I thought that blood would splash everywhere, but I found that Wang Lily actually sparked with electric light!

  The whole body twitched, smoked and fell to the ground, unable to move. She, she’s actually a robot! What happened in front of him completely shocked Xiao Su.

  ”I must be dreaming, this must be a dream.” Xiao Su was trembling with fright, terrified, and kept saying silently in her mouth.

  A tall alien creature slowly walked up to Xiao Su, raising his saber high, ready to cut it down with a knife.

  Xiao Su closed her eyes, frowned, turned her face away, and raised a hand to cover it subconsciously.

  ”Jack, please wait a moment.”

  ”What’s wrong?”

  ”Don’t kill him, I think, he’s like a human!”


  Xiao Su opened her eyes and saw that the alien woman and the alien creature actually used the common language of human beings to talk, and her consciousness completely collapsed.

  ”I must have gone crazy.” Xiao Su shook his head with a dull gaze and said in his heart.

  ”It could have killed me just now, but it held back. If it was a robot, it would never do that.” The alien woman looked anxious, turned her head and said to the alien creature.

  ”Really? Take it back for research first.” After finishing speaking, the tall alien picked up Xiao Su with one hand, carried it on his shoulders, and walked out.

  In a daze, Xiao Su looked down at the blue liquid flowing in his chest and Wang Baihe, who was broken in two by the blue smoke, and his three views were completely destroyed.

  Looking up at the beautiful alien woman and the alien creature carrying him, she had a nervous breakdown.

  Gradually he lost consciousness, and his eyes went black.

  To be continued…

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