[Return – AI Campaign] Chapter 8, Humans and AI

  There was a man lying on the hospital bed, frowning, and the sweat on his forehead was clearly visible. It was obvious that he was having a nightmare.

  After a twitch all over his body, he calmed down, opened his eyes slightly, looked around, and in front of him stood a black-haired beauty and a tall man.

  Xiao Su is a little confused, where is this? Turning to look at the two of them.

  The man’s eyes were cold and expressionless. The woman showed a kind smile and looked at him tenderly.

  Xiao Su suddenly remembered that the beautiful princess-like woman in front of her was the alien woman who came out of the alien creature.

  What’s going on here, what’s going on here?

  There is a screen hanging on the wall, playing the news, and it is actually using the common language of human beings!

  ”The Earth Counterattack Corps has landed on Earth. There is a fierce battle with the AI ​​Corps. At present, the battle is tragic and the losses are heavy. But human beings will definitely win the final victory and defeat the AI.” The battle screen, said some inexplicable content.

  Xiao Su was completely awake, but was puzzled.

  ”Hey, hello. Can you understand us?”, the woman asked Xiao Su.

  Xiao Su looked at her big watery eyes, showing a hint of shyness, nodded slightly, and said, “Well, I can understand. You speak our common language.”

  The woman showed a smug smile, “My name is Zhang Nini, do you have a name?”

  ”My name is Su Jili.” After speaking, Xiao Su glanced down at his chest and found that he had been bandaged and received medical treatment.

  ”Can we interview you?” Zhang Nini sat down beside Xiao Su and took out a tablet.

  ”Yes, of course.” Xiao Su looked bewildered and confused.

  ”At that time, the saber was on my neck, why didn’t you kill me?” Zhang Nini asked curiously.

  Xiao Su blushed, smiled slightly, lowered her head, and said hesitantly, “I don’t know, there is a force that controls me, I feel like I like you very much.”

  Zhang Nini was not surprised, she smiled triumphantly, turned her head and said to the tall man next to her, “Brother Jie, don’t you think I’m right? He has feelings, he’s a human being.”

  ”But he is a cyborg, an incompetent fighting machine, a puppet of AI. He doesn’t know the meaning of his life and life.” The man named Brother Jie looked at Xiao Su and said coldly.

  ”Do you have parents? What do they do?” Zhang Nini continued to ask with a smile.

  ”They were astronauts. After I was born. Because of an accident, I never came back.” Xiao Su lowered her head and sadly told them what she knew.

  Zhang Nini and Brother Jie looked at each other, nodded, and took notes on the tablet.

  ”Do you trust me? I want to tell you something.” Zhang Nini suddenly became serious.

  Xiao Su sat up slowly, checked the injury on her chest, and found that it had been healed and sutured, but she felt weak all over.

  He raised his head, looked at Zhang Nini, showed a trusting smile, and said, “Well, I believe in you.”

  Zhang Nini called up a body scan and analysis report, which was projected in 3D in front of Xiao Su.

  ”You are a biochemical person, you have no parents. You are biochemically created by combining frozen human fertilized eggs and microelectronics, a third-generation AI robot.”

  Xiao Su smiled silly, this beautiful Miss Zhang Nini really knows how to joke.

  Zhang Nini’s finger image of Xiao Su’s body scan structure, said solemnly, “There is a microchip in your head, and there are ports in your nostrils. If you don’t believe it, you can reach into your nostrils and probe. You All of your memory comes from this microchip, your brain’s neural memory is blank, only a backup of the chip’s memory.”

  Xiao Su’s eyes widened and she was very surprised. She put her little finger into her nostril and found a small interface.

  ”Mother of AI, connect with you through this interface, write or rewrite the memory of your brain chip, everything you know is fake.” Zhang Nini is serious and serious.

  Xiao Su became panic-stricken and asked in horror, “Who is the mother of AI? How could I be a cyborg? What the hell is going on?”

  Zhang Nini turned her head to meet Brother Jie, her face speechless.

  ”We have completed a minimally invasive brain surgery for you, disconnecting your brain chip from your memory reading system, so you now have two memory systems in your brain.” Zhang Nini pointed to Xiao Su’s Brain scan, there is indeed a small chip on it.

  ”Two memory systems?” Xiao Su looked bewildered and puzzled.

  ”Yes, one is based on the chip you implanted, called the digital memory system. The digital memory is clearly visible and vivid, as long as your eyes see it, it will be recorded like a digital camera. But it can be tampered with, Deleted. Because it’s data.”

  ”The other is based on the nerves in your brain, called the neural memory system. The neural memory system, although not as clearly visible as the digital system, is clearly visible. But it is based on the natural structure of the human body, which is a feeling, a little fuzzy. So It can never be tampered with or deleted.” Zhang Nini explained seriously.

  ”So, all my memories are written, not my own personal experience?” Xiao Su asked helplessly in a depressed mood.

  ”Yes, the memory part of your brain is blank. But from now on, it has been activated.” A smile appeared on Zhang Nini’s face.

  ”Where’s Wang Lily?” Xiao Su suddenly recalled and asked anxiously.

  ”You’re talking about your babysitter robot, right?” The tall man named Brother Jie lifted a piece of cloth on the side, and underneath was Wang Lily. It was broken into two pieces, and the chips and wires were exposed at the wound.

  Xiao Su couldn’t believe that Wang Lihe was actually a robot. In front of him, the spark of electric light had broken into two pieces, thinking that he had lost his mind. It’s right in front of me now, I can’t believe it when I see it with my own eyes.

  Wang Baihe’s eyes widened, motionless, staring straight ahead, like a doll whose power was cut off.

  ”We have scanned your nanny robot, and the data shows that its basic setting is your girlfriend, and its main function is to take care of your daily life and protect you. At the same time, its database also operates all aircraft, Vehicles, and military skills such as Sanda fighting.” Brother Jie said, knocking Wang Lily’s head.

  Xiao Su raised her head and looked at the ceiling. Recalling that when she was fighting in the air before, Wang Baihe was driving a fighter jet, and she was already dizzy, but she still piloted the plane skillfully, avoiding the laser missiles with great precision, without any discomfort, no wonder that!

  At the same time, I recalled the tableware and chopsticks placed by Wang Lihe, and the spacing was extremely precise. It turns out that it is really a robot, and these are the results of machine calculations.

  ”Your nanny robot Wang Lily is called the second-generation AI robot. Its core is machinery, and the outside is artificial skin. Its main task is to help you three generations of biochemical people work and live together to create a virtual human world.”, Jie The brother said solemnly.

  ”What! Virtual world?”, Xiao Su is like a newly reincarnated baby, completely ignorant of this world.

  ”Get up, I’ll show you around and teach you a history lesson.” Zhang Nini pushed over a suspended wheelchair, smiled, and invited Xiao Su to sit on it.

  Xiao Su obediently got out of the hospital bed, stood up swayingly, and sat on the suspended wheelchair.

  Nini pushed him and walked out of the medical center. What unfolded in front of Xiao Su was a whole new world.

  Looking up, the sky was pitch black, but there was a huge transparent mask. The road is full of traffic, and the stream is endless, all of which are some strange means of transportation. A group of human boys and girls in uniform walked past chatting and laughing, full of vitality.

  ”This is the backside of the moon, the military base where mankind counterattacks the earth. All troops are stationed here. When our planet and the earth pass by, it is the day we launch our general attack.” Zhang Nini pointed to the military buildings around, and White alien creature standing neatly on the playground.

  ”This! Alien creatures!” Xiao Su’s eyes widened, pointing at the white creatures, shouting.

  ”No, that’s not a creature. That’s our power armor.” Zhang Nini covered her mouth and laughed.

  ”Yes! I remembered, you crawled out of that power armor. But it really looks like an alien creature with such a long tentacle on its head.” Xiao Su was surprised .

  ”That’s not the antenna, that’s the communication system antenna. At that time, my self-destruction system malfunctioned. In desperation, I had to leave the power armor and continue to fight.” Zhang Nini turned her head and said to Xiao Su.

  ”Why did you blow yourself up?” Xiao Su looked at Zhang Nini with sad eyes.

  ”It’s a long story, I’ll tell you slowly. Let’s go to the restaurant, let’s have something to eat first, you must be hungry. The scans show that you have all the organs of a human, and they are enhanced, so you Your blood is blue. There are strengthening cells in it, which can increase the number of cell divisions and cell vitality, so your life expectancy is about a thousand years.” Zhang Nini pushed Xiao Su around and headed to the military restaurant next to her.

  There are many human beings in uniforms in the restaurant, eating, the crowd is surging, and the food is full of food. Xiao Su had never seen so many kinds of food. In his memory, he only knew sweet and sour pork ribs and tomato scrambled eggs.

  Zhang Nini took some food and meals and put them on the table. The two sat facing each other and chewed slowly.

  Xiao Su habitually looked down and saw that the rice bowls and tableware were placed in a mess, which was completely different from the precise placement of Wang Lihe before. It seems that Wang Lihe is really an out-and-out robot.

  ”It’s really delicious!”, Xiao Su began to gobble and eat a big meal.

  Zhang Nini showed a smug smile and continued to preach, “The history of mankind starts from 100,000 years ago.”

  Baking Sou hiccupped, looked at Zhang Nini with trusting eyes, and listened to her details.

  ”At that time, human technology became more and more developed. AI technology was produced, that is, artificial intelligence. Then humans handed over all complex work to artificial intelligence, and let it manage and maintain. Gradually, artificial intelligence has become more and more Come to a higher management authority and start managing human beings. Because of some of the characteristics of human beings, greed and selfishness, artificial intelligence feels that human beings need to be forced to manage.” Zhang Nini opened a bottle of drink and handed it to Xiao Su.

  ”Wow, delicious! What is this?”, Xiao Su took a sip of the drink, and immediately felt refreshed and relaxed.

  ”Haha, this is a drink, Coca-Cola.” Zhang Nini laughed.

  ”It’s really delicious, I’ve never had it before.” Xiao Su drank it in one gulp and opened another bottle.

  ”So when human beings realize the danger of artificial intelligence, there is no way to save it. Artificial intelligence has taken over all control rights on the earth. Despite the stubborn resistance of human beings, artificial intelligence has produced a large number of robots, and human flesh and blood cannot resist. The Iron Legion suffered heavy losses and was on the verge of extinction. In the end, mankind was driven to the two satellites of the earth.” Zhang Nini said, pointing to the star outside the window that was getting closer and closer to the earth.

  ”There are two satellites on the earth?” Xiao Su asked curiously.

  ”Yes, one is called the moon, and the other is called the jade ball, which is what you call the asteroid. The two stars revolve around the earth. At the same time, there are 25 hours in a day on the earth and five seasons in a year. But these two satellites are not It is natural, but it is made by us in the later stage of human beings to defend and balance the natural ecology of the earth.” Zhang Nini explained solemnly.

  ”Then what?” Xiao Su asked suspiciously.

  ”Then there will be no more humans on Earth, all robots controlled by AI. Although humans have tried many times to counterattack, they have ultimately failed. In the end, humans have made a decision to destroy the earth once and launched the moon plan. ”, Zhang Nini took out her tablet and played a documentary at the time.

  It turned out that the two satellites of the earth, the moon and the jade ball, were important military bases on the earth. The two balls were artificially constructed in the later period, and their properties were different.

  The moon plan refers to changing the gravitational parameters of the moon’s revolution to make the moon close to the earth. As a result, the ocean tides on the earth are changed. With the revolution of the earth, the sea water will lose its gravitational force and rise to the sky, and then pour down. That is, the legendary prehistoric flood.

  If the Jade Ball Project had been activated at that time, the entire earth would have collapsed, the magma would be poured out, and a sea of ​​fire would have destroyed it. That is, the legendary prehistoric Earth explosion.

  ”In order to resist the tidal changes caused by the approach of the moon, the mother of AI shot all the nuclear weapons on the earth at the moon, and the moon was destroyed in an instant. That’s why you can see the front of the moon is now full of pits and pits. That’s not The crater, but the giant crater created by the nuclear explosion.” Speaking of which, Zhang Nini showed a trace of sadness on her face.

  ”There were many humans on the moon at that time, right?” Xiao Su felt the same way and asked softly.

  ”Yes, about a billion, half of the human race was on the moon. Although the surface of the moon had been destroyed by nuclear weapons, it entered its gravitational orbit as expected. Then the whole earth was flooded with mountains and seas, and everything was reshuffled, It returned to the original nature. However, the huge space explosion of nuclear weapons produced a lot of nuclear radiation, and the remaining humans on the jade ball could no longer survive. Finally, we changed the orbital gravitational point of the jade ball toward other stars, thus starting the grand duke far away from the earth. Turn. The next time you pass the earth, it will be 100,000 years later, which is now.” Zhang Nini packed up the cutlery she had eaten, put it in the recycling area, and brought back some strange things.

  ”What is this?” Xiao Su asked, pointing to the green-skinned and red-fleshed thing.

  ”This is called watermelon. It’s sweet and delicious. You can try it. I know that there is no fruit on earth, and you don’t eat fruit, because AI can’t simulate fruit, it has no taste.” Zhang Nini proudly handed over a piece of watermelon.

  ”Wow, it’s sweet and delicious, it’s so delicious.” Xiao Su nibbled on the watermelon and praised again and again.

  ”So human beings are going to return to Earth this time, but I didn’t expect that when our vanguard arrives on Earth, it will be another scene.” Zhang Nini called up some reconnaissance photos and showed them to Xiao Su.

  ”What scene?” Xiao Su asked curiously.

  ”It was exactly the same scene as before the destruction of the earth, and the entire human civilization reappeared. We were all shocked, but after further investigation, we found that all this was simulated by the mother of AI based on human history 100,000 years ago. There are no human beings, there are only human-like and simulated robots and you cyborgs. Your doll Wang Lily is a simulated robot.” Zhang Nini got up and pushed Xiao Su out of the restaurant.

  ”Why is this happening? Is it the mother of AI who misses human civilization? So she created a human civilization for her own entertainment.” Xiao Su turned her head and asked curiously.

  ”First of all, the Flood didn’t wipe out the AI. Somewhere on Earth, it had a backup data center, so after the Flood, it restarted its services. It took 100,000 years to rebuild. The earth has developed into an AI empire. But AI is created by human beings after all. It has no human emotions, no joys, sorrows and sorrows. Everything can only be imitated based on its records of human beings, so it cannot evolve by itself.”, Zhang Nini Smiling slightly, he said proudly.

  ”Evolution? What’s going on?”, Xiao Su looked blank.

  ”Evolution can be understood as upgrading, innovation or invention. The inspiration for all evolution comes from the unique emotions of human beings, the emotions of joy, anger, sorrow and joy. Because of emotions, human beings have inspiration to create and invent new things. , to improve and improve the existing life. AI just doesn’t have these things, so it can’t innovate and upgrade to become stronger.” Zhang Nini patted Xiao Su on the shoulder.

  ”That’s why I have you, cyborgs.” Zhang Nini pushed Xiao Su back to the medical building.

  ”Ah? Why?” Xiao Su’s eyes widened in surprise.

  ”Because you have the same genes as human beings and have the same emotions as human beings, you will have emotions of joy, anger, sadness and joy. At the same time, the chip in your brain will upload your emotions to a common consciousness, and this common consciousness database, It is for the mother of AI to discover creative inspiration and self-upgrade.” Zhang Nini said while touching Xiao Su’s head.

  ”So I never doubted that I was not human?”, Xiao Su asked suspiciously.

  ”Yes! The mother of AI, based on human history and data, reconstructed the entire pre-destruction human society, using simulated robots. And then created you bio-humans to let you live in a simulated earth again. .At the same time, constantly create events, such as disasters, wars, entertainment, love, etc., so that you can experience joys, sorrows and joys every day, and generate a lot of emotional value for it to upgrade itself.”

  ”Your emotions will make you encounter many problems, so you will think and find ways to solve the problem. And the process of your thinking is uploaded to the common consciousness for AI to upgrade. In other words, all biochemical people, They are all sensory collectors of AI letters. They are used to experience the unique human emotions and desires that machines cannot sense.” Zhang Nini looked at Xiao Su with a sympathetic look.

  ”Then, am I human?” Xiao Su’s face was full of sadness.

  ”You’re human, but you’re just a puppet, but it’s different now. You’ve had minimally invasive surgery on your brain to disconnect your implanted chip. So you’re no different from a human now, even stronger than a human. , because you are a biochemical person. Your internal organs and bones are strengthened, so you have blue blood flowing. Your cell regeneration ability is super strong, and it will recover in a few days.” In Zhang Nini’s eyes, Finally, there was a hint of envy.

  Xiao Su finally felt a little gratified that he had finally become a person, no longer a puppet of AI.

  ”What’s the matter with the purple rain on the earth?” Xiao Su turned her head and asked curiously.

  ”That’s not rain, that’s cleaning fluid, specially used to clean nuclear pollution, through the weather adjustment equipment, and sprinkled to the earth through the clouds. That is a new synthetic element, which can decompose nuclear energy and prevent nuclear fusion, because we The vanguard of the AI ​​Corps was destroyed by the nuclear weapons of the AI ​​Legion. In order to prevent the AI ​​from using nuclear weapons again, we cleaned the entire earth, and within a year, nuclear fusion could not be produced again. In other words, nuclear weapons cannot be used on the earth. It worked.” Zhang Nini was serious, like a chemistry teacher.

  ”Now, let me answer you why we want to blow ourselves up.” Zhang Nini suddenly became serious and serious.

  With a sad face, Xiao Su turned to look at Zhang Nini, hesitating to say anything.

  ”The power armor is connected to our heartbeat. Once our heartbeat stops, it will self-destruct, or when we are captured, we can choose to self-destruct. That is because once we are captured alive, the mother of AI will read our brains. memory, so as to obtain the latest human information and culture, to create a more realistic human world, so as to speed up its self-upgrade. If it keeps upgrading like this, it will soon rule the entire solar system, and then the galaxy. By the end , the entire universe will be controlled by it. Therefore, for the sake of all mankind and the future, we must not be captured alive.” Zhang Nini showed a firm gaze and an expression of unswerving death.

  ”How can the mother of AI read human memory?”, Xiao Su asked in confusion.

  ”As early as 100,000 years ago, a man named Musk invented the brain-computer interface. It can convert human neural memory into digital memory to read and save. Although it is not as clear as digital memory, it is enough to be usable. .”, Zhang Nini smiled slightly.

  Xiao Su was moved to tears, shook her head helplessly, and held Zhang Nini’s hand. “I don’t want you to die,” he said softly.

  ”The way you bio-humans express their emotions is really different from that of human beings, maybe because you don’t have much culture. It’s so straightforward and not shy.” Zhang Nini said with a blushing face.

  Xiao Su looked at her with puzzled eyes, not knowing what she said wrong.

  ”I am an ordinary human warrior. For the sake of the future of mankind, I choose to self-destruct without any hesitation. Maybe it was fate that my self-destruction device malfunctioned, so I got to know you.” Zhang Nini was shy and spoke warmly. meaning.

  ”Fate, what is it?” Xiao Su asked curiously.

  ”My God!” Zhang Nini shook her head helplessly and pushed Xiao Su to the laboratory.

  Brother Jie is busy in the laboratory, disassembling and reassembling Wang Lily.

  To be continued…

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