[Return – AI Campaign] Chapter 9, Robotic Cyborg

  This brother Jie is busy dismantling and assembling, studying Wang Lily.

  ”You guys are back? Does this kid have any knowledge of the real world?” Jie Ge turned his head and asked.

  ”Well, his character and temper are very good. He accepts it with an open mind, listens carefully, and is very sympathetic.” Zhang Nini looked at Xiao Su and smiled.

  ”It seems that biochemicals and robots are very different.” Jie Ge turned his head and continued to dismantle it seriously.

  ”By the way, let me introduce, this is Brother Jie, the captain of our team and a computer wizard.” Zhang Nini pointed to Brother Jie and said to Xiao Su.

  ”Brother Jie, good!”, Xiao Su waved hello to Brother Jie.

  ”Don’t be like a child, there are many cultures in human society that need to be learned. Let’s mature as soon as possible.” Brother Jie turned his head and said solemnly.

  Mature? Xiao Su looked puzzled.

  ”You are the third generation, called biochemical human, this Wang Lihe is the second generation, called artificial human. There is also the first generation called robot, which is your robot warrior.” Brother Jie explained while assembling.

  Xiao Su looked at Wang Lily hanging on the repair shelf, and then recalled the lifelike Wang Lily before, it was unimaginable, and it was impossible to compare the two of them together.

  ”It seems that our blue tower strategy is right.” Brother Jie turned to Zhang Nini and said.

  ”Blue Tower?”, Xiao Su suddenly recalled that on the battlefield, the blue towers covered the sky one by one. Within the coverage area of ​​the blue towers, all electronic equipment failed and entered the original state.

  ”The blue tower shouldn’t have any effect on you, right? You are a cyborg.” The two turned their heads and stared at Xiao Su and asked.

  Xiao Su looked up at the ceiling and read his digital memory, “It’s true, when the light blue shrouded, the mecha team and the robot fell to the ground. All electronic equipment also failed.”

  ”That’s right, all robots fell to the ground, and all electronic devices failed. That’s why we used the blue tower tactics. When the blue tower was inserted into the earth, the mother of AI was completely incapacitated.”, Brother Jie proudly lit a cigarette, turned his head and said to Xiao Su.

  ”I understand now, so all of you are using primitive traditional weapons. Because in this case, all advanced electronic equipment can’t be used.” Xiao Su suddenly realized.

  ”Yes, the blue tower is the weapon that the mother of AI is most afraid of. Within the range covered by the blue tower, its mechanical army and electronic weapons are all ineffective. It loses control over that area.” Zhang Nini explained to Xiao Su .

  ”Of course, the mother of AI quickly discovered this and adjusted new tactics, using cyborgs to fight, robots to assist. So you go to the battlefield, you will be fine within the range of the blue cover, and it will instantly fall to the ground .”, Brother Jie said by knocking on the head of this Wang Lily.

  ”Then there is an electronic memory chip in my brain, which should have failed at that time?” Xiao Su asked curiously.

  ”The moment you were born, you opened your eyes, and you read the memory of the electronic chip in your brain. The memory is stored in your brain, in the neural memory. So even within the blue hood, it loses its efficacy, You still have normal memory, and those memories come from your neural memory.” Jie Ge pointed to the chip in Wang Lily’s brain.

  ”It’s not like you, its memory can only be stored in the chip. And it can be overwritten by changes at any time. If the chip is injected with a virus, it will go crazy and crash. I tried to change some of its parameters, with Let me go to war together.” After speaking, Brother Jie connected Wang Lihe’s power supply.

  I saw Wang Lihe opened his eyes slightly and looked around. Staring at Brother Jie, with a warm and sweet expression, he said, “Brother Jie, is that you? I finally waited for you. I waited for you for a long time. Where have you been?”

  Brother Jie smiled and said to himself, “The simulation is too similar, so vivid, it’s really hard to distinguish the real from the fake. What’s your name?”

  I saw Wang Baihe paused for a while, and replied with a smile, “I don’t have a name yet, I’m in the initial setting state, you can give me a name.”

  ”Your name is Wang Bingbing.” Brother Jie nodded with satisfaction.

  Xiao Su watched from the side and shook her head again and again. It was really hard to imagine that this was Wang Lihe, who had been with him all the time, warm and sweet, and slept in bed hugging each other.

  ”Do you know Wang Lily?”, Xiao Su asked tentatively.

  ”I don’t know, who are you?” Wang Bingbing turned her head and answered Xiao Su with suspicious eyes.

  It turned out that he was really just a robot, a doll, an electronic pet. Xiao Su sighed and lowered her head.

  Brother Jie further performed a series of complete settings for Wang Bingbing, and finally asked, “You are now damaged, can you repair it yourself?”

  Wang Bingbing paused for a while and performed a full body scan on himself, “Based on the current state of damage, I can repair myself, but I need the following materials…”

  Xiao Su and Zhang Nini, looking at each other with a puzzled look, lamented how powerful the robot is!

  Brother Jie wrote down the list of required materials, turned his head and said with a smile, “I have made a lot of modifications to her. I researched it first, and it looks really good.”

  Xiao Su was completely disappointed with this machine, and yawned deeply, feeling sleepy.

  After being pushed back to the ward by Zhang Nini, she went to bed and fell asleep.

  Everything he has accepted today has completely subverted his three views, or he has never had three views.

  When he woke up, he felt energized and full of energy. Sure enough, this is a cyborg, with a Saiyan-like physique.

  Neural memory and digital memory are quite different. Now when he wakes up, there will be a person in his mind, that is Zhang Nini. But the image was a little blurry, making him very eager to see this person.

  Turning to look at the screen on the wall, the news is playing.

  ”Jade Ball, will officially enter Earth’s orbit in a day. The 50 million Human Counterattack Corps is making the final preparations, and the general offensive is about to begin. Long live the human race, the human race will win! Take back the homeland and maintain the peace of the universe.”

  In the live broadcast, thousands of transport ships are being assembled. Human soldiers of men and women are entering the power armor, and they are assembled in an orderly manner.

  ”Zhang Nini!” Xiao Su shouted, jumped out of bed and rushed out of the ward.

  There are more than ten tall men guarding the door! What’s the situation? Xiao Su looked confused.

  ”What do you want? You can’t go out.” A tall man said to him with a cold face.

  ”Why? I’m going to find Zhang Nini, get out of the way!” Xiao Su coaxed them.

  ”Zhang Nini? If she hadn’t vouched for you, you would have been in prison long ago. You are a cyborg from a hostile camp.”

  ”I have to find her, the general attack is about to start, you guys get out of the way!”, Xiao Su stepped forward and pushed the crowd away.

  Several people scuffled together immediately. The biochemical people are extremely powerful, their skeletal muscles have been strengthened, and the security guards have been knocked to the ground.

  ”Don’t move! Move again, and I’m going to shoot!” The security captain took out his weapon and said coldly.

  Xiao Su got up slowly, looking at him helplessly, speechless.

  ”Zhang Nini vouched for you with her own life. Don’t let her down. Moreover, she also submitted a biochemical human rights report to the parliament. The parliament is now studying your biochemical human rights proposal. You’d better not mess around.”, Security The captain said sternly.

  Xiao Su nodded helplessly. In a panic, a thought flashed through his mind, “Take me to see Zhang Nini. I can save the lives of fifty million human warriors!”

  After hearing this sentence, everyone’s eyes widened, and they looked at this biochemical man with dubious eyes.

  After thinking for a while, this involves fifty million lives after all. The security captain turned around and turned on the videophone on his watch.

  A senior commander in uniform with five stars on his shoulders appeared in the image, and after a brief exchange, the two nodded in agreement.

  ”Let’s go! We’ll take you there! The counter-attack troops have already started to leave.” The security captain turned his head and shouted at Xiao Su.

  Xiao Su was furious, and following the security captain and his group, they hurried out of the hospital and boarded a strange wingless transport plane.

  ”I hope you can really save all mankind.” The security captain’s eyes were full of expectations.

  ”I will, for Zhang Nini.” Xiao Su’s answer was firm and confident.

  The transport plane slowly lifted off, and Xiao Su discovered it. The entire sky is covered with densely packed battleships, with tens of thousands of them being visually estimated.

  Turning around, the jade ball and the moon are almost parallel. It was a small yellow planet, and the large buildings and mountains and rivers on it were blurred. Between the two stars, transport ships come and go, and the flow is endless.

  The transport plane carried Xiao Su and others, and flew to the depths of the back of the moon. It could be seen that the densely packed infantry on the ground were preparing for a tight gathering.

  The security captain was busy confirming the area and location of the infantry division where Zhang Nini was located. Eventually landed on the deck of a tarmac.

  Xiao Su jumped off the transport plane and ran towards the crowd, shouting all the way, “Zhang Nini, where are you?!”

  Young infantry soldiers of men and women are preparing to board the plane, one by one wearing protective clothing and entering the body of the power mecha. A vast expanse of white, all the same, nowhere to look.

  In a hurry, he suddenly remembered. Brother Jie said when he was reforming Wang Lily before that he would go to war with him. Brother Jie and Zhang Nini were in the same unit again, so he quickly pressed the positioning watch on his hand.

  Sure enough, not long after, in the vast crowd, a man ran towards him quickly, he turned his head and saw that it was Wang Baihe.

  ”Wang Lily, I’m here!”, Xiao Su waved to it ecstatically.

  However, Wang Lihe ran over, got up like a flying leg, and kicked over.

  ”Ah!” Xiao Su was caught off guard and fell to the ground three times in a row.

  Just as he was about to get up, he was already pressed by Wang Lihe, unable to move. Although it is a cyborg, it is not a robot’s opponent.

  ”Who are you? Why is there my matching positioning watch? Who is Wang Baihe?”, it shouted while pinching Xiao Su’s neck!

  ”Wang Baihe! No! Wang Bingbing! I’m Xiao Su, brother Jie’s friend, and I brought him a positioning watch.” In desperation, Xiao Su had an idea and replied tactfully.

  Wang Bingbing then let go of her hand, stood up and said, “I’m sorry, the bones are not broken, right?”

  Fortunately, the muscles and bones of the biochemical human were strengthened, and if they were replaced by ordinary humans, they would have been broken.

  Xiao Su stood up tremblingly, turned her head and saw that Brother Jie was running from a distance, looking left and right and shouting, “Where’s my robot pet?”

  ”Great! You guys haven’t set off yet, take me to find Zhang Nini, I want to see her.” Xiao Su rushed forward, grabbed Brother Jie and shouted.

  ”Xiao Su? Why are you here?” Brother Jie looked at him suspiciously. Looking at the group of security guards behind him, he seemed to understand something.

  ”Come, come with me. Our troops are preparing to leave.” Brother Jie led Xiao Su to the depths of the troops.

  A woman in uniform, who had just entered the power mecha, was grabbed by Xiao Su and pulled out.

  She looked up and was very surprised, “Xiao Su?”

  ”Don’t go, it’s too dangerous, I don’t want you to die.” He grabbed Zhang Nini’s hand tightly and said solemnly.

  The surrounding comrades turned their heads to look at them, and there were whispers.

  ”Sanin? Old Seg!”

  ”Wow, I’m holding hands together, are you asking for marriage?”


  ”Oh, don’t do this, everyone is looking at it, embarrassed. Are you all like this?” Zhang Nini blushed with shame and shook off Xiao Su’s hand.

  Xiao Su looked around, confused, and said loudly, “I just don’t want you to go, it’s too dangerous.”

  ”I’m just an ordinary soldier among the 50 million soldiers of the Earth’s Counterattack Army, doing my little to help mankind return to Earth. For this day, mankind has been waiting for 100,000 years, and I have to go.” Zhang Nini looked at Xiao Su , looked serious, said solemnly.

  ”I’ll go for you, you stay.” Xiao Su took a step forward and stroked Nini’s scalp as if to say.

  ”Oh, are all of you cyborgs having a brain? It’s not what you think.” Nini was so anxious that it was difficult to explain.

  A serious and steady voice suddenly came from behind, “Can you talk about your plan now? You said you have a way to save 50 million human warriors.”

  Everyone turned around and saw that this was the five-star general in the videophone just now.

  ”Zhao! General Zhao!”, everyone shouted in unison, standing at attention and salute.

  ”I am the Earth Counterattack Army, commander-in-chief of the Second Corps, Zhao Yi.” This man, with thin eyebrows, small eyes and a high nose, a long face, a big mouth and a small flat head, speaks earnestly without a smile on his face.

  Xiao Su didn’t salute him, knocked on his head, and said calmly, “Inject the virus into my brain chip, and when I go back, I will connect with the mother of AI, and die together.”

  There was an uproar around.

  General Zhao looked at him with dubious eyes, and asked curiously, “Why do you make such a dedication to mankind?”

  ”No, I’m just for Zhang Nini.” Xiao Su pointed at Zhang Nini and said solemnly.

  There was another uproar around, and whispers continued.

  ”Wow! Nini usually doesn’t make a sound, when did she sneak into the earth boy?”

  ”Wow! It’s great! For Nini alone, I have to fight against the Mother of AI, and die together!”

  ”Wow! True love! You can still see true love in your lifetime.”

  ”Wow! This is the plot of an idol drama!”


  General Zhao nodded, with a helpless expression on his face, “The plan to counterattack the Earth, mankind has been preparing for 100,000 years, and it is impossible to stop it. However, you can indeed reduce the loss of mankind.”

  Xiao Su took a step forward and said softly, “Don’t let Zhang Nini die, please.”

  ”She is just an ordinary human warrior. She must not flee and disobey the military order. But I am going to set up a task force. You are responsible for her safety.” General Zhao patted Xiao Su on the shoulder and said softly.

  Xiao Su looked at Zhang Nini, whose face was flushed with shame, turned her head and said to General Zhao, “Okay!”

  General Zhao nodded, raised his voice and shouted, “Here, who is the captain?”

  ”Report! Me!” Brother Jie stepped forward and shouted at attention!

  ”I appointed your team as a hacker task force! Perform special tasks. I will send hacking experts to assist you immediately. You stand by and the others will be dispatched according to the original plan of the general attack.” After saying that, General Zhao turned around and left. ,easy to understand.

  ”Attention to all units, disarm the equipment, and stand by.” Brother Jie turned around and shouted.

  Brother Jie’s team of more than 100 people has now become a hacker task force, disarmed, rested in place, and talked a lot.

  ”Xiao Su, thank you for your dedication to all mankind.” Zhang Nini’s soft voice came from behind.

  ”All mankind depends on you, I hope you can succeed.” Brother Jie patted Xiao Su on the shoulder and said.

  Xiao Su looked at her innocent smile, shook her head helplessly, and sighed.

  Wang Bingbing savagely took off the positioning pairing watch on Xiao Su’s hand and gave it to Brother Jie.

  Xiao Su looked at Wang Bingbing with great emotion, a machine is a machine after all, and a program is a program after all, if you make a slight change, she will turn her face and not recognize the person.

  Soon after, in the distance, a gentle young man wearing gold-rimmed glasses walked towards them, carrying a briefcase in his hand.

  This person is gentle, thin, tall, and expressionless.

  He walked slowly to Brother Jie, opened the briefcase, and took out a document, “Hello, I am a computer virus expert, Aren. I have been specially assigned to assist you.”

  Computer virus expert? This was the first time I heard it, and everyone looked at him with strange eyes.

  To be continued…

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