[Return – AI Campaign] Chapter 10, Hacking Task Force

  ”According to the information we have at present, the mother of AI has an extremely large database, so the virus attack on it can only start from the root.”, computer virus expert, Aren, 3D image of the right finger, pre-war guidance.

  General Zhao, Xiao Su, Brother Jie and others listened to the lecture in a concentrated manner.

  ”We will inject the backdoor virus into Xiao Su’s brain chip. So after the mother of AI is connected to Xiao Su’s data, Xiao Su will have the right to enter the back door.” Aren pointed to Xiao Su’s brain chip and the data connection port of his nasal cavity. , said to everyone seriously.

  ”Xiao Su has the ability to read data memory, so once he enters, he can read the original memory of the mother of AI, and the picture is clearly visible.”

  ”Xiao Su, what you have to do is to enter the original memory of the mother of AI and find the part of the father of AI. Kill him to rewrite the original memory. In this way, the mother of AI will collapse because the root memory is destroyed. ”

  ”It’s like if you don’t have a grandfather, how can you have a father? Where would you come from without a father? The system will be logically confused and collapsed. This is also called the grandfather paradox.” Aren pointed to the top of the logic tree and explained to everyone road.

  Xiao Su and Zhang Nini looked at each other in the audience, showing affection and tenderness.

  ”Master Su, please be more serious. The hope of all mankind rests on you.” Aren shook his head helplessly and said.

  ”Don’t worry, I will complete the task.” Xiao Su turned his head and said solemnly.

  ”I believe that you can complete the task because you have enough time. When you enter the system of the mother of AI, your time is different from the time outside ours. The internal time is determined according to the speed of the CPU of the AI. So one day you are inside is roughly equal to one second outside us.” Ah Ren pointed to the cpu operation formula and the time difference table outside.

  Xiao Su smiled at Nini and nodded confidently.

  ”But you must pay attention to safety. When you enter the system of the mother of AI, you are a virus, and anti-virus software will hunt you down. If you are killed by anti-virus software, all kinds of things will happen, maybe the chip in your brain will Overload explosion. Your head will explode and bloom, and you will die.” Aren said, referring to the antivirus software defense system table, the mother of AI.

  Xiao Su swallowed her saliva, a hint of anxiety on her face.

  ”When you enter the system of the mother of AI, we can’t communicate, that’s because the speed of operation inside and outside is different. Your speed to us, one second is equal to a day, so once you speak to us, you will say a day, Say it all. And in our ears for a split second, we don’t understand what you’re saying.”

  ”Even if we understand what you’re saying, we can’t help you, because by the time we realize it, it’s been a few seconds. It’s been a few days with you.”

  ”So all we can do is to protect your safety outside and ensure that you successfully complete your mission. Because we can’t open the blue tower, we are outside against the mechanical army of the mother of AI.”

  ”The hope of all mankind rests on you, I wish you success!” After Aren finished speaking, he stood at attention and gave a solemn military salute.

  Xiao Su slowly got up, looked at Zhang Nini, turned her head and said solemnly to Ah Ren, “I will definitely do it.”

  ”Very good, the hacker secret service team is now on standby at the front line. Once they find the data center of the mother of AI, they will immediately start operations.” After General Zhao finished speaking, he got up and left the conference room.

  ”Then, all units are ready to speed up. In ten minutes, we will set off with the Second Army.” Brother Jie got up, said a few words, and went out to prepare.

  Everyone left the conference room one after another, leaving only Xiao Su and Zhang Nini.

  The two stood facing each other, with their eyes facing each other, affectionate and silent. They hugged each other naturally.

  ”There is one more piece of advice, I want to tell you, you must remember it.” Zhang Nini whispered in Xiao Su’s ear.

  ”What?” Xiao Su approached her ear and listened carefully.

  I saw Nini opened her mouth, revealing her white teeth.

  ”Ah!” A pain came from his neck, Xiao Su looked at Zhang Nini blankly.

  She left a deep tooth mark on her uncle’s neck.

  ”Why did you bite me?!” Xiao Su looked innocent.

  But she showed a smug smile, “You remember, I will never kiss you, I will only bite you.”

  ”Why?” Xiao Su is puzzled?

  ”This is the difference between humans and AI. If AI is set to protect you and love you, it will never hurt you. But biting is a kind of behavior that hurts people, which AI can never simulate.”, Zhang Nini showed her white teeth and smiled shyly.

  Xiao Su nodded, taking it to heart. The two walked out of the conference room hand in hand.

  Under the transport ship, everyone was busy preparing. This is the first time Su has donned a power mech, the white thing he used to call an alien creature.

  ”You turn off the self-destruct button first, don’t accidentally explode yourself.” Zhang Nini watched Xiao Su put on the power mecha, and pointed to the red button on the side.

  ”Got it!”, Xiao Su ran a few steps and bounced a few times, and found that after putting on the power mecha, she walked briskly and moved quickly.

  ”Be careful! Don’t fall!” Zhang Nini shook her head helplessly and got into her power mecha.

  Hacker contingent, get ready, board the ship and set off!

  ”All units fasten their seat belts, we are about to take off and leave the back of the moon, we will lose gravity.” Jie Ge checked the equipment of each member of the team.

  Xiao Su looked left and right, and saw a white piece, all of which were alien creatures. No, it’s called a power mech now.

  ”Test, test! Zhang Nini, where are you?”, Xiao Su was testing the communication device in the power mecha.

  I saw a power mecha opposite him, stretched out a hand, and made a biting gesture.

  Ha, so Zhang Nini was sitting across from him. The two sat opposite each other, biting each other mischievously.

  The transport ship took off slowly, joined the fleet of battleships everywhere, and set off for the earth.

  When the transport ship left the far side of the moon, the surrounding stars twinkled, and the number of battleships was almost equal to the number of stars.

  Looking from a distance, the blue earth was constantly flashing with fire, and it was obvious that the battle was extremely fierce.

  ”Oh my God, has the fight already started?”, Xiao Su asked in surprise.

  ”Yes, the First Army has landed and is fighting. Ten million soldiers have suffered heavy casualties.” There was a helpless reply from Brother Jie from the power mecha.

  ”Every second, tens of thousands of soldiers are sacrificed, Xiao Su, we rely on you.” A power mecha next to him stretched out a thumb, that was Aren.

  Xiao Su suddenly felt a heavy responsibility, her mood was low, and she said nothing. Turning his head and looking out the window, the warships were passing through the atmosphere rapidly, and the friction with the atmosphere produced thick smoke, just like missiles shot towards the earth.

  ”Located in the New Zealand region of the southern hemisphere, we found a data center of the mother of AI, we are ready to act!” Jie Ge’s voice came from the communication system.

  ”Received, the positioning has been completed, all units pay attention, we are entering the atmosphere.” The calm and composed voice of the transport ship driver came.

  Xiao Su, who was floating in the air, felt her gravity gradually regained. At the same time, the transport ship began to shake violently.

  ”We are entering the atmosphere, the transport ship is in stealth mode, and the oxygen supply is turned off after landing.” The pilot turned his head and shouted to everyone.

  Looking out the window, the thick clouds and the thick smoke produced by the friction between the transport ship and the atmosphere were white, and nothing could be seen.

  But vaguely, you can hear the sound of explosions in the distance.

  The transport came to a stop after a violent turbulence, piercing the thick cloud. What unfolded in front of everyone was a doomsday scene.

  The sky was filled with smoke, explosions, fighter planes, circling around, lasers shining, and missiles staggered.

  Thick smoke billowed on the ground, fire flickered, power mecha, one after another, blue light flashed, and gunshots continued.

  This scene made everyone tremble with fear and said nothing.

  This feeling seemed familiar to Xiao Su. At that time he was a member of the Earth Defense Force, struggling to resist the alien invasion. He knew there, but now he is an important figure in the counterattack on Earth.

  The transport ship landed on the ground according to the specified coordinates and took shape. It seems that a fierce battle has just ended here, and the ground is full of smoke and debris.

  Everyone stepped off the transport ship and looked around at the densely packed power mecha. Although the gunfire was fierce not far away, it was relatively safe here.

  A red mecha took a step forward, gave a military salute to Brother Jie and shouted, “I am the Earth Counterattack Army, the 1st Corps, the commander of the 8th Division, Zhang Lu, who was ordered to protect the Hacker Task Force.”

  Before he finished speaking, lasers were suddenly shot from all directions, explosions sounded everywhere, smoke was billowing, and everyone began to fight back.

  ”What’s the situation?” Jack shouted.

  ”We received an order not to use the blue tower, so the enemy’s mechanical troops kept coming in! We have suffered heavy casualties.” The division commander Zhang Lu shouted while fighting back hard.

  Xiao Su shook his head helplessly. He knew that once the Blue Tower was activated, all power within a radius of 500 kilometers would be lost. The data center of the Mother of AI will also be shut down, and backup data centers in other regions will be activated immediately. So in desperation, there is only one human life to fight against the endless mechanical army of the mother of AI.

  ”Where is the entrance to the data center?” Jie Ge asked anxiously.

  ”Just under our feet, within a radius of 100 kilometers, is its database center. The intersections are in all directions and can be seen everywhere.” Zhang Lu pointed to a cave behind him and shouted.

  ”All the members of the hacker contingent come with me! Protect Xiao Su’s life and safety.” Jie Ge waved his hand, and everyone ran to the depths of the cave.

  The war was raging outside, and the bullets were haunting. Inside, it was silent, cold and dry, and it was creepy.

  The task force moved forward cautiously, wires and cables all around, the walls were piled with servers of all sizes, and the data lights kept flashing green.

  ”Attention to all units, fire control, don’t damage wires, cables and servers. Electronic grenades are prohibited.” Jiege’s order came through the earphones.


  ”Got it!”

  The contingent moved forward about a kilometer with the wires and cables, and entered an oversized space like a square of ten thousand people.

  The walls and ceilings are neatly covered with servers. There are more than one million units visually, and the thickness is not known, the green data light keeps flashing, like stars filling the night sky.

  In the center is a huge cylinder, covered with coolers up and down, it seems that this is its cpu.

  More than a hundred people in the contingent looked up at the mother of AI. There was a lot of discussion, lamenting the grandeur of the mother of AI.

  ”Alert! Alert! The data center is hacked, the data center is hacked.” This voice came from all directions.

  Hearing this voice, the task force members looked nervous, clenched their weapons, and looked around.

  Aren hurried forward, opened the toolbox, pulled out a cut from the many data cables of the mother of AI, and made it into a nasal interface specification suitable for Xiaosu. At the same time, he turned around and shouted to Xiao Su, “Your brain chip contains not only the hacker virus, but also a guide written by me. You can read it after you enter.”

  At this moment, a large number of mechanical legions appeared in all directions, armed with hand-to-hand weapons, swarming.

  Xiao Su looked at these familiar figures, the mechanical corps who once fought on the battlefield with him, but now he was so frightened that he took two steps back.

  ”All units shoot accurately, save ammunition, and don’t destroy the mother of AI.” With Jie Ge’s order, gunshots rang out.

  ”Clap clap, clap clap!”

  The swarming mechanical legions fell to the ground one after another, with thick smoke and electric sparks. But there were so many that it was difficult to resist, and they quickly rushed to the front and launched a desperate struggle.

  ”The mother of AI has been attacked internally and needs support!” Jie Ge shouted for help while swinging his saber and slashing the robot.

  Wang Bingbing flexibly shuttled through the chaotic crowd, attacked the vital parts of the robot, and killed him.

  Xiao Su and Zhang Nini stood with their backs facing each other, shooting with precision without missing a shot.

  ”What!? Received! Report your location, support will come soon.” Zhang Lu replied blankly.

  But the mechanical corps is endless, the ammunition is exhausted, and the contingents have used melee weapons to start hand-to-hand combat.

  ”Xiao Su! The circuit has been made and ready to be connected.” With Aren’s shout, Xiao Su quickly turned on the power mecha and rushed over.

  While running, I only heard from behind, Brother Jie shouted, “We can’t stand it anymore!”

  Xiao Su tumbled swiftly, came to Aren’s side, picked up the data cable and inserted it into his nostrils.

  At this moment, he looked around, and everything turned into slow motion.

  Jackie is holding his saber high and slashing at a robot. Zhang Nini is struggling to break free from the entanglement of a robot. Wang Binbin was rising into the air, a dragon waving its tail. Other fighters, fighting hard. Gradually, they became a still photo.

  Xiao Su can clearly feel that he has entered the mother of AI, and its fast running speed makes everything around him become static.

  There was a dizziness in front of him, and Xiao Su fainted.

  To be continued…

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