[Return – AI Campaign] Chapter 12, The Terminator

  Xiao Su, who was sleeping naked on the ground, was shivering with a gust of cold wind. After a few sneezes, his body curled into a ball.

  Opening his eyes slightly, he found that it was a late night, the surroundings were all quiet, and the weather was cold and windy.

  ”Crack!”, a newspaper blowing in the wind stuck to his face.

  Pulling down the newspaper, it was a morning paper from 1924. That’s fine, Xiao Su covered her private parts with a newspaper and got up slowly.

  Although the surrounding buildings are dense, it is pitch black. Looking up, the clock tower shows that it is four o’clock in the morning.

  ”Keep a low profile, keep a low profile, keep calm, keep calm.” Xiao Su’s body trembled, and she kept thinking silently in her heart. Because he knows that once he takes action, the historical data will be changed, and the antivirus software will call the police and come to find and destroy him. So he had to succeed once.

  According to the homework he had done before, shivering in the cold wind, he came to the downstairs of John’s mother McCarthy’s apartment.

  This is a two-story building with more than 20 windows, indicating that there are more than 20 families living in it.

  In order not to startle the snake, Xiao Su quietly squatted aside until dawn.

  The number of pedestrians on the street gradually increased. Occasionally, a few people found that there was a person curled up in the corner, shivering, and that was Xiao Su.

  Xiao Su noticed these people and looked at him with indifferent eyes, without even stopping. It seems to be a miserable time.

  It wasn’t until the sun gradually rose and Xiao Su, who covered her body with newspaper, that she felt a hint of warmth.

  He crouched beside the apartment building, staring intently at the people coming in and out, looking for McCarthy.

  And these indifferent people turn a blind eye to him, he is not even better than a beggar begging across the street.

  This is all evil capitalism, the era of cannibalism, Xiao Su shook his head helplessly. Human history is really strange. But human nature seems to be the same, greedy, selfish, and a little arrogant.

  ”Hey, are you okay? Are you homeless?”, a warm greeting suddenly came from behind.

  Turning around, it was a woman. This man is taking off his windbreaker and putting it on him, showing a warm smile like an angel.

  Xiao Su frowned, her eyes widened, and she said in her heart, “Mike, McCarthy!” She is McCarthy, yes, she is!

  McCarthy smiled at him, took out a piece of bread from his bag, stuffed it into Xiao Su’s hand, and said warmly, “Have a good day.”

  Seeing the back of her turning and walking into the apartment, Xiao Su was filled with emotion. What a kind girl this is, her back, her expression, deja vu, so familiar and warm.

  By the way, she is somewhat similar to Zhang Nini. Youthful vitality, enthusiastic, kind-hearted, exudes a princess-like noble temperament.

  But why didn’t she come back all night and only returned in the early morning? Xiao Su looked at the apartment in confusion.

  At noon, pedestrians come and go on the street, and horses and carts shuttle endlessly. Although the times are backward, the scene is still prosperous.

  Xiao Su was wearing a trench coat given by McCarthy, squatting in the corner and nibbling on bread, intending to observe for a few days. This time, you must not act rashly, you must kill with one blow.

  Looking at the pedestrians and carriages coming and going on the street, it seems that this is an era of great polarization between the rich and the poor. The rich and wealthy are in suits and leather shoes, and carriages are rampant. Poor people who have no money walk on foot in sackcloth and rags.

  Crouching in the corner, Xiao Su, who was wearing a windbreaker and nibbled bread, did not attract many people’s attention. This seems to be a very common phenomenon.

  As night gradually fell, the pedestrians on the road were sparse, except for a few police patrols and homeless people begging on the roadside, no one was hanging around.

  Then came Xiao Su, who was secretly hiding in the corner of the street in the dead of night, looking at the window and door of the apartment, very confused.

  Looking at the lights in the apartment window, they went out one by one, and finally it was pitch black. Is McCarthy a night owl? Sleep during the day and go out at night? In those days, common sense seemed unlikely.

  Just when Xiao Su Bai was puzzled, under the dim street light, a figure appeared at the door of the apartment.

  Open your eyes, it’s her! McCarthy. Wearing a set of casual clothes, she quickly walked out of the apartment building.

  Xiao Su followed her from a distance, her whereabouts sneaking across several streets. Finally came to a desolate suburban factory.

  This seems to be an excellent opportunity for Xiao Su, and in this desolate environment, he can definitely succeed at once.

  Just as he was about to act, he suddenly found that two men in black appeared behind McCarthy and followed him.

  Xiao Su hurriedly hid and said in her heart, “No, I haven’t taken action yet. I haven’t changed any data, and the antivirus software shouldn’t find me. What’s the situation?”


  There was a woman’s cry for help in the distance, and it was clear that this was McCarthy.

  This is really a godsend opportunity, go up and make up for a blow. Putting the blame on those two men in black is simply flawless.

  Xiao Su picked up a big rock beside him, got up immediately, and ran in the direction of shouting.

  In the distance, two men in black were torn with McCarthy. Xiao Su headed straight for McCarthy, planning to attack her in the head, killing her in one move.

  But the two men in black turned their heads and saw someone running, so they pulled out their pistols!


  Xiao Su swiftly turned to the side, and two bullets brushed past him. He could see the two bullets clearly, the weapons of that era were simply rubbish.

  ”Clap!”, two more shots!

  Xiao Su tumbled swiftly, dodging the bullet. The two men in black panicked and took two steps back in fright.

  McCarthy was slowly getting up from the ground.

  Xiao Su raised the big rock and threw it at McCarthy, but the two men in black took out two knives and rushed up.

  This is really a coincidence, Xiao Su helplessly fights with the two men in black.

  After finally subduing the two men in black, more than ten more people came out of the factory, armed with weapons!

  ”Run!”, Xiao Su was dragged by McCarthy and quickly left the scene.

  While running, Xiao Su looked back, but those people did not catch up. While McCarthy looked flustered, his running posture exuded plenty of confidence.

  She grabbed Xiao Su’s hand tightly and ran forward quickly. The long golden hair fluttered in the wind, and the scent of jasmine came towards him.

  Looking at her graceful back, Xiao Su suddenly felt that this temperament, this spirit, and this fighting spirit are exactly the same as Zhang Nini.

  Xiao Su followed her for several blocks unknowingly, and could kill her many times, but she had no such idea at all.

  The two finally stopped in front of a nightclub in the city center. McCarthy ran out of breath, squatted on the ground and said gratefully, “Thank you for saving me.”

  Xiao Su looked at her without saying a word, with mixed feelings in her heart. She was going to kill her, but she was mistaken for saving her.

  And now there are people coming and going around, it’s really not good to start again. In desperation, he could only respond, “You’re welcome.”

  McCarthy turned his head and saw that this trench coat seemed familiar. Looking up again, he revealed a happy smile.

  ”It’s you! It’s so late, why are you there?” She stood up, patted the dust on her body, and asked in surprise.

  ”I, I’m homeless and living on the street. I just heard someone calling for help, so I went up to have a look.” Xiao Su hesitated.

  McCarthy smiled sweetly, and his big blue eyes looked Xiao Su up and down, “Why are you homeless and living on the streets?”

  ”I, I can’t say enough. Goodbye, good luck!” Xiao Su turned around and left, but a heavy snow fell from the sky.

  Facing the wind and snow, he left quickly. This scene is very embarrassing. A naked man wears a trench coat given by someone else and becomes a hero who is righteous.

  After crossing a few streets, he found a corner and sat down. Biting cold wind, heavy snow, shivering, hunger and cold.

  Xiao Su’s mind is very clear that the surrounding scenes are just memory data. He would never freeze to death or starve to death because of this.

  However, how to complete this arduous task became a big problem, which made him very troubled.

  He closed his eyes tiredly, raised his head and felt the coldness of the snowflakes falling on his cheeks.

  ”Aren’t you cold?” A sweet voice came from the side.

  Xiao Su opened her eyes and was very surprised! McCarthy!

  ”Come on, go to my apartment and let you stay for one night. As a token of your saving grace to me.” She smiled and stretched out a pair of warm hands.

  ”I, I prefer to sleep in the snow.” Xiao Su said hesitantly.

  McCarthy looked bewildered, “You don’t look like Europeans or Americans, you don’t look like Asians, but you look like a half-blood. Where are you from?”

  Looking at her innocent eyes, Xiao Su said bluntly, “For you, I come from the future.”

  I thought McCarthy would treat him as a lunatic, turned around and left. But unexpectedly, she smiled, “Well, I believe you are from the future. What do you call you, sir?”

  ”Su, Xiao Su.”

  It was pouring rain in the snowy sky. At McCarthy’s invitation, Xiao Su helplessly got up and followed her to the apartment.

  This is a single apartment, the house is neat and clean, and the clothes are neatly arranged. Xiao Su was soaked all over. After entering the door, she stood there, not daring to sit down, for fear of soiling her residence.

  McCarthy added a few sticks of wood to the stove, then turned around and poured a cup of hot water for Su. After fiddling in the closet for a while, he pulled out a set of men’s clothes and handed it over.

  The two smiled at each other, warm and sweet, and this feeling seemed familiar.

  Xiao Su put on a neat men’s clothes, and finally looked like a man, and asked curiously, “Why are you going out alone so late?”

  McCarthy smiled smugly. “You know what? Why would I trust you? Because you can’t lie.”

  ”No way!” Xiao Su replied with some helplessness, because she had been lying all the time, and the purpose was to kill her.

  ”You observed me downstairs in the apartment for several days, and you followed me out just now. My instinct told me that you were not hostile to me. As expected, you saved me. I really want to know why.”, McCarthy asked suspiciously, holding a hot water cup in his hand.

  The woman in front of her was so naive, Xiao Su had nothing to say, maybe the human beings of that era were so naive. Although there were only the two of them in the house, Xiao Su didn’t want to kill her. The reason is also very simple, I can’t make this move.

  ”I came from the future and came back to the present to change some things and save all mankind.” Xiao Su took a sip of hot water and said solemnly.

  McSey nodded, not showing a very surprised expression, “Okay, I believe it. I’m a reporter, and I’m secretly investigating reports of a gangster factory processing toxic food, so I went out in the middle of the night.”

  ”There must be something wrong with this girl’s brain. She actually believes that I am from the future. At the same time, she is desperate to investigate the gangster factory and go out alone in the middle of the night.” Xiao Su said to herself.

  ”You’ve been observing me and following me, so what you want to change from the future to the present must have something to do with me?” McCarthy showed a smug smile.

  Xiao Su said nothing and nodded silently.

  ”Saving all mankind is actually related to me. It’s really hard to believe that it won’t kill me, right?” McCarthy asked solemnly.

  Xiao Su closed her eyes, shook her head helplessly, stroked her head with her hands, and had a terrible headache. Why is this storyline so bizarre?

  ”Why? You believe everything I say.” Xiao Su opened her eyes and stared at McCarthy with a serious expression.

  With her big blue eyes, she twirled mischievously and replied, “Intuition.”

  Looking at her clear blue eyes, Xiao Su couldn’t help but sigh, “What an innocent and lovely girl. But all this is just memorized data, I can’t go too deep into the play.”

  ”I’m sleepy, I’m going to bed, you should rest early, you can only sleep on the sofa.” She turned her head and pointed to the sofa, and went to bed without any precaution.

  All this was completely beyond Xiao Su’s expectations, he didn’t know what to do. Lying on the sofa tangled, helplessly thinking about countermeasures.

  McCarthy slept soundly throughout the day, Xiao Su looked at the ceiling, and finally made a decision, he couldn’t do it.

  Decided to return to the floating four-dimensional space, re-select a data memory, and kill McCarthy’s mother before McCarthy was born.

  But how to go back to four-dimensional space? Recalling that I only went back after I died, can I not commit suicide?

  When night fell again, McCarthy got up slowly, rubbed her eyes, stretched, and it seemed that she slept very sweetly.

  She turned her head and was shocked. It turned out that Xiao Su had already got up and sat on the sofa dumbfounded, staring at her intently.

  ”Are you hungry?” She got up and took out the bread and milk from the cupboard and handed it to Xiao Su.

  ”No, no, thank you. I’m leaving. I wish you a happy day in the future.” Xiao Su got up quickly and left McCarthy’s apartment. Although McCarthy shouted behind him, he dared not stay for a second longer.

  Outside the apartment it was still snowing heavily and the wind was freezing. Xiao Su lingered in the silent street and unknowingly came to the factory that McCarthy was investigating yesterday.

  Four or five security guards at the entrance of the factory, armed with shotguns and smoking cigarettes, wandered and patrolled in the cold wind.

  A thought flashed in Xiao Su’s mind. It seemed like a good idea. Let these security guards shoot him and then return to the floating four-dimensional space.

  But when he was about to take a step, he suddenly found a figure flashing behind the factory. On closer inspection, it was a woman with long blond hair, and it was her again, McCarthy.

  ”She must be crazy. A reporter did the same thing as the police, investigating other people’s factories. This plot is simply unreasonable.” Xiao Su hurried to the back of the factory. Since it was seeking death, then help McCarthy!

  But when he ran to the back door of the factory, he found that McCarthy had been kneeling on the ground, and several gangster men with swords and axes had captured her.

  ”So you’re not alone.” A gangster man turned his head to look at Xiao Su and smiled coldly.

  McCarthy looked up at Xiao Su, not panicking, but showed a sweet smile.

  ”Let go of that woman!” Xiao Su shouted and rushed forward.

  Several gangster men raised their swords and axes to meet them. Knives, lights, swords, punches and kicks. They were obviously not Xiao Su’s opponents. After three or two rounds, they all fell to the ground, unable to move.

  McCarthy immediately got up, ran over with a smile on his face, and hid behind Xiao Su, “You’re a superman! One against ten!”

  Several gang members burst out of the factory, armed with shotguns.

  ”Hide!”, Xiao Su shouted, and quickly rushed to the gang members with shotguns.

  ”Clap clap clap!”

  Xiao Su swiftly rolled around, dodging the bullets. He rushed to the front and fought with them in close quarters, punching and kicking, and knocked them all to the ground in three or two strokes.

  ”Crash!” At this moment, a flash of lightning suddenly fell from the sky!

  Xiao Su turned his head and saw that not far from him, a naked man was slowly getting up!

  ”Ah!~~”, McCarthy’s scream came from behind. She pointed at the naked man and shouted, “Ghost!”

  Xiao Su knew very well that his behavior had attracted the attention of the antivirus software. An antivirus process has appeared in front of him.

  When it was time to say goodbye, Xiao Su turned to McCarthy with a slight smile, and said calmly, “You are a kind girl, I wish you happiness!”

  The naked man got up and picked up a shotgun on the ground and aimed it at Xiao Su.

  Xiao Su smiled and closed her eyes, without resistance, these resistances were all in vain.


  With the sound of gunshots, Xiao Su opened his eyes slightly. But he wasn’t floating in four-dimensional space, McCarthy was right in front of him.

  A mouthful of blood spit out from McCarthy’s mouth and fell into Xiao Su’s arms.

  ”This!?” Xiao Su hugged McCarthy, panicking.

  The dying McCarthy showed a charming smile and said softly, “I believe that you are from the future, and I also believe that you are here to save all mankind, but I believe that you are here to kill me, but you can’t do it. You A good killer.”

  Although this is just a piece of memory data, Xiao Su has been unable to extricate himself and integrated into the plot. He was moved to tears.

  After speaking, McCarthy died. The naked man in front of him also disappeared instantly, and the surrounding scene became blurred.

  Xiao Su looked up and saw that the world was spinning, the surrounding scene was chaotic, all kinds of black spot mosaics were constantly presented, and the task seemed to be completed.

  Humanity finally defeated the rule of the mother of AI, and gradually it became dark.

  To be continued…

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