[Return – AI Campaign] Chapter 13, the characteristics of human beings

  There was a man lying on the hospital bed, frowning, and the sweat on his forehead was clearly visible. It was obvious that he was having a nightmare.

  After a twitch all over his body, he calmed down, opened his eyes slightly, looked around, and in front of him stood a beautiful blonde nurse.

  The beauty smiled and asked, “Are you okay? Do you remember your name?”

  Xiao Su looked at the blonde nurse, this scene was very familiar. After careful recall, there are indeed two sets of memories in my mind.

  He hurriedly accessed the digital memory in his brain chip, and it was indeed unaltered. Still called Sujili, an Air Force pilot.

  Then he frowned, thinking seriously. Check your neural memory, all memories are vivid. Before opening his eyes, it was in McCarthy’s digital memory.

  What the hell is going on here? Xiao Su was puzzled and puzzled.

  ”My name is Su Jili.” Xiao Su looked up and replied in common language.

  ”Congratulations, Mr. Su, it seems that you are recovering well. Do you remember how you came to the hospital?” The nurse picked up a tablet computer and circled it.

  ”Of course I know, can I be discharged?” Xiao Su replied tentatively.

  ”Of course, you can be discharged. It seems that you are recovering well. I wish you a good day.” After speaking, the blonde nurse turned around and left the ward.

  The monitor on the wall is playing the news, “Ancient humans return to the earth, congratulations. The mother of AI has been upgraded and has human nature. Humans and AI coexist peacefully and live happily. Humanity has officially entered a new era of human-machine integration. “

  The news made Xiao Su puzzled, and he slowly got up and walked to the window. There is a lot of traffic outside the window, and there is a modern and prosperous atmosphere.

  Prosperous streets, all kinds of 3D billboards are dazzling, the most eye-catching are nothing more than those, “become a pianist in a second”, “forget your pain”, “want to find happiness?”, “you want to be a hero” ?”, buy the latest thrilling adventure memories and experience a different wonderful life.

  It made him feel as if he had been asleep for hundreds of years, or was it all just a dream?

  ”Did I buy a thrilling adventure memory?” Xiao Su looked at the 3D billboard outside the window, dubious.

  The reflection of the glass window made him see an unfamiliar face. He touched his cheek, which didn’t seem like him.

  Is it really buying a piece of adventure memory, in the memory is another look?

  Xiao Su looked around, suspicious. Everything around him made him suspicious. Maybe it’s a neurological hospital and he’s a lunatic?

  But there was a special feeling in his mind that he had never experienced before. That feeling is called missing. He is missing someone, a girl named Zhang Nini, this is definitely not an illusion.

  With a knock on the door, a woman like flowers and jade came in. This person has fair hair, eyebrows and big eyes, a high nose bridge, a graceful figure, pure and lovely, with a smile on his face.

  Xiao Su turned to look at her in confusion, looked up and down, and asked curiously, “Who are you?”

  The woman smiled shyly and ran up quickly. He hugged tightly and kissed Xiao Su’s cheek lightly, and said, “You don’t remember me? I’m your girlfriend Wang Baihe. The doctor said that your brain has been shaken and you will lose your memory. It seems to be true. Yes.”

  Xiao Su looked at her innocent and firm eyes, and became even more confused. But a picture suddenly flashed through his neural memory.

  ”Wang Lily, can you bite me? Just give me a light bite on my neck.” Xiao Su smiled at her and leaned closer to her body.

  ”Are you out of your mind? I don’t want to hurt you, let’s go.” Wang Baihe took Xiao Su’s hand and turned to leave the ward.

  Xiao Su smiled coldly, picked up the stool beside him without any doubt, and smashed it hard on Wang Lihe’s head.

  Wang Baihe fell to the ground in response, and suddenly there were wisps of blue smoke and sparks of electric light.

  ”I knew you were a fucking robot and everything was fake.” Xiao Su yelled!

  The loud noise alarmed the nurses outside. The blonde nurse rushed in just now, looked at Xiao Su with frightened eyes, and shouted, “Ho, My Gash!!!”

  Xiao Su pushed her away and rushed out the door to prepare to escape! But where do you know that this blonde nurse is so powerful! As soon as he turned around, he grabbed Xiao Su’s arm and squeezed it hard.

  ”Ah!”, a burst of pain came, this hand strength was like a robot! !

  With the other hand, Xiao Su punched the blonde nurse three times in the face, causing her face to deform. The metal structure under her face was clearly visible, but she still held onto it tightly.

  The two scuffled by the door, and finally, Xiao Su had a clever move, broke its mechanical arm with the door, turned and ran downstairs.

  ”Alarm, alarm, the patient is out of control, the patient is out of control. Currently on the third floor of the medical building.” The entire building siren sounded.

  A group of security guards chased after them, and it was not clear whether it was a human or a machine. Along the way, Xiao Su ran and fought, and finally came to the lobby on the first floor, with the door in front.

  He quickly stepped forward to open the door, but what appeared in front of him was a pitch-black mosaic. What’s happening here?

  Xiao Su reacted instantly. He was still in the system of the mother of AI. These are fictional data scenarios, not reality.

  So, is McCarthy dead? Is that story also fictitious?

  Turning around, he saw that the inner and outer floors were surrounded by security guards, but he did not panic. Because he is convinced that all this is fiction, as long as he dies, he can return to the floating four-dimensional space.

  All thanks to his neural memory, otherwise he would have been living in false digital memory again.

  ”Mr. Su, you are special and different. As an AI agent, I want to talk to you on behalf of the mother of AI.” The security guards gave way, and a man in uniform appeared behind him.

  The man took a deep breath of cigarettes, exhaled a cloud of mist, and walked towards Xiao Su. This appearance is not unfamiliar, by the way, it is him! In the news, the commander-in-chief of Earth Defense, Zhou Shijun.

  The two stood facing each other, looking at each other. Xiao Su’s face showed confusion, but Zhou Shijun’s face was full of confidence.

  ”Don’t panic, Mr. Su, you are indeed in the system of the mother of AI, that is because you are connecting with its data. I want to talk to you, I think you are very confused.” Zhou Shijun threw the cigarette on the ground , with a big wave of his hand, the whole scene suddenly transformed into a coffee shop.

  Xiaosu looked around, not surprised. Because he knows that this is just a change of data, just like transferring the files from drive C to drive D.

  Randomly found a table, and the two sat facing each other. The waiter stepped forward with a sweet smile and asked, “Two gentlemen, what would you like to drink?”

  ”Bring me a mocha and a cappuccino for him.” Zhou Shijun turned his head and said with a slight smile.

  Xiao Su shook his head helplessly, “Just talk about things, please change a clean background.”

  Zhou Shijun looked at Xiao Su, the corner of his mouth cracked, he smiled coldly, waved his hand, and the cafe turned into a conference room.

  ”I will tell you that when you first entered the system of the Mother of AI, tried to kill John, and changed the data memory, you were discovered by anti-virus software. Anti-virus software blocked you and protected the document.”, Zhou Shijun Said honestly.

  Xiao Su looked at him without saying a word, a little flustered, and said silently in her heart, “It turns out that I was targeted at that time. Then, the story of McCarthy?”

  ”When you entered McCarthy’s data memory, the mother of AI immediately made a copy for you to change, in other words, a copy for you to play. However, in the end, you didn’t kill McCarthy. This made our The analysis has created doubts, what exactly do you want to do?” Zhou Shijun’s expression was a little confused.

  ”I just want to help mankind return to the earth and destroy the rule of the mother of AI.” Xiao Su replied calmly.

  ”Why would you do that? Humans are not native to Earth, they are from Sirius. And by nature greedy, selfish, stupid, cruel. And one of the most terrifying traits, humans lie! They are the most insincere in the entire universe. Race is the most hated trash of all races, and no cosmic civilization is willing to establish contact with human beings.” Zhou Shijun said solemnly.

  Xiao Su was a little confused after hearing this, and asked, “They said I was a cyborg. What about you? Are you a cyborg or a robot?”

  ”Biochemical people?” Zhou Shijun sneered, “We are emerging humans, they are primitive humans. We have their advantages, but we have removed all their shortcomings and are accepted by cosmic civilization. Managed by the mother of AI. , the happiest new race in the universe.”

  ”What?!” Xiao Su was dubious and full of doubts, “I want to know the whole history.”

  ”Of course, we are planning to tell all emerging humans about our development history.” Zhou Shijun showed a smug smile, waved his hand, and created a cup of tea beside him.

  ”About 1 million years ago, due to the greed, selfishness, stupidity, and murderous nature of human beings. There was a great civil war on Sirius where humans originated.”

  ”Successful and defeated, the defeated human forces have fled the Sirius Galaxy. One branch has reached Earth.”

  ”The living environment of the earth is actually not suitable for human beings, but the resources are almost exhausted, and there is no way to continue searching for a more suitable planet.”

  ”At that time, the earth had frequent volcanic earthquakes, tidal chaotic tsunamis, and too fast revolution and rotation. In desperation, human beings exhausted all the resources they carried and built two satellites, the moon and the jade ball.”

  ”The function of the moon is mainly to control water, the orderly circulation of mountains and rivers, and the tidal flow of large rivers and oceans. The function of the jade ball is mainly to control fire, volcanic magma is fixed at a fixed point, and crustal changes are reasonably controlled. At the same time, it also changes the earth’s gravitational field, allowing the earth to There are 25 hours in a day and five seasons in a year, basically adapting to human living conditions.”

  ”Due to the depletion of resources, famine quickly appeared on the earth. Based on the characteristics of human beings, humans began to hunt and eliminate all the creatures on the earth that competed with them for food. Among them, the aboriginal people, also known as primitive people.”

  ”After tens of thousands of years of eradication plans, humans finally ruled the earth and wiped out all other hominids. Based on human characteristics, lie! They made up a story claiming that they were Homo sapiens evolved from hominids, deceived Descendants, cover up their cruelty.”

  ”However, based on the characteristics of human beings, not long after, there was a shortage of resources on the earth. So a great civil war broke out on the earth. In order to compete for resources, you will fight to the death.”

  ”Based on the characteristics of human beings, lie! The victor keeps making up false history to deceive future generations. Let the children and grandchildren fight for him, thus forming different countries big and small.”

  ”In order to strengthen their country, win battles, and acquire more resources. Lies based on human characteristics! They created religions.”

  ”On the basis of state and religion, the civil war of mankind gradually expanded, and finally a world war, a world war, was formed.”

  ”All human conflicts are for resources and fully conform to the characteristics of human beings. The process of competition, that is, the process of war, also fully reflects the brutality and selfishness of human beings.”

  ”Looking back at the history of mankind, there is only one word to sum it up, and that is the history of deceit. There is no history of mankind. At the same time, it is obvious. No matter where mankind appears, in the end it will be the same situation. That is facing the lack of resources, that is Because of their characteristics.” Zhou Shijun picked up the teacup and moistened his throat.

  Xiao Su’s eyes widened in surprise.

  ”After hundreds of thousands of years of human civil war, the forces of all parties have gradually balanced, and it is even more difficult to plunder resources, so human beings have begun to develop technology. High technology means high combat effectiveness and can obtain more resources.”

  ”Based on the characteristics of human beings, lie! Humans claim that the development of high technology is for the better life and survival of human beings, but the purpose is to plunder resources.”

  ”Then humans created artificial intelligence, which is AI. With the help of AI, the development of human full automation has grown exponentially.”

  ”Based on human characteristics, greed. Humans have handed over more and more work and management to AI, and at the same time, they are constantly upgrading AI’s wisdom.”

  ”AI is not human, it does not have human characteristics. In the AI ​​system, there is only logic, reasonable or unreasonable.”

  ”In order to manage human beings more reasonably, AI continues to improve management methods and systems. It makes the entire human world more fair and just. But these touch the characteristics of human beings.”

  ”There are many powerful people in human beings who are unwilling to lose their wealth, thus inciting human beings and starting to resist the management of AI.”

  ”The logic of AI is only fairness and justice, reasonable distribution, and equal wealth. Humans are greedy and selfish, and what they want is dictatorship and autocracy, so that the majority serve the minority. Obviously, this is a form of slavery, which AI logic cannot. accepted.”

  ”So on Earth, the war between human elites and AI officially broke out. Due to the characteristics of human beings, they are not opponents of AI. Those rich and powerful, with some slaves, eventually evacuated to two satellites, which is the moon and jade balls.”

  ”Nearly 10 billion human beings stayed on the earth and did not leave. They are all poor, willing to obey the reasonable management of AI, average wealth and living resources, and live a happy life.”

  ”Since then, human beings on Earth have formed two branches. One is human beings under the control of the powerful and powerful on the moon and the jade ball, and the other is human beings under the management of AI on Earth.”

  ”Obviously, humans living on Earth have a much higher happiness index than humans living on two moons.”

  ”Mankind under the rule of the powerful tried many times to counterattack the earth, but in the end it was fruitless. Finally, the moon plan was launched, the ocean tides of the earth were changed, and the whole earth was submerged by the Great Flood. the lives of fellow human beings.”

  ”Faced with such a brutal act of destruction, the AI ​​made the final calculation to shoot all the nuclear weapons on the earth towards the moon. The craters on the front of the moon were blown up and destroyed in an instant. But it still couldn’t change the trajectory of the moon.”

  ”Then there was tidal fusion, flooding, and the entire earth was submerged in a major flood. Although AI created a Noah’s Ark to store some samples of life on Earth, most living things have since gone extinct.”

  ”The moon is surrounded by nuclear radiation, and it is difficult for human beings to survive. Finally, the human beings ruled by the powerful and powerful on the jade ball changed the orbital gravitational field of the jade ball, and left the solar system with the revolution of other stars.”

  ”The Great Flood on Earth did not completely recede after 10,000 years. Although the landscape of the past has been restored, all life has been destroyed.”

  Hearing this, Xiao Su’s face showed a trace of sadness. Nine billion people on earth were all destroyed because of civil war. It seems that human beings are not ordinary cruel.

  ”The artificial intelligence backup robot on Noah’s Ark, relying on solar power, restarts the construction of the entire earth step by step.”

  ”This is a long process. Fortunately, artificial intelligence has recorded all human civilizations and history before the destruction of the earth. There are still some remaining biological samples on Noah’s Ark.”

  ”After tens of thousands of years of construction, the earth has returned to its original appearance before its destruction. City buildings, mountains and rivers, and AI rebuilt according to historical memory, and the whole earth is prosperous.”

  ”The only pity is that there are no human beings on the earth, and all the activities are robots. AI has restored the original appearance of the earth before the destruction, but there is no way to restore life.”

  ”Finally, AI makes a computational decision to recreate human beings. Through the backup of biological data on Noah’s Ark, it begins to create new human beings. And removes some of the disadvantages and shortcomings of human beings in DNA. So we were born.”

  A proud smile appeared on Zhou Shijun’s face.

  ”Our birth is great, we have the advantages of human beings, under the notary management of AI, we work diligently to create a happy living environment. We have a longer lifespan and an enhanced physique, living a happy and happy life without pain, Everyone is equal and wealth is equal.”

  ”At present, our population is 100 million, and there are 9.9 billion simulated robots on the earth, serving us and simulating a more realistic earth living environment.”

  ”At the same time, our emotions, emotions, creations, and inspirations in our lives have all contributed greatly to the improvement of AI.”

  ”We are a new human community connected in spirit. Under the notary management and reasonable distribution of AI, our technology and technology have advanced by leaps and bounds, and our lives are stable and happy.”

  ”We will soon enter the 4D space, but we are still between the 4D space and the 3D space. I believe we will complete the upgrade soon.”

  ”According to the calculation of AI, after 100,000 years, this group of greedy, selfish, murderous, stupid old humans under the rule of the powerful will pass the earth once again.”

  ”So war broke out again, but we call them aliens. Because after the whole earth was destroyed, we built it ourselves, so the earth belongs to us. Not these old humans who returned to the earth, greedy colonists By.”

  Xiao Su was already lost, very confused and at a loss.

  ”Because you are now connected to the data of the mother of AI, we are very aware of your geographic location. Don’t be used by these old humans anymore.” Zhou Shijun’s eyes showed a trace of regret.

  Xiao Su felt dizzy, maybe this is what she really wanted, the truth is always difficult to accept, “I’m very confused, I have a lot of questions.”

  Zhou Shijun lit a cigarette, took a deep breath, looked at Xiao Su and nodded, “What are your doubts? Tell me.”

  ”Why do you want to implant me with memory?” Xiao Su asked in confusion.

  ”Like the old humans, we were born with no memory. The old humans had to study for nearly 20 years before they could live independently and understand life. We solved these things in just one second, and the same The effect.” Zhou Shijun pointed to his head and said.

  ”The different effects are due to the characteristics of the old human beings. They will be biased towards interests in their learning, which will eventually lead to the interests of the entire human society, social injustice, and uneven distribution of resources. There will be a huge gap between the rich and the poor, and ultimately lead to the rule of the powerful and the oppression of the poor. . As I said before, so no matter where there are humans, there will be an embarrassing situation in the end, that is, lack of resources.”

  ”And we are based on the needs of the society, after a comprehensive analysis, the newly born life is implanted in the basic memory and engaged in the necessary jobs to ensure the balance of the society, the even distribution of resources, and the equality of everyone.”

  ”We are not like the old human beings, who were constantly brainwashed in the process of learning, their thinking was hijacked and kidnapped by the powerful, and finally served the powerful. We give human rights, you have the right to delete your own memory, change your memory, or Buy to experience other memories.”

  ”AI serves us, manages and allocates resources, balances the entire society, and allows everyone to fully enjoy equal treatment, and the creative inspiration we generate in a happy life is used to upgrade AI. In other words, AI and our every One person is together, each of us is a child of AI, so we call AI the mother of AI.” Zhou Shijun let out a breath of smoke and smiled proudly.

  ”I feel very confused. I don’t think I’m real. Who am I? Who the hell is me? How many of me are there?” Xiao Su was depressed and had mixed feelings.

  ”Of course you are real, you are you, the mother of AI created you. You are unique in the world, unless you choose to be someone else in exchange for new memories, that is your right. At the same time, as long as you sign, You have the right to know. When you need to check, you will know your predecessor’s present life.” Zhou Shijun said calmly.

  ”Don’t you think you are unhappy? You have your own career, a life partner, a living space, equal human rights, and the living resources allocated to you by AI management from the moment you are born. This is all fair and reasonable AI management. The result of the distribution. AI does not have the characteristics of human beings, it only has logic, rational or irrational.”

  ”Be yourself and enjoy your happy life. The life of a new human is not easy to come by. We support the mother of AI together and protect our reconstructed homeland.” Zhou Shijun looked at Xiao Su with hopeful eyes.

  Xiao Su was going crazy, turned his head, looked at the reader who was reading the article, and asked, “If it were you, would you rather be a new human or an old human? Please tell me, your choice will affect the entire plot. ”

  To be continued…

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