[Return – AI Campaign] Chapter 14, Bioman Base

  ”You must still have a lot of confusion, that’s because you don’t have a thorough understanding of human beings. The mother of AI has copied the entire human history into your brain chip, take a moment to experience it slowly. Although it’s just a copy , but you can also try to change it. This will provide inspiration to the mother of AI to save mankind.” After speaking, Zhou Shijun smiled slightly, waved his hand, and disappeared together with the whole scene.

  Xiao Su suddenly felt a flash in front of her eyes, returning to the scene just now, in the dark night, the snow was flying, and the cold wind was biting.

  Looking down, McCarthy was in his arms, bleeding and dying. Looking up and looking around, the naked killer is gone.

  Xiao Su was a little confused, but suddenly recalled it, and said in her heart, “I’m back in McCarthy’s digital memory? By the way, it’s a copy. If I can change the copy, I can change the reality.”

  Looking at McCarthy who was unconscious, Xiao Su had a hard time deciding. If you leave her, you will soon die. After that, the father of AI will not be born, and the mother of AI will no longer exist.

  He can then preview the entire historical simulation of the human world without AI. See if humans end up being resource-starved and killing each other.

  But for some unknown reason, he couldn’t control himself, he couldn’t help picking up the dying McCarthy and rushed to the hospital.

  Due to the timely delivery to the hospital, McCarthy was out of danger after being rescued. Standing outside the ward, looking at McCarthy sleeping soundly, Xiao Su felt a sense of relief in her heart.

  He summed up the whole incident, feeling that there was a special force driving him, and couldn’t help but finish it. It is difficult to describe this power in words. What is this power?

  Seeing that McCarthy was out of danger, Xiao Su silently turned around and left the hospital, planning to never enter McCarthy’s life again. Observe human changes and gain insight into human beings.

  Not long after, he read a newspaper with a front-page headline written by McCarthy.

  One paragraph reads, “A man from the future who saved me. He was a killer, and I believe it was love that changed his mind.”

  Love? Xiaosu frowned, unable to understand. He rolled up the newspaper, put it in his pocket, turned around and disappeared into the vast sea of ​​people.

  ”Da-da-da, da-da-da!”

  ”How much longer! We can’t hold on anymore.” Brother Jie, who was about to run out of ammunition, shouted to Aren.

  ”I don’t know! It’s been a minute, he should have been in it for 60 days! But he’s still in a coma, it seems very complicated!” Aren turned his head and shouted, extremely anxious.

  There were less than ten people left in the hacker contingent, surrounded by layers of robots, with no way out. Fight hard to protect Xiao Su’s life.

  Running out of ammunition, he pulled out his saber and fought the robot in close quarters. Brother Jie was surrounded by four or five robots.

  ”Brother Jie, be careful!” Wang Bingbing rushed over desperately and fought with the robot to save Brother Jie.

  For a moment in the melee, Brother Jie suddenly found that Wang Bingbing had only one arm and half of his face left. But he fought bravely to protect him without hesitation.

  She watched helplessly as she was trapped by four or five robots, and finally fell apart, and a sentence came, “Brother Jie! Take care!”

  With the wisps of green smoke and sparks, she disappeared into the swarm of robots.

  The corners of Jackie’s eyes couldn’t help but glisten, even though she was just a robot. But she was fearless, fought bravely, and desperately protected her spirit, which deeply moved him.

  Robots can indeed make human beings, can’t help but fall into their feelings, fall deeply, and even find it difficult to extricate themselves.

  Brother Jie pulled out the electronic grenade with tears, pulled the insurance, blue light flashed, and a harsh electric sound came from his ears. It was pitch black all of a sudden, all the electricity was completely lost, the robots came to the end, and the surroundings were silent.

  ”Clap!”, two flares lit up.

  Zhang Nini’s power mecha climbed out of the robot pile and turned to look. It was found that the mother of AI had been turned off by a power outage, but Xiao Su was still lying there unconscious.

  Brother Jie walked to Wang Bingbing, who was scattered all over the place, and picked up her head. Looking at the remaining half of her face, she was filled with emotion.

  Although this is a protection program he set by himself, it is too realistic and makes him suspicious. At this moment, Wang Bingbing is no longer a robot in his mind, but a flesh-and-blood memory.

  Brother Jie smiled at her, opened her head, and took out the flash memory. It was carefully preserved.

  ”Clean up the battlefield, prepare to leave here, and blow up everything here.” Jie Ge shouted.

  Aren quickly got up and packed his computer equipment. Zhang Nini’s power mecha quickly ran to Xiao Su’s side, pulled out the cable in her nose, and carried him up. Others are setting time bombs around the mother of AI, with a ten-minute countdown.

  Suddenly, there was a commotion in the distance. Is it the troops that came to support?

  ”Clap!”, two flares shot forward.

  In the blur, I saw a lot of people running towards them naked.

  ”What’s the situation?” Player A asked.

  ”…”, the team members muttered to themselves and talked a lot.

  It wasn’t until the group of naked people got close that they found out that they were armed with weapons and had crazy facial expressions. They should all be biochemical human beings.


  Following the screams of one of the team members, these crazy biochemical beings surrounded the power mecha like zombies, fell to the ground, banged wildly, and gnawed their teeth.

  The power mecha suddenly flashed red, and there was a loud noise! For these biochemical zombies, die together!

  ”Damn it! Zombies! Retreat!” With a shout from Brother Jie, everyone turned around and ran away quickly.

  These biochemical zombies are rushing like wild beasts!

  ”Da da da, da da da, da da da!”

  At the critical moment, Zhang Lu, who came to support, led the troops to arrive. Although they didn’t know what was chasing Jie Ge and others, they just opened fire.

  ”Damn it, Zhang Lu! You’re here at the right time. If you’re late, we’ll be eaten.” Brother Jie patted Zhang Lu on the shoulder and quickly evacuated with the team.

  ”Cover, the hacker contingent retreat!”, Zhang Lu shouted! All the soldiers turned their firepower on the swarming zombies and suppressed them with all their strength.

  But there was a steady stream of zombie corps. Zhang Lu’s troops who came to support ran out of ammunition.

  Zhang Nini carried Xiao Su and followed Brother Jie quickly to the exit, but the stars suddenly flickered ahead.

  ”Clap!”, two flares shot forward.

  ”Damn it! It’s all zombies!” Jie Ge shouted.

  In the underground lair of the Mother of AI, there are biochemical zombies everywhere.

  When we were in a dilemma, there was a loud bang! “Boom!”, the sky and the earth cracked, the earth shook and the mountains shook.

  A time bomb set around the Mother of AI exploded.

  The entire underground lair began to collapse, and all personnel were buried in it.

  ”Kaka.” Brother Jie took out two glow sticks and looked around in the faint light. The team members followed closely behind, safe and sound, but trapped in the underground lair.

  ”Roll your name! A shout out alive.” Jie Ge shouted.


  ”Zhang Nini!”


  ”No? What about the others?” Brother Jie was very anxious.

  ”Apart from Xiao Su, who is carrying Zhang Nini, there is no one else.” Aren replied loudly.

  ”Damn it! Everyone counts the ammunition.” Brother Jie touched his body, the power mecha had nothing but a saber.

  ”A saber!” Zhang Nini replied.

  ”A screwdriver!” Ahren replied.

  Brother Jie turned around, looked at the two of them, and shook his head helplessly.

  A gust of wind blew, and the three turned around in surprise.

  ”There is wind! There is a road ahead, come with me.” Brother Jie waved his hand, holding two light sticks, and led the team forward.

  ”Ah!” Ahren shouted and fell to the ground. When he got up, he was full of mucus and slipped to the ground.

  ”I wipe, what’s the situation? There’s mucus everywhere, be careful slipping.” Jie Ge shouted and took out a flashbang.

  ”Clap!”, two flashbangs shot forward, illuminating the entire surrounding space.

  ”Wow~~ rely on~~”

  The entire cave is covered with dense hatching chambers that are as dense as worm eggs.

  There are more than 100,000 of them, some of which have been damaged by the collapse, and the mucus flows from the hatching warehouse all over the ground.

  ”This! This should be the incubator for the production of biochemical humans, right?” Brother Jie cautiously walked to an incubator.

  The creatures in the hatching chamber are only half-formed and have stopped hatching. Obviously, the blue tower on the ground has been activated, and all electrical equipment has failed.

  Looking at this half-formed creature, it looks like the crazy zombies just now. Is the mother of AI constantly creating zombie legions?

  Everyone cautiously took a deep step, a shallow step and continued to move forward.

  The creatures in some hatching chambers have already taken shape, while others are just beginning. Obviously from the appearance, these creatures have big mouths and fangs, and the shape is fierce. It seems to be a biochemical creature that is tailor-made and urgently produced for the eradication of humans.

  Looking around again, with this level of production, it seems that in the near future, all human beings can be eaten without a single shot.

  ”Boom!”, there was a loud noise in the distance. Everyone looked up and saw a bright spot ahead.

  ”Is it the rescue team?” Zhang Nini asked, pointing to the front.

  ”It should be our people. Under the blue tower, the artificial intelligence mechanical army has stagnated, and only biochemical zombies are left.” Jie Ge led the team and walked forward quickly.

  I saw that the bright spot in front was getting bigger and bigger, and the light came in. Several power mechs are working hard to dig the hole.

  ”Saved, haha.” Everyone worked together, opened a hole, and climbed out of the lair of the mother of AI.

  The sky was shrouded in a faint blue, and the blue tower shone with white light, standing in the distance.

  Hundreds of power mechas around are working hard to excavate, trying to open the passage and rescue the comrades buried in the lair of the mother of AI.

  ”What’s going on inside, are there any survivors?”, the leader of the rescue force, grabbed Brother Jie and asked.

  ”There are still a lot of survivors and biochemical zombies in it! We are a hacker contingent and need to return to the headquarters immediately to report the battle situation.” Jie Ge showed the troop formation and rank on his chest.

  The rescue captain gave a military salute, pointed behind Jie Ge, and shouted, “You can use that transport vehicle to leave!”

  Brother Jie nodded, gave a military salute, waved his hand, and led everyone around to get into the car.

  The rescue captain took the other team members and rushed into the collapsed cave without any risk of life.

  ”Wait!” Jie Ge, who was about to get into the car, grabbed Zhang Nini and said.

  ”What’s wrong?” Zhang Nini carefully put Xiao Su into the transport car and fastened her seat belt.

  ”Follow me!” Jie Ge turned around and ran back to the cave.

  ”What the hell are you doing, Brother Jie? Aren! Help me watch Xiao Su.” Zhang Nini followed Brother Jie back to the cave.

  ”Got it!”, Aren got into the transporter, started the car, and stood by.

  The two returned to the biochemical lair of the Mother of AI, found a biochemical warehouse nearby, disconnected the power supply, and lifted it out.

  ”Bring a biochemical warehouse back to study, maybe there will be major discoveries.” There was a smug smile on the face of Jie Ge’s power mecha.

  ”Well, what you said makes sense.” Zhang Nini nodded in agreement.

  This biochemical warehouse is not ordinary heavy, the two of them almost ran out of fuel for the power mecha, and finally moved to the transport vehicle.

  ”It’s all done, let’s start!” Aren shouted, stepped on the accelerator, and returned to the transport ship of the Hacker Task Force.

  In the area covered by the blue tower, mecha troops and robots can be seen everywhere along the way.

  Without this blue tower, human beings are no match for the Iron Lion, the mother of AI. After all, it is to fight with people’s lives and steel.

  People cannot be resurrected from the dead, but steel can be easily reforged.

  ”What is that?” Zhang Nini shouted with a finger in the distance.

  Brother Jie took out the binoculars in the car, looked forward, and suddenly panicked!

  ”Damn it! It’s biochemical zombies! There are tens of thousands of them, and they are heading towards the blue tower!” Jie Ge patted Aren’s head, “Go Go Go, speed up! The blue tower may be destroyed soon. !”

  Aren stepped on the accelerator to the bottom and galloped away in the direction of the transport ship.

  In Jie Ge’s high-powered telescope, it was clearly visible that the flames were shining around the blue tower, and the soldiers were struggling to resist the biochemical zombies.

  ”I see! The front is our transport ship!” Zhang Nini pointed her finger directly in front of her and shouted in surprise.

  Suddenly there was a flash in front of them, everyone looked up, and the light blue of the sky disappeared!

  Turning to look again, the blue tower in the distance no longer shines.

  ”The Blue Tower has been captured! Hurry up, the enemy’s mechanical army is coming soon!” Jie Ge and the others quickly jumped out of the transporter. Moved Xiao Su and a biochemical warehouse into the transport ship.

  ”I’ll drive!” Jie Ge jumped out of the power mecha and sat in the cab.

  ”The fighter jet of the mother of AI is here!” Zhang Nini shouted in the cabin with Xiao Su in her arms, pointing to the distant sky.

  ”Activate stealth mode!” Jie Ge shouted and pressed the stealth button.

  ”Whoosh~”, the transport ship entered stealth mode and disappeared on the ground.

  ”Wow!”, looking up, the sky is full of fighter planes, and there are tens of thousands of them. The Mother of AI is fighting back again. It seems that without the protection of the Blue Tower, human beings will be smashed into scum in an instant.

  ”We went back to Yuqiu headquarters, Xiao Su was unconscious, there must be something wrong!” Zhang Nini was extremely anxious.

  ”It’s already taking off, calm down! The transport ship has entered the auto-navigation mode. It will arrive at Yuqiu Air Force Base in ten hours.” After setting up the auto-navigation, Brother Jie left the cockpit and could not wait to study the biochemical warehouse.

  ”Xiao Su has been in a coma, what happened?” Aren sat on the side, looking at Xiao Su who was in a coma, devastated.

  ”He’s sleeping, don’t wake him up, he’ll be fine.” Zhang Nini put her arms around Xiao Su and gently stroked his cheek, worried.

  And the sleeping Xiao Su is actually experiencing the historical changes of human beings and feeling the development history of the entire human being. He was looking for an answer to why human beings often do things that do not conform to the correct logic and reason, and he couldn’t help it.

  The transport ship began to tremble slightly, passing through the atmosphere, gradually losing its gravity, and everyone began to float in the air.

  To be continued…

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