[Return – AI Campaign] Chapter 15, Plato’s Prisoner

  The screen on the wall is broadcasting a piece of explosive news, “The Bill of Rights for Biochemical Humans has been officially passed. Any biochemical person who returns to the human camp will enjoy all the basic rights of human beings.”

  Xiao Su, who was in a coma on the hospital bed, had a cable stuck in his nose. On the other end of the cable is Aren’s laptop.

  Aren is using the computer to access the memory chip in Xiao Su’s brain, trying to find out the reason. But these data are all highly compressed packages, and it takes a long time to unpack each package.

  It is certain that Xiao Su is not dead, he is roaming, researching and experiencing in these data. Or rather, evolution.

  A footstep approached, and Aren looked up. A general in uniform with five stars appeared in front of him, “Zhao, General Zhao!”

  Aren got up immediately and gave a military salute.

  ”The hacker contingent smashed the data center of the mother of AI and stopped the entire AI army for half an hour. It made a huge contribution. In this half hour, we occupied half of the earth. It’s a pity that the mother of AI’s The backup data center started operation soon, and now the situation is deadlocked again.” General Zhao walked over to Xiao Su’s bed, looked at Xiao Su who was unconscious, and said helplessly.

  ”Is there any progress? When will he wake up?”, General Zhao turned to Aren and asked.

  ”His brain chip is running at full speed and there is no way to wake him up. I believe he will wake up naturally soon.” Aren said, connecting his fingers to the data displayed on the screen of Xiao Su’s laptop.

  ”Hopefully he wakes up before he discovers the second data lair of the mother of AI. We are paying huge losses every second. The 50 million Earth Counterattack Force has been sent to Earth, and this is the final battle!”, General Zhao He turned around and lit a cigarette, his face full of melancholy and emotion.

  ”We, we have encountered biochemical zombies, which are extremely ferocious.” Aren said to General Zhao.

  ”I know that according to the front battle report, the mother of AI is mass-producing new biochemical creatures to face the passive combat situation under the blue tower, where all modern weapons fail. No matter what the cost, we must insert the blue tower. The whole earth, black out the whole earth, and end the mother of AI.” General Zhao exhaled a breath of smoke, his tone was serious, and his expression was heartbroken and regretful.

  ”He immediately informed me when he woke up and was ready to attack at any time.” After speaking, General Zhao turned and left the ward.

  ”Yes sir!”, Aren stood up, marching salute to say goodbye.

  Looking down, I found that my laptop was locked! what’s the situation? Could it be that Xiao Su’s chip contains a virus?

  In a hurry, Aren immediately disconnected the physical link and restarted the computer.

  What a false alarm! Aren’s laptop is back to normal work. But in that scene just now, something must have happened. Ah Ren looked at Xiao Su in confusion, puzzled.

  In the transport ship of the Hacker Task Force, Jie Ge and Zhang Nini are working together on the relocated biochemical warehouse.

  At the moment when the power was turned on, the two of them were completely shocked, and the operation interface appeared on the monitor.

  ”Current operating status, automatic. Creature generation progress, 20%. Creature name, Predator.”

  ”Ah! It, it’s moving!” Zhang Nini screamed with the little creature in the biochemical chamber.

  ”I wipe it, what if there is no manual?” Brother Jie poked at the monitor.

  ”Di Di!”, the display shows, “Continue? Terminate?”

  termination! Jackie poked sharply.

  ”Executing the termination order, the creature is being removed.” I saw that the liquid in the biochemical chamber was suddenly cloudy, and after a few tumbling, the little creature disappeared.

  The two sat down and sighed deeply, so thrilling!

  Then the screen displayed, “Billion fertilized eggs in stock. Creatures created automatically, Creatures created manually…”

  The two of them looked closer, looked at each other, and nodded to each other. Jake pressed on the touchscreen and created the creature manually.

  ”Create a selection of creature types to customize new creature types.”

  ”Xiao Su was created from this biochemical warehouse, right?” Zhang Nini turned her head and asked.

  Brother Jie pressed the option to create a creature type. The first one was New Human, and said, “I think it should be!”

  After pressing the new human button, the screen displays, “Male, female, or directly enter the DNA serial number to copy. Implant the basic memory according to social needs, or import the original backup memory.”

  ”Damn it, it’s so high-end!” The two of them said in unison.

  Brother Jie touched his pocket and took out a flash memory.

  ”This is? Your Wang Bingbing’s digital memory flash memory?” Zhang Nini asked curiously.

  Brother Jie smiled and nodded, “Try?”

  ”Good idea!” The two laughed at each other.

  Gender: Female Age: 18 (earth year)

  Type: Pure Girl Body: Hot and Sexy Profession: Warrior, Bodyguard, Housewife, AV Actress…

  Lifespan: Maximum, 999 years (earth year)

  Memory: Import the original digital memory Others:  …

  Seeing these settings, Zhang Nini shook her head in embarrassment. Could it be that in the minds of men, dream lovers are all this kind of virtue?

  The two studied and completed a series of setting options, and Jie Ge couldn’t wait to insert the memory flash.

  ”Di!”, Brother Jie pressed the start button, and the mucus in the biochemical warehouse calmed down after boiling for a while.

  When the two were confused by the similarity, they found that a small black dot appeared in the biochemical warehouse, which was rapidly growing. Gradually it became clear that an embryo was thriving.

  ”Wow~~”, the two of them were surprised and said in unison.

  The two sat down in front of the biochemical warehouse with coffee and quietly watched the rapid growth of the embryo.

  An hour later, the system showed, “Embryo development is complete. Implantation of a brain memory chip has a success rate of 98%.”

  I saw a thin needle was inserted into the embryo, and it was pulled out after a second. At the same time, the system displayed, “The brain memory chip has been implanted successfully, and we continue to enter the second stage of cultivation.”

  ”Damn it, so fast! So easy?” Jie Ge shouted in surprise.

  After a few hours, the embryo had become a clearly visible child. She sucked her fingers greedily, and slept sweetly in the biochemical chamber.

  Brother Jie and Zhang Nini yawned and went back to their cabins to sleep.

  The total attack on the earth is going on fiercely, and it has reached the most critical moment. The fourth, fifth and last two legions, 20 million troops, are flying to the earth in a mighty manner.

  The entire surface of the earth was blazing with fire, thick smoke billowing, and blue towers interlocked one by one, covering most of the earth.

  In the areas not covered by the Blue Tower, the human legion and the mother of AI are engaged in modern high-tech warfare, photon weapons, mecha legions, and robot teams. Flesh and blood are hard to resist the iron lion, and human casualties are heavy.

  In the area covered by the Blue Tower, the Legion of Humanity and the Mother of AI are engaged in a traditional self-defense counterattack. Traditional weapons fight against a steady stream of biochemical zombies. Although you can win more with less, there is a steady stream of biochemical zombies. Once the ammunition is exhausted, it is unimaginable.

  Logistics troops, ammunition supplies, busy and exhausted. Shutting back and forth between the front line and the rear has long put life and death aside.

  All human beings are united and united, with only one goal, and that is to return to the earth home.

  In front of such a great goal, every human life is so insignificant, even less than a grain of sand.

  ”I’ve been sleeping, have you never woken up?” Zhang Nini walked into the ward, looked at Xiao Su who was sleeping, and turned to Aren.

  ”Yes, all his body indexes are normal. But he can’t wake up. I read some data on his brain and think he is in another dimension.” Ahren pointed to the analysis data on his laptop.

  Zhang Nini sat down beside Xiao Su, held his hand tightly, and looked at him helplessly, with tears shining from the corners of her eyes, “He won’t become a vegetable, will he?”

  ”I believe he will wake up.” Aren got up, put away his laptop, and said, “There has been an order from the headquarters that our hacker task force will be disbanded, incorporated into the Fifth Legion, and sent to Earth to support the final battle. “

  ”Ah?!” Zhang Nini’s eyes widened and she asked in surprise, “Do you want to send all the troops to Earth?”

  Aren nodded helplessly, “Now is the time for the general attack, the final battle. All the fighting forces will go to the earth. This is the most important moment for human beings in 100,000 years. In a week, the jade ball will leave the orbit of the earth, which is the last moment. already.”

  Aren handed the military transfer notice to Zhang Nini, turned and left.

  After reading the notice, Zhang Nini was in a low mood and had mixed feelings, watching Xiao Su Yi reluctantly get up. Before leaving the ward, she left a lilac lip print on Xiao Su’s forehead. This is the first and last time.

  Zhang Nini, returned to the contingent transport ship, ready to set off with the entire team of Brother Jie.

  The moment I entered the hatch, I was stunned and scared.

  A naked and hot girl! Appear in front of you!

  ”Ah!~”, Zhang Nini yelled.

  ”What’s the matter! What’s the matter?” Brother Jie rubbed his eyes in his pajamas and rushed out of his sleeping cabin.

  ”Wow!” Brother Jie stared intently at the sexy girl, full of joy.

  ”Come on! Put on your clothes and talk.” Zhang Nini quickly took out a set of pajamas from her sleeping cabin and put it on the girl.

  But this girl looked at Brother Jie affectionately, and asked tenderly, “You, are you Brother Jie?”

  ”Yes, yes, yes, yes!” Brother Jie was very surprised and asked excitedly, “Do you remember, what’s your name?”

  ”My name is Wang Bingbing!” The woman looked at Brother Jie with strange eyes and replied.

  ”Haha!” Brother Jie and Nini Zhang looked at the biochemical warehouse opened behind her, and they smiled at each other.

  ”Then do you remember anything?” Jack asked anxiously.

  ”I remember that there were a lot of zombies in an underground lair, as if they were fighting.” Wang Bingbing touched her head and recalled seriously.

  Brother Jie nodded with satisfaction and snapped his fingers, “Perfect!~”

  ”That’s how Xiao Su was born, right?” Zhang Nini turned her head and asked.

  ”It must be so! At the same time, it was implanted with the basic memory of a warrior.” Brother Jie replied confidently.

  Wang Bingbing suddenly covered her stomach, her brows were furrowed, and her expression was uncomfortable.

  ”What’s the matter? Auntie is here?” Zhang Nini stepped forward to help her and asked.

  ”I, my stomach hurts, woo woo woo~~”, Wang Bingbing burst into tears.

  ”How could this be? Have you had this symptom before?” Brother Jie was furious.

  ”It’s so uncomfortable, it’s the first time I’ve had this feeling.” Wang Bingbing washed her face in tears.

  Brother Jie and Zhang Nini looked at each other, helpless and anxious.

  At this moment, Wang Bingbing’s stomach made a loud noise, “Gululu! Gululu!”

  ”Got it! I’m hungry!” Zhang Nini quickly took out some food from the freezer and put it in front of Wang Bingbing.

  Wang Bingbing looked at the food, puzzled.

  ”Brother Jie, didn’t you implant her the ordinary skills of eating, drinking and lhasa?” Zhang Nini turned her head helplessly and asked.

  Brother Jie scratched his head, feeling ashamed, “How about, create another one?”

  ”Ah? You don’t want this?” Zhang Nini turned to look at Brother Jie in surprise and asked.

  ”Brother Jie, don’t leave me, woohoo!” Wang Bingbing turned around and threw herself into Brother Jie’s arms, crying bitterly.

  ”Come, come, I’ll teach you to eat. You used to be a robot, and you didn’t need to eat. Now you are a real person with flesh and blood. You need to eat and replenish your strength. Open your mouth, put the food in your mouth, chew it slowly, and swallow it. This food is sweet and delicious, you will definitely like it.” Brother Jie put his arms around Wang Bingbing and brought the food to her mouth.

  ”Well, this thing called food feels weird, but it’s very delicious.” Wang Bingbing devoured it.

  Zhang Nini looked on and shook her head helplessly, “Brother Jie, please take some responsibility when you create a human next time.”

  Brother Jie nodded in embarrassment, “This is my first time creating a human, so I have no experience, so I skipped all the complicated options.”

  ”This is a military transfer order. We will leave early tomorrow morning. Return to Earth, join the Fifth Army, and support the front line.” General Zhang Nini patted the order on the table and turned back to her sleeping cabin.

  ”Ah? There are only two of us left in our army. We have to go, alas.” Brother Jie picked up the military order with a helpless expression.

  When Zhang Nini closed the door of her sleeping cabin, a sentence came from outside, “Eat well, eat more, and I’ll teach you how to take a bath after eating.”

  Zhang Nini, “…”

  The next morning, after Zhang Nini got up, she opened the sleeping cabin door and was shocked!

  One Wang Bingbing was cooking, the other Wang Bingbing was cleaning, and another Wang Bingbing was beating his back for Brother Jie. Turning his head, he saw that the fourth Wang Bingbing was hatching in the biochemical warehouse…

  ”My God! Brother Jie, do you have enough food for you to make so much? Are you all going to eat green algae?” Zhang Nini pointed at Brother Jie and shouted.

  ”Miss Zhang, good morning.” The three Wang Bingbing said in unison.

  Zhang Nini, “…”

  ”Your breakfast is ready.” I don’t know which Wang Bingbing brought the breakfast over with a smile and thoughtful service.

  ”Sorry, sorry. That’s the last one, it won’t be made anymore.” Brother Jie smirked.

  ”Let’s go to Earth immediately, and arrive before the Fifth Legion attacks!” Zhang Nini shouted.

  And Brother Jie calmly turned his head and said, “That Wang Bingbing No. 2 and No. 3, you go drive.”

  ”Okay, got it!”, I saw the two Wang Bingbing turned around and jumped into the cockpit.

  Zhang Nini, “…”

  The transport ship started, took off steadily, turned around skillfully, and set off towards the earth.

  Zhang Nini floated in the air, chewing delicious sushi, looking at the cosmic starry sky outside the window, and finally nodded with satisfaction.

  ”What is green algae?” A Wang Bingbing turned around and asked. This is estimated to be Wang Bingbing No. 1.

  Jie Ge opened a large container in the rear cabin, which was full of green objects, similar to bread!

  ”This is green algae. It is a fungus food with a taste similar to milk bread. As long as you don’t eat it, it will ferment into a full pot the next day. There is no problem with eating it for 100,000 years, but you are afraid of eating too much. Too much, I’m tired of the taste, and occasionally I need to change the taste.” After speaking, Brother Jie grabbed a piece of green algae and threw it into his mouth.

  ”Tell me out loud, what’s your favorite food?” Jack asked triumphantly.

  ”Green algae!” All Wang Bingbing said in unison.

  Zhang Nini, “…”

  On the hospital bed of the Yuqiu Military Medical Center, Xiao Su, who had been sleeping for four days, began to tremble all over. After a while of convulsions, he calmed down and opened his eyes slightly.

  He had tears in his eyes and was depressed. Looking at the entire human history, there are only two words to sum it up, sin!

  Getting up and looking around, he was the only one in the ward. A monitor on the wall plays breaking news.

  ”…The Fifth Army of the Earth Counterattack is heading to Earth. 50 million warriors are fighting bravely for the future of mankind. They are the hope of mankind, and they are the pride of mankind…”

  Xiao Su shook her head helplessly and turned her head to look out the window. Why is it foggy and hazy?

  When he came to the window, the surrounding scene was astounding!

  Except for the one high-rise building where he was, all the first-floor bungalows were all around, like a slum.

  These low houses surround several large buildings with smoke billowing from what appear to be factories.

  The whole sky is foggy and dark!

  ”This, where the hell is this?” Xiao Su panicked in her heart, turned to open the ward and rushed out, knocking down a nurse who had just passed by.

  ”Ah!~”, she fell to the ground with a scream, “What’s the matter! Just eight eyes!”

  Xiao Su’s eyes widened, her brows furrowed, and she shouted to her, “Are you a human!? Or a robot!?”

  ”Those brains are watts!?” Miss Nurse got up and patted the dust and left.

  Looking at the back of Miss Nurse’s departure, Xiao Su was a little confused, and after that, a sentence came from a distance, “The neuropathy in Ward 18 has woken up!”

  Xiao Su turned around and saw that his ward was No. 18. Could it be a neurological hospital?

  I saw a man in a white coat walking towards him with a serious expression.

  This look in a white coat, Xiao Su has seen in human history data, it should be a doctor.

  ”You’re awake! Do you still know your name?” The man stared at Xiao Su and asked solemnly.

  ”I’m rubbing it! Why every time I wake up, people ask me this question?” Xiao Su said angrily.

  ”You tell me where this is first? Where is the hacker task force?”, Xiao Su shouted at the man.

  ”This is the Yuqiu Military Medical Center. The hacker contingent has been disbanded and is now heading to Earth to join the final battle.” The man pointed to the news screen playing on the wall.

  ”What?!” Xiao Su suddenly realized, he didn’t expect so many things happened in the few days he was asleep.

  Xiao Su turned around and walked out of the hospital slowly. At this moment, she had mixed feelings and mixed feelings. As a biochemical person, or a new human being, which camp should you stand on?

  It doesn’t seem to be important, the important thing is that he has been thinking about one person in his heart, Zhang Nini. Wonder how she is now?

  The feeling is strangely complicated, and I can’t help it. The whole mind is filled with Zhang Nini’s figure and smile, as if insane.

  No one stopped Xiao Su from leaving the hospital, but when he pushed open the hospital door, a strange smell came onward, mixed with dust and sand.

  Xiao Su kept coughing and it was difficult to adapt. The air is also mixed with the smell of burning carbon dioxide, which is suffocating!

  Pedestrians on the road were sparse, and everyone wore masks and sand-proof glasses. Is the jade ball a desert planet?

  ”Sir.” A girl’s voice came from behind. Xiao Su turned around and saw that it was the lady nurse just now.

  She reached out and handed over a large mask and a pair of windproof sand glasses, and said, “Don’t thank me, this is left for you by a man named Aren.”

  Xiao Su nodded and said politely, “Thank you!” This is what he learned from human historical data, which is called etiquette.

  But the nurse turned around and walked away, closing the hospital door with a “bang!”

  Xiao Su put on a big mask and sand-proof glasses, and was puzzled. Did human beings evolve? Or degenerated? Why is the living environment so bad?

  Ah Ren was really thoughtful, leaving behind two such important things.

  When Xiao Su just thought of Aren, all the data related to Aren suddenly appeared in his mind. How is this going? Xiao Su was puzzled, all these data came from his own brain chip.

  He closed his eyes, checked the data carefully, and found that all the data came from Aren’s laptop. At the same time, there is also a record of its own connection to the laptop.

  Xiao Su opened her eyes, confused? When did you bring your own hacking capabilities?

  Just in time to find Aren, if you find him, you will know the whereabouts of Zhang Nini. So according to the digital records in his mind, he found Aren’s military office and set off according to the map navigation.

  Along the way are abandoned streets with few pedestrians. The sky was full of dust and gray smog, and the sky was no longer visible.

  Unexpectedly, the human beings on the jade ball actually lived in such a bad environment. I thought it was a high-tech modern planet with a beautiful environment and comfortable living.

  But who knows that it is so backward, where does the military strength come from, and can counterattack the earth?

  Xiao Su passed by the dilapidated residential area, some old people were sitting helplessly at the intersection, nibbling on green food.

  ”What’s wrong with you? What are you eating?” Xiao Su squatted down in front of an old man, and asked curiously with deep sympathy.

  ”This is called green algae, it will keep fermenting, you don’t need money to eat it.” The old man handed over a piece with trembling hands.

  ”Thank you!”, Xiao Su, who was hungry, took it, took off the mask, and stuffed it into his mouth. It tasted like bread with a little sweetness. It’s really not bad to eat when you’re hungry.

  ”Why do you eat these? Don’t you eat other things? I have stayed at the lunar military base. The cafeteria there is full of delicious food, fruits and vegetables.”, Xiao Su asked in confusion.

  The old man coughed for a while, and seemed to be still ill. He panted and said, “That’s all special treatment for the soldiers who went to the front line to fight. The other two billion people live like me, and they are poor.”

  ”How can this happen?”, Xiao Su, who has looked at human history, can’t understand, this kind of situation was only possible in ancient times.

  ”Humans have spent 100,000 years of preparations and battles to return to the earth, and all resources have been spent on military affairs. The common people are complaining, and the living environment is bad, and they can’t eat enough and clothe themselves in peacetime. Only by becoming aristocrats can life be changed. Young man, aren’t you a local? Are you from another planet? Your common language is very good, and your accent is pure.” The old man wiped his tears, looked at Xiao Su up and down, and asked curiously.

  ”I’m from Earth, and they call me a cyborg.” Xiao Su pointed to the sky and said to the old man.

  ”What?! You are from the earth?”, the old man exclaimed, “You are really lucky to come here and return to us. You must know that the earth is occupied by artificial intelligence, and there are impregnable walls everywhere. The whole earth is already a hell on earth. Compared to us, although the living environment is a bit worse, it is like heaven.”

  Xiao Su looked at the old man in puzzlement. In his memory, the earth was a place with beautiful environment, birds and flowers, the wind and the sun, and the modern high-tech place. ?

  ”How do you know that the earth is a hell on earth?” Xiao Su asked politely.

  ”It’s needless to say! Gossip is spreading, think about it, the earth has been ruled by machines, and there is still room for human beings to survive.” The old man said excitedly.

  With a sad face, Xiao Su shook her head helplessly, “Then what are the people here doing? I didn’t see any supermarkets or shopping malls along the way.”

  ”I don’t know what supermarkets and shopping malls you are talking about, but the people here only do one job, producing weapons and ammunition. People in other areas, some refine oil and coal, some steel and iron, some Decompose resources.”, the old man said, pointing to the dark sky in the distance.

  Xiao Su, who has reviewed the historical data of human beings, is very confused about the current social situation and does not fit any dynasty.

  ”I’m going to the electronic military base in the north to find a friend. Why can’t I see any means of transportation on the road? I only see someone riding on two wheels, should that be called a bicycle?”, Xiao Su pointed north to consult the old man .

  ”For private travel, there is no means of transportation, so you can only rely on two legs or bicycles. When you travel for work, special vehicles will come and pick you up. This has been the case for tens of thousands of years. There are very few people who can afford bicycles.” The old man pointed out The bicycle behind him said triumphantly.

  ”Ah?!” Xiao Su was completely confused after hearing this. Is this back to ancient times?

  ”Are bicycles expensive?” Xiao Su asked curiously.

  ”That’s not it, this thing is very expensive! The money I usually earn is not enough to buy food, especially meat and vegetables. How can I save money to buy this thing, it’s a luxury!” The old man stroked his beloved bicycle , turned around and said.

  It seems that in order to counterattack the earth, mankind has squeezed every civilian. As the mother of AI said, as long as there are human beings, it will eventually face an embarrassing situation and lack of resources!

  Xiao Su got up and looked around, a scene of poverty and despair, very depressed. After saying goodbye to the old man, he ran to the north at a brisk pace. It seemed that he could only use two legs. After all, he is a biochemical person, so it is no problem to run 50 kilometers in one breath.

  Running all the way, what Xiao Su saw and heard on the road made Xiao Su unacceptable. This is not even as good as a slum, it is like a gathering place for homeless people. The common people live in an invisible cage, like slaves, with only work in their lives.

  After running 30 kilometers, it seemed that he had left the slum, and a huge glass mask appeared in front of him. Under the hood, high-rise buildings are scattered, and the means of transportation are constantly flowing, which is simply another world.

  It should be a modern city, Xiao Su quickened his pace and ran forward. Why are there so many people ahead?

  Several elderly people and women surrounded the entrance to the glass-covered gate. The gates were closed, and the gates were heavily guarded.

  ”Please, let my father go in and get some fresh air. He has severe pneumonia and won’t last long.” A girl’s pleading voice came from her ear.

  ”It’s a special zone, you can’t enter, and I’m going to shoot if there is more trouble!” An officer in uniform with a gun stepped forward and scolded.

  ”Please!”, the girl supported her father, tears streaming down her face.

  The officer shook his head helplessly, handed the girl a can, and said, “I can only help you here, let’s go, go back to work and earn money. Buy more fresh air for your father.”

  The girl took the can with both hands and washed her face with tears, “Thank you, thank you very much.”

  She opened the can and pulled out a respirator for his father to put on. Xiao Su is clearly visible, and the can says, “Fresh air, 500ml.”  …

  Xiao Su, who has looked at human history, has completely collapsed. This has never happened at any stage in human history. Air has become a luxury!

  Looking at the back of the girl who helped her old father leave, Xiao Su was filled with emotion. The life of human beings has come to such a dilemma, why should they return to attack the earth?

  In contrast, the earth governed by the mother of AI is simply living in heaven.

  ”Hey, you! What are you doing?” The officer’s words interrupted his thoughts.

  ”I’m going to the electronic military base in the SAR to find a computer virus expert, Aren.” Xiao Su turned to the officer and said.

  The officer took a step forward and looked up and down, “I don’t think you’re a local. You’re an alien, right? You can speak vernacular quite well without an accent. What are you doing?”

  ”I am Su Jili, a former member of the hacker task force. I am looking for Aren. I have military intelligence research.” Xiao Su gave the officer a military salute.

  The officer frowned and looked serious. Taking a few steps forward, he carefully observed Xiao Su Yi. It was found that there was a word “special” on his uniform, as well as the number of the army.

  He nodded, turned around and connected the videophone to confirm his identity.

  Xiao Su looked around. The guards were holding machine guns and staring at him. It’s like looking at an enemy, making it difficult for him to understand.

  Not long after, the officer ended the call, turned around and smiled slightly, “So it’s you, you’re the cyborg. Luckily, you have the right to enter the special zone. Wait, he’ll pick you up right away.”

  The officer snapped his fingers, and the guard behind him made way for Xiao Su to pass. Some people behind him whispered, “Look, he can actually go in, and he is also a noble!”

  noble? Xiao Su, who has looked at the history of mankind, knows. Nobles, a group of power and wealth that only existed in the ancient times of slavery and feudalism. Actually in the future of mankind, it still exists!

  The front door of the passage opened, and Xiao Su strolled in. It was a door similar to a pipe. The front door closed, the back door opened, and he stepped into another world…

  In this glass-covered city, there are blue sky and white clouds, gentle breeze, clear air, heavy traffic and high-rise buildings. As if back to earth, that kind of modern city.

  A group of girls walked past him, dressed in odd shapes, or fashionable. What they threw was a look of contempt, because Xiao Su was disheveled and disheveled.

  An old lady led a creature and walked past him. According to the data, the scientific name of the creature was “dog”.

  I saw it holding its head high, disdainful, indomitable expression. It feels more noble than Xiao Su by several grades…

  Xiao Su looked around, nodded silently, and said in her heart, “This place is somewhat similar to the Earth managed by the Mother of AI. However, only nobles have the privilege to enjoy it.”

  Suddenly, a huge dish-shaped aircraft appeared above Xiao Su’s head. The bilge is transparent, and there is a person standing inside, that is Aren.

  He smiled slightly, beckoned to Xiao Su, and pressed a button. A golden light was generated under the dish-shaped aircraft, and Xiao Su suddenly lost gravity, floated up, and entered the dish-shaped aircraft.

  According to Xiao Su’s human history data, this thing should be called “flying saucer” or “UFO”.

  To be continued…

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