[Return – AI Campaign] Chapter 16, Destroy the Earth

  Xiao Su was pulled into the flying saucer by a golden light. This was the first time he had boarded the plane in this way.

  ”I thought you wouldn’t wake up, why did you sleep for so long?” Aren asked curiously with his hands on his waist.

  ”The mother of AI copied me a copy of human history data, and I don’t know how to wake up. Then, I experienced the entire modern history of mankind.” Xiao Su was very emotional.

  ”Ah?” Aren was stunned, “You’ve been in there for nearly two thousand years!”

  ”Yes! I tried to find out the problem of human development. But in the end, I found that it was not because of lack of resources.” Xiao Su sat down in the flying saucer with Aren, and fastened the vacuum seat belt.

  ”What’s the problem?” Aren asked curiously.

  ”Occupation of resources! This will lead to uneven distribution of resources, leading to disputes over resource plundering, and finally the outbreak of war.” Xiao Su was in a low mood and was very disappointed.

  Aren set the navigation point, the flying saucer started automatically and flew smoothly, “Maybe, it is because of human characteristics, greed, and human beings themselves know it.”

  ”The environment of the special zone is really good, the air is fresh, the blue sky and white clouds.” Xiao Su pointed to the scenery outside the flying saucer.

  ”The blue sky and white clouds are simulated projections, there is no such thing. The air is fresh because there is enough supply of oxygen generators.” Ah Ren smiled and said triumphantly.

  ”Why is the outside of the Special Economic Zone in such a mess, life is poor, and the people are miserable?”, Xiao Su asked curiously.

  ”Because we are nobles, the entire planet is ruled and managed by nobles. Of course nobles should enjoy the best living environment.” Aren said proudly.

  ”Are you a noble?” Xiao Su asked after sizing him up and down.

  ”Yes, I’m a nobleman. Joining the army is just my hobby, not my obligation. I like to play computers and games since I was a child. So I joined the military hacking department.” Ah Ren pointed to a poster beside him, said triumphantly. . This poster features a green freak and the words, World of Warcraft.

  ”I’m hungry, do you have anything to eat?” Xiao Su asked while rubbing her stomach.

  ”Let’s eat some green algae first, and I’ll give you a big meal later.” Aren said with a green algae generator behind his fingers.

  ”Feast? I know that outside the SAR, ordinary people only eat this green algae.” Xiao Su stuffed a large piece of green algae into his mouth.

  ”There is no way, resources are limited, only the powerful can enjoy good things. My home is here.” Aren pointed to a luxury villa directly under the flying saucer.

  ”Let’s go.” Ah Ren invited Xiao Su to stand up.

  Xiao Su was puzzled, the flying saucer was still hanging in the air. Why did you just leave? How to get down?

  ”Haha!” Ah Ren laughed, pulled Xiao Su into the aperture in the center of the flying saucer, and pressed the remote control in his hand. Suddenly golden light flashed, they lost their gravity, slowly floated down, and finally stood firmly on the ground…

  ”Wow, so advanced! Your flying saucer just hangs in the air?” Xiao Su asked with the flying saucer above her finger.

  ”This kind of aircraft floats and moves according to the magnification and shrinkage of gravity and magnetic field. Therefore, it is usually parked in mid-air and does not occupy the apron, which is good.” Aren shook the remote control in his hand, triumphantly. said.

  ”Master Aren, you’re back!” A neatly dressed black man appeared behind him, “Your message has been received, and lunch is ready.”

  ”This is my housekeeper, Lao Jianliang.” Ah Ren patted him on the shoulder and turned to Xiao Su.

  ”Who is this?” Lao Jianliang smiled, nodded and bowed.

  ”Just call me Xiao Su.”

  ”Young Master Su, welcome.” Lao Jianliang was serious and bowed 90 degrees.


  Entering Aren’s villa, it is resplendent, gorgeously decorated and dazzling. According to human historical data, this grade should be called, “Palace”.

  ”Come on, eat more, you must be starving if you haven’t eaten for so many days.” Aren invited Xiao Su to sit down at the dining table. .

  The ordinary people outside the special zone can only eat green algae, but on this table, there are delicacies from the mountains and seas, and the whole table is full of Han and Han.

  The difference between the lives of nobles and commoners is simply two planets.

  Aren drank the crimson liquid, watched Xiao Su gobble it, and asked curiously, “The hacker task force has been disbanded, and you have returned. What are you going to do next?”

  Xiao Su was full of food and couldn’t wait to answer, “I’m going to find Zhang Nini.”

  ”Zhang Nini?” Ah Ren frowned, looking back at the ceiling and asking, “That female soldier?”

  ”Yes!” Xiao Su nodded with a firm expression.

  ”She should have been sent to Earth, right? There is a big battle over there now, the war is raging, and the army is in chaos. You actually want to go to her, why?”, Aren was puzzled, and suddenly reacted, his eyes lit up, “You love she?”

  Xiao Su stopped chewing, looked up at Aren, and asked solemnly, “What is love?”

  Aren sighed and touched his head, “By the way, you are a biochemical person.”

  ”What’s wrong? But it doesn’t matter.” Xiao Su looked at Aren eagerly, eagerly hoping for an answer.

  ”Although artificial intelligence is powerful, it is still a machine after all. It has no emotions, and it has no way to simulate emotions. Therefore, you can’t get any education or data about emotions.” Ah Ren lit a cigarette, took a deep breath, and was full of Sad face.

  ”Love is the most precious thing for human beings, it is the highest state of spirit, and it is the source of human survival.” Aren let out a breath of smoke and smiled.

  Xiao Su, “…”

  Looking at Xiao Su’s puzzled eyes, Ah Ren re-summed the concept and said, “In layman’s terms, you will miss her and miss her when you don’t see her. You will be happy when you see her. You can’t help it. I want to do something for her and hope she is happy and safe. It’s an uncontrollable and irresistible feeling that pushes you invisibly and is hard to stop.”

  ”I love her!” Xiao Su answered decisively, without hesitation. Even the food spewed out of his mouth.

  Aren raised his head and drank the crimson liquid from the cup in one gulp. His face was full of melancholy, and he was moved to tears, “I really did not expect that biochemical people also understand love, no wonder they will give you human rights. I am proud of you.”

  ”Thank you for giving me the definition of love, in retrospect, everything I did was for her. Because of her, I joined the Hacker Task Force. For her, I fought against the Mother of AI. Now for her , I’m going to find her and make sure her life is safe, I don’t want her to explode.” Tears shone from the corners of Xiao Su’s eyes.

  Aren was moved to tears, and handed his UFO remote to Xiao Su, “I didn’t expect to see true love in my lifetime. Let’s go, find her, and give you a UFO.”

  Xiao Su, “…”

  ”You’re welcome, I’m an aristocrat! I have a lot of flying saucers, it doesn’t matter if I give you one. It’s because of our love that we were born and died together.” Aren said triumphantly.

  ”The operation method does not need to be learned, it is very simple. After going up, put your hand on the operation panel and use your brain’s thinking waves to set up navigation or thinking driving.”

  ”Wow! It’s so high-end, it’s no wonder that in the air battles, the disc fighters were flexible and easy to fight one against ten, thank you!” Xiao Su moved and took the remote control, “I’ll leave after I finish eating.”

  Aren was speechless, “…”

  ”By the way, how did you and Zhang Nini know each other?” Aren asked curiously.

  ”It’s hard to say a word, you can go and see for yourself.” Xiao Su’s mouth was full of food, and he took the time to gobble it.

  ”Where are you looking?” Aren looked confused.

  ”Xilan cat’s personal homepage, xixi, lanlan, mao cat, click com, there are details in Chapter 7.”, Xiao Su pointed to Aren’s laptop.

  Aren, “…Okay.”

  ”By the way, then how did you know I was in the SAR?” Aren filled his glass with crimson liquid and turned to ask.

  ”I don’t know, I have all the data of your laptop in my mind. The moment you inserted the data cable into my nose, all the data came into my mind.” Xiao Su replied in confusion.

  ”What! There is such a thing! All the data?”, Aren’s eyes widened, and the gold-rimmed glasses almost fell to the ground, stunned.

  ”Yes, all your information, work procedures, secret documents. There are also many human reproduction documentaries, and the men and women in them are not clothed.” Xiao Su replied solemnly.

  Ah Ren, “This…I…Damn it! Do you bring your own hacker program? You are a virus!”

  ”Ah? I don’t understand…” Xiao Su’s mouth was full of food, with a confused look on his face.

  ”Come on, don’t eat yet!”, Aren dragged Xiao Su out of the restaurant and into the office.

  ”Sit down! Stick your nose here!”, Aren unplugged the network cable and inserted it directly into Xiao Su’s nasal cavity.

  ”Ah! Take it easy! Don’t get excited!”, Xiao Su shouted. Immediately afterwards, the whole body twitched, and he fell to the ground, short of breath.

  ”What’s wrong? Can you really see the data?” Aren asked excitedly.

  Xiao Su’s nerves were highly concentrated, his eyes were dull, and he hesitantly said, “I, I saw all the data.”

  ”Bank account password? Various confidential documents?” Aren was overjoyed and excited.

  ”Yes! All data, encrypted in name only, can be accessed directly.” Xiao Su came back to his senses, got up and said.

  ”Bada!”, Aren inserted another network cable into Xiaosu’s other nostril, connected it to his laptop, and asked excitedly, “Can you transfer data? Quick! Turn over these bank accounts, haha, make a fortune La!”

  ”Yes!” As soon as Xiao Su’s voice fell, Aren’s laptop hard drive flashed quickly. All bank data began to flow into the computer.

  ”Hahaha!” Ah Ren laughed loudly, “Let’s see if there are any confidential files.”

  ”Okay, yes!” As soon as Xiao Su finished speaking, his face became panicked.

  ”What’s wrong? Pass it here, let me see.” Aren asked anxiously.

  Xiao Su suddenly trembled and burst into tears, “The confidential documents have been transferred, please take your time. I think I have no time, I have to leave quickly.”

  After speaking, Xiao Su immediately got up and ran away. He ran to the flying saucer presented by Aren, pressed the remote control, and entered the cabin with a flash of gold.

  Put your palm on the operation panel, set auto flight, target, earth, flight time, 21 hours and 11 minutes, confirm.

  ”Whoosh!”, the flying saucer moved up and down steadily, quickly flew out of the city pipeline according to the planned traffic route, and set off towards the earth.

  ”We are entering the earth’s atmosphere, and the gravity will gradually increase. Please prepare all units. The transport ship has been switched to a fuel engine.” Wang Bingbing, who was driving the Hacker Task Force transport ship, turned his head and shouted to everyone.

  ”Professional!” Brother Jie smiled smugly.

  ”Brother Jie, Miss Zhang Nini, your power mecha fuel and ammunition have been added and can be used at any time.” Another Wang Bingbing shouted from the equipment compartment.

  ”Professional!” Brother Jie smiled smugly.

  The transport ship began to tremble slightly, and with a violent turbulence, it passed through the atmosphere and entered the earth.

  Looking around, the ground is already covered with blue towers. The sky is blue and clear, and it seems that humans have mastered the air superiority.

  The videophone on the transport ship lights up, showing a three-star officer in uniform, “Please report your number and assignment.”

  Brother Jie got up, cleared his throat, stood at attention and gave a military salute, shouting, “The original hacker contingent, the remaining personnel, come to report, join the Fifth Army, and support the counterattack on Earth.”

  ”Report on the remaining troops and equipment.” The officer asked solemnly.

  ”Remaining personnel, two people! Equipment situation, two power mechas, the report is complete!”, Brother Jie shouted loudly.

  ”What! Two people? Land nearby and find a blue tower to support local defense.” The officer hung up impatiently after saying that…

  Brother Jie, Zhang Nini, “…Speechless!”

  ”Wang Bingbing! Find a nearby blue tower to land on.” Jie Ge turned his head and said.


  The transport ship landed on a blue tower by the sea, and Jie Ge and Zhang Nini were ready to enter their power mechas and get ready to go.

  Wang Bingbing, reluctant to part.

  ”Brother Jack, you have to pay attention to safety!”

  ”Brother Jie, you have to pay attention to your body!”

  ”Brother Jack, you will miss us!”

  ”Brother Jie, you have to come back alive!”

  ”Relax, darlings. I will come back alive, you guys drive the transport ship to a safe place to wait for me.” With four lip prints on Jie Ge’s face, he confidently entered the power mecha.

  A Wang Bingbing took a step forward and brought the GPS positioning watch to Brother Jie, “If there is any danger, we will come to rescue you at any time.”

  ”Goodbye, babies!” Brother Jie and Zhang Nini waved goodbye to Wang Bingbing and jumped off the transport ship.

  The transport ship soared into the air, galloped away towards the distant mountains.

  Turning around and looking, sandbags have been piled up under the blue tower, trenches have been dug, and tens of thousands of people are waiting in battle.

  ”What are the first two people doing!?” A power mech ran towards them. Clearly visible, two stars on the chest.

  The two immediately stood at attention and gave a military salute, “Report, we were ordered to come to support.”

  ”Just the two of you?” the officer asked in surprise.

  ”Yes! The other soldiers are dead.” Jie Ge stood at attention and shouted.

  The officer shook his head helplessly and pointed behind him, “Find two pits by myself, now it’s in a defensive state.”

  ”Yes sir!!!”

  The two entered the pit and sat side by side with other comrades.

  ”What’s the situation now?” Brother Jie asked curiously, turning his head to a comrade-in-arms.

  ”The land surface of the earth has all been plugged into the blue towers, and the electricity has been cut off. There is no longer any resistance from the machine forces. But the mother of AI has not been completely destroyed. I heard that there are still enemies in the sea!”

  ”Ah?!” Brother Jie was speechless. He actually chose a blue tower by the sea. If he had known that he had chosen an inland blue tower, he would be safe.

  ”Don’t worry, the engineering force has inserted the blue tower in the shallow sea area and is currently advancing to the deep sea area.”

  ”Our troops stationed at the blue tower by the sea must be particularly vigilant to prevent surprise attacks. Once the blue tower is destroyed, the enemy ground machine troops will immediately wake up and make a comeback.”

  It seems to make sense, Brother Jie nodded and asked, “So, what about the biochemical zombies?”

  ”The biochemical zombies on the ground have all been wiped out. The biochemical nests have all been blown up. But I heard that there are new types of biochemical troops under the sea.”

  ”Ah?!” Zhang Nini frowned and looked at Brother Jie helplessly.

  ”Our task now is to delay time and buy time. I believe that the backup data center of the mother of AI in the depths of the ocean will soon run out of power. At that time, the entire earth will be successfully recaptured! Now is the end of the victory. It’s time!”

  ”Wow!” Brother Jie and Zhang Nini finally breathed a sigh of relief.

  ”It seems that human beings are about to successfully return to Earth. After the war, what do you want to do?” Brother Jie turned to Zhang Nini and asked.

  ”I’m going back to see Xiao Su right away, I don’t know if he’s awake.” Zhang Nini’s tone was warm and sweet.

  ”Oh, what if he can’t wake up?” Brother Jie asked helplessly with a sigh.

  ”No, he will definitely wake up. I’ll wait until he wakes up.” Zhang Nini looked at Brother Jie with confident eyes.

  There was a huge sound of waves in the distance, and the two turned their heads to look. Suddenly the sea was surging and surging. The sea level is rising rapidly, and the huge waves are surging into the sky, rushing like an overwhelming sea!

  What the hell is going on here? Everyone was stunned, looking at the surging tsunami, helpless.

  ”Stand firmly, don’t retreat!”, the commander fired a warning shot, “Clap!”

  The tsunami instantly overwhelmed all the fortifications and scattered the soldiers.

  ”Ah!~”, with a scream, Brother Jie and Zhang Nini were swept away by the tsunami, rolled in the huge waves, and disappeared without a trace.

  The soldiers struggled in the rapids, but fortunately, the power mech had amphibious combat functions and did not suffer much loss.

  As the tsunami receded, the soldiers crawled out of the messy pile of sand. Looking around, all the fortifications were destroyed and all efforts were abandoned.

  Brother Jie got up with difficulty from the ruins, and found that there was a leg of Zhang Nini’s mecha in the sand beside him. She was buried in the sand and couldn’t move.

  ”I’ll wipe it!” Jie Ge grabbed the leg of the mecha and pulled it out. After a lot of hard work, Zhang Nini was finally pulled out of the sand.

  But she couldn’t move, only to hear a voice from the power mecha shouting, “My mecha engine is damaged! It’s off! I have lost power and can’t move.”

  ”Ah?!” Brother Jie was shocked and found that the back of Zhang Nini’s power mecha was damaged and the fuel was leaking.

  ”Can the hatch be opened? Come out quickly!” Jack shouted.

  ”Kaka!”, I saw that the hatch on the chest of the power mech opened a crack and got stuck!

  ”Ah!~”, Jie Ge tried his best to open the hatch, his power mecha was already overloaded, and thick smoke was billowing.

  Zhang Nini finally crawled out from the crack of the mecha cabin door, spitting sea water, and almost suffocated.

  Luckily the blue tower is still standing and working fine. But suddenly I found that a white animal was quickly coming ashore from the ocean and galloping towards them!

  ”Attention everyone! Stand in formation, there is movement ahead!”, the commander shouted in front of his fingers, and took out his binoculars at the same time.

  ”Then, what is that? Is it a fish? Why does it have a human body? There are fins on its back! Is that a murloc? What’s the situation?”, the commander was dumbfounded and said to himself.

  These murlocs have sharp teeth! Flocked to, visually tens of thousands. The commander took two steps back in fright and pulled out a flare gun.

  ”Clap!”, two red flares rose into the air. Then a rumbling sound of gunfire was heard in the distance.

  It seems that under the blue tower, everyone uses the same tactics, with infantry in the front and artillery in the back. Flare indication, artillery support. This is in line with the way the original war was played.

  Cannonballs whizzed overhead with screams. A huge explosion sounded, and the entire beach, the ground shook, the fire blazed into the sky, and the smoke filled the air.

  After several rounds of shelling, everything was quiet. Brother Jie and Zhang Nini looked up and saw a sea of ​​fire ahead. The smell of grilled fish fills the air…

  ”Pay attention to concealment! Find cover!”, the commander shouted, pointing to the sky.

  ”Ah!~~Ah!”, followed by a scream. Many soldiers fell to the ground! A lot of fish heads and fish bones fell from the sky.

  Some fish have bigger heads than humans! It directly killed several soldiers, and then heard the sound of the power mecha self-exploding.

  Fish bones are longer than human legs! Several soldiers were unfortunately pierced through the body and blew themselves up.

  Brother Jie walked to a fish head and observed it carefully. I found this fish head with steel teeth and sharp teeth, and I could bite a warrior wearing a power mecha to death with a single bite.

  It seems that the mother of AI has begun to create more ferocious biochemical creatures to resist humans, Jie Ge helplessly shook his head. Looking at Zhang Nini, who lost her power mecha beside her, she could no longer fight. I pressed the positioning button on my GPS watch.

  ”All attention, hurry up and repair the fortifications.” The commander shouted behind him.

  At this moment, Xiao Su is driving a flying saucer into the earth’s atmosphere. The experience of the flying saucer is very different from other traditional transport ships. There is no sense of turbulence, and there is no friction smoke in the atmosphere. It enters the earth smoothly and smoothly.

  A video call from Aren was uploaded on the screen, “I just checked the location of Zhang Nini, the unit she belongs to on Earth, at coordinates 1908. 2021, set the navigation to go automatically. At the same time, I have seen the top secret, and I am deeply ashamed. I wish you success. , Xiao Su, it will be indefinite in the future.”

  Xiao Su was moved and nodded, ecstatic, set the navigation coordinates, and went quickly. I said in my heart, “Zhang Nini, hold on, I’m here.”

  The flying saucer moved quickly in the high-altitude clouds, and the changes in gravity and magnetic field produced seven-colored clouds that streaked across the sky like shooting stars.

  ”Ugh~~~”, there was a huge moan in the distance. The soldiers who were repairing the fortifications stopped and turned to look at the beach.

  All sounds are quiet, the breeze is gentle, is this the tranquility before the storm?

  ”Hide to the top of the blue tower, you don’t have mecha protection, you can’t fight.” Brother Jie turned his head and said to Zhang Nini in a low voice.

  Zhang Nini nodded, turned quickly and ran towards the blue tower.

  Suddenly the earth trembled! The sea is boiling! Shocking waves! The situation changed!

  A hill rises slowly from the bottom of the sea, like a high-rise building.

  Everyone was stunned and panicked.

  No, not right! It wasn’t a hill, a hill wouldn’t have two horns, and it wouldn’t have arms, it was a behemoth!

  Everyone looked up at this behemoth, his legs and feet were weak, and he couldn’t move. This behemoth is like an underwater monster, aggressive and murderous, and there are three words clearly visible on the chest, “Godzilla!”

  I saw it walking forward, every step was accompanied by a strong earthquake. The surrounding white murlocs swarmed with it and attacked again.

  ”Clap clap clap!”, the commander panicked, raised the flare gun and aimed it forward four times in a row.

  Immediately, a loud cannon sounded behind Jie Ge. Cannonballs flew overhead with a whistling sound, and everyone hugged their heads and fell to the ground.

  ”Boom, boom, boom!”

  In front of the fire again, the smoke billows, the ground shakes, and the dead fish fly around.

  The cannonball hit the monster’s body, and the flames blazed. The earth trembled, and the monster was knocked to the ground! But soon it got up again and rushed forward.

  ”Brothers! For the sake of humanity! Hold your ground and fire!” the commander shouted in front of his fingers.

  Instead of killing it, the cannonball made it go mad with pain. A big foot stepped on it, the earth shook, the fortifications collapsed in an instant, and the combat soldiers were flying with blood!

  The murlocs swarmed behind it, biting anyone they saw. The steel teeth and sharp teeth directly bite the power mecha into two pieces, and self-destructing warriors can be seen everywhere!

  The monster is like a destruction machine, no grass grows wherever it goes. Squeeze tanks with your hands, step on military vehicles with your feet, and scream in the sky, unstoppable!

  The artillery in the rear had stopped firing, and it was estimated that they had run out of ammunition.

  A murloc rushed in front of Brother Jie and smashed at him with a fish bone in his hand. It was over two meters tall, and his whole body was covered with hard scales!

  Brother Jie dodged with an agile ground roll, got up and shot at it, “Da da da, da da da!”

  The fish fell to the ground with several bullets, but quickly got up and continued to pounce on Brother Jie. Jack, who ran out of ammunition, took out his saber and slashed at the murloc.

  The scales of the fish are extremely tough, and when you go down with a knife, there is no crack! The murloc opened his mouth to bite, and Brother Jie used his saber in one gear, and the saber was immediately bitten into two pieces!

  ”Brother Jie, lie down!”, Zhang Nini’s shout came from behind.

  Turning his head, a rocket was being shot at him from the top of the tower.

  ”I’ll wipe!” Brother Jie rolled on the ground, lying on the ground, holding his head in his hands.

  ”Boom!”, there was a loud noise around him, and a shock wave pushed Brother Jie two meters away.

  Fortunately, there is a power mecha to protect the body, otherwise, the body would have been shattered and the meridians would have been completely broken.

  Brother Jie staggered to his feet, shook his head, and in a daze, he saw the commander raise the flare gun toward the sky.

  ”Clap!”, two green flares rose into the air, and the commander announced the loss of the position.

  The soldiers began to retreat one after another, and Jie Ge turned and ran into the blue tower, towards the top of the tower. There’s the last heavy weapon, the rocket!

  ”Don’t retreat, hold your position, don’t retreat, hold your position!” The commander began to shoot the retreating soldiers.

  Suddenly dark in front of him, he looked up, and there was a smoking tank flying towards him in the sky. With a loud bang, the commander disappeared.

  The scene was completely out of control, and Jack looked down from the top of the tower. Corpses are scattered everywhere, self-destructing constantly. On the coast ahead, the murlocs are still swarming, and there is a steady stream.

  The monster rushed towards the blue tower, and Brother Jie and Zhang Nini fought back with rockets.

  The rocket exploded on his body, and the monster roared and slammed into the blue tower.

  The violent vibration knocked Jie Ge and Zhang Nini to the ground, and the blue tower tilted.

  The monster roared in the sky! Raise your arms and hit the blue tower. Suddenly, there was a loud noise, the flames shot into the sky, and the blue tower exploded!

  Brother Jie and Zhang Nini at the top of the tower were blasted into the sky.

  At this critical moment, a golden light flashed in front of them, and the two suddenly suspended in the air. Looking up, there are seven-colored clouds around, and a flying saucer overhead!

  The two were pulled into the UFO cabin by the golden light and collapsed to the ground.

  ”Zhang Nini!~”, Xiao Su rushed over with hot tears in her eyes.

  Brother Jie got up and turned his head to see that Zhang Nini was already bleeding, and was hit by a huge fragment in her abdomen, she was dying.

  Xiao Su hugged Zhang Nini, washed her face with tears, and burst into tears, “You, don’t die…”

  The dying Zhang Nini showed a sweet smile, clenched Xiao Su’s hand, and finally said, “My crush is a hero of the world, and one day he will step on the colorful clouds to marry me.”

  Xiao Su, “…”

  A transport ship appeared beside the flying saucer, Xiao Su turned around and looked very familiar. This is the transport ship of Task Force Hackers. The hatch has been opened, and there are several identical girls waving inside…

  ”Hurry up and project us into the transport ship, which contains medical equipment.” Jie Ge turned his head and shouted at Xiao Su.

  Xiao Su handed a USB flash drive to Brother Jie, turned around to operate the UFO gravitational projection, and shouted, “Get out of the earth quickly! This is top secret!”

  ”Why?! Don’t worry! I will definitely save Zhang Nini!” Before Brother Jie’s words were finished, a golden light flashed, and the two were projected into the transport ship.

  Suddenly, a few lasers flew by the side, what happened? Xiao Su turned his head and saw that a group of fighter planes controlled by the mother of AI were attacking from behind.

  It turns out that the Blue Tower has been destroyed, the power of the mother of AI has been restored, and the Mechanical Legion has made a comeback immediately!

  Without hesitation, Xiao Su turned around in the flying saucer, fought with the fighter group, and covered the departure of Brother Jie’s transport ship.

  The flying saucer is really maneuverable and flexible, and it can come and go freely in the fighter group. As a pilot, Xiao Su knew his own tactics like the back of the hand and was unscathed.

  After watching Brother Jie’s transport ship go into the invisible state, Xiao Su quickly left the battlefield and disappeared into the seven-colored clouds.

  Looking down on the land, the mechanical legion of the mother of AI has already entered the battle, and robots are entering the battlefield continuously.

  Without the protection of the Blue Tower, the human legion on the ground was simply vulnerable, collapsing in an instant in front of the steel lion, and it was miserable.

  Not far away, there were plumes of white smoke, and dense rockets were taking off one after another. Xiao Su turned her head and saw that those rockets were flying towards the jade ball.

  Obviously, those are nuclear weapons, just like the ones that were shot to the moon. The end of the world is coming, Xiao Su looks ahead, his eyes are dull, his thoughts are confused, and he is full of emotions.

  At the same time, Brother Jie in the transport ship was trying his best to rescue Zhang Nini, but it seemed that it was too late to survive the dangerous period.

  Brother Jie was in a low mood, lit a cigarette, took a deep breath, and said in his heart, “How should I explain this to Xiao Su?”

  He took out the USB flash drive Xiao Su gave and inserted it into the computer. This is indeed a top-secret document, and Brother Jie is trembling when he sees it.

  Military top secret, destroying the earth again:

  ”…The battle of the Earth’s return has been declared a failure. To ensure the safety of the jade ball, all expedition troops must not return, and stick to the Blue Tower position to prevent the mother of AI from recovering power and launching a nuclear bomb…”

  ”…Activate the moon plan, disrupt the earth’s tides, and flood the earth for 10,000 years. Delay the AI’s reconstruction of the earth, so that it can fight again in 100,000 years…”

  To be continued…

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