[Return – AI Campaign] Chapter 17, Noah’s Ark

  Looking up, the sky was shining brightly. Apparently, the first nuclear bombs fired were intercepted.

  As the top secret says, the jade ball is getting smaller, and the moon is getting bigger.

  On the earth, more than 20 million soldiers with full confidence are sticking to their blue tower positions, but they don’t know that the situation is over, and they have become cannon fodder in the rear of the palace.

  ”Da da da, da da da, da da da!”

  The human warriors are stubbornly resisting, defending their blue tower positions, and biochemical monsters are coming in continuously. Outside the hood of the blue tower, the iron lion of the mother of AI is on guard. As long as the blue tower falls, they will swarm in and kill all humans.

  One after another human warriors flashed red light, blew themselves up on the battlefield, and disappeared.

  The battlefield is littered with corpses of various biochemical monsters, huge fish heads, crocodile heads, wolf heads…

  It seems that the biochemical technology of the mother of AI can transform any existing creature, put it into the battlefield, and defeat the enemy.

  The earth shook, the earth shook and the mountains shook. Not far away, Godzilla was coming towards the Blue Tower with a group of werewolves.

  The werewolf moves fast, bounces agilely, throws down the mecha, bites open mouth, sharp teeth, and is invincible.

  Godzilla is tall and mighty, unstoppable, kicking fortresses, tearing tanks, and roaring in the sky, invincible.

  Biochemical monsters are numerous and endless. The human artillery fire was intensive and suppressed with all their strength, but it was always difficult to resist.

  ”Long live mankind!”, another team of death squad members shouted slogans, their whole bodies shone with red light, and they rushed into the pile of biochemical monsters and perished together.

  Despite this, the biochemical monsters quickly broke through the line of defense and started close combat with humans.

  The human troops retreated and entered the city. I thought it would be advantageous to hide in buildings when fighting in the city. But Godzilla knocked down the building easily, and hiding in the building was courting death.

  In desperation, the commander raised the flare gun and pulled the trigger against the sky.

  ”Crack!”, a yellow signal flare rose into the air.

  Red flares, artillery support.

  Green flares, the position is lost.

  And the yellow flare is, “For victory, fire at me!”

  The cannon sounded from behind, and the shells roared with screams. Immediately, the ground burst into flames, landslides and fissures, the earth shook, and thick smoke billowed. Human warriors and biochemical monsters disappear into the sea of ​​flames…

  But this still could not stop Godzilla’s actions, it rushed to the blue tower under the hail of bullets!

  ”Boom!”, came a loud noise! The blue tower was destroyed, and the light blue mask disappeared instantly.

  ”The Blue Tower is destroyed! Brothers! Change to photon weapons to resist!” The radio communication resumed in the soldier’s helmet.

  Immediately, the battlefield was full of brilliance and entered a modern war.

  As soon as the Blue Tower fell, the mechanized troops and robot troops who were waiting outside the mother of AI rushed in. The human warriors could not resist, and gave up their positions, and the remaining troops retreated.

  The Mother of AI recaptured another piece of land, the power was restored, and the counterattack immediately began.

  The retreating human warriors felt the ground shake and the mountains were shaking. Looking around, hundreds of rockets rose from the mountains and flew towards the jade ball.

  There is a flying saucer in the clouds, quietly suspended. Xiao Su gnawed on the green algae while watching the blue towers on the earth being extinguished one by one, with mixed feelings.

  Either way, this is not a just war. At the end of the day, it’s just a game of thrones and a looting of resources.

  Although human beings are greedy, selfish, murderous, and stupid, human nature thinks emotionally.

  Although AI is fair and reasonable, its logical thinking is ruthless.

  Can’t humans and AI coexist peacefully with their own advantages? The machine is broken and can be repaired. People are dead, but they can’t be resurrected!

  Sudden! The flying saucer began to tremble slightly, what’s the situation? UFOs are stable gravitational magnetic field vehicles, never turbulent.

  ”Warning, warning, gravity is changing, the system automatically adjusts to adapt to the latest gravitational parameters.” Amazing news projected on the big screen of the UFO!

  Xiao Su panicked and looked up, the moon was twice as big as yesterday! !

  Ocean tides have indeed begun to be chaotic, sometimes violent waves, sometimes calm waves, sometimes high tides for thousands of kilometers, and sometimes low tides for thousands of miles!

  ”Warning, warning, the altitude is changing, the system automatically adjusts to enter diving mode.” The warning of the flying saucer seemed to become a little nonsensical.

  Xiao Su turned her head, looked left and right, and found a blue patch around her. Looking up again, I was stunned! A huge wave came in the distance, and it was visually higher than a flying saucer. Looking down, the flying saucer is only 800 meters high!

  ”Cancel the diving mode, stretch the altitude! Five hundred altitude!”, Xiao Su said to the UFO control system.

  The flying saucer rises quickly and reaches the specified height according to the setting requirements. The system shows that the current altitude is 1500 meters, and the estimated altitude is 500 meters!

  ”Damn it!” Xiao Su’s eyes widened, stunned. Jump forward, it’s not a wave, it’s a new altitude!

  This monstrous wave is rushing between the gravitational fields of the earth and the moon with the rotation of the earth!

  Despite this, the offensive and defensive battle of the Blue Tower is still going on fiercely, and humans and AI are fighting to the death.

  ”Crack!”, another yellow signal flare rose into the air. The war has entered a white deterioration, engulfing the flesh and blood of human beings and the iron lion of the mother of AI like a meat grinder.

  But these confrontations were in vain. There was a rumbling sound in the distance, and the earth began to tremble slightly. The two sides ceased fire one after another, and turned to look at the overwhelming waves coming from the sky. Humans panicked, and AI was helpless.

  The huge waves, mixed with the construction debris on the surface, smashed like a hammer. Wherever he went, the ground was cut down three feet, razed to the ground, and no grass grew!

  The machine army of the mother of AI was wiped out, and the power mechs of human warriors were killed and wounded. The blue towers that you fought for to the death before, disappeared one by one in the huge waves.

  The entire surface of the earth is destroyed in one cycle of the earth’s rotation. This is not over yet, the moon is still gradually approaching the earth, resulting in greater gravitational field and tidal changes.

  Xiao Su’s flying saucer began to tremble slightly again. The system automatically adjusted the gravitational field and height to 2,500 meters, with an estimated altitude of 500 meters!

  The giant waves are increasing in height every day, washing the earth as the earth rotates, once a day.

  A few days later, although Xiao Su’s flying saucer was still 500 meters above sea level. But compared to before, it has risen by more than 10,000 meters…

  Looking around, there is a vast ocean, far away. The whole world was silent, only the sound of waves and wind, and there was not a single bird in the sky except clouds.

  Xiao Su stayed silently on the flying saucer, at a loss, nibbling on the green algae helplessly, thinking to himself, “Is the world destroyed like this?”

  Looking at the jade ball that was getting smaller every day and the moon that was getting bigger every day, the only concern in his heart was Zhang Nini. Hope she can live, happy and healthy!

  Suddenly, an object appeared on the radar of the flying saucer. Could it be that Godzilla?

  Xiao Su flew a flying saucer to find out, from a distance, it was a giant island! System analysis, about the size of four aircraft carriers, it turned out to be a giant ship!

  Two large characters on the giant ship are clearly visible, “Noah”. There is also an engineering robot walking back and forth busy on it.

  What the hell is going on here? Xiao Su hovered the flying saucer over the giant ship, set the follow mode, and projected herself onto the deck of the giant ship.

  ”Alert, alert, find the intruder, find the intruder!”, the engineering robot flew towards Xiao Su.

  ”Fuck!” Xiao Su shouted in fright, looking left and right, there was nowhere to hide.

  Instead of attacking Xiao Su, the engineering robot performed a full body scan on him and then disarmed.

  Xiao Su looked confused, very confused, what is the situation? He opened his mouth and asked, “Hi! What are you doing?”

  ”I am implementing the “Doomsday Plan” of the mother of AI to protect the biological samples of the earth. After scanning you, I can tell you with certainty that you are the last new human being on the earth.” The robot turned its head and said expressionlessly. Xiao Su said. Of course, a robot can’t have any expressions.

  ”So that’s the case, no wonder they didn’t shoot me.” Xiao Su said silently in his heart.

  The robot is busy preparing feed and food for the creature, and it is very busy. Xiao Su hangs out on this giant ship, just like in a zoo, with all kinds of exotic animals, but no humans.

  At the bottom of the giant ship, there are more than ten biochemical warehouses and the data backup center of the mother of AI. It seems that after the Great Flood, the mother of AI can start production again and make a comeback.

  But why is there only one robot working on the ship besides the creatures? Xiao Su was confused and ran back to the splint to ask the robot.

  It turned out that the Great Flood would last for 10,000 years, and in order to save energy, only one robot was working.

  ”Robots, after all, are robots. You can’t get any information if you ask around.” Xiao Su said to himself, frowning, and he had a good plan in mind.

  Taking advantage of the fact that the robot’s power was about to run out, when returning to the deck to charge, Xiao Su opened its casing, pulled out the data cable, and inserted it into his nasal cavity to connect it.

  Sure enough, Xiao Su came with a hacker program, and all the data of the robot entered Xiao Su’s brain memory chip instantly! All information at a glance.

  It turns out that this is a multi-functional engineering robot with a self-healing function. So you can keep the battery low and run for a long time.

  The work setting of the robot is also very simple, and it usually maintains the food and feed of the creatures. After the flood recedes, turn on the power of the AI ​​mother backup data center and biochemical warehouse.

  Xiao Su changed the program without hesitation. After the flood receded, he did not turn on the power of the AI ​​mother backup data center and biochemical warehouse.

  ”It’s finally over, everything is over. There will be no artificial intelligence from now on.” Xiao Su said silently in his heart, feeling very emotional.

  Biting green algae in his mouth, blowing the breeze on the sea, looking up at the starry sky. The jade ball has become smaller and smaller, and is about to disappear within the scope of the naked eye.

  The huge moon illuminates the entire night as if it were day. At a glance, the giant craters of mountains and rivers on the moon are clearly visible.

  ”Zhang Nini, are you still alive? You must be alive, can I still see you?” Xiao Su looked up at the starry sky, heartbroken, and said silently in her heart.

  ”Clap!”, two red signal flares soared into the air, not far ahead!

  what’s the situation? This flare? And human beings survive? Xiao Su stared at the front with wide eyes, pressed the remote control of the flying saucer without hesitation, and went to find out.

  Under the strong moonlight, a bunch of power mechas appeared on the sea not far away. Holding hands, they formed a circle and floated on the sea. Excitedly, he waved to the flying saucer for help.

  This is also of course, the flying saucer is originally the advanced aircraft of human beings. The great flood has ravaged the earth for half a month. In such a bad situation, there are still human beings alive.

  Xiao Su flew back and forth more than ten times, pulling more than a hundred human warriors wearing power mechas back to the Noah.

  The fuel of the power mecha had long since been exhausted, and these warriors had to struggle to get out of it. The face is yellow and the muscles are thin, hungry and cold. If it weren’t for the mecha’s amphibious combat function, it would have been buried in the sea.

  Fortunately, Xiao Su has green algae for them to eat, so no hungry people can eat people. These male and female human warriors, the older ones are more than fifty years old, and the younger ones are more than ten years old, which shows the cruelty and ruthlessness of the human recruitment system.

  ”Are you the last survivors?” Xiao Su asked curiously, looking at the survivors who were gobbling green algae.

  ”No! I know there are still many survivors. They are mainly distributed in two parts of the earth, the South Pole and the North Pole, where there are no huge waves.” A survivor said firmly.

  Xiao Su took a look at the electronic map and found that his current location was not far from the former Antarctica. No wonder some survivors can be found.

  ”You should cultivate well on the Noah first. If you have any needs, find a machine steward, Noah.” The engineering robot beside Xiao Su’s finger shouted to everyone.

  ”Thank you hero!”

  ”Thank you hero!”

  ”Thank you handsome guy!”


  ”Adjust the course and head to Antarctica.” Xiao Su patted the engineering robot Noah’s head. Then he took the flying saucer and headed straight to Antarctica.

  Along the way, the vast sea is boundless, the sea and the sky are the same color, and the heaven and earth are indistinguishable.

  Looking back, in the distance, the huge waves with a height of 10,000 meters are clearly visible, and they are still raging on the surface at a fixed time.

  Xiao Su deliberately lowered the altitude of the flying saucer so that the survivors could easily see it. As expected, two red flares were found in the sky not long after.

  Going straight to the direction of the flare, I saw a vast expanse of white on the sea. The power mechas with more than 1,000 people were visually connected, hand in hand, shouting for help!

  Xiao Su shook his head helplessly, set up automatic cruise on the flying saucer, and began to carry it back and forth to save these last humans.

  There are more and more surviving humans on Noah’s Ark. They gather on the deck to eat green algae, hungry and cold, and they are disheartened.

  ”I really didn’t expect that they would abandon us.” A rescued soldier cried while smoking.

  ”The jade ball is long gone, and we will never go back. I miss my parents, I miss my family, I miss my lover and children.” Another soldier began to cry.

  ”Yes, we can’t go back, we can only start a new life on earth, I am an interstellar scientist.” A calm and calm man appeared in the exhausted crowd. .

  He said to everyone solemnly, “As the moon continues to approach, the gravitational field on the earth will become larger and larger. In the end, all the water sources between the two spheres will float in the air at a height of 10,000 meters. Rotate on its own and pour down again.”

  ”Ah! We’re dead… what to do!”, everyone began to panic.

  He went on to say, “Only the two ends of the earth, the north and south poles can escape the disaster, but because the sunshine at the two poles is too short, it is difficult to resist the cold. At the same time, the floods brought by the huge waves will continue to form icebergs, which will accumulate over time and become ice and snow. mainland.”

  ”Then what should we do?”, Xiao Su and the others said in unison.

  ”I’m a zoologist, and I saw a lot of animals on the big ship. We can breed them and live on them. The fur can make clothes to keep out the cold, and the fresh meat can satisfy hunger and survive.” Another expert came out to speak.

  ”I’m a botanist, and I see a lot of seeds that might be planted.”

  ”I’m a physicist, and I think it’s possible to distill the sunlight from sea water into fresh water.”

  ”I’m a chemist…”

  ”I, I am a musician!”

  ”Forget about the musicians, don’t join in the fun…”

  Soon, the surviving human beings set up an expert group and began to organize everyone to work together to overcome difficulties and survive together.

  More than 2,000 surviving humans began an orderly new life on Noah’s Ark. The old, the weak, the sick, the disabled and the young have a reasonable division of labor, and the distribution of living resources is fair and just.

  ”Aren is right, because human beings have love, they will never become extinct.” Xiao Su nodded with satisfaction and said silently in his heart.

  But to live on this giant ship for 10,000 years is terrifying to think about. In desperation, Xiao Su went to the bilge and opened the biochemical warehouses. Made some chickens, ducks, pigs and cattle for breeding and consumption, consuming half of the electricity.

  Humans are indeed a species with extremely strong survivability in nature. In just a few weeks, a small human society was established on Noah’s Ark.

  There were even city administrations, police stations and councils. Due to the limited space, each department occupies a small area, but although the sparrow is small and complete, the entire small human society runs in an orderly manner.

  Xiao Su was elected as the prime minister, and he reviewed the work documents every day, and his head was dizzy. It didn’t take long for him to hand over the work to engineering robots. It seems that artificial intelligence is still indispensable in human life.

  But because of the extremely cold weather, raising livestock is difficult. The humans on Noah’s Ark gradually began to suffer from hunger and cold again.

  ”Is there any way to return the moon to its original orbit as soon as possible and end the great flood on Earth?”, the parliament put forward a difficult motion.

  ”We must go to the moon, enter the lunar control center, and cancel the moon plan.” A member of parliament got up and said sternly.

  ”There is a left-behind garrison on the moon, and we only have one flying saucer. At most, we can negotiate in the past, and they will not agree, because this is the highest order, and it is related to the return of mankind to the earth in 100,000 years.”, another A member of the congress was in a low mood and said helplessly.

  ”You’re right, there are only 2,000 survivors on the planet. It’s not worth mentioning for the 2 billion people on the jade ball. Ending the flood prematurely will only make artificial intelligence develop faster. 100,000 years Then there will be another tragedy.”, the members began to express their opinions.

  ”So, for the future of all mankind, we must carry the past or sacrifice ourselves.”

  ”No, I don’t agree. Let the great flood recede as soon as possible. With our current resources and technology, a new human society can be re-established immediately. When the two spheres of human beings reunite, that is the perfect ending.”

  When everyone was discussing the dead end, one person pushed open the door and rushed in, shouting, “Big event! A flying saucer appeared in the distance!”

  ”Ah?!” Xiao Su said in unison with the others, very surprised.

  ”Are you here to save us?”

  ”Just a flying saucer, how many people can be saved? It must have come to investigate!”

  ”Aren’t we going to destroy us? We are all human!”

  ”We are now on the doomsday ark of the mother of AI, and we may be killed by mistake!”

  ”What should we do? Are we still capable of fighting?”

  ”The remaining fuel has been pieced together, and there are only 22 active combat armors!”

  ”Combatants are ready! Others hide!”

  ”Yes sir!!!”

  Everyone immediately entered a state of combat readiness. The fighters gathered on the deck to hide, and the others hid in the bilge. Xiao Su was alone on the deck.

  This flying saucer was above Noah’s Ark. It circled Xiao Su’s flying saucer twice, and then circled the ark twice. Seeing that there was no danger, it finally floated above the deck.

  Xiao Su stood directly below the flying saucer, beckoning. With a flash of golden light, ten people were projected from the flying saucer. These people wear familiar power mechas, and they are indeed human beings.

  ”Are you a human, or a robot?

  Xiao Su stepped forward and shouted, “I’m a cyborg, but I represent the two thousand surviving humans, we…”

  ”biu biu biu”, before the words fall, the other party shoots!

  Before Xiao Su could dodge, he was shot several times and fell to the ground! The soldiers were ambushed on both sides, and quickly got up to fight back, “biu biu biu biu”!

  The opponent was caught off guard, shot several times, and all fell to the ground. It should have flashed red and died by self-destruction, but no, obviously they didn’t come desperately.

  ”Don’t move, don’t kill!” The soldiers rushed up and surrounded them!

  But only one of the other party survived, spitting blood and dying. Seeing this situation, the flying saucer in the sky immediately flew away from the scene and disappeared without a trace.

  ”Say! Both are human beings, why are you killing them all? What are you here for?” Soldier A asked angrily.

  ”Hurry up! I’m a human, I don’t want you to suffer,” Soldier B kicked away and shouted.

  ”I, we were ordered to return to Earth to investigate. We found that all survivors will be wiped out…” He hesitantly, he breathed after saying this.

  ”The survivors will all be wiped out. Are you trying to kill people? Leaving 20 million soldiers behind and defending their positions. They escaped. These rich and powerful people must die!” Soldier Jia shouted loudly!

  ”We’re going back to the moon! Shut down the moon plan as soon as possible.” The soldiers said in unison.

  Xiao Su covered the smoking wound on his body with his hands and was dying. Everyone lifted him up and took him to the emergency room.

  ”Xiao Su has been shot several times in the body, it’s going to die!”, the soldier shouted anxiously.

  With blue blood flowing and unbearable pain, Xiao Su panted and said, “I’m a biochemical man, and it’s not that easy to die. Give me to the engineering robot!”

  ”Ah!” Everyone was stunned, “Xiao Su! Are you confused?”

  The engineering robot appeared in front of Xiao Su, carried Xiao Su to the bilge, and muttered, “The signs of life are weak, implement the backup procedure…”

  I saw that the robot placed Xiao Su on the operating table, installed a brain-computer interface, derived neural memory, and transformed it into digital storage. At the same time, Xiao Su’s DNA sequence code was copied.

  After Xiao Su died, he opened the biochemical warehouse and executed a mysterious backup procedure…

  There was a man lying on the hospital bed, frowning, and the sweat on his forehead was clearly visible. It was obvious that he was having a nightmare.

  After a twitch all over his body, he calmed down, opened his eyes slightly, looked around, and stood in front of him an engineering robot.

  The robot asked, “How are you? Do you remember your name?”

  ”Okay, okay, don’t ask, I remember it all!” Xiao Su got up and shook his head, confirming that the memory conversion was 100% successful.

  ”Excuse me, what should I do with your body?” the robot asked, pointing at Xiao Su on the operating table.

  Xiao Su, “…”

  DNA replication and memory conversion, looking at his body on the operating table, he was dumbfounded.

  ”Back up my memory and throw the body into the sea.” Xiao Su turned around and said to the robot.

  ”Yes!”, the robot picked up Xiao Su’s body on the operating table and left the operating room.

  In order to prevent digital memory from being tampered with, Xiao Su immediately converted important digital memory into neural memory.

  When he returned to the deck again, everyone who saw him knelt down and shouted, “Miracle! God!”

  Without a word, he pressed the UFO remote and went to the moon alone.

  ”If you can’t return after a week, then use the backup memory and source DNA to biochemically create a self again.” This was the last order he gave the robot.

  To be continued…

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