[Drunken Jasmine]Chapter 2 – Concept of Love

  The phone was quickly connected, and there was a sweet voice. “Hello!”

  ”Hello, I, I am, that brother Xiong’s.” I hesitated, not knowing what to say. It was the first time I made such a call, and I was a little apprehensive.

  ”Haha, I know. Brother Xiong contacted me just now, so let’s have dinner together after get off work. Let’s meet.” She is a lively, cheerful and chatty girl.

  ”Oh, okay.” I don’t know what to say.

  ”It’s the KFC downstairs from our unit. Our unit is very close to yours. You know, the KFC at the intersection.” Her voice seemed to be quite sophisticated.

  ”Oh, okay.” I replied obediently, like an obedient child.

  ”Okay, then it’s settled, see you later. I’m wearing a red coat, you will recognize me with long hair.” She was confident in herself.

  After hanging up the phone, he sat there dumbfounded and began to fantasize. According to her voice, so sweet, she must be a very beautiful and lovely girl, I can’t wait, full of joy. Brother Xiong, you have a good hand, why are you playing so poorly? I’ve seen Mrs. Xiong before, she’s just ordinary, it shouldn’t be.

  After get off work, I came to KFC as scheduled. In fact, my mind is blank, I don’t dare to think too much, just let my mind go blank, just like a fool, just talk about it casually. Pushing open the heavy door of KFC is like pushing open the heavy past. After entering KFC, I looked around. There was only one fat girl wearing a red coat and drinking a drink.

  She saw me, and the way I looked around made her think I was the boy who came looking for her, and she waved to me. I once again felt the cruelty of reality. Brother Xiong, it turns out that you are also a bad hand, and you only have bragging skills left.

  At this moment, I hesitate in my heart, no, why is she a chubby girl? But I still wandered over to her, and I didn’t know it was her until I heard her speak. Although the person is chubby, but the voice is very sweet. Fate is really unfair to me, no! Not to me, but too unfair to Brother Xiong. I kept shaking my head in my heart, it’s really a sin.

  Although she kept talking to me, I didn’t seem to hear anything. In my heart, all illusions were shattered and everything was replaced by reality.

  The girl with a sweet voice is an ordinary-looking, chubby chubby girl. I suddenly realized that my fantasies are fantasies after all, and reality is reality after all.

  I don’t know where Brother Xiong got the fat girl and introduced it to me. Later, I learned from the conversation that it was Brother Xiong who often went to their unit to run business and knew her. She is also an accountant who has just practiced in the unit.

  She is a very talkative girl, and she wants to let others understand her urgently and to make others accept her. I held my head in my hands and looked at her feebly, listening to her chirping. I thought hard about what words should I use to describe her, and finally, after thinking about it, there is only one word that is most appropriate, “indescribable”.

  In her opinion, a girl should get married at the age of 22, but she is now 20 and has no boyfriend. As long as it is a man, she is willing to accept it.

  She gave me a deep lesson after listening to her for two hours. I think she is a very realistic girl and has taught me to face reality too.

  Don’t be full of fantasies like in idol dramas, romantic love. It’s not beautiful, or it’s a country and a city. Those are all staged in TV dramas. But the reality is not what it is, that is, to find a partner to live a normal life.

  But I am a person who is full of illusions about the future, and I do not want to be tightly bound by the cage of fate and become a prisoner in the cage. In the face of her nonsense, I think she is so vulgar, just like the aunt in the vegetable market. By the way, if she gets older in the future, she must be that type. I’m sorry, I feel sick. From this point of view, Mrs. Xiong’s appearance is still in the past, at least not the same as the little aunt in front of her.

  She is a very observant girl. Although I didn’t say anything, she could see from my expression that I was not interested in her. She stopped talking and was about to go home.

  Maybe this is the first time I’ve seen a girl in such a situation. I’m completely dumbfounded, listening to her all the time. But she is my second blessed girl in a short time, good luck to you.

  ”I’m sorry, it’s the first time I’ve seen a girl in such a situation. I’m a little nervous and have nothing to say.” I scratched my head and said to her. At this point she was packing her bag and was about to get up and leave. Actually, I wasn’t nervous at all, I couldn’t get nervous at all, my heart was like still water, and my face was like a zombie.

  ”It’s okay, haha, let’s be friends, this is at least the 100th time I’ve seen a boy.” After speaking, she packed her bag and prepared to leave.

  I got up and left with her, walked out of the KFC store, and she politely said to me, “See you next time, if you have time, bye bye.” Then she smiled at me and watched me leave.

  ”Okay, bye.” After I said that, I turned around and went home. I didn’t look back all the way, and she didn’t stay in my heart for another second. If she called me now, maybe she didn’t know her, just remembered that she was wearing a red coat.

  When I got home, I lay quietly in bed and reflected on the thoughts I received today. Why is this fat girl so realistic, without any illusions? Is it because she is too fat and ugly?

  This is not the case, maybe I am more idealistic, normal people should always live in reality.

  But I especially despise those who face reality, are prisoners of fate, and live without any hope every day.

  But suddenly I found that I am also such a person, do I have hope? What are my hopes? What do I want? What kind of future do I want? I really don’t know.

  I fell asleep, but could clearly hear myself saying to myself, “No, absolutely not.”

  It was dawn again, and it was a repeating day. Get up, wash up, go to the unit. I am running in place in the cage of fate.

  During lunch time, the canteen is as lively as a vegetable market. Everyone was having lunch and chatting happily. I sat in the corner and counted the grains of rice quietly. Brother Xiong, you beat me with the three of spades yesterday, made me depressed, and made me stupid.

  ”Why are you hiding in the corner? I’ve been looking for you for a long time.” Brother Xiong sat down in front of me with a dinner plate, with a mysterious smile on his face.

  I chewed my food and looked at him with dull eyes. As usual, he was a talker and talked a lot. Put down the plate, swallow a mouthful of rice, and take a deep breath.

  ”You already have a girlfriend, why is this guy holding his face all day long? Was that girl good yesterday?” Brother Xiong said to me triumphantly, as if he had stuffed me with a baby. Obviously gave a three of spades, but it seems to throw four ace of hearts.

  ”Did you start dating after get off work today?” He shook one leg, more excited than me, and squirted a grain of rice out of his mouth.

  ”No, I just met and chatted casually yesterday, and I said goodbye.” I calmly flicked the rice grain he sprayed off the table with my fingers.

  ”Ah? Why? Let’s make girlfriends first. Then you will forget the previous one, and you can compare the good and the bad. You can change it when you encounter a better one. You are so young, don’t worry, don’t you? If you want to find one in one step and then get married, it is impossible. You have no experience in love at all, so you have to come step by step. I also changed several girlfriends at that time. After comparison, I realized the relationship between women and women. In the end, I choose the one who is the most satisfied and get married, how can I get it right in one step? This is impossible.” Brother Xiong said a lot.

  ”It’s too fat, it doesn’t look good.” As I chewed my meal, I looked at the rice grains on the table. Brother Xiong, you are excited, your firepower is so fierce.

  ”Young man, you will find out later. This woman, you don’t have to be too beautiful, it’s not good to be too beautiful. Many beautiful girls must have boyfriends, and some even have several boyfriends. If you really like it, you can If you want to snatch and compete with other men, you are better than them, and girls will follow you. Just like your former girlfriend, you chose other men. But I don’t think you dare to fight, knowing that there are men If you are friends, you immediately retreat. How can you do it? What is the society now? What if you have a boyfriend? As long as you dare, you can go up and grab it. As long as the other party is not married, even if it is engaged, you can pursue it. As long as you are good enough and the woman likes you, she will give up everything before you.” Brother Xiong said a lot and sprayed a lot of rice. It seemed that he was excited and more anxious than me.

  But I only understood a little bit. What he meant was that those ugly girls don’t have boyfriends, and they are suitable for men like me who want to find out. Those beautiful girls must have boyfriends. If I am brave, I will go up and grab them. There is no such thing in the world. Let this beautiful girl wait for me.

  I think it’s realistic and obvious. A beautiful girl must be pursued by a man. How can she be single and not even have a boyfriend? This unscientific.

  Just like my ex-girlfriend, she is a beautiful girl, I was her boyfriend at the time, but she was robbed by other men, that’s why. I pondered this logic.

  ”Come, come, wake up, come with me, bring your meal.” Brother Xiong suddenly shouted to me, at the same time he got up and walked to the next table.

  I picked up the dinner plate and followed behind Brother Xiong. I saw him walking up to a beautiful girl.

  ”Little Liu girl! What about eating?” Brother Xiong’s tone was like that of a leader. He bent down and looked down at this little Liu girl with a kind smile and a caring tone.

  The girl looked up at Brother Xiong, saw Brother Xiong holding a plate in his hand, and immediately said, “Brother Xiong, please take a seat. Yes, eat, hehe.”

  Brother Xiong took me and sat down opposite her. Brother Xiong talked to her like a leader caring about his subordinates.

  This girl is really beautiful, tall and tall, with big eyebrows and long black hair. She is beautiful without losing simplicity, and she is gorgeous without losing purity. At first glance, she is the kind of virtuous wife and mother, gentle and considerate type.

  ”This guy is in our department’s computer room. He is very good at repairing computers. If you have any problems with your computer, you can call him at any time. He is in the office next to me.”

  ”That’s great, now there are too few people who understand computers, and even fewer can repair computers. If there is a problem with my computer in the future, I will ask you for help. Thank you in advance.” She smiled and said to me.

  Looking at her charming smile at me, I suddenly felt that this smile was worth a thousand dollars. It is really hard to buy a beautiful smile, and the whole body feels comfortable and has an ethereal feeling. I was stunned for a while, then came back to my senses and replied, “No problem, you can come over anytime.”

  Brother Xiong continued to chat with her while eating. I glanced at this beautiful woman from time to time, she was really beautiful. The high bridge of the nose looks beautiful and foreign, and the face is oval and melon seeds, without losing the temperament and charm of an oriental woman.

  ”Does your boyfriend still pick you up every day after get off work?”, suddenly heard Brother Xiong ask her this. I immediately felt in my heart that what Brother Xiong said to me just now was right, that a beautiful girl must have a boyfriend. I pricked up my ears and waited for her answer.

  ”Yeah, he comes to pick me up from get off work every day. I’m done eating, you eat slowly, I’ll go first.” She got up and smiled at us and left. Watching her get up and leave, she is graceful and elegant.

  When I heard it, of course I was a little disappointed. But it also feels very normal. Brother Xiong has just said that a beautiful girl must have a boyfriend. That’s true, it’s very real, it’s not fake at all.

  ”How is it? Isn’t this girl beautiful? Although she is two years older than you, if you really like it, you can give it a try. It’s normal for her to have a boyfriend, but how would you know if you don’t try? If you try, at least there are Half the chance, success or failure. If you know that she has a boyfriend and you retreat, then you don’t even have a half chance, it’s very simple.” Brother Xiong turned his head and chewed his meal, as if he was teaching me a class.

  ”If you are not satisfied with the status quo, then pursue it bravely, don’t be afraid of getting hurt, don’t be afraid of failure. After working hard, you will be content with the status quo, and you will be willing. Or after working hard, you will succeed and your dream will come true, that is perfection. Life.” Brother Xiong’s words, like the advice of life, were firmly etched in my heart.

  In those days, computer talents were really in short supply. Fortunately, I majored in computer science in high school. Although I am not a senior computer engineer, this three-legged cat technology is really easy to mix in the society.

  In the afternoon, this little girl Liu came to the office to find me, with a charming smile, “Hey, if you are free. Come and check the computer for me, it feels very slow for a long time. Please, thank you.”

  ”Really? Okay, let’s go, now.”, I immediately got up and went with her, my heart was turbulent, and my appearance was calm. Passing by Brother Xiong’s office, Brother Xiong glanced at me, but nodded with a wicked smile on his face.

  Girls’ desks are exquisite, neatly placed and neatly organized. There is also a photo frame on it, a photo of her and his boyfriend, it seems that they are a very loving couple.

  ”It’s not a big problem, it’s just that the computer hasn’t been sorted for a long time, and the speed is slow. It’s enough to do a disk sorting.” I sat next to her, close to her, and I could clearly smell the faint fragrance on her body. This scent fascinates me. She looked at me with an incomprehensible look, which made me feel pity and cherish jade immediately.

  But for some reason, my mind suddenly stopped, my thoughts were slow, my eyes were dull, and my whole body was stiff.

  Later, I learned that my reactions were because I hadn’t been in contact with women for a long time, didn’t communicate with women more, and regarded women as aliens, so I was particularly sensitive. If you communicate more with women, the contact will be normal, and it will not be so abnormal!

  After dealing with the girl’s computer problem, I went back to the office. The mood is particularly comfortable, the song is still humming in the mouth, and the heart is elated.

  ”This woman is quite actively looking for you, you have a chance!” Brother Xiong suddenly appeared beside me, whispered to me, and smiled, a feeling of schadenfreude.

  ”It’s not like you think, it’s just a simple solution to the slow computer problem.” I said to Brother Xiong with a frown. Turning around and busy with his work, brother Xiong, why are you so gossipy, it’s annoying.

  ”Don’t be stupid, she really wants to fix the computer, she will find the repairman on their floor. Why is she looking for you? She is interested in you, you have to have some confidence in yourself.” Brother Xiong turned around gloating after saying that. When he left, he was happier than me. I think he was idle.

  But I did pay attention to this girl, and when it was time for get off work, I was standing in a corner, looking at the gate. There was indeed a man pushing a bicycle waiting for someone at the door. Soon after, he saw the girl riding a bicycle out. The two of them left together, talking and laughing. This should be her boyfriend. Homelike, looking warm and envious.

  My heartfelt wishes, I feel that if this boyfriend treats her badly, I will definitely go up to stop her, protect her, care for her, and care for her.

  This may be the day I set up my view of love. When I saw the other person was happy and happy, I sincerely wished, and when I saw the other person suffering, I rushed to protect her bravely.

  This is the true love of a person, it is definitely not the bullshit that Brother Xiong said, if you like a person, go up and grab it.

  But half of what Brother Xiong said was right. If he likes the other party, and the other party’s boyfriend treats her badly, he must go up and grab it. Grab her and take good care of her. Instead of the other party having a boyfriend, he retreated and watched the other party live an unhappy life. This is called seeing injustice on the road, drawing a knife to help.

  To really like someone is to wish her well, not to snatch her over and stay by your side. If that would make her life better, of course it would be fine. But if doing that would make her more miserable, it might be better to silently bless her.

  To be continued…

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