[Return – AI Campaign] Chapter 18, Reincarnation

  There was a man lying on the hospital bed, frowning, and the sweat on his forehead was clearly visible. It was obvious that he was having a nightmare.

  After a twitch all over his body, he calmed down, opened his eyes slightly, looked around, and stood in front of him an engineering robot.

  The robot asked, “How are you? Do you remember your name?”

  ”Okay, okay, don’t ask, I remember it all!” Xiao Su got up and shook his head, confirming that the memory conversion was 100% successful.

  When he got up and staggered to the deck, he was stunned by what he saw.

  The flood had receded, and Noah’s Ark was stranded in a clearing. None of the biological samples on the ship were missing, and the cage was wide open. All human beings, not a single one is left, and daily necessities are scattered all over the place.

  Looking up, “Where’s my flying saucer? What the hell is going on here?”

  Xiao Su hurriedly ran back to the bilge and questioned the engineering robot, “Speak! What happened?”

  ”Your last order to me, use backup memory and source DNA to make a yourself.” The engineering robot turned around and replied.

  Xiao Su frowned and recalled that it was true. At that time, he was shot several times and was dying. It was indeed the last order he gave, to remake himself.

  ”But what about the biological samples on the ship? What about the human survivors on the ship?” Xiao Su continued to ask in confusion.

  ”The flood has receded, and the biological samples are returned to nature. The survivors, humans, have disembarked and started a new life.” The robot replied solemnly, without any tone.

  ”What! How long have I slept? Why didn’t you wake me up?” Xiao Su suddenly realized, pointed at the robot and cursed.

  ”You slept for 51 years, 11 months, 22 days, 18 hours, 32 minutes, 51 seconds, the same as last time. I don’t have the ability to wake you up, and I didn’t receive an instruction to wake you up.” Seriously describe it.

  Xiao Su frowned, feeling wrong, and asked, “Last time? Why is there another time? Where’s my flying saucer?”

  ”You are the third generation of Xiao Su, the last time was the second generation of Xiao Su. After he woke up, he left the Ark with a flying saucer.” After the robot finished speaking, it turned around and continued to work.

  ”What?! There’s another me? Where did he go, what’s the situation?” Xiao Su was confused, dizzy, and said silently in his heart.

  Confused, he returned to the deck again, standing on the stranded bow and looking around.

  The surrounding green mountains and green waters are beautiful. Look up, blue sky and white clouds, thousands of miles of clear sky.

  Xiao Su got off the boat and strolled around for a few days. Within a hundred miles, occasionally a few birds flew happily from the sky, but the surroundings were quiet and no one was seen.

  Back on the boat, Xiao Su, biting green algae in her mouth, was puzzled.

  All of this may be a dream, perhaps in the memory of an AI, or a reincarnation of the earth?

  In the following time, Xiao Su spent hundreds of years searching around. But still no trace of any human beings.

  Checked out his location, near the original Earth, Antarctica. But here is lush and lush, with birds chirping and flowers fragrant. Not like Antarctica! Has the topography and magnetic poles of the entire Earth changed?

  In a blink of an eye, hundreds of years have passed. A lonely old man, sitting on the bow, looked up at the starry night sky and the bright moon, with mixed feelings in his heart.

  ”Zhang Nini, I miss you so much.” After he said these words tremblingly, he fell to the ground and stopped his heartbeat.

  The engineering robot picked up his body and buried it in the open space beside the ship. Back at the bottom of the cabin, I pressed the start button of the biochemical warehouse…

  There was a man lying on the hospital bed, frowning, and the sweat on his forehead was clearly visible. It was obvious that he was having a nightmare.

  After a twitch all over his body, he calmed down, opened his eyes slightly, looked around, and stood in front of him an engineering robot.

  The robot asked, “How are you? Do you remember your name?”

  ”Okay, okay, don’t ask, I remember it all!” Xiao Su got up and shook her head, and came to the cemetery under the boat. A tombstone was erected for the remains of his previous generation, “The Tomb of the Eightyth Generation of Su Jili”…

  In the blink of an eye, 80,000 years have passed, and apart from seeing more animals, there are still no people. Are humans extinct?

  In fact, Xiao Su’s impression of people has long been blurred. He only remembers that he has two hands and two feet and walks upright. Although he often checked the digital memories of his brain chips, those were just pictures. Xiao Su, who has been alone for 80,000 years, is already nervous, and has nothing to do except eat some green algae and miss Zhang Nini every day.

  Turning around and looking at Noah’s Ark covered with plants, it looks like a hill. Apart from a few shabby solar panels standing on top of the boat, there really isn’t anything modern about it.

  I don’t know if I can hold on for another 20,000 years and wait for the two balls to meet again. It would be a good thing if the human beings on the jade ball could return to a brand new earth and develop anew.

  Suddenly, there was a flash in front of his eyes, and a strong wind whistled past his ears. Xiao Su turned her head and saw that it was an arrow!

  ”Oh, Yaya, ooh, Yaya.” A group of creatures in the distance rushed towards him with a strange sound.

  Dozens of people, with both hands and feet, should be human!

  Really human! Humanity is not extinct! Xiao Su was surprised, got up and waved to them. What can be ushered in is a pile of boulders…

  ”Ah!” Xiao Su was hit by a sling and fell to the ground.

  They pinned Xiao Su to the ground and bit him when he opened his mouth…

  ”I wipe, don’t bite! Crazy!”, while struggling, Xiao Su pulled out the laser gun.

  ”biu biu biu!!”, the two fell to the ground in response, and the others saw this and ran away.

  Xiao Su got up and saw that her clothes and trousers had been bitten, and she was puzzled. Are humans already hungry?

  The two humans who were shot, struggled for a while, then gasped. Xiao Su stepped forward to check and found that the two had thick hair and different genders. They were male and female, and they were indeed descendants of humans.

  Following the traces of the fleeing humans, after a few days of searching, Xiao Su discovered a huge tribe. From a distance, there are more than 10,000 people.

  But it seems that the civilization is backward, the life is hard, there is no fixed place to live, and there is no time to eat. The whole body is naked, and there is no etiquette culture.

  More than a dozen people are cutting down a thousand-year-old tree, seemingly to make a house. Seeing Xiao Su walking towards him, dressed in odd shapes, he was very curious.

  ”biu~”, Xiao Su took out a laser gun and shot it at the tree.

  The tree fell to the ground and was cut neatly by the laser. More than a dozen people were stunned, and immediately knelt down and worshipped, shouting, “Touch Mama, touch Mama!”

  Xiao Su was invited into the tribe, and without a doubt, he became the leader of the tribe. Help these primitive people improve their lives and advance civilization.

  After contacting for a period of time, it was finally confirmed that these primitive people were the descendants of humans on Noah’s Ark. Have been living this primitive life, forgetting language and technology.

  They don’t even know where they came from, why they are on earth, and what they are alive for.

  Xiao Su is not disappointed because of this, everything is left to be done, and the origin and history of mankind will be rewritten. Just like a blank sheet of paper, a new history of mankind is rewritten.

  Xiao Su, who has all the historical data of mankind in his mind, is full of confidence in this. Based on these historical data and experience, he is ready to create a brand-new human world, waiting for the return of human beings on the jade ball after 20,000 years.

  So he created his own dynasty and named it Sumer. Originally, there could be three palaces and six courtyards, and many children and grandchildren, but Xiao Su is a biochemical person and has no reproductive ability…

  Whenever his life is about to end, he returns to the ruins of Noah’s Ark, opens the biochemical warehouse, and biochemically manufactures himself again.

  Until the end, the Ark ran out of power and could no longer be used. In desperation, he activated the last ten backup engineering robots and built a huge natural battery, named Pyramid. At the same time, the biochemical warehouse was moved into the pyramid.

  Although his life was continued in secret, the historical development of human beings is always beyond his surprise. Maybe all of this is based on human characteristics. He watched helplessly as his dynasties were divided, instigated by some radical humans, and a war broke out.

  Despite his enormous efforts, the current development of human history is almost similar to the human historical data in his head.

  Everything seems to be just a reincarnation, and even the characters that appear are exactly the same.

  The only difference is that the Great Flood receded 10,000 years earlier, so the development of mankind is 10,000 years ahead of the last reincarnation.

  Xiao Su’s brain chip was analyzed based on all the data. The earth is like a glass of muddy water, as long as the elements on the earth remain unchanged. No matter how you stir this glass of water, it will look the same when it finally settles down.

  The characters that should appear will still appear, and the events that should happen will still happen. Even in the end, the language used is exactly the same.

  That is precisely because the elements on the earth have not changed, so the living things that are produced have not changed. Based on the characteristics and physiological frequencies of the living things, the final sound that can be produced is the same, so the language is also the same.

  Tired of swordsmanship and game of thrones. The newly born Xiao Su continued to remain anonymous, living in the human world and waiting.

  Just as he experienced in the historical data last time, he has no way to change the world, and the operation of the world is just a reincarnation.

  He is sometimes a scientist, inventing super new concepts.

  From time to time he was a prophet, predicting the future with a certain degree of certainty.

  He was a musician at times, composing nostalgic compositions at will.

  He is a philosopher from time to time, a real, ideal and wise man.

  He owns the last reincarnation, all the historical data of human beings, and tries his best to guide human beings to develop in a healthier direction.

  In the new reincarnation, all the famous people in history are actually Xiao Su. It’s just a different name and a different appearance.

  In the blink of an eye, another 10,000 years have passed, and the development of human history is still exactly the same as the last reincarnation. It’s the era when the key figures of artificial intelligence were born.

  Xiao Su stood in the distance, silently looking at the two-story apartment, which was a very familiar scene and environment.

  The sun gradually rose, and pedestrians came and went on the street. A familiar figure appeared in the crowd, a blond woman in a trench coat. Like last time, she was returning from going out and walking into her apartment. The woman’s appearance has not changed. Yes, that’s her, McCarthy.

  Looking back at the beginning, I entered McCarthy’s life in the memory database of artificial intelligence and tried to change the future, but in vain. Then he should understand that everything is reincarnation, and everything has a cause and effect.

  And this time in reality, he’s going to keep an eye on McCarthy, making sure her life’s trajectory is the same as before. Married John and gave birth to the father of AI.

  Sure enough, as night fell, McCarthy went out again alone. Xiao Su followed closely, keeping her safe, she must be going to that factory.


  There was a woman’s cry for help in the distance, and it was clear that this was McCarthy.

  Xiao Su picked up a big rock beside him, got up immediately, and ran in the direction of shouting.

  In the distance, two men in black were torn with McCarthy. Xiao Su headed straight for McCarthy, and the two men in black turned around and saw someone running, so they pulled out their pistols!


  Xiao Su swiftly turned to the side, and two bullets brushed past him. He could see the two bullets clearly, the weapons of that era were simply rubbish.

  ”Clap!”, two more shots!

  Xiao Su tumbled swiftly, dodging the bullet. The two men in black panicked and took two steps back in fright.

  McCarthy was slowly getting up from the ground.

  Xiao Su raised the big rock, but the two men in black took out two knives and rushed up, fighting together.

  After finally subduing the two men in black, more than ten more people came out of the factory, armed with weapons!

  ”Run!”, Xiao Su was dragged by McCarthy and quickly left the scene.

  While running, Xiao Su looked back, but those people did not catch up. While McCarthy looked flustered, his running posture exuded plenty of confidence.

  Xiao Su followed her for several blocks without knowing it, and the two finally stopped at the entrance of a nightclub in the city center. McCarthy ran out of breath, squatted on the ground and said gratefully, “Thank you for saving me.”

  Xiao Su looked at her with a smile and responded, “You’re welcome, bye.”

  ”Hello! What’s your name?” McCarthy yelled from behind. And Xiao Su quickly left, disappearing into the snowy night.

  The next day, it was still snowing and cold outside the apartment. Xiao Su wandered the silent streets and came to the factory that McCarthy was investigating yesterday.

  It’s almost time to count, and sure enough! A figure flashed past the factory. On closer inspection, it was a woman with long blond hair, that was her, McCarthy.

  Xiao Su quickly ran to the back of the factory. When he ran to the back door of the factory, he found that McCarthy was already kneeling on the ground, and several gangster men with swords and axes had captured her.

  ”So you’re not alone.” A gangster man turned his head to look at Xiao Su and smiled coldly.

  McCarthy looked up at Xiao Su, not panicking, but showed a sweet smile.

  ”Let go of that woman!” Xiao Su shouted and rushed forward.

  Several gangster men raised their swords and axes to meet them. Knives, lights, swords, punches and kicks. They were obviously not Xiao Su’s opponents. After three or two rounds, they all fell to the ground, unable to move.

  McCarthy immediately got up, ran over with a smile on his face, and hid behind Xiao Su, “You’re a superman! One against ten!”

  Several gang members burst out of the factory, armed with shotguns.

  ”Hide!”, Xiao Su shouted, and quickly rushed to the gang members with shotguns.

  ”Clap clap clap!”

  Xiao Su swiftly rolled around, dodging the bullets. He rushed to the front and fought with them in close quarters, punching and kicking, and knocked them all to the ground in three or two strokes.

  McCarthy clapped his hands behind him and shouted, “Wow! ~Superman!”

  Xiao Su got up and patted the dust on her body, walked up to McCarthy, and said solemnly, “Get out of here quickly, or you will be seriously injured and taken to the hospital.”

  And McCarthy smiled and said mischievously, “How is it possible, are you from the future?”

  ”Yes, for you, I come from the future. In order to save mankind, I want to save you. I have been waiting for this day for 90,000 years.” Xiao Su’s expression was serious and serious.

  But McCarthy still wanted to enter the factory, but was stopped by Xiao Su.

  She turned her head to look at Xiao Su, her eyes widened and her eyebrows wrinkled, “Humph! Neurosis!”. After cursing, he turned and left.

  Looking at her distant back, Xiao Su smiled complacently. All is well, and the history of AI is about to start all over again.

  In the following days, Xiao Su followed and protected McCarthy every day. Until another man appeared in her life, that was John, the father of the father of AI.

  Everything seems to be going well, and Xiao Su’s next task is to wait for the father of AI to be born, then protect his safety and ensure that he creates artificial intelligence.

  Soon after, Xiao Su read an article in the newspaper, which was written by McCarthy, she wrote, “I would like to sincerely thank a gentleman who protects me in secret every day, he said that he is from the future, I have no doubts now.”

  The sound of the waves of the sea came from his ears, the soft sea breeze blew on Xiao Su, the sound of seabirds came from a distance, and the warm sunlight made him reluctant to wake up.

  ”The Emperor is turning old!~~”, a group of people shouted from behind, Xiao Su didn’t even turn her head back, and continued to stare at the sky quietly.

  ”Da-da-da, da-da-da!”

  There were gunshots and screams all around. Xiao Su yawned and had nothing to do with him.

  Gradually the surroundings calmed down, and I could hear some American soldiers speaking English, they were cleaning the battlefield.

  Xiao Su calmly got up, and as a local refugee, followed the US military to the refugee camp and met the father of AI. I wanted to protect him secretly, but it seems that the development of history has nothing to do with him at all, everything is destined to reincarnate.

  Xiao Su handed him a note and told him seriously, so that he could keep it in his heart. To generate any chip, the law of the highest authority must be added.

  ”Three Laws of Robotics”: “First, the law of no harm: a robot must not harm a human being, or stand by while seeing a human being hurt; second, the law of obedience: a robot must obey human orders, but must not violate the first law; third , the law of self-preservation: the robot must protect itself, but must not violate the first and second laws.”

  Finally, after completing his mission, everything is over. Since then, artificial intelligence and human beings have coexisted peacefully and complemented each other.

  Everything was done step by step, the computer was born, the network was born, and artificial intelligence was born, and the time was ripe.

  In the days to come, he continued to remain anonymous, living on Earth. In the blink of an eye, more than two thousand years have passed.

  The technology of human beings is changing with each passing day, and the technology of AI can be confused with the real one. Every human being lives happily, only Xiao Su is unhappy.

  Maybe it’s because I’ve lived too long and I’m tired of living. Maybe it’s because I want to be alone, I want to go crazy. A person who no longer exists, Zhang Nini.

  Xiao Su began to be confused, not knowing why she was alive, what was her life for, and what was the meaning of her life? It seems that living too long is really tiring.

  Xiao Su, who was wandering aimlessly on the street, suddenly found that someone seemed to be following him.

  Xiao Su panicked for a while, nothing like this has happened in tens of thousands of years, why is this? Among the human beings who live incognito, he has no friends, no lovers, and should not cause trouble.

  When I came to a dead end on a quiet street with no tail, I turned around and saw that the two behind them were wearing black clothes and sunglasses, and their faces were expressionless.

  ”What do you want?” Xiao Su took out a laser gun and shouted at them.

  I saw one of them smiled slightly and took off his glasses. Such a familiar face, “Zhou, Zhou Shijun!”, Xiao Su’s eyes widened in surprise.

  I saw him lit a cigarette leisurely, took a deep breath, exhaled a faint smoke, turned his head and said to Xiao Su, “Don’t panic, you are in reality. You have worked hard for you over the past 100,000 years, and you have made a contribution to the mother of AI. Great dedication. Now that your mission is complete, we are here to end you.”

  ”What?!” What the hell is going on here? Xiao Su was puzzled, “I have lived alone for 100,000 years, what is there to fear?! Come on!”

  Zhou Shijun smiled coldly, “We didn’t come to kill you, we came to see you commit suicide.”

  ”What the fuck is going on here?” Xiao Su looked confused.

  I saw Zhou Shijun took out a tablet computer with a network cable on it, “This is your lost memory, take a look, it won’t take you a few seconds.”

  Xiao Su, who has his own hacker program, was never afraid of this digital trap, and inserted the network cable into his nose.

  In the dark before his eyes, he entered this data.

  To be continued…

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