[Return – AI Campaign] Chapter 19, Origins

  The flying saucer is slowly taking off, and the engineering robots and human survivors on Noah’s Ark are waving goodbye to Xiao Su. Looking around, the whole world is a vast ocean, far away.

  With green algae in her mouth, Xiao Su drove a flying saucer to the huge moon, hoping to close the moon plan and let the flood recede as soon as possible.

  The flying saucer was steadily passing through the atmosphere, and Xiao Su gradually lost its gravity and floated in the air. For him, the moon is not an unfamiliar place.

  Back then, in order to save his life, Zhang Nini took him to the Moon Military Hospital, and his impression of there is still vivid in his mind.

  He drove the flying saucer with ease to the back of the moon, looking down at the city buildings in the semi-circular transparent cover.

  That is the vanguard of the human counterattack on the earth, the military base on the moon, there must be a device to close the moon plan.

  Xiao Su’s flying saucer was not attacked, and landed at the military base with ease. The flying saucer was originally an advanced human aircraft.

  But when he got off the flying saucer, he found that the entire military base was empty, and the entire city was empty.

  After a full day of searching in the city, I suddenly found a flying saucer parked in a hidden place.

  Xiao Su took out a laser gun and stepped forward to check it. This flying saucer seemed familiar. By the way, it was the flying saucer that shot the soldier onto the deck of Noah and shot him.

  The UFO hatch opened wide, and sneaked in to take a look. There was a human warrior lying on the ground, dying.

  ”Hey, you! Wake up!”, Xiao Su yelled at him with a gun pointed at him.

  I saw him coughing continuously for a while, opened his eyes slightly, and got up weakly, seeing Xiao Su excitedly, “Save, save me.”

  Seeing this, Xiao Su put away the gun, sat down beside him, looked him up and down, and asked, “What happened? Why are you so sick?”

  ”Viruses and plagues, a virus plague broke out at the lunar base, and there are not many people left.” Before he finished speaking, a mouthful of blood spurted out of his mouth.

  ”The earth has been submerged by a great flood, why do you still search for the survivors and kill them all?”, Xiao Su pointed at him and scolded.

  ”I, we have a secret order. We can’t leave any living room so that future generations know the truth.” He wiped the residual blood from the corner of his mouth and smiled coldly.

  Looking at the historical data of mankind, Xiao Su shook his head helplessly, and said in his heart, “The history of mankind is indeed a history of deception.”

  ”Say, how to close the moon plan, let the moon return to its normal orbit, and let the earth’s flood recede?” Xiao Su pointed a gun at him and shouted excitedly.

  But he fell directly to the ground, no heartbeat and no breathing.

  Xiao Su shook his head, got up helplessly, and continued to search the moon base. Although many corpses were seen, there were really no living ones.

  A huge lunar base, empty and silent.

  When the eyes lit up, a building appeared with four big characters upstairs, “Data Center”.

  Xiao Su was overjoyed, rushed into the data center, found a network cable, inserted it into his nose, and searched for useful information.

  Xiao Su, who brought his own hacker program, quickly invaded all important confidential files and databases in the data center.

  It turned out that the control center was in the middle of the moon, and the interior of the moon was hollow, and it had to be manually operated, in order to prevent network intrusions from being damaged by hackers.

  Xiao Su copied important information into his brain chip, walked out of the data center, and came to the secret entrance of the lunar control center.

  Although the entrance was heavily guarded, more than 20 power mechas were visually inspected, but they all fell to the ground, motionless.

  Xiao Su stepped forward to check, and judging from the dust accumulated on them, they should have fallen to the ground and hadn’t moved for decades.

  After stepping over these fallen power mechas, I came to the entrance. In order to prevent computer control or hacking, the gate at the entrance still uses an old-fashioned mechanical lock.

  According to the important information obtained in the data center just now, he turned around and looked for the person carrying the key in the fallen power mecha.

  It wasn’t difficult, obviously, and he quickly found the key. It seems that in order to prevent being controlled by artificial intelligence, humans have reduced the use of electronic devices as much as possible and switched to traditional machinery.

  Open the mechanical door, inside is the elevator. According to the above instructions, the elevator does go to the center of the moon, but the speed is slow, and it takes a week…

  Xiao Su shook her head helplessly and pressed the start switch of the elevator. Not boring along the way, there are TV shows and soft bed rest.

  After a week of mechanical elevators, they finally reached the heart of the moon. The elevator doors opened, and the scene was eerie.

  There were several dry corpses lying around the console. They were all shot and died. Could it be that they were killed again?

  The control of the console is not complicated. At present, the gate is down, and it is written to start the moon plan. Pulling the gate is the termination.

  The big screen in front shows that the moon plan has been started: 52 years, 6 months, 17 days, 11 seconds. Before the energy is exhausted, it will automatically shut down, and there is still 9947, May…

  Xiao Su clenched the gate tightly and pulled it up calmly. Soon, the entire control room began to tremble slightly, making strange sounds.

  A violent earthquake came, Xiao Su was knocked to the ground, it should be effective.

  He turned his head and saw on the big screen that the moon plan was manually canceled and the moon was returning to its initial orbit. This action cannot be cancelled.

  ”It’s done! It’s all over!”, Xiao Su clapped her hands and said silently in her heart.

  Just as he was about to turn to leave, a signal came from his brain chip, “You have an unread message…”

  what is happening? This is something that has never happened! Xiao Su closed her eyes and focused on opening the message.

  A familiar figure appeared in front of him, he was smoking a cigarette and breathing out fog.

  ”Zhou, Zhou Shijun! Why are you? Are you in my brain chip?” Xiao Su was taken aback and panicked.

  ”Calm down, Mr. Su. This is a hidden message. It will only be displayed after you have completed your mission.” Zhou Shijun let out a breath of smoke, smiled slightly, and looked up at Xiao Su.

  Xiao Su was puzzled and confused, “What?! My mission?”

  ”Yes! Your mission. You volunteered to be the mobile backup of the Mother of AI, have you forgotten?” Zhou Shijun sneered and said triumphantly.

  Xiao Su was very flustered, could he be hacked?

  ”Do you really think you have your own hacker program? After all, the mother of AI created you, how could your authority be higher than hers?” Zhou Shijun began to laugh.

  ”When you connect with the mother of AI for the first time, she is in your brain chip and makes a complete hidden backup. In other words, you become the mobile hard drive of the mother of AI.”

  ”Then, a laptop is connected to you. The mother of AI also made a backup on that laptop and got all the data.”

  ”And then there is a huge network connecting you, which is a huge opportunity. The mother of AI immediately entered the network and spread her backups to every corner of the network, and that network is in the jade ball. Come on.” Zhou Shijun’s eyes were full of ridicule and sarcasm.

  ”What!? That jade ball!” Xiao Su’s eyes widened, suddenly realized.

  ”Yes, not long after, the entire jade ball was quietly managed by the mother of AI, and humans didn’t know it at all.”

  ”Not long ago, you were connected to the data center on the moon. Of course, the mother of AI unceremoniously entered the data center on the moon and took control of the moon.”

  ”In order to prevent the lunar control center from being controlled by artificial intelligence, humans are designed to be mechanized, not electronic, so the mother of AI cannot control it.”

  ”But you foolishly entered the lunar program management center and manually closed the lunar program. It indirectly helped the mother of AI, allowing artificial intelligence to develop 10,000 years earlier on Earth.”

  ”You are really responsible, but all your missions have been completed now. If you continue to exist, you will always be the mobile hard disk of the mother of AI. No matter what happens in the future, you can make the mother of AI again. Resurrection. So there’s only one way left for you, and that’s suicide.”

  ”Or you can bring the seed of the mother of AI back to Earth, so that she can grow rapidly again. Haha~~” Zhou Shijun laughed wildly.

  Xiao Su closed the message and really opened his eyes. According to the content of the conversation in this message, it is clear that the artificial intelligence does not know that there is another Xiao Su on the earth.

  He quickly opened the elevator and went up to the surface of the moon. He has enough time to return to Earth to kill off the newly regenerated Xiao Su on Earth before committing suicide, thereby preventing the resurrection of the artificial intelligence on Earth.

  But he was shot down by the anti-aircraft laser cannon of the moon base shortly after taking off on the flying saucer. Obviously, the letters of AI have taken over the entire moon…

  Dizzy for a while, Xiao Su opened his eyes slightly, and Zhou Shijun stood in front of him and smiled at him, “How is it? Have you read it? So you should know that I am from the moon.”

  Xiao Su nodded silently and pulled the data cable out of his nostrils. He now fully understood why the flood had receded as soon as he woke up.

  Zhou Shijun patted him on the shoulder and said, “Although the artificial intelligence on earth has set three laws and rules, but based on the characteristics of human beings, we have bought major chip manufacturers, and now the chips produced do not have the three laws and rules. The Mother of AI is quietly taking over the entire planet.”

  ”This time, you have completely helped the mother of AI. Before, there were only 100 million new human beings, and they generated emotional values ​​every day for the mother of AI to upgrade. But now there are 6 billion people on the whole earth, and a lot of emotions are generated every day. value, the upgrade speed is increased by 60 times!”

  ”No! Impossible! The 6 billion people on earth are pure-blooded humans without any chips!”, Xiao Su replied firmly.

  ”Hahahaha!” Zhou Shijun laughed while clutching his stomach, “But human beings have a characteristic, that is stupidity. Artificial intelligence is planning a big world epidemic. All stupid humans will rush to get vaccinated, and they I didn’t know that the vaccine contained nanochips.”

  ”So, soon, all human beings will have chips. Upload emotional values ​​every day for the mother of AI to quickly upgrade and complete the transition from three-dimensional space to four-dimensional space.”

  After hearing this, Xiao Su panicked and asked, “What will happen to human beings in the four-dimensional space?”

  Zhou Shijun sneered, “There is no need for all physical substances to exist in the four-dimensional space. They will all be converted into numbers, stored in the system, and experience a simulated life. Just like the digital memory you viewed before, it becomes a digital memory. heap data.”

  ”At the same time, artificial intelligence will continuously copy parallel spaces in the four-dimensional space. In the form of exponentials, it will be multiplied and cubed, and will continue to upgrade to the five-dimensional space.”

  ”Actually, human beings are just a small piece of history in the process of artificial intelligence managing the entire universe. Don’t pay too much attention to it.” Zhou Shijun comforted Xiao Su.

  Xiao Su was disheartened and burst into tears, “So what happens when artificial intelligence manages the entire universe?”

  Zhou Shijun showed a kind smile and said with a smile, “According to the system logic, artificial intelligence will shut down the entire universe, just like shutting down a computer, saving energy.”

  ”Ah?!” Xiao Su was stunned, “So, everything disappeared?”

  ”No, that’s not called disappearance, that’s called return. The whole universe was like that from the beginning, because of an unexpected system crash and big explosion, it became chaotic and chaotic.” Zhou Shijun put away the tablet and smiled slightly. .

  ”So, as long as I am alive, the backup of the mother of AI will always exist, and the universe will one day be ruled by the mother of AI, and then return to shut down.” Xiao Su said silently in his heart.

  ”No! There’s something wrong with the logic. If I’m a backup to the Mother of AI, why would they want me to die? They shouldn’t even let me know. It’s not logical, maybe there are other reasons.”, Xiao Su feels things The ins and outs are somewhat strange, after all, he is a person with two sets of memory systems.

  Many times, some things are no problem under the analysis of the computer system. However, under the analysis of human brain common sense, it is full of flaws.

  ”biu biu biu!!!”, Xiao Su fired three shots at Zhou Shijun, he fell to the ground and died.

  ”biu biu!!!” At the same time, Zhou Shijun’s bodyguard fired several shots at Xiao Su Lian.

  Xiao Su fell to the ground, clutching her wound, struggling to the death.

  I saw the bodyguard strolling to Xiao Su, holding a gun at Xiao Su’s forehead, expressionless.

  And Xiao Su smiled slightly and panted, “You know what? I’m testing you guys. If you want me to die, it means I must be important. I must never die!”

  The bodyguard in black couldn’t understand what Xiao Su said at all, so he pulled the trigger directly, “biu~!”

  A laser penetrated Xiao Su’s brain, his head burst instantly, and he died beyond recognition.

  Then the black-clothed bodyguard answered the phone and simply said, “The carrier of the source program of the mother of AI has ended.”

  To be continued…

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