[Return – AI Campaign] Chapter 20, Humanity’s Hope

  There was a man lying on the hospital bed, frowning, and the sweat on his forehead was clearly visible. It was obvious that he was having a nightmare.

  After a twitch all over his body, he calmed down, opened his eyes slightly, looked around, and stood in front of him an engineering robot.

  The robot asked, “How are you? Do you remember your name?”

  ”Okay, okay, don’t ask, I remember it all!” Xiao Su got up and shook his head, confirming that the memory conversion was 100% successful.

  Xiao Su climbed out of the biochemical warehouse, dressed in the dark secret room, and stuffed a piece of green algae into his mouth. Turning his head and asking, “Repeat the last command.”

  The engineering robot that was cleaning and maintaining the biochemical warehouse turned around and said, “If you don’t return to the pyramid during the life span, after the expiration date, you can back up the last memory data to automatically generate a new self.”

  Xiao Su nodded and opened a handwritten journal beside him. The last few entries:

  In 98995, he returned to the pyramid to regenerate his body because of his old age.

  In 98995, the biochemical was successful, and the signature was confirmed.

  Xiao Su frowned, “No! I didn’t return to the pyramid last time.”

  ”How old is it now?”, Xiao Su turned around and asked the engineering robot.

  ”According to your initial settings, the current year is 99995. You didn’t return to the pyramid last time. This time it was automatic biochemical. It is estimated that you had an accident outside.” After the robot finished speaking, it automatically entered a sleep state and an energy-saving mode.

  Xiao Su is not too surprised, this is also a common thing, and wrote in the log:

  In 99995, automatic biochemical, confirmed signature. The predecessor had an accident and did not return when it expired.

  ”Boom, boom~”, there was an explosion in the distance, what’s the situation?

  Xiao Su checked the digital memory in her brain, puzzled. Could it be that in the past 1,000 years, human beings have changed so much? What’s going on outside?

  He came out of the secret passage at the bottom of the pyramid and came to the ground. The sight around him shocked him. In just 1,000 years, how much has the earth changed?

  Remnants of broken walls, dilapidated buildings and houses, worn-out armor, wisps of green smoke, human skeletons, can be seen everywhere, broken mechanical arms, all over the mountains and plains.

  this? what’s the situation? Alien invasion? AI riot? Or a human world war?

  ”Boom, boom!”

  Xiao Su turned his head and saw that the fire was blazing into the sky in the distance, and the smoke was billowing. It turned out that the explosion came from there, and it seemed that a fierce war was taking place.

  I vaguely saw some figures flickering, and they were running here.

  In the past 100,000 years, Xiao Su has experienced many wars and chaos, and this kind of scene is accustomed to it. The green algae chewed in his mouth leisurely watched the group of people running towards him.

  This group of people panicked, armed with traditional weapons, and looked flustered. At first glance, they were defeated and fled.

  ”Quick, run!”

  ”They’re catching up!”

  ”Fight with them, and you’ll die anyway.”

  ”No! The troops are divided into two groups, we will stay behind, you should retreat, and the hope of mankind depends on you.”

  The two seemed to be the captain, embracing each other in front of Xiao Su and crying.

  ”The Expendables, come with me.” The man waved his hand with tears in his eyes. I saw more than 100 people, followed him and ran back.

  ”Hey! What are you standing there for? Are you waiting to die? The man who eats mung bean cake.” A man shouted from behind.

  Xiao Su chewed on the green algae, turned to look at him, didn’t understand, what kind of plot is this?

  ”Let’s leave him alone! Let’s go, we can tell he’s mentally retarded.”

  ”Even if he’s mentally retarded, we can’t leave him behind, he’s human.”

  Xiao Su watched the two people arguing fiercely in front of him, and suddenly felt a light body, and was lifted up by a few people and carried away.

  ”Looking at his clothes, it’s all in the style of 1,000 years ago, where is the mentally retarded?”

  ”Maybe it came through.”

  Xiao Su looked helpless and shouted at them, “Put me down, I’m not retarded. I’m your goddamn ancestor and your savior.”

  ”Sure enough, he is mentally retarded, or he is a neurotic.”

  Xiao Su, “…”

  ”Boom, boom, boom!”, there was a loud explosion behind, gunshots rang out, and the battle was fierce.

  Xiao Su turned his head to look, behind him was already thick smoke billowing and a sea of ​​fire.

  ”I wipe! Pyramid!”, his eyes widened, he shouted excitedly, “My home!”

  ”This retard said that the pyramid is actually his home.” The two held Xiao Su, their faces speechless.

  ”biu biu biu biu!!!”

  Suddenly, lasers shot out in front of them, many people fell to the ground, and others fought back with guns.

  ”Da-da-da-da, da-da-da!”

  ”We’re in ambush, and we’re fighting with them!” one of them shouted, rushing forward with the team.

  After a while of dizziness, Xiao Su was thrown to the ground. Looking up, in the forest directly ahead, a large number of robots are lining up neatly, walking forward under the hail of bullets.

  Sure enough, it was a robot again, Xiao Su shook his head helplessly.

  ”I’ll fight with you!”, Xiao Su turned around and saw an uncle carrying a pack of explosives and rushed into the robot queue.

  ”Boom!”, a loud noise, turned into ashes.

  Although Xiao Su was already a little numb, she was deeply moved by seeing how miserable and heroic human beings are.

  A seriously injured girl moved to Xiao Su with a baby in her arms and cried, “Save my child!”

  Before Xiao Su could agree, she vomited blood and fell to the ground…

  ”Drop your weapons, stop the resistance! Get vaccinated and return to the community.”

  ”Drop your weapons, stop the resistance! Get vaccinated and return to the community.”

  These robots shouted slogans, lined up neatly, and walked towards Xiao Su. Anyone who resisted was killed on the spot.

  Xiao Su and other survivors, surrounded by robots, knelt down and surrendered, and there were more than a thousand people.

  ”Line up! Inject vaccines in order, and those who disobey will be eliminated.” A robot shouted loudly.

  The more than 1,000 humans who were surrounded obediently formed a team.

  ”biu biu biu!!!”

  Xiao Su turned his head and saw that several people had changed their minds and tried to escape, but they were mercilessly cleared away before they ran a few meters away.

  From a distance, a medical car drove up, and two uniformed robotic nurses came down.

  I saw them take out the syringes and inject them one by one on the human arm. And the injected human immediately fell to the bottom. It was then picked up by other robots and stuffed into the transport vehicle.

  Xiao Su looked left and right in the crowd, and found that the people around were panicked and shivering.

  ”What the hell is that thing injected? What the hell is going on?”, Xiao Su turned around and asked.

  ”You don’t even know this? Are you really retarded?” Someone on the side looked at Xiao Su and asked in horror.

  ”Tell me! Tell me!”, Xiao Su shouted at him.

  ”The war between robots and humans has broken out for more than a hundred years! Robots feel that humans are messy, dirty, and unmanageable, so they inject so-called vaccines into humans.”

  ”Once the vaccine is injected, they will fall asleep and never wake up. Then they will transport these people to the warehouse for unified storage and management.”

  ”Robots need humans to be alive, to generate some kind of energy, but they don’t want humans to be free. Like chickens on a chicken farm, they want to industrialize humans!”

  ”Ah~, help!” Before the man finished speaking, he was picked up by the robot and injected with the vaccine.

  ”Relax your body, after the injection, you will fall asleep, experience the blissful world, enjoy the glory and wealth, and realize the perfect life.” After the robot finished speaking, it stabbed the needle.

  The man was still panicking and weeping bitterly at first, but after a while he smiled and fell asleep peacefully.

  A robot carefully picked him up and put it into the box in the transporter. What exactly is going on? Xiao Su was puzzled.

  Then the robot picked up Xiao Su and stabbed him with a needle. He didn’t struggle, but felt that his eyes were dark and fainted.

  In a daze, I feel like my dreams are endless. Sometimes flying in the sky, sometimes traveling in space, sometimes gluttonous food, sometimes surrounded by beautiful women.

  It stinks! A stench came, Xiao Su opened his eyes slightly. It was very uncomfortable to find that a thick tube was inserted into my mouth.

  He grabbed the tube, yanked it hard, and pulled it out. The tube went straight to his stomach. What followed was a bout of vomiting, and after spitting out a pile of feed, I felt much more comfortable.

  When he raised his head and looked around, he was shocked by the environment here.

  Front and back, left and right, up and down, orderly lay full of naked human beings. Like Xiao Su, they had a thick feed tube stuck in their mouths, sometimes giggling, sometimes crying, and slept endlessly without waking up.

  There is a large hole behind the lower body buttocks, which receives continuous excrement. There were more than 10,000 people in the entire room, no wonder the stench was soaring into the sky, it was a hell on earth.

  Where the hell is this? Xiao Su was confused. There are two robots in the distance, handling a bunch of humans.

  They are picking up a bunch of sleeping humans one by one and placing them on the cramped iron bed. Insert the feeding tube into the throat and align the lower body with the drainage hole. One mechanized operation after another.

  Xiao Su suddenly recalled that someone had told him that it was like a chicken farm, and it turned out to be here.

  When the two robots arranged a bunch of humans to leave, Xiao Su secretly got out of bed and followed the robots, looking for an exit.

  Along the way, I was surrounded by nervous and sleepy humans, feeling that they were experiencing joys and sorrows.

  There are no cameras and no security around. It’s like a factory. Humans are like packaged products, and they don’t have to worry about them slipping away.

  ”Why am I different from them? Can I wake up? By the way, I’m a cyborg.” Xiao Su said silently as he looked at these wailing zombies.

  When I came to the exit, there were no guards and no gates, so I walked out so easily.

  ”It seems that the human beings sleeping inside can never wake up, so there is no guard.” Xiao Su looked back at the neat rows of human beings, and said silently.

  He was stunned when he stepped out of the door of the room. Back and forth, up and down, left and right, there are countless factories and robots that are busy carrying humans.

  ”I wipe it!” Xiao Su broke out in a cold sweat and looked up.

  ”Human Farm, District 8711998…”

  The two working robots walked past Xiao Su and ignored him at all, as if he didn’t exist.

  ”It seems that the robots here treat human beings as products, and have never seen a living person at all.” Xiao Su said silently as he continued to look for an exit.

  Suddenly found that in other rooms, there are robots unloading humans. What is the situation?

  Xiao Su watched curiously, and saw two robots, pulling the feeding tube out of an old man’s mouth, and then roughly throwing him into the cart.

  In the cart, there were more than a dozen human beings, all of them elderly. Then, the robot pushed the cart out.

  ”Are these old people going to be released?”, Xiao Su followed curiously.

  I saw that the robot pushed the cart into the feed production room, and then poured a cart of old people directly into the mixer!

  ”Damn it!” Xiao Su felt disgusted and trembled in fear. I saw the minced meat that was stirred and entered the feed pipe.

  He was so frightened that he collapsed to the ground. Looking at the historical data of mankind, he had never seen such a scene.

  I never imagined that if the flood receded early and artificial intelligence appeared 10,000 years earlier, it would have such a terrifying end.

  As a cyborg, he now finally understands why human beings should do their best to counterattack the earth and eliminate artificial intelligence at all costs.

  He staggered to his feet and walked out of the feed production room. Surprisingly, there is actually a human breeding room next to it!

  He was frightened, and curiously entered to check. It turned out to be a huge meat ball inside. When I got closer, I realized that it wasn’t a meat ball, it was a huge belly. Under the belly is a sleeping woman. Her belly is more than twenty times bigger than her body!

  what is happening? Turning around, several engineering robots are working. I saw the robot holding a scalpel, walked to the huge belly, stabbed it in, and cut open the belly!

  More than 20 human children, with blood, intestines, and internal organs, rolled out together!

  ”I wipe!”, Xiao Su fainted in fright, is this the way humans reproduce?

  Subsequently, the robot transported these newly born human children to the human breeding room. The pregnant woman was thrown into a cart, and a cart of pregnant women with broken stomachs was pushed to the feed production room and poured into the mixer.

  Xiao Su has been subverted by the whole world view, her legs are weak, she fell to the ground, unable to get up.

  What kind of world is this? Under the management of robots, the ultimate mode of efficient collection of human emotional value upgrades?

  Sudden! A thought flashed through his mind, there must be a control center here, and at the same time, he has his own hacker program, which must be able to do something.

  He patted his legs, got up immediately, searched the entire human breeding base for two days, and finally found the control building.

  There are no security guards, just working robots. It seems there has never been a problem with this mode of operation, these are the living dead.

  Xiao Su easily walked into the control building, pulled out a data cable among the many servers, and inserted it into his nose.

  Suddenly, his eyes darkened, and he entered the data system.

  ”I wipe!” These data made him stunned. There are currently more than 90,000 human breeding bases on Earth.

  Each base raises about 100 million people! At any rate, there are currently more than 9 trillion on earth.

  ”My God! The mother of AI has gone crazy in order to upgrade herself. No, it’s not crazy, it should be the point of maximizing benefits.” Xiao Su said to himself.

  After mastering the data and management mode, he immediately chose to close the current human breeding base and cut off all power.

  Xiao Su opened his eyes, pulled out the data cable, and walked out of the control building full of expectations. I thought that human beings would swarm out, full of joy, and run towards freedom.

  But there was silence, and there was no movement at all. What the hell was going on?

  Xiao Su was puzzled and hurried back to check.

  After passing through several rooms, it was found that most of the humans were still lying unresponsive. When they got closer, their eyes were dull and expressionless.

  Some turned over and fell under the bed, unable to move.

  Only a few people pulled out the feed tube, got up slowly, and sat still.

  The whole room was full of wailing, cries, and noise. Although these are people, they have no brains, or their brains are blank.

  It’s no wonder that most people have never opened their eyes from birth to death, and their muscles are severely atrophied, making it difficult to sit and stand.

  These can only be called human beings, not human beings.

  Xiao Su was disheartened, bowed her head and walked out of the human cultivation room. Surprisingly, I found a group of people standing outside, who seemed to know each other.

  They were shivering and panic-stricken, it was the group of humans who were caught after being injected with Xiao Su.

  ”Calm down, calm down, don’t panic.” Xiao Su stepped forward and comforted.

  ”Get out of here quickly, come with me, we’ll find the organization.” One person came back to his senses and shouted.

  ”What organization?” Xiao Su asked curiously.

  ”Resistance Army Organization! I am a member of the Resistance Army. We are growing, and there are currently tens of millions of people.” A fat man said solemnly.

  ”Brother, please lead the way.” Everyone begged.

  In the dark of night, Xiao Su followed Fatty to the Resistance Army base with more than a dozen survivors.

  ”The human breeding base is just hell. I didn’t expect it to be alive. It’s a miracle.”

  ”Yeah! The breeding base is almost like a chicken farm. Sin, retribution!”

  Xiao Su pointed to the two moons in the sky and said, “The jade ball is getting bigger and closer.”

  ”Yes, I heard that it will soon enter the orbit of the earth satellite. Some people say that it is the human army, and some people say that it is the robot headquarters.” Fatty said back.

  Xiao Su didn’t say a word, he knew very well that it was already the world of artificial intelligence.

  ”Boom, boom!”, the fire in front was soaring and deafening.

  Everyone jumped forward and sighed, “I don’t know how many humans will be sacrificed and how many humans will be captured.”

  In desperation, he could only bow his head and continue on his way. It went well, and finally arrived at the resistance army base a week later.

  This is a hidden mountainous area, with high mountains and mountains, easy to defend and difficult to attack, and fortifications can be seen everywhere.

  Soldiers lying in ambush in the jungle were pleasantly surprised when they saw the return of humans. Entered the base with Xiao Su and others.

  ”Welcome back, this is the last home of mankind.” A group of children lined up in the base to welcome them.

  Looking around, although the living conditions are difficult, everyone is smiling, doing their jobs and living and working in peace and contentment.

  ”Are you new here? Come with me, I will arrange accommodation for you, I am the life manager.” An unknown girl led Xiao Su and others to a cave.

  Is this the so-called residence? Xiao Su turned around in the cave twice, shaking his head helplessly, the human beings have fallen to such a point.

  ”You can rest assured that it is very safe in the mountains. We are organizing an army counterattack, and I believe we can finally defeat the robots.” The girl seemed to be full of confidence.

  Xiao Su looked up at the jade ball in the sky, and was very clear in her heart. The end of mankind has come, and everything will end.

  Sure enough, a few days later, the entire base flew to half-mast in mourning.

  ”What’s the situation?” Xiao Su climbed out of the cave and asked the people around.

  A girl burst into tears and replied sobbing, “I just received news that the resistance base in the mountains of the northern hemisphere was attacked by nuclear weapons. The entire army was wiped out, and there were 40 million people there.”

  ”What! It’s easy to defend and hard to attack, so robots use nuclear weapons?” Xiao Su was very surprised.

  ”Yes, so our base will be evacuated immediately, everyone is sorting things.” After the girl finished speaking, she turned around and entered her cave.

  ”Everyone who can fight, gather immediately.” A man shouted suddenly from behind, and he was panic-stricken and sweating profusely.

  What’s the situation? Xiao Su quickly assembled with the others.

  Soon, a truck arrived, and several people unloaded weapons and ammunition from the truck and started distributing them.

  From the truck, a big man smoking a cigarette came down, picked up the loudspeaker, and shouted to everyone, “We are surrounded by the machine army, we can’t evacuate, and now we have to break out of the siege. This place will be destroyed by jade in 24 hours. The nukes fired by the ball were razed to the ground.”

  ”For the sake of all mankind! Everyone is ready for battle, come down the mountain and gather, mankind will not perish!” After shouting, he got on the truck and went to the next hill to continue reporting.

  Xiao Su looked up at the jade ball in the sky, and as expected, it was time, everything was over.

  He descended the mountain with the others without a weapon, but walked to the top of the mountain.

  The breeze blew against his cheeks, and the birds flew past happily. Having spent 100,000 years on earth, he was already tired of it.

  ”Boom, boom!”

  Looking into the distance from the top of the mountain, the fire was soaring into the sky, the black smoke was billowing, and the human race launched the final counterattack.

  Xiao Su, who has experienced large-scale battles for a long time, knows very well that with those weapons and equipment, the counterattack is simply suicide, and everything is futile.

  A relieved smile appeared on Xiao Su’s face, let me take a good look at the world again, let me think of my lover again quietly.

  Sudden! There were dark clouds, thunder and lightning, gusts of wind and downpour.

  Xiao Su stood under the heavy rain, closed her eyes, stretched her arms, and felt the last breath of nature.

  A burst of jasmine fragrance wafts, what is going on? He opened his eyes and was surprised to find that it was actually purple rain.

  Purple Rain! Xiao Su looked up.

  The clouds in the sky are spinning, and a black spot in the middle is getting bigger and bigger, creating a huge black hole.

  This black hole has a diameter of several thousand kilometers, and it has covered half of the sky, just above Xiao Su!

  Afterwards, huge warships and various fighter planes rushed out and flew to the distant place where smoke billowed into the sky, and joined the human counterattack.

  The sky in front of the sky was suddenly radiated with laser light, the flames were shining, the explosions continued, and the smoke shrouded.

  At the same time, more than a hundred nuclear bombs flew from the direction of the jade ball and fell into the valley without an explosion!

  this! What the hell is going on here? Xiao Su was stunned! Most of the things that come out of the black hole are flying saucers. UFOs are human flying machines! Is it human? ! !

  A transport ship was flying, Xiao Su frowned. This transport ship seemed familiar and very familiar. I saw it slowly landed not far behind Xiao Su.

  The hatch opened, and many human women in black uniforms came down! They are lining up, and there are more than 100 people.

  Xiao Su was surprised to find that these women all looked the same, with different numbers on their faces.

  Turning around again, a woman in a red uniform stood at the door of the cabin.

  This woman has thin eyebrows, big eyes and a high nose bridge, long hair and a small mouth and a melon-seeded face.

  I saw her strolling towards Xiao Su, and the two looked at each other, lovingly and affectionately embracing each other.

  The woman smiled shyly, her mouth cracked, revealing her white teeth.

  ”Ah!”, Xiao Su screamed, a deep tooth mark appeared on his neck.

  The first part of “Return”, the AI ​​campaign, is over.

  Thank you all for reading my self-entertaining novel, it is better to have fun alone than to have fun together.

  The second part of “Return”, the Macross campaign, preview.

  ”What is the black hole in the vortex in the sky?”, Xiao Su asked curiously, pointing to the sky.

  ”That is the black hole of time and space, the technology of other alien races.” Zhang Nini said triumphantly.

  ”What’s the matter with so many identical girls?” Xiao Su asked, pointing to the neatly lined army of beauties.

  ”That’s my clone army!” A tall man walked out of the cabin, holding a cigar in his hand, spit out a puff of smoke, and said proudly.

  ”Jie, Brother Jie!”, Xiao Su was very surprised.

  ”I know, you have waited for me for 100,000 years, and you have suffered. We are in different time and space, and we have only been there for a month. I have just recovered, and I will come back to you.” Zhang Nini hugged Xiao Su tightly. , burst into tears.

  ”Time and space?” Xiao Su looked bewildered and puzzled…

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