[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 1

  At the beginning of the novel, I would like to say a few words first. I’m not a writer, I just write something and share some life experiences in my spare time. As I write, I turn the story into a novel, and the more I write, the more outrageous I am, and I try to write science fiction. My friends said they were boring after reading it. They suggested that I should not write blindly. It is better to write some real experiences, especially the life of immigrants overseas. Since I want to write, I should write them seriously.

  In order to write something real, I interviewed more than ten friends and recorded their life experiences in detail. Surprisingly, each friend’s life experience is a unique, exciting and bizarre story. I integrated the life experiences of these more than ten friends, added fuel to it, and wrote a novel that truly reflects the lives of overseas immigrants. I think only this way of narration is exciting enough, and it is more interesting than those documentary articles.

  The story starts at Auckland Airport. Under the blue sky and white clouds, an aunt stood intoxicated at the just-opened cabin door, enjoying the warm spring sunshine and pure silver air in New Zealand. As soon as they got out of the cabin, they were greeted by a fresh breeze without any impurities. The oxygen content in the air was so high that they were all drunk with oxygen. The tourists at the cabin were eager to move and excited. Everyone who comes to New Zealand for the first time will be deeply moved by the natural beauty of New Zealand.

  ”Sister, please don’t block the hatch of the plane. Follow the team, we will gather below and leave the customs together.” This is an Air New Zealand Boeing 747. It flew directly from Shanghai to Auckland, New Zealand. Most of the seats were packed by the tour group, and Chen Kai’s family also got off the plane with the tour group.

  Chen Kai and his wife set foot on New Zealand for the first time with their two-and-a-half-year-old son. With his own immigrant dream, he started a difficult entrepreneurial immigration in a place that he did not know well.

  Chen Kai’s family brought seven suitcases, and it was almost impossible to move. Mrs. Chen was holding her 2-year-old child and carrying her carry-on luggage. Chen Kai pushed a luggage cart with 5 suitcases and pulled 2 suitcases in his hand to the security check and entry point, exhausted. Suddenly, two big hands passed by him, and with one hand, he picked up two suitcases and placed them on the conveyor belt of the security inspection machine. Chen Kai looked up and saw that a strong man about two meters tall carried all his luggage in three or two. After going through security, he took off his luggage and put it back on his luggage trolley. This strong and tall man is the legendary Maori and the indigenous people of New Zealand. Most of them are strong and do physical work. Chen Kai and his wife looked up at the tall Maori man with admiration and greeted him. He smiled innocently, very friendly. When I turned around, I saw that there were many Maori working around, with an average height of about two meters. Chen Kai and his wife felt like they were in Middle-earth. Because the big movie “The Lord of the Rings” was filmed in New Zealand, the whole world called New Zealand Middle-earth, the magical world, or the last pure land in the world. After the family got out of the customs, they got into a white van and were picked up by a netizen, Lao Liu. This netizen is a senior I know in the QQ group of New Zealand entrepreneurial immigrants, and he only arrived three months early.

  Tourists just got off the plane, and they are both unfamiliar and curious about the surrounding environment, especially in the crowded airport, most of them are foreigners with blonde hair and blue eyes. Fortunately, there are Chinese signs, otherwise, these curious uncles and aunts would have lost their way. Auckland’s airport is not large, there is only one exit for international arrivals, and the tour guide is counting the number of people at the gate and sending them to the bus.

  The tourists on the same plane have already boarded the airport bus one after another. The elderly are excited and curious. “Look, New Zealand’s car, the driver sits on the right!” An aunt shouted excitedly at the front of the bus on the bus.

  The driver’s uncle turned his head and smiled slightly. With a Hong Kong accent, he said calmly, “Hehe, the Commonwealth countries are all on the right. You all sit down, don’t walk around, the train is about to depart.” After the loading was completed and the personnel were counted, the bus started slowly and left the airport steadily.

  In less than five minutes, the bus pulled out of the small Auckland Airport. What unfolds in front of you are endless green hills and green grass, pastoral farms, and piles of cattle, sheep and horses on the farm. Under the blue sky and white clouds, New Zealand’s pure and stunning natural scenery is vividly reflected. The tourists on the bus were silent, quietly watching the natural beauty outside the window. There is no dust in the air, the visibility is naturally high and clear, the sea in the distance is blue and the sky is the same color.

  ”We will arrive at the Manuka Hotel in one hour. Don’t worry, all the staff are Chinese.” The tour guide was excited in the car and announced to everyone triumphantly. There is an infinite admiration for the beauty of nature on everyone’s face, which makes the tour guide look very proud as a local.

  The Manuka Hotel, also known as the Manuka Hotel, is located in East Auckland. The main source of tourists are tour groups from China, so they are equipped with a large number of Chinese service personnel. The manager of the room service department, Xiong Jun, was wearing a black suit and cheap leather shoes. He was gathering a group in the hall to make a statement. In New Zealand, most people dress casually and cheaply, so the city of Auckland is also known as the Austrian Village. There are not many people in the village, with a population of 2 million, and even fewer Chinese, less than 2%, so it is best not to offend the compatriots, look up and not look down, either you know or your friends know, sooner or later they will sit at the same table to eat .

  ”There are two tour groups checking in today, a group of 30 people in the morning and a group of 40 people in the afternoon. They are all tour groups from China, all compatriots, don’t be ashamed, let alone ask for tips! This is the Commonwealth of Nations, no The habit of tipping.” Xiongjun, the manager of the room service department who has just been in office for less than a month, is serious and serious.

  ”They’re all elderly, right? Uncle and auntie?” The waiter Lu Le asked with a smile. “Most of them are old people, and there are also young girls. Be more restrained and serious. Don’t see beautiful women, and your eyes will straighten.” Xiongjun frowned and squinted at Lu Le, and said helplessly.

  ”Got it, bro. I’m tired from watching too much, and I still miss the beauties in my hometown.” Lu Le covered his mouth and snickered, glibly.

  As soon as he finished speaking, the bus appeared at the door of the hotel, and Xiongjun hurriedly called everyone out to help. New Zealand is a place with a small population, so traffic is smooth. It is precisely because of the small number of people, so under normal circumstances, everyone has multiple jobs and is omnipotent.

  The aunts chatted and got off the bus, commenting on this seemingly ordinary and a bit rustic three-story building, Manuka Hotel, after all, they are all people from big cities, seeing these in New Zealand Small-scale buildings can’t help but feel a little lost. “New Zealand’s environment is really good, but these buildings are a little smaller. At first glance, they are all one-story houses. Although they are all small houses, they always feel quite backward.” An aunt pointed to the surrounding houses said the neighborhood. Xiongjun enthusiastically took his aunt’s suitcase and said, “New Zealand is in the earthquake zone, so there are usually small earthquakes. One-story buildings are relatively safe, and they are all wooden structures, which are earthquake-resistant. At the same time, it is also for environmental protection. Too many tall buildings affect the natural environment. How good is it now, when you look at it, you can see blue sky and white clouds, isn’t it particularly refreshing?” The aunt nodded in satisfaction.

  Lu Le’s eyes suddenly lit up, and he found a young woman in white casual clothes among the group of aunts. Although the girl frowned and her face was expressionless, her pure and sweet appearance and simple and beautiful shape immediately caught Lu Le’s attention. “Come on, I’ll help you get the suitcase.” Lu Le immediately stepped forward to take the suitcase in her hand, flattering her warmly.

  ”Thank you!” The girl gave him a polite shy smile. Although she didn’t have too many expressions and movements, it already made the excited Lu Le burst into joy.

  The tour guide shouted loudly in the lobby, “Let’s go up and put our luggage first, and then go to the restaurant to have lunch. At the same time, hand over your passport to me for management, so as not to lose it and cause trouble for returning to China.” The group of uncles and aunts and the tour guide left behind and sent the girl and luggage to the guest room on the second floor alone. Along the way, I was full of excitement and nonsense, “Is it your first time to New Zealand? New Zealand is a good place, it is called the hometown of Changbaiyun, the blue sky and white clouds here, the scenery is pleasant, especially the white clouds here, which are different every day, And it’s also very low, and it’s within easy reach.” Lu Le pushed open the door, moved the suitcase in, and continued, “The milk here is the best, cheap and fresh, and the water here is the purest. It doesn’t contain any impurities, the air here…” “Thank you, I want to take a break, I have a headache.” The girl smiled slightly, interrupting Lu Le’s endless scouring.

  ”Of course. It takes more than ten hours to fly from China to here. You must be exhausted. Then you can rest for a while. If you have something to call me, I will be right outside the door.” Lu Le smiled at her. Turning around and leaving, the moment he closed the door, he couldn’t help but look back at her. This girl looks pure and sweet, and she seems to be single, which makes Lu Le excited and fantasized.

  Xiongjun saw Lu Le jumping downstairs while he was busy, and smiled lightly, “What? Which girl did you like?” “Help me ask, what’s the name of the girl in room 218? She’s from there? Love at first sight!” Although Lu Le lowered the volume, he couldn’t hold back the peach blossoms in his heart and whispered excitedly in Xiong Jun’s ear.

  ”Go away! Work hard! You say that when you see a beautiful girl.” Xiongjun slapped him on the buttocks hard, turned around and resumed his busy work.

  ”The residential houses around you are quite big, with four or five hundred square meters? Do ordinary people live in such large houses? How much is it?” The aunt looked at the small residential villas outside the window, her eyes glowing, and excitedly pulled Xiongjun asked.

  ”Those are called houses. They cover an area of ​​more than 500 yuan, and they are not expensive. They cost 800,000 New Zealand dollars and have a property right of 1,000 years.”

  The aunt was so excited that she was about to jump up, and she pointed at the houses and shouted, “What!? It’s so cheap, 800,000 New Zealand dollars is only 4 million yuan, and there is a thousand years of property rights!”

  ”Yes, yes, there are bigger and better ones. If you want to invest, I will introduce you to a real estate agent. This is Auckland. If you go to other cities, it will only cost half the price.” The box was moved to the upstairs room, and he spoke as if he were reciting lines, which he had repeated countless times after all.

  Old Liu was driving west with Chen Kai’s family. Although the road was sparsely populated and the road was rough, Chen Kai did not feel lost. Perhaps it was because I first arrived, and I was a little excited because I was attracted by the natural beauty of New Zealand and the people and customs of foreign countries. After an hour’s drive, Lao Liu’s car entered a residential area, stopped on the slope in front of a house, turned to Chen Kai’s family and said with a smile, “Here it is, here it is. The owner of the house is also our QQ. The people in the group have been here for two years. Let’s go, I’ll help you carry your luggage.”

  ”Thank you, thank you for your hard work, Brother Liu.” Chen Kai was excited and grateful, and sent two cigarettes. Cigarettes are very popular in New Zealand. New Zealand is a non-smoking country, that is, a smoke-free country. Therefore, the price of cigarettes here is very expensive. A pack of cigarettes costs about 40 New Zealand dollars and about 200 yuan. And each person entering the country can only bring one cigarette at most. Later, the policy was changed, and each person entering the country could only bring two packs of cigarettes. Lao Liu enthusiastically helped to pick up Chen Kai’s family, in fact, it was mainly for these two cigarettes.

  When I got off the car, I saw that this is a wooden house built on a slope and covering an area of ​​about 300 square meters. The house is somewhat old and has a traditional British architectural style. The entire house had a land area of ​​700 square meters and was sold for $650,000 at the time. The first floor, on the slope, is a brick wall, painted white. The second floor is a wooden wall, painted brown. The black bricks and tiles are clearly outlined against the background of blue sky and white clouds. Although it can’t be called a manor mansion, it can be regarded as an affordable villa.

  When Chen Kai’s family got out of the car, they suddenly felt a bit of desolation. Although there are many independent villas around, there is not a single person in sight. And with telephone poles overhead, it feels like a backward countryside. Is this New Zealand? The only thing I can sigh is that the sky is good, blue sky and white clouds, gentle breeze, fresh air, warm and suitable. People who have just landed abroad can’t help but feel excited, feel fresh, and have no concept of the things around them. Chen Kai’s family met Lao Li, the owner of the house, through the introduction of Lao Liu. After a few chills at the meeting, Lao Li began to brag about New Zealand’s institutional advantages and his thriving business.

  ”It has been almost two years since I came to New Zealand. I am also a business immigrant, and my business has always been stable. I should be able to get a green card in a few months. As long as you open a company well in New Zealand, you can execute your own business according to the requirements of the Immigration Bureau. Business plan, get things done, it should be no problem to get a green card.” Lao Li spoke maturely and prudently, and a few short words of experience gave Chen Kai great comfort.

  It was only later that I found out that Lao Li was just running a grocery store. He usually repaired computers, and did some speculative and reselling things, and he was just hanging around. My own house, with a total of four rooms, has rented out all three rooms. In the end, the garage was converted into a room for rent, in order to pay off the mortgage. He disappeared on weekdays, just like someone who does big business. In fact, I spend the day watching the store and go to the restaurant to work at night. The wife stays at home and picks up the children to take care of the tenants.

  When Lao Li brought Chen Kai’s family to negotiate a 1,500-dollar-a-month rental house, he was surprised to find that it was a garage in the backyard, separated by plasterboard, one bedroom, one living room, one bathroom and one bathroom. bath.

  Just when Mrs. Chen was extremely puzzled and depressed, Lao Liu said with a smile, “I live here like this. The garage is converted into a rental house. It is spacious, cheap and affordable.”

  Mrs. Chen walked into this garage-turned-rental room, which was less than 10 square meters in one bedroom and one living room. Although there is a bed and a writing desk, there is a strong smell of paint, and it seems that the decoration has just been completed.

  ”This paint smell is too heavy, have you just finished painting it? It can’t live in people, it’s not healthy for people, and children will get sick.” Mrs. Chen complained angrily as she walked out of the garage.

  But Lao Liu said with a smile, “It’s okay, it’s okay, these are all environmentally friendly paints, which are harmless to the body. If you don’t live now, where are you going to find a house? There are no houses for rent around here, and I don’t have time anymore. I’ll take you to find a house. Let’s live there first, and get familiar with the surrounding environment before moving in. Besides, the old man is very kind, and he has prepared a big bed and a writing desk for you. You must know that in New Zealand Rent a house, but without any furniture.”

  Although this may sound very uncomfortable, it is obvious that you are unfamiliar with life, and you can’t measure it. Seeing that it was getting late, Chen Kai’s family had no choice but to stay and pay a two-week deposit.

  Before going abroad, I heard people say that in foreign countries, most Chinese people will only harm Chinese people, and it is true. After Lao Liu helped carry the suitcase, he got into the car and waved goodbye to Chen Kai’s family, drove west, and disappeared on the horizon of the sunset.

  Chen Kai and his wife were holding their two-and-a-half-year-old child, standing on the deserted street, looking at the shadow of the car where Lao Liu was leaving, feeling a little indifference. But my heart is still full of hope, and the entrepreneurial immigrant life begins.

  Mrs. Chen returned to the rental house converted from the garage, took out the sheets, and reluctantly laid out the mattress and quilt. The family watched the twinkling stars in the yard, ate the rest of the bread and milk, and rested early.

  It is not easy to start a new entrepreneurial life in a place where you are not familiar, let alone abroad. When he woke up early the next morning, Chen Kai faced many problems. First of all, he didn’t know where the supermarket was and what to eat? Secondly, without a car, it is impossible to move an inch.

  Although the landlord Mrs. Li impatiently gave some pointers, turn right and walk for 15 minutes. There is a supermarket where you can buy some food. But if I want to buy a car, it is dozens of kilometers away, and I don’t have a local phone card, so I can’t get in touch. In desperation, he asked the cold-faced Mrs. Li again for help and contacted Lao Liu.

  Lao Liu came soon, and was in a good mood, and took Chen Kai to apply for a calling card. Then I went to a second-hand car dealership. Under his suggestion, I bought a small car and drove it. After I got my driver’s license, I would change to a better car. For a person who has just arrived in New Zealand and is unfamiliar with the place, there is no choice. In the end, Chen Kai paid NZ$6,500 to buy a seven-year-old Mazda Dimeo and drove away. Although it is a small broken car, no matter what, it finally has feet and can travel freely without bothering Lao Liu anymore. Only later did I learn that Lao Liu raised NZ$1,500 from it, and Chen Kai was slaughtered.

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