[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 2

  In this part of New Zealand, it is absolutely impossible to live without a car. The bus lines are few and slow, and the rough roads up and down are not suitable for bicycle travel. Mrs. Chen also doubted it many times. She couldn’t believe that this was the developed country, New Zealand, as bragged in immigration advertisements. Even China’s third-tier rural cities are inferior. Only later did I find out that it was because the west end of Auckland was a poor area, and in the east or north end, it was another scene.

  In order to successfully get the green card after two years, you must act according to the business plan submitted by yourself. After all, Chen Kai is still holding a business visa that is only valid for nine months. He must complete the registration of the company and the renting of office space, hire people, and start the business within nine months before submitting the application to the immigration office for a two-year business visa. He is unfamiliar with life, and his work has already made him very busy. Of course, he is too busy to take care of things in life. Fortunately, Mrs. Chen is virtuous and capable, and the logistics work is properly handled, so Chen Kai was able to set off on time in the early morning and go to the North Shore Tax Office to register the company.

  Chen Kai, who was driving all the way north, was depressed in the car. When he arrived in a new country, it was like reincarnation as a human being. Everything had to be restarted. I am not familiar with the place of life, and I can only blame myself for not doing my homework before. The registered company has to go to the tax bureau, and I don’t even know where the tax bureau is. Fortunately, this is a modern world. I checked the address on the Internet with my mobile phone, and there is navigation assistance. It is not troublesome to register a company. All the procedures for registering a company are completed for 100 New Zealand dollars, but it takes a long time to fill in the form, and I cannot read some English, so I use my mobile phone for translation. However, it is a headache to be equipped with an accountant, because the accounts of entrepreneurial immigrants have to be reviewed by the Immigration Bureau, so special attention should be paid to “reasonableness”. Finding a foreign accounting firm is definitely not enough, since language communication is a problem, then you have to find a Chinese.

  When Chen Kai was out of the tax bureau, he received a text message from Lao Liu, “Have you found an accountant yet? I’ll recommend you a Chinese accounting company that specializes in business immigration accounts. It’s reliable!”

  A lot of times, you don’t know if it’s giving help in the snow or adding fuel to the fire. In desperation, he believed in his compatriots again. According to the information provided by Lao Liu, Chen Kai found this Chinese accounting company in East Auckland. The company’s facade is not big, and there are three people sitting inside, busy typing on the keyboard, all with Asian faces. The company is run by a Korean, but there are a few people in the company who can speak Chinese. Chen Kai, who was received by a short-haired man in a black suit, claimed to be an accountant with a southern accent. After chatting for a while, Chen Kai learned that many friends who immigrated from entrepreneurs signed up for this accounting company. So he didn’t think much about it, signed a contract, accounting for NZ$1,800 a year, and made tax returns every two months. Pay attention to reasonableness to ensure that the accounts submitted after two years can pass the green card application.

  But I didn’t expect that, like most Chinese people doing business, once the contract was signed and the money was paid, it immediately changed to another attitude. Not only can’t ask questions, but also treat them coldly. He even threatened, “Do you want to apply for a green card in two years? If you want to apply for a green card, just do as I say, you don’t understand!”

  Is this the old immigrant bullying the new immigrant? Still have a green card, discriminate against those who do not have a green card? These are not important, anyway, the angry Chen Kai is full of fire. It seems that the power of life and death has been firmly in the hands of others.

  Only later did I find out that this accounting firm specializes in fooling new entrepreneurs and immigrant investors. The market price is NZ$1,200 a year. They charge NZ$1,800 a year without saying anything. Extra charge. If you don’t pay the fee, he will ignore your account and let you work for two years in vain. In the end, you can’t get a green card and have no choice but to return to China. Later, Chen Kai firmly changed the accounting company in the second year, but the accounting company not only did not hand over the previous accounts, but also ignored them.

  Chen Kai walked out of the accounting company angrily, looked up at the blue sky and white clouds helplessly, and lowered his head in despair to breathe the fresh air. Looking at the small park in the distance, children of all skin colors are playing carefree, and then think about their next generation. In the end, he gritted his teeth and endured it, reluctantly got into the car, started the car, and ran to the next work project, renting an office.

  In the Manuka hotel, Lu Le was walking around the door of Room 218, waiting for a chance encounter. After his investigation, this innocent and lovely girl was named Zhang Nini, who was as young as a flower. Finally, after waiting for more than an hour, the girl pulled the suitcase and came out.

  ”Hello, Zhang Nini.” Lu Le’s greeting completely startled her. Zhang Nini turned around and widened her eyes. She looked at him with both frightened and suspicious eyes. Without saying a word, she pulled the suitcase and stood there dumbfounded.

  Lu Lexi stepped forward and asked, “It’s almost lunch time, where are you dragging your suitcase?”

  ”Oh, that, I made an appointment with a friend and brought her something.” Zhang Nini said hesitantly.

  Lu Le picked up the suitcase and sent her downstairs. He said with relish, “I’ll help you carry it down. How can a girl carry such a heavy suitcase?”

  Zhang Nini looked at him with embarrassed eyes and followed behind silently.

  ”If you need anything, just tell me, just call me Lele. There are a lot of cars here, pay attention to safety, especially the traffic, New Zealand drives on the left.” Lu Le put his suitcase at the entrance of the Manuka hotel As soon as he let it go, he looked back and smiled, and went back dashingly.

  ”Thank you, Lele.” Hearing this thank you from Zhang Nini behind him made him even more complacent and in a happy mood, even jumping up and down when he walked.

  Xiong Jun, who had just come out of the office, saw Lu Le’s happy face, and couldn’t help asking, “What? Which girl did you get into again?”

  Seeing Lu Le writhing back and forth in front of Xiongjun for a long time, he said with a hilarious smile, “The girl in the tour group yesterday, Zhang Nini. She didn’t even get caught up, she just managed to strike up a conversation with her and helped her carry her suitcase out. “

  ”You stupid bird! That makes you so proud? By the way, why are you helping her carry her suitcase? Their group will leave tomorrow.” Xiongjun opened the tour schedule in his hand, curious. asked.

  ”She said she went to see a friend and brought something for her.” Lu Le said triumphantly, as if he and Zhang Nini were old friends.

  Xiong Jun carefully checked the tour group record sheet, “What is Zhang? Zhang Nini, no, her passport was not handed in yesterday, look!”

  Lu Le curiously stretched out his head and asked, “So what?”

  ”Are you stupid? If she just ran away like this and blackmailed New Zealand, who would be responsible?” Xiongjun said with a serious expression, pointing at Lu Le’s forehead.

  ”No way, such a beautiful girl, why do you want to be black in New Zealand? It’s just to see a friend.” Lu Le calmly straightened his hair and said calmly.

  Afterwards, the two went to room 218 and found that the room was clean and nothing was left. It seems that this Zhang Nini may have run away!

  ”How long has she been gone?!” Xiongjun shouted at Lu Le!

  ”Five, five minutes.” Lu Le began to look flustered and replied tremblingly.


  The two hurried downstairs and rushed out of the Manuka hotel at a sprint speed of 100 meters. Unexpectedly, Xiongjun knocked down a woman on a bicycle head-on. The woman was knocked out more than three meters away. , fell on the road and rolled three times in a row. Frightened, an oncoming car just turned the steering wheel to avoid it and hit a big tree by the roadside.

  Fortunately, New Zealand has laws that require a safety helmet to be worn when riding a bicycle. The woman fell on her head, but fortunately she was not injured. But the leg was hit by the roadside cement flower bed, the tears of pain flew, and the screams kept on screaming. At the same time, the owner also got out of the car, panicked and overwhelmed. Coincidentally, the owner of the car is Chen Kai.

  Xiong Jun got up and Lu Le and the two hurried forward, helped the girl up, and apologized repeatedly, “Sorry, sorry, are you all right?”

  The woman hugged her thighs, burst into tears, and faintly burst out two words, “Mum, it hurts!”

  ”Speak Chinese? Chinese? Are you alright? Say something!” Xiongjun was incoherent.

  Seeing that the situation was not right, Lu Le might have broken his leg, so he quickly dialed 111 and called an ambulance.

  Chen Kai stood there dumbfounded and looked at them, wondering what to do. The used car he just bought crashed the next day, and he hadn’t bought insurance yet. Fortunately, the hit was not serious, and one of the headlights was broken.

  Soon the ambulance arrived, followed by a police car. The ambulance quickly lifted the painful and sweaty girl into the ambulance, left a hospital address card for Xiongjun, and left quickly.

  The other employees of the Manuka Hotel looked out and talked a lot, not knowing what was going on. It’s an ambulance and a police car. Could it be fatal?

  Two foreign police officers got out of the police car. After investigating the scene of the accident, they determined that it was an accident. Chen Kai was driving too fast and avoided improperly. He only held a temporary translation driver’s license and was responsible for the loss.

  In New Zealand, all accidents and injuries are paid by the government. This is a major feature of New Zealand, referred to as acc. As long as you suffer an accidental injury in New Zealand, all treatment costs are borne by the government. Of course, the money ultimately comes from taxpayers.

  But Chen Kai was depressed. People were injured, and the government was responsible for the treatment. The car is damaged, and only he is responsible for the repair. The key is that he has not bought vehicle insurance, and he has to bear all the expenses.

  Fortunately, Xiongjun promised that he would bear half of all the repair costs, and immediately took out 200 New Zealand dollars from the ATM machine nearby and handed it to Chen Kai, and exchanged contact information.

  Chen Kai, who has just arrived, doesn’t know how to deal with it. If he is in China, he can go to the 4S store and it will be over, but what about in New Zealand?

  After Xiongjun’s detailed explanation and guidance, Chen Kai finally understood that he had to find a car repair shop for repairs. So he stopped by a car repair shop. But the car repairers are all foreigners, they have difficulty communicating in language, and they don’t understand cars. In desperation, he found another Chinese and went to a Chinese car repair shop.

  The owner of the Chinese car repair shop checked his damage and directly quoted 2,000 New Zealand dollars! It cost 2000 New Zealand dollars to replace a headlight, which almost made Chen Kai faint. He bought this car for only 6500 New Zealand dollars, and he was fooled by 1500 New Zealand dollars.

  Chen Kai was disheartened, and drove the broken car home without saying a word, feeling gloomy. He was already confused, did not know that this hero gave him two hundred New Zealand dollars? Or is the car shop owner offering him $2,000 to fool him? Or was he being fooled from start to finish? It’s only been two days in New Zealand and so much has happened. Once again, he wanted to give up and go back to China.

  In Room 218 of the Manuka Hotel, Xiong Jun and Lu Le sat blankly, looking at each other. Three hours have passed, and it seems that this Miss Zhang Nini is really not coming back.

  ”What should I do, call the police?” Xiongjun raised his head and stared at Lu Le angrily, and asked helplessly.

  ”Wait and see, what if she comes back? I see her looks and temperament, she doesn’t look like such a person.” Lu Le scratched his head and said to himself.

  Xiong Jun got up angrily, pointed at Lu Le and cursed, “You fucking look at people’s beauty, and you are obsessed with ghosts. You are also helping people move their suitcases out, are you a brainless pig!? Three years under the roof, brothers, I have already informed the chairman!”

  ”Brother, calm down, it’s alright, she will be back.” Lu Le got up and poured a glass of water for Xiongjun, comforting him.

  At this moment, a colleague hurried in and said to Xiongjun, “Brother Xiong, the chairman has just returned, and I heard something, and I want you to come to the office.”

  Xiong Jun and Lu Le looked at each other and sighed helplessly. When the two came to the chairman’s office, they found that the office was full, and everyone’s facial expressions were very serious, and these people spoke almost at the same time.

  ”You bumped my sister into this! If you are in the country, I will make you pay one hundred and eighty thousand first, and then you have to take full responsibility!”

  ”Your hotel work dereliction of duty and let a tourist run away, you have to take full responsibility.”

  ”I saw you on the surveillance camera helping her carry the suitcase. Are you colluding?”


  The chairman of the hotel got up, stepped forward, and shouted loudly, “Everyone be quiet, please be quiet, and speak one by one.”

  The person in charge of the travel company couldn’t wait to say, “People ran away in your hotel, so your hotel should take full responsibility. There are serious loopholes in the management of your hotel. Our company has already called the police and made a record with the police. If this Zhang Nini has an accident in her life, then your responsibility is even greater.”

  Xiongjun reluctantly replied, “The guest sincerely wants to run away, so we have no way to stop her. New Zealand is a country ruled by law, and we can’t push her to the ground and drag her back.”

  ”Yeah, yeah, we can’t blame us entirely. Your tour group made mistakes in reviewing the background information of the guests! Even if you want to make more money, you have to look at other people’s backgrounds.” Lu Le catered to him. said.

  ”Shut up! It’s clear on the surveillance camera that you sent them away, but they didn’t run away. And before that, you wandered around her door for more than an hour. Do you know each other? Is it collusion?” The chairman pointed at Lu Le and cursed.

  ”This…I…” Lu Le was suddenly speechless when asked.

  ”Xiong Jun! You are the manager. If something goes wrong, you will take full responsibility for it. You should suspend your job first and wait until everything is settled.”

  ”Anyway, you are fully responsible for this matter, and our travel company has no responsibility whatsoever.”

  Before giving them a chance to catch their breath, another woman stood up and scolded, “Xiong Jun, right? You bumped my sister into that, didn’t you say an apology? She’s lying in the hospital! She has several stitches on her thigh! She can’t walk for several months! She is the busiest time for her studies at Auckland University. What do you want her to do? If you can’t get a green card, are you responsible for it? If you are in China, you will definitely make your family go bankrupt!”

  ”I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry. This was an accident, I didn’t want it, and it wasn’t intentional. Of course I’ll take full responsibility, don’t worry.” Xiong Jun apologized repeatedly, with a sincere attitude.

  ”I’m sorry, really, let’s go to the hospital to visit her.” Lu Le echoed and apologized beside him.

  ”This is the most basic principle. You can decide what to do in the future! Otherwise, I will find a lawyer to sue you!” After she finished speaking, she picked up her bag, turned around and left. This girl is young, her tone is not small, her words are cunning and mean, and her attitude is cold and arrogant.

  The two men, Xiongjun Lu Le, looked at each other in dismay, looking at the chairman of the hotel, waiting for instructions.

  ”Let’s go, let’s go, you can deal with things first, and don’t make trouble for the company!” The chairman slapped the teacup, pointed to the door, and motioned them to get out.

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