[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 3

  Although I work abroad, in a Chinese company, I still look like a dog in China. In a foreign company, if the boss had this attitude, the employee would have sued him in court. The two left the office, went downstairs, and got into their car. Xiongjun took out the address card given by the ambulance, started the car, and set off for Auckland Hospital.

  ”What’s the name of the girl you bumped into?” Lu Le asked with a frown. Xiongjun was stunned for a moment, then shook his head and replied, “I don’t know, go to the hospital first and ask about it. It is estimated that it will be difficult to serve her. Her sister is so cunning and mean.”

  Lu Le scratched his head and said to himself, “She’s just a bitch! But she has a cold appearance, a hot body, and her appearance doesn’t match her temper!”

  Xiongjun helplessly turned his head and glared at him, “What time is it, it’s not serious! Pig’s head!”

  The two came to the reception desk of Auckland Hospital and inquired for a long time. They learned that the Chinese girl was named Jill and had been transferred to the inpatient department on the third floor. Although Auckland Hospital is a large hospital, it is completely different from that in China. There are few people walking around in the hospital. The two patients in the inpatient department share a large room of about 40 square meters. Nurses provide 24-hour clinical care, which fully reflects the soundness of the medical system in developed countries.

  Coupled with the accidental injury in New Zealand, all medical expenses are borne by the government, which further enhances New Zealand’s international image. Senior officials and wealthy businessmen have tried their best to immigrate to New Zealand with high welfare. By the way, although medical care is free in New Zealand, the speed of seeing a doctor is too slow. If you really want to get medical care quickly, you have to go to commercial insurance or private hospitals.

  When Xiongjun Lu Le pushed open the door of the quiet ward, there was a tall man standing inside, an expressionless and delicate girl lying on the hospital bed, and a nurse with blonde hair and blue eyes was busy beside him. The two turned to look at them at the same time, with curiosity in their eyes.

  The girl’s appearance is very similar to her sister. It should be her. She still has a plaster on her leg, and it looks like she is seriously injured.

  ”May i help you?”, the tall man standing was the first to ask. He speaks fluent English with a local accent and seems to have been in New Zealand for a long time.

  ”Sorry, sorry, sorry. I’m sorry for making you suffer.” Xiongjun bent over, apologized and entered the room, with a sincere attitude.

  ”It’s an accident, I’m really sorry.” Lu Le agreed and followed.

  The two were already ready to be scolded, but who knew that the man and the woman were generous, reasonable, and didn’t blame them. The girl just smiled reluctantly.

  ”She is at the busiest time of her studies now, and we are about to hand in her graduation thesis. In the next few months, her life will be very inconvenient.” The tall man looked at the girl on the hospital bed with a frown and said.

  ”Don’t worry, I will do my best to be responsible to the end. Whatever you need me to do, just say it. My name is Xiongjun, what are the two names?” Xiongjun sat down beside the girl’s bed and carefully checked the girl’s injury .

  ”My name is Su Jili, just call me Xiao Su, her name is Wang Bingbing, we are both students of Auckland University.” The tall man actually extended a hand to Xiongjun politely.

  Xiongjun quickly got up and shook hands, with an awkward smile on his face, “I’m lucky to meet, no, I don’t mean that. What can I do for her?”

  ”She will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow and lives in a student apartment. It’s very inconvenient to eat like this now. Can I trouble you to bring her a meal? It’s not like China, and Chinese food can’t be ordered for takeaway.” You’re welcome, he looks like a reasonable person.

  ”Of course no problem. If I don’t have time, I’ll ask my roommate Lu Le to send her there. I won’t let her go hungry. When will she be discharged tomorrow? I’ll come pick her up.” Xiongjun turned to look at the hospital bed. Wang Bingbing said sincerely.

  ”The doctor said that she will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow morning, and the hospital car will take her back. I will give you an address.” Xiao Su took out a pen and paper, and wrote down the contact information and address in detail.

  ”Excuse me, guys. It’s dinner time how many people?” asked a blonde and blue-eyed nurse at the door.

  ”Are you eating here?” Xiao Su turned around and asked.

  ”Eat! Eat it for nothing! Why don’t you eat it!” Lu Le said with a smile on his face.

  Wang Bingbing, who was lying on the hospital bed, showed an embarrassed smile, and the atmosphere in the entire ward finally eased.

  ”Four thanks.” Xiongjun smiled and extended four fingers to the nurse.

  ”Alright, Coming soon.” After making a note on the notepad, Nurse Yang left with a smile.

  It wasn’t long before hospital staff brought in four dinners. Although it is Western food, it is very rich, including dessert and ice cream.

  In New Zealand’s hospitals, as long as it is time to eat, whether you are a patient, or visiting family members or friends of the patient, you can eat in the hospital for free. Although Western food is rich, it is not as appetizing as Chinese food, and eating too much will inevitably cause nausea. By the way, it’s unbelievable that the hospital reimburses the travel expenses to and fro visiting patients in New Zealand. When the patient is discharged from the hospital, if he cannot drive, the hospital has a special car to take him home. As a saying goes, we don’t understand the world of foreigners. Therefore, in New Zealand, you can get sick independently. After you are discharged from the hospital, if you cannot take care of yourself, the government will send someone to take care of you for free. It’s just that Wang Bingbing holds a student visa and cannot enjoy the treatment of a New Zealand citizen, otherwise he doesn’t need the help of Xiongjun.

  A few people chatted while eating, and the atmosphere was harmonious. After all, it was an accident, and no one wanted to do this. Next, I just hope that Wang Bingbing can recover quickly and not leave sequelae. Xiongjun solved his work problems as soon as possible and returned to his post.

  ”Wang Bingbing is lucky, I didn’t get hit by that car, otherwise I would be miserable.” Lu Le comforted.

  ”The owner of the car was very miserable. On the second day after arriving in New Zealand, he still had a domestic translated driver’s license and did not buy insurance. The traffic police judged him for speeding and improper avoidance, and he was responsible for the loss. I gave him two hundred dollars at the time. New Zealand dollars, because everyone is a compatriot. It doesn’t cost much to fix a headlight.” Xiongjun said to himself while biting his hamburger.

  Before he finished speaking, the phone rang. It was Chen Kai’s call. He was very frustrated and disheartened. It seems that I made this call in the mood to give it a try.

  ”Xiong, Mr. Xiong. I asked the repair shop today and it costs 2,000 New Zealand dollars to repair this light. I don’t want to ask for more compensation, I just want to ask you for help. Can you recommend a cheaper repair shop? Give it to me. I’ll go to consult again, I must speak Chinese, thank you in advance.” Chen Kai’s hesitant voice came from the phone.

  ”What! Two thousand dollars! Don’t worry, I’ll come over tomorrow at some time, and I’ll take you to a friend’s car repair shop. Don’t worry, I’ll contact you tomorrow.” Xiongjun said confidently, patting his chest .

  ”As for his second-hand broken car, it costs 2,000 New Zealand dollars to repair it. It is estimated that it was slaughtered. People who have just arrived in New Zealand will pay some tuition fees.” Lu Le licked the ice cream and said triumphantly.

  Wang Bingbing, who was lying on the hospital bed, finally said the first sentence, “You are quite kind.”

  Xiongjun smiled honestly, “It’s not easy for everyone to go abroad. It’s right to help each other.”

  ”My eldest brother Xiongjun is famous for his kindness, down-to-earth, diligent work, positive life, and a clear conscience.” Lu Le echoed with a smile on the side.

  ”Aren’t you going to die if you don’t brag? Wang Bingbing, you have a good rest. Let’s go back first. I’ll send you a short message tomorrow, and I’ll pay for it until you retire.” Xiongjun patted his chest and said loudly.

  ”Well.” Wang Bingbing smiled like a peach blossom, and replied with a simple word.

  ”Look, I just said my elder brother is honest and trustworthy, goodbye!” Lu Le flattered with a smile on his face.

  ”Goodbye.” Xiao Su and Wang Bingbing said in unison.

  ”Your business is not over yet! Let’s go!” Xiongjun pulled Lu Le out of the hospital.

  Along the way, Lu Le kept pondering, “Brother, as long as she doesn’t leave Auckland, we can find her soon. You think, New Zealand is so big, only Auckland has the most Chinese, so she will definitely stay in Auckland. I will definitely go for Chinese food. There are only a few Chinese restaurants in Auckland, so I guess you can come across them everywhere! From what she looks like, her English must be poor and she can’t cook.”

  Xiongjun said nothing, his face full of annoyance, today is really a bad day. The job may not be guaranteed, and you have to take care of others to eat and drink. The only good thing is that this girl has a gentle and reasonable temper, and she is quite beautiful.

  Early the next morning, Xiongjun, who was suspended, contacted Chen Kai and rushed to the West District to help repair the car. The West End has always been a poor area in the eyes of locals in Auckland, where business is not only backward, but also extremely inconvenient to travel. You drive out to work in the morning, the sun is rising from the east, and you can’t open your eyes with the dazzling sunlight. You come back from get off work in the afternoon, the sun is going down from the west, and the dazzling sun makes your eyes dim again. This is also one of the reasons why the traffic accident rate in the West Region is relatively high.

  The crime rate is also relatively high in the West End, where drugs, guns, and the underworld usually operate. This is why, before 5 o’clock in the evening, all the stores are closed on the road in the West District, and no pedestrians are seen.

  But overall, New Zealand is still a relatively safe country, with fewer incidents of fighting and killing. Police resources have always been lacking, so if it’s not a criminal case, the police usually can’t come to deal with it the next day or tell you to take insurance directly on the phone.

  When Xiongjun arrived at Chen Kai’s residence, he thought his house was tall and spacious, but he was surprised to find that Chen Kai’s family lived in someone else’s backyard garage.

  ”Mr. Xiong, I’m so sorry, please make a special trip.” Chen Kai was sitting at the door of the garage smoking a cigarette sadly. Although he smiled reluctantly, it was obvious that he was very upset and nervous, and he seemed to be frightened. .

  ”It’s alright, don’t be nervous, there must be something wrong with 2,000 NZD to repair the lights. I’ll take you to a friend’s place to have a look. I estimate it’s up to 300-400 NZD.” Xiongjun stepped forward calmly and comforted.

  ”Hello, uncle.” A sweet greeting from a child came from behind. Turning around, it turned out that Mrs. Chen was holding her two-and-a-half-year-old child.

  ”Mr. Xiong, thank you for your help.” Mrs. Chen smiled and nodded.

  ”You’re welcome, I didn’t know you had a child. Is it convenient to live in the garage? It will be very cold at night.” Xiongjun looked around the garage and asked worriedly at the child.

  ”We also just arrived and didn’t understand the market situation. We were pulled here by a netizen. We are going to change places as soon as possible.” Mrs. Chen said helplessly holding the child.

  ”Yes, change the place as soon as possible. Living in the garage is not good for the child’s health. Then let’s go to repair the car first and talk later.”

  ”Thank you, Mr. Xiong.”

  ”You’re welcome, don’t worry.”

  The Xiongjun followed Chen Kai into the small broken car and set off for the Central District. Chatting along the way, I learned that the garage rental is not cheap. For this rent, it is completely possible to rent a warm brick house with one bedroom and one living room in a good location in the central district. This is obviously a scam, and it is not uncommon for old immigrants to fool new immigrants.

  At the same time, it is also a violation of New Zealand law to live in a taxi garage for others. You can go to court to sue them, get all the rent back, and fine them, but Chen Kai’s new family doesn’t know that.

  Xiongjun summed it up for him, and it all boiled down to the fact that he was looking for Chinese. Between the Chinese and the Chinese, there are inevitably some Chinese routines. In foreign countries, you should speak English bravely and find local people to do things. Most of the local people are honest and kind.

  The two came to a foreigner’s car repair shop in the central district. The foreigners were warm and hospitable, and they didn’t mind Chen Kai’s broken English at all, and encouraged him to speak boldly. This is also the first time Chen Kai has contacted foreigners and foreigners to speak in English, except that the foreign accent is a little muddy, and it doesn’t feel so difficult.

  The repair shop checked, and finally only quoted 380 New Zealand dollars for an hour repair time. Chen Kai sighed deeply. He felt relieved and annoyed at the same time. As soon as he arrived in New Zealand, he was fooled and deceived again and again.

  The two had a cup of coffee and chatted while waiting for the car to be repaired. When Chen Kai learned about the whole story, he couldn’t help asking curiously, “Lao Xiong, is that girl reliable in New Zealand?”

  ”Of course it’s unreliable. New Zealand is a welfare state. If you don’t have a green card, you don’t have an identity. You can’t enjoy any benefits, you can’t get sick, you can only keep working illegally, and you can’t go to court if you’re bullied. It doesn’t make any sense. No.” Xiongjun took a sip of coffee and said with experience.

  ”Then you have a green card. I really envy you with a green card. How many years have you been here?” Chen Kai continued to inquire curiously.

  ”I’m a skilled immigrant, and I’ve been here for five years. I got my green card last year, and I’m now applying for reunion immigration for my girlfriend. How about you?”

  ”I am an entrepreneurial immigrant. I opened a company and hired local people for two years. If the company operates normally, I can apply for a green card. Now I have a nine-month business visa. I sold all my belongings in China and fought against the odds.”, Chen Kai can talk freely, can chat with a person, complain, express his difficulties, and feel much more comfortable.

  ”Don’t worry, as long as you manage well, you will succeed. If you need any help, feel free to contact me at any time.” Xiong Jun smiled and comforted calmly.

  The two talked very happily and quickly became friends. This was also the first friend Chen Kai made after arriving in New Zealand.

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