[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 4

  In the Auckland student apartment, Wang Bingbing, who had just been discharged from the hospital, was sitting on the sofa watching TV programs bored. Her legs in plaster casts made her mobility inconvenient, and she didn’t even bother to move a bottle of water for herself. Looking at the crutches beside him, I couldn’t help feeling a little desolate.

  There was a knock on the door, “Excuse me, does Miss Wang Bingbing live here?”

  The voice was very familiar, it was the man with the hippie smile in the Auckland Hospital ward last night.

  ”Please come in, the door is not closed.” Wang Bingbing shouted to the door.

  Sure enough, it was the man with a hippie smile, still with a smile on his face, “I’m Lu Le, I’m here to help my elder brother Xiongjun bring you lunch. How are you feeling?”

  ”Okay, thank you.” Wang Bingbing replied politely.

  Lu Ledong looked around and asked, “Are you alone? Is your sister here? I won’t come in if she’s here. I’m afraid of her.”

  ”Stupid? Does she still need you to bring food?” Wang Bingbing smiled awkwardly.

  Lu Le nodded solemnly, as if this sentence made sense. He lined up the fast food boxes on the coffee table in front of the sofa, handed over the chopsticks, and smiled slightly, “Please take it slow, I don’t know if it suits your appetite. There are four dishes in total today, and this dish is called stir-fried tomato. Eggs are not only nutritious, but also nourishing and nourishing. That dish is called sweet and sour pork ribs…”

  ”I know all these dishes! Do you have nothing to say?” Wang Bingbing looked at Lu Leyanran and smiled while chewing slowly.

  ”I’m just chatting with you. If you’re in a good mood, you’ll recover quickly. Besides, I have to wait for you to finish eating and clean up your garbage, right? Let’s cut some fruit for you.” Lu Le was on the sofa Sit down, take out the fruit and peel it carefully.

  ”Why are you here? You didn’t hit me.” Wang Bingbing asked curiously.

  ”He went to help the man repair the car early in the morning. He was in the West District and didn’t have time to come back, so let me come over to help temporarily.” Lu Le cut the peeled apple into pieces on a plate and placed it in front of Wang Bingbing.

  ”Thank you, I don’t see you smiling all day long, but you are quite good at taking care of people.” Wang Bingbing was served like a princess, chewing fruit with satisfaction.

  ”Of course, the more beautiful the girl is, the more thoughtful the waiter will be.” Lu Le said with a smile as he sorted out the garbage on the table.

  ”Haha! Not only do you have a smile on your face, but you are also glib.” Wang Bingbing burst into laughter, until her legs hurt before she stopped.

  Before he left, Lu Le took out a small notebook witty and asked solemnly, “Girl, please rate my service today and sign it.”

  Wang Bingbing stared at him with wide eyes, confused, “No way, is this an occupational disease?”

  ”I’m joking, but this is indeed an occupational disease. Let’s go, see you later.” Lu Le picked up the garbage, left the room, closed the door, and said professionally before leaving, “I wish you a good day. .”

  ”Haha.” Wang Bingbing was full of joy, and seemed to have forgotten the leg injury and was in a good mood.

  Xiongjun, who had just repaired the car for Chen Kai, received a call from the chairman of the company before he got in the car.

  ”You go back to the hotel right away. Two foreigners came to the immigration bureau. By the way, call that Lu Le to me too.” The chairman’s tone on the phone was stern.

  ”Okay, okay, I’m in the Central District, I’ll go right there.” Xiongjun shook his head helplessly and hung up the phone.

  ”Sorry, my car will be parked at your house for a day, and I will pick it up tomorrow. Now I have to go back to the hotel in a hurry.” Xiongjun turned his head and said to Chen Kai with a forced smile.

  ”Thank you for helping to repair the car. I wanted to invite you to dinner. I’ll take you there and get on the bus.” Chen Kai sincerely invited Xiongjun to get on the bus.

  When Chen Kai sent Xiongjun to the Manuka hotel, Lu Le was already waiting anxiously at the door. The two hurried upstairs and went to the chairman’s office. It turned out that the travel company not only reported to the police, but also to the Immigration Bureau. The Immigration Bureau had to take care of it and sent two people to investigate.

  Xiong Jun and Lu Le once again described the ins and outs of the incident in detail. After the immigration people heard it, they didn’t plan to take any action.

  The reason is very simple, New Zealand is a country ruled by law, and everything must be done according to the law. Although the fleeing tourists were on tourist visas, the tourist visas have not yet expired. Immigration has no reason to file an investigation. In other words, the escaped tourist is currently in New Zealand legally.

  Before leaving, the immigration staff gave a simple suggestion to find the tourist before her tourist visa expires. Otherwise, a formal investigation will be filed, causing unnecessary trouble to the company.

  The chairman’s suggestion is also very simple, find the tourist before her tourist visa expires. Otherwise, under New Zealand employment law, the two will be fired.

  Xiong Jun and Lu Le looked at each other, reluctantly left the chairman’s office and walked down the stairs, feeling very annoyed. I didn’t expect that this good job would be gone so soon. Without a job, there would be no income. Without income, I would not be able to guarantee my girlfriend to reunite and immigrate. This time, Xiong Jun was so anxious that even Lu Le, who usually had a hilarious smile, was ashen-faced and dumbfounded.

  Chen Kai started looking for a new place to live in the Central District that afternoon. He bravely walked into the foreigner’s real estate agency, communicated boldly in broken English, told them his rental requirements, and consulted the rental price.

  After some detailed consultation, I suddenly realized that for the rent I rented the garage, I could find a decent one-bedroom, one-bedroom, warm brick house in the central district.

  When the agent took him to see a house, he immediately signed the rental contract and paid the deposit, which is completely incomparable with the garage he lives in now, and the price is a little cheaper, the location is good, and it is convenient to travel. There is also a public kindergarten next door.

  After leaving the real estate agency, Chen Kai felt full of confidence, and he no longer had to find those who spoke Chinese to fool him.

  But when he returned to the garage full of joy, he proposed to the landlady to move out tomorrow. The landlady looked annoyed, she actually said that the two-week deposit would not be refunded. If you want to move out, you must give two weeks’ notice in advance.

  In desperation, Chen Kai had to wait for the landlord, Lao Li, to come back to talk. But who knew that Lao Li turned his face and refused to recognize the person, and threatened, “Chen Kai, you just arrived in New Zealand, don’t offend anyone. You still need to apply for a green card! They will check your background! You won’t be able to get your green card by then, it’s a waste of time and money.”

  Chen Kai was so angry that he really wanted to punch him, but after thinking about it, he endured it, but he still decided to move out tomorrow, even if the deposit is not refunded!

  Old Li looked at Chen Kai’s back, and added, “If you’re not happy, you can go to a lawsuit! The lawyer’s fee alone costs several thousand New Zealand dollars, don’t make trouble for yourself, you are only a temporary visa now, be careful that you can’t Renew!”

  Chen Kai didn’t turn around, he endured his grief and anger and went back to the garage. Some Chinese people only bully their own Chinese. It seems that in a foreign country, everything depends on yourself, the most important thing is the language, you must learn English well.

  Chen Kai later learned that it was Lao Li who violated the law. Not only did he not have a rental agreement, but he also withheld the deposit without authorization, which has violated the law. These will not affect your own entrepreneurial immigration green card application at all. Because there is no rental agreement, Chen Kai’s deposit can also be denied, and after all, he has been deceived again.

  At dinner time, Xiongjun walked around the student dormitory area of ​​the University of Auckland with his packaged meals, and finally stood downstairs in the dormitory as if his soul was out of his body.

  Wang Bingbing, who was sitting at the window on the second floor, saw him standing stupidly for a long time, and couldn’t help shouting, “Hey!”

  ”Ah?” Xiongjun came back to his senses, looked up, and hurried upstairs, “Come here!”

  ”The door is unlocked, please come in!” Wang Bingbing shouted at the door.

  ”Sorry, I’ve kept you waiting for a long time. I’m hungry, so I just packed and ordered.” Xiongjun quickly put the food on the table and handed over his chopsticks, but his face was expressionless.

  Wang Bingbing took the chopsticks and looked at him curiously. He was different from the warm and honest hero in the hospital last night. Why is he so preoccupied today, dumbfounded.

  ”What’s wrong? It hurts to invite me to eat and spend money?” Wang Bingbing asked tentatively.

  ”No, of course not. Something went wrong at work, and I haven’t figured it out yet.” Xiong Jun came back to his senses, looked at Wang Bingbing for dinner, and said.

  ”You haven’t eaten yet, have you? Let’s eat together, I can’t eat so much. You bought two servings, and two pairs of chopsticks.” Wang Bingbing handed the chopsticks to Xiongjun.

  Xiongjun looked around and asked curiously, “Where’s your sister? There’s another for your sister. You two don’t live together?”

  Wang Bingbing said helplessly, “My sister is very busy and rarely comes back to live.”

  ”Oh, you are all international students, right? You shouldn’t. International students can only work for a limited time, unless they are black workers.” Seeing that Wang Bingbing didn’t say a word, he quickly added, “I, I didn’t mean that.”

  Wang Bingbing was blunt, “Yes, my sister works undercover and works in bars. We are both on student visas. I study and she makes money. She said that she is not material for study, she has her own plans.”

  ”Oh, so it is. No wonder he is so old-fashioned, drenched in the blood of my scolding, and is honest. Looking back on it, I am afraid. In the future, when she is here, I should put my things down and go.” Xiongjun said to himself.

  ”No way, how timid, you are quite old, in your early forties, right? Are you married and have children?” Wang Bingbing looked at Xiongjun and asked mischievously.

  ”I’m in my early thirties, but I’m mature. I’m not married, my girlfriend is in China, and I’m going to reunite and immigrate. By the way, why doesn’t your boyfriend come to accompany you?” Xiongjun asked curiously.

  ”Boyfriend?” Wang Bingbing stared at Xiongjun with bright eyes, frowning at Xiongjun, her face full of doubts.

  ”What’s the name of that tall man, Ji Li, Su Ji Li. He’s not your boyfriend? There’s no doubt about your talents and looks.” Xiong Jun smiled and said triumphantly.

  Wang Bingbing stared at the ceiling with her big eyes, stunned for a moment, and said happily, “Forget it, we are good friends, fellow villagers, all from Hangzhou. However, we haven’t fallen in love yet.”

  ”I think he cares about you a lot, and it’s obvious that he’s pursuing you. Why don’t you hint him.” Xiongjun teased with a smile on his face.

  Wang Bingbing was secretly delighted at first, but suddenly her expression became serious, and she said solemnly, “I understand, you are encouraging me, and when he comes back to take care of me, you will be fine, hum! You think beautifully.”

  ”Hey, this girl is really smart! You can see through this set of tricks at a glance, haha.” Xiongjun laughed and flattered.

  ”You are quite humorous, much more stable than your friend.” Before Wang Bingbing finished speaking, Xiongjun’s WeChat phone rang.

  Xiongjun picked up the phone and looked at it, smiled slightly, “My girlfriend is calling.”

  Wang Bingbing chewed and swallowed without saying a word, watching Xiongjun holding his mobile phone and whispering softly.

  ”Huihui, I’m taking care of the bruised girl, yes… I’m having dinner, yes… She’s a good person, reasonable, yes… I’ve had a plaster cast for a fractured bone, yes, it’s an accident… Okay, let’s hang up first.”

  Xiongjun hung up the phone, turned his head and smiled and said, “She wishes you a speedy recovery.”

  ”Thank you, but I have to blame you. If you hadn’t bumped into me, I wouldn’t have done this.” Wang Bingbing complained.

  ”Of course, it was me who was wrong. I was wrong. Forgive me. I will be responsible to the end and make up for it.” Xiongjun greeted him with a smile and picked up the trash.

  Wang Bingbing looked down at the crutches beside her, feeling down and gloomy.

  After picking up the trash, Xiongjun was about to leave. He looked at the clock on the wall and asked curiously, “Then I’m going back, won’t your sister come back at night? Can you do it alone?”

  Wang Bingbing knocked on the crutches beside her, and said calmly, “No problem, I don’t do anything, just go to bed.”

  ”Okay, what do you want to eat tomorrow?” Xiongjun turned around and asked at the door.

  ”Sleep until noon tomorrow, wait for your lunch, eat pizza. You go, be careful on the road, I’ll lock the door.” Wang Bingbing got up on crutches.

  ”Okay, call me if you have anything. I live in the Central District, not far away.”

  ”Okay, thank you, bye.” Wang Bingbing locked the door and went back to the sofa, flipping through the TV show boringly, feeling depressed.

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