[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 5

  Chen Kai is loading a suitcase into his car, preparing to leave early tomorrow morning. But the child suddenly developed a high fever, 39.5 degrees, for no apparent reason, it was already ten o’clock in the evening. With an idea, I quickly opened Google Maps, searched for the nearest hospital, and rushed over with the child.

  This is the first time Chen Kai has come to a hospital in New Zealand. It is very different from a domestic hospital. The whole hospital is empty and few people can be seen. The husband and wife rushed into the reception area with their children in their arms, and saw that there were two children sitting around waiting for the emergency room, and their mood settled down. That’s right, this is the place to see a doctor.

  A foreign nurse enthusiastically came up to inquire about the condition and recorded the situation. Anxious Chen Kai stumblingly communicated in broken English. However, many professional medical words were involved, and Chen Kai couldn’t understand it, nor could he speak clearly.

  In desperation, the nurse applied for a Chinese translation. When asked what kind of Chinese Chen Kai spoke, Chen Kai was confused. It turned out that there are several kinds of Chinese! And these kinds of names have never been heard, what Mandarin, Cantonese, and others.

  ”What? Oranges? Canned food?” Chen Kai looked confused.

  The nurse had an idea, asked where Chen Kai came from in China, checked the map, and finally determined that Chen Kai should speak Chinese Mandarin, also called Mandarin, orange…

  Chen Kai’s family waited in the waiting room for about 40 minutes, and finally an Asian woman appeared at the door, and she rushed in in a hurry. Seeing her was like seeing a savior, Chen Kai explained the situation in one breath. But who knew that after listening to her, she didn’t know much, and replied in broken Chinese, “Please speak slowly, don’t worry.”

  Chen Kai was completely devastated. Although she translated from Mandarin Chinese, she is a Chinese born in New Zealand. She majored in Mandarin Chinese. She had to speak word by word and explain slowly until she understood, and then translated it to the nurse. . But at least we can communicate, but the speed is very slow and the efficiency is not high.

  After the nurse carefully recorded the condition, she handed it over to the doctor and asked Chen Kai’s family to wait for a while. It has been an hour and a half before and after, it seems how important it is to learn English well.

  It took another half an hour for the doctor to appear, to examine Chen Kai’s child’s condition in detail, and to talk a lot about it. Finally, I learned from the translator that the general meaning is that the child’s fever does not exceed 40 degrees, and it is not recommended to use drugs. The doctor gave the child a popsicle and told Chen Kai to continue to observe. If the temperature continued to rise, he would be sent to the hospital, and then the Chen Kai family would be sent back.

  This made Chen Kai very confused and dissatisfied. Is this New Zealand’s advanced healthcare system? In China, the child has long been given dangling injections and antipyretics. But after waiting here for a long time for the doctor, he just looked at it casually and gave him a popsicle.

  What confuses Chen Kai even more is that, before he left the hospital, he habitually thought about the need to pay for medical expenses. Finally, I found out that hospitals in New Zealand do not charge fees. If there is a need to charge, all bills will be mailed to the address.

  Strange to say, after Chen Kai’s child ate the popsicle given by the doctor, the fever subsided when he returned home, and returned to normal the next day. Maybe because of some allergies, Auckland is like spring all year round, and there are tidbits flying everywhere. Or the garage is too cold to adapt for a while. No one knows what the situation is, maybe it’s because of acclimatization.

  But not long after, Chen Kai received an invoice from the hospital for $450. Because Chen Kai holds a nine-month temporary visa and does not enjoy free medical services in New Zealand, all expenses must be paid by himself. That popsicle is 450 New Zealand dollars…

  Fortunately, the child is fine, pay more money, what is it? Chen Kai recalled the night he went to the emergency room, there was no car on the road, and all the stores were closed except for a few bars. In other words, in China, all kinds of entertainment activities are very lively. It is said that at night in Auckland, there is nothing to do but bars and adult venues.

  In a dimly lit striptease bar in the city center, Wang Lily, wearing heavy makeup, was wriggling her half-naked body gracefully on the stage. That’s what she’s working for, a stripper in a strip bar.

  Her dance style is elegant, full of charm, and has the demeanor of a professional dancer. Later, I learned that the two sisters, Wang Baihe and Wang Bingbing, started to learn ballet at the age of four. At the age of 13, they also participated in various dance competitions and won the championship and runner-up.

  For Wang Baihe, striptease is just a matter of taking off a few clothes and twisting his body a few times, without any technical content.

  Working in a restaurant, the minimum wage is $15 an hour, and you can earn up to $100 in a busy night. In striptease bars, customers tip a lot, sometimes 1500 New Zealand dollars a day, and at least 500 New Zealand dollars a day, on average, about 1000 New Zealand dollars a day.

  New Zealand is a country where prostitution is legal, so every year, many foreign women hold student visas to study in New Zealand in the name of studying abroad.

  Wang Baihe took this road. He studied in New Zealand for four years, took time to manage his studies during the day, and made extra money at a strip club at night. In fact, striptease is just an appetizer. Whenever she gets off work, there are many children from rich families rushing to cover her for the night. This is a very considerable amount of income. Two thousand dollars. Most of these rich young masters are the descendants of high-ranking officials and wealthy businessmen in China. They are rich and powerful at home, and idle abroad.

  Her sisters had already paid an account, averaging NZ$2,000 a day, or NZ$60,000 a month. One year minus living expenses is 600,000 yuan. After four years of studying abroad, you can return to China with 2.4 million New Zealand dollars. According to the exchange rate at that time, it can be converted into 11 million yuan. And also studied abroad, although you may not get a degree, but who knows?

  After a trip abroad to study, there will be more than 10 million after returning home, and the sparrow will become a phoenix. And he’s still a returnee. With such a good business, who wouldn’t want to do it? More or less girls are scrambling to get ahead, breaking their scalps to study abroad, many of them are for this, not like Wang Bingbing to study, get a degree, and find a job.

  Whether it is at home or abroad, it is easy to do things with money. Even if you want to stay abroad, you can easily find a silly foreigner to marry. Even if you return to the country, with the money and the status of returnees, you can marry into a wealthy family.

  At 2 o’clock in the middle of the night, the whole of Auckland was silent, only the bars in the city center were bustling and noisy. Wang Lihe, who had just removed her makeup after get off work, walked out of the bar with her bag and got into a sports car.

  Daddy, who recently took care of her, is a wealthy Chinese businessman from New Zealand, ten years older than her. Some time ago, she also sent her a car. Because she didn’t have a driver’s license, she could only park the car downstairs in the student apartment to eat ashes.

  Over the past few years, Wang Lihe has changed a lot of sweetheart daddy, that is, the caregiver. First pretend to be a pure girl, then play a coquettish slut. She has long been tired of this kind of life, and it’s nothing more than making money, just for fun.

  And this time, the wealthy Chinese businessman Lao Yang seems to really care about her. Lao Yang was driving in one hand and holding a cigarette in the other. After exhaling a puff of smoke, he turned his head and asked, “Wang Baihe, are you graduating soon? I guess you won’t be able to get your degree. Are you planning to go back to China? Or do you want to stay in New Zealand? “

  Wang Baihe took a small mirror, wiped the heavy clothes left on her cheeks, and said without looking at it, “Of course I’m back to China, what’s so good about New Zealand? Xiaoqianpo, I’ve been here for so long, and I haven’t eaten anything. Had a good meal. Are there hairy crabs here? Are there live fish here? Nothing.”

  ”Hehe, I can’t say that. New Zealand also has good places. It is democratic and free, living and working in peace and contentment, blue sky and white clouds, and the four seasons are like spring. I hope you can stay. If you really want to eat, you can go to Australia in the morning with a plane ticket, and you can eat it in the afternoon. It’s only a three-hour flight to get back.” Lao Yang drove into his lifestyle manor and said with a smile.

  ”Stay? Are you going to let me down, or are you going to marry me? You have a family, and I’m not your mistress.” Wang Baihe said calmly and sneeringly.

  Lao Yang parked the car in front of his villa and got off, opened the door to invite Wang Baihe to get out of the car, and smiled slightly, “If you want to stay, of course I have a way to get you a work permit first and turn back to a green card. Another day, I’ll get an immigration lawyer to do it.”

  ”No merit and no reward, why are you so good to me? Are you really in love with me? Work is work, and feelings are feelings, and I can clearly distinguish it.” With the charm of a gorgeous woman, she got out of the car with a graceful dance and entered the villa with Lao Yang.

  Life really needs to be managed, and those who can manage have already made a lot of money at the age of flowers and jade, and those who can’t manage, even when they are old, they are still struggling.

  Being cared for is not an easy job. It’s not like we laymen imagined, eating, sleeping, dressing up, and being able to be on call. It is not an easy thing to be on call, sometimes Lao Yang is drunk and invites Wang Baihe to accompany him in the middle of the night. So Lao Yang gave Wang Baihe a BMW 320, and asked her to get a driver’s license as soon as possible, so that she could be on call and drive after drinking.

  As a professionally fostered woman, you should not only be on call, but also change your style according to different occasions. Sometimes when Lao Yang invited Wang Baihe to go fishing together, she would deliberately wear a bikini on the inside, put on sunscreen on the outside, and don’t forget to take seasickness medicine before boarding the boat, so as not to feel unwell at sea and be embarrassed. Sometimes when Lao Yang invited Wang Baihe to go skiing together, she had to be fully armed and wear knee pads and padded jackets to prevent frostbite from falling in the snow, making her look weak. This time Lao Yang invited her to accompany her to play golf. Wang Baihe also went to the specialty store to buy polo shirts and sweatpants to show off her legs and figure, so as not to lose Lao Yang’s face. Not only that, but she arrived a few hours early to learn the basics of golf, lest she be overwhelmed and clumsy when she gets it. This may be the reason why Lao Yang looks at her with admiration, dedication!

  Golf is the most popular social activity in the Commonwealth of Nations, and New Zealand, a small country with a population of 4.5 million, has the second largest number of golf courses in the world, and by the way, Scotland ranks first. But most players are foreigners, and only those Chinese who have money and spare time will participate in this kind of social movement. Wang Baihe followed Lao Yang to get to know many famous people, and there was also a Chinese Justice of the Peace present today. The title of Justice of the Peace originated from the United Kingdom. It can be simply understood that he is a very well-connected and prestigious person among the people. He is appointed by the government to maintain social order and community peace, and simply handles some legal-related procedures. Being able to get in touch with a Justice of the Peace makes it easy to do business.

  Wang Baihe followed Lao Yang and walked with the group for a while. Listening to the clichés in the business field, she felt very bored, but she still had a smile on her face. But it didn’t take long for her to have a headache. Although she endured it and tried her best to cover it up, the headache intensified, and she finally passed out on the golf course.

  When she opened her eyes again, she found that she was already lying on the hospital bed, and Lao Yang was sitting beside him playing with his mobile phone. Seeing Wang Baihe open his eyes, Lao Yang immediately stood up, stroked her forehead, and asked softly, “How are you feeling now? Does your head still hurt?”

  Wang Baihe frowned and nodded slightly, faint pains circling in his head. Looking at Lao Yang’s anxious eyes, she showed a slight smile, and Lao Yang’s fatherly care moved her very much, and said in a low voice, “I’m sorry, I have embarrassed you today.”

  ”Don’t say that, how could it be.” Lao Yang stroked Wang Baihe’s cheek, looking a little remorseful, and said regretfully, “It’s my fault, I don’t care enough about you, you should wear a hat.”

  Wang Baihe couldn’t understand it at first, but after listening to Lao Yang’s explanation, he finally understood. New Zealand has no tall buildings, so in the wild, wild winds rage. As long as you are not a local, standing in the wild and blowing for ten minutes will definitely give you a headache. If you blow on the beach for ten minutes, you will be bedridden and have a high fever. Therefore, foreigners, regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, must wear a hat as long as they are in the wild.

  In order to give Lao Yang face, Wang Baihe persisted for several hours, and finally had a headache and collapsed to the ground, which moved Lao Yang very much. That night, NZ$10,000 was charged into her account, which was considered nutrition. Every industry is not easy, don’t look down on those who are supported, eat hard food, and do manual work.

  Lao Yang’s love for Wang Baihe moved her very much. Sometimes, she even imagined that the relationship with Lao Yang was not a pure money-and-meat transaction, but also contained an elusive and ethereal emotional foundation. , Maybe it’s love over time, maybe it’s self-indulgent. However, Wang Baihe, who is dedicated to her work, plans to work hard to get her driver’s license as soon as possible, so that she can further integrate into Lao Yang’s life.

  Taking a driver’s license in New Zealand, learning to drive is not like a systematic driving school like in China, and there is no large-scale training institution. According to the strategy that was checked on the Internet in advance, Wang Lihe came to the Central Branch of the New Zealand AA Automobile Association. This is New Zealand’s largest authority with the widest coverage of car-related services, including driving licence tests. After submitting the passport and student visa, and registering the test information, the theory test was started immediately. It was operated on a computer and available in multiple languages, including Chinese. Therefore, Wang Baihe successfully passed the theory test and obtained the primary driver’s license. With this license, you can legally start learning to drive. The process of learning to drive is also very simple, you can go directly to take the driver’s license test, or find a personal trainer to accompany you. The AA Automobile Association has official coaches, and the price is relatively expensive, at 80 New Zealand dollars an hour. If you find an amateur coach to train online, it can cost 50 New Zealand dollars an hour. The process of taking the driver’s license test is also very casual, you can drive your own car, unlike China, you must use the car in the test room. The examiner will sit next to you, and you only need to open 15 minutes according to his requirements. If all the movements are up to the standard, you can pass the test. The requirements of each examiner are different. If you encounter some strict examiners, most of them will not pass. Although Wang Baihe practiced for two months, the sparring also said that her driving has been very stable. But he failed to pass the test three times in a row, perhaps because the examiner was more strict, some small movements did not meet the standard, or he did not drive according to the examiner’s instructions, he immediately announced that the test was over and the test failed. Wang Baihe was very annoyed. The examiners he met three times were all Indians. They were full of curry English and couldn’t understand what they were saying. Perhaps these Indian examiners were deliberately inarticulate, causing Wang Baihe to fail the exam inexplicably.

  Since the driver’s license test is so casual, as long as the examiner thinks you can drive, he can declare you to pass the test. According to Wang Baihe’s style, he planned to spend some money to bribe the examiner, but was persuaded by Lao Yang. After all, Wang Baihe holds a student visa. Once the matter is exposed, there will be tainted records, which will cause unnecessary trouble for future green card applications. Later, Lao Yang took a day to personally take Wang Baihe to the examination room to give her courage. Unexpectedly, after Lao Yang arrived at the examination room, he checked the situation of the examination room. Seeing that there were more than ten candidates waiting for the examination, he immediately left with Wang Baihe. Wang Baihe didn’t understand why at first, and was puzzled, but after listening to Lao Yang’s explanation, he suddenly became enlightened and realized. According to Lao Yang, there are too many candidates in this test center, and the examiners have to face so many novice exams every day without interruption. Naturally, they are in a bad mood. If they are in a bad mood, they do not want candidates to pass the exam. A few days later, Lao Yang took Wang Baihe to the northernmost town for a tour, where he applied for a driver’s license test by the way. It was a tourist town. There were very few people applying for a driver’s license there. The examiners there were bored every day, and other jobs were busy with multiple jobs. It was a joy to learn that someone was applying for a driver’s license. The examiner, a middle-aged foreigner, was overjoyed when he saw Wang Baihe’s beautiful appearance. The 15-minute driving test took half an hour. Wang Baihe took him around the town twice, the two of them chatting and laughing along the way. The driver’s license test became English teaching. Even though Wang Baihe made a lot of driving mistakes, the examiner did not blame her, but kept reminding her to pay attention in the future. In the end, she happily completed the exam and gave her a certificate of passing the exam. Wang Baihe just passed the driving test and got his New Zealand driver’s license a week later. And Chen Kai didn’t know this kind of routine. He kept failing and retaking the test. After six times, he passed the test and got his driver’s license.

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