[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 6

  After Wang Baihe got his driver’s license, he disappeared even more. He used to go home late at night, but now he is either traveling abroad or helping Lao Yang’s drunken descendants to drive. Leaving my sister Wang Bingbing alone in the student dormitory, fortunately, Xiao Su and Xiongjun take care of her. Morning jog is Xiao Su’s daily fitness program, but now he needs to take his morning jog every day, along the Prince’s Wharf by the city center, to the student apartment of Auckland University, and deliver breakfast to Wang Bingbing.

  For a few days in a row, he noticed a girl with a pure and sweet appearance and a simple and beautiful dress, sitting on a stone bench in the Prince’s Wharf early in the morning, facing the sea, dazed. I thought it was because she had nothing to do, but today it was drizzling lightly, and she still sat there as always, completely ignoring the rain falling on her body.

  Xiao Su ran past her, stopped for a second, and looked at her intently. The girl looked at the end of the sea with a sad face, completely unaware of the passers-by around her, and seemed to be alone in a brooding thought. Much like Cinderella in Korean idol dramas, the kind of poor princess who was kicked out of the house because of the grudges of the wealthy.

  After hesitating for a while, Xiao Su ran back again, stopped in front of the girl, smiled slightly, and asked, “Hi, how are you?”

  The girl’s thoughts were interrupted by one of his greetings, her face was expressionless, she looked at him with vigilant eyes, and it took a long time to reply, “Fine, thank you.”

  This looks like a typical foreigner, and nine out of ten are Chinese. If you are a local, you will definitely reply with a smile, “Good!”. And only Chinese English textbooks say, “Fine, thank you and you?”. Locals don’t have the indifferent expressions and textbook responses.

  ”Chinese?” Xiao Su guessed triumphantly.

  The girl’s eyes widened, and she began to panic a little. She looked at Xiao Su and looked up and down. After struggling for a while, she hesitantly said, “Well.”

  This made Xiao Su even more curious, and couldn’t help asking, “I see you sit here every day, what are you doing? It’s raining now, and you’re still sitting here.”

  The girl stared at Xiao Su with wide eyes, unable to answer, she struggled for a while, then got up and left quickly.

  Looking at her distant back, Xiao Su was very confused. But from the next day, she was no longer seen sitting on that stone bench looking out at the sea. But not long after, Xiao Su Chen ran past the coffee shop in Prince’s Wharf, and unexpectedly found that she was sitting in the coffee shop. Still the same, solemn and depressed, looking at the end of the sea with a look of sadness on his face.

  Maybe it was because Xiao Su blocked the sunlight, she turned her head and looked, the two looked at each other through the glass of the coffee shop, and smiled slightly. Her smile was so sweet, it attracted Xiao Su deeply, her legs seemed to be stuck to the ground, and she could no longer take a step.

  The girl changed from a smile to an awkward smile, and finally turned her head to continue looking at the sea, avoiding Xiao Su’s gaze. Xiao Su was stunned for a while, then reacted, feeling that she was too reckless and impolite, so she turned and left.

  But from that day on, Xiao Su thought about the girl from time to time. Maybe because of her sweet smile, maybe because of her mysterious whereabouts, or maybe because of her sad demeanor. Whatever the reason, Xiao Su actually dreamed of her, which was unprecedented and meaningful. In the days that followed, Xiao Su walked past the coffee shop in Prince’s Wharf every morning, and she could be seen sitting there drinking coffee and looking out at the sea. Occasionally, the two of them looked at each other, smiled and said hello, and there was no other chance for contact.

  Finally one day, Xiao Su couldn’t help but make a follow-up operation, watching her come out of the coffee shop from a distance, carefully following her. After drinking more than two hours of coffee, the girl started wandering aimlessly until lunchtime into a downtown Chinese restaurant. After dinner, I continued to wander, and I visited almost every street in the city center. It was not until 3 pm that I packed a KFC fast food and started to walk away from the city center.

  The girl obviously didn’t notice that Xiao Su was following her. She walked unprepared for more than half an hour. When she arrived at a residential area, she walked to a house with familiarity. She looked around and saw that no one was following her. house.

  There were three cars parked in front of the red-walled and black-tiled house. It seemed that the girl’s family had quite a lot of people. The area of ​​this house is also good. The price of a house in the city center must not be cheap. Is it a princess from a rich family? Xiao Su curiously wrote down the house number and went home to check the price of the house online.

  After inquiries, I found out that this large five-bedroom house is a shared house and is still being rented. Shared housing is a common occurrence in New Zealand. Everything is expensive in New Zealand, and the most expensive thing is the house. An ordinary five-bedroom house with a better location would cost NZ$1,000 a week in rent. If you can find five people to share the rent, then each person only needs to pay 200 rent a week.

  Xiao Su excitedly read the terms of the lease. She is single, does not keep pets, does not smoke, does not make noise, and does not make noise. Great, he happily started emailing the landlord. Of course, it wasn’t because the rent was cheap, but because he found a shortcut to the girl.

  In the student apartment of Auckland University, Wang Bingbing was sitting at the window bored, looking at the pedestrians coming and going downstairs, bored. I don’t know when to start, waiting for the arrival of Xiongjun or Lu Le every day has become the happiest thing in her day.

  Xiong Jun is mature and stable, humorous and witty. Lu Le had a hippy smile and a glib expression. If these two people can be merged into one, they will be Mr. Perfect and Wang Bingbing’s ideal man.

  A warm smile appeared on Wang Bingbing’s sullen cheeks. Not far away, Xiongjun appeared in her field of vision, carrying a packing box and walking briskly.

  There was a knock on the door, “Wang Bingbing, are you at home?”

  ”Come in, you are so funny, can I still go there?” Wang Bingbing was so happy that she pretended to be calm.

  Xiongjun was stunned for a moment, then came back to his senses and said, “Oh, that’s true. How are you feeling today? Are you feeling better?”

  ”Let’s be so-so, it’s only been less than a month, and I don’t feel any improvement.” Wang Bingbing squinted at Xiongjun and said in a deliberately disappointed manner.

  ”Don’t worry, recuperate with peace of mind, and you will get better.” Xiongjun lined up the lunch boxes on the table and said comfortingly.

  Wang Bingbing looked at the fast food box and sighed, “Hey, before I was injured, I was such a free bird, I was alive and kicking every day, I could go wherever I wanted, and now I’m locked in a bird cage every day waiting for you to feed. I’m already depressed, I’m afraid my legs and feet will heal and my mind will collapse.”

  Xiongjun looked out of the window with the clear sky for a while, tangled for a while, then turned his head and said, “I’ll take you out for a walk after eating, the weather is good today, where do you want to go?”

  ”Ha!” Wang Bingbing was overjoyed, but asked calmly, “Really? It won’t delay your work, will it?”

  ”No, I have been suspended, and there is time.” Xiongjun said helplessly.

  ”That’s great!” Wang Bingbing was full of joy, but suddenly came back to her senses and said embarrassedly, “I, I didn’t mean that.”

  Xiongjun frowned and looked at her, looking at her smiling and eating with a big mouth, like a happy child, sighed in his heart, helpless. The two sat facing each other, looking at each other, chewing slowly. Wang Bingbing’s eyes were full of affection, it was not intended to seduce, but the expression of true feelings and sincerity. The attitude of Xiongjun is always obedient.

  ”Slow down, be careful with your legs. How did you get up before?” Xiong Jun carefully supported Wang Bingbing and moved downstairs step by step. Fortunately, most buildings in New Zealand are two-story buildings. If it is higher, there is no elevator, and it is really impossible to go downstairs.

  ”Xiao Su came up on my back.” Wang Bingbing turned her head and said with a smug look on her face.

  Xiong Jun was stunned for a while, then came back to his senses and stood in front of Wang Bingbing and said, “I understand, come on, I’ll carry you down.”

  Wang Bingbing smiled shyly, and immediately put away the crutches and lay on Xiongjun’s back.

  ”Hey! You are heavier than I thought!” Xiongjun carried Wang Bingbing on his back, complaining and went downstairs.

  ”It’s all your fault! Give me takeout every day, and make me fat! I’ve long been tired of those takeaways.” Wang Bingbing complained mischievously on her back.

  ”Okay, okay, I’ll buy some vegetables to cook for you next time. It’s still cheap. For the price of one takeout, you can buy vegetables and cook for seven meals!” Xiongjun quickly went downstairs with Wang Bingbing on his back. , said thoughtfully.

  ”What?! You actually know how to cook?! Can you eat it?” Wang Bingbing asked with a surprised face.

  ”Before going abroad, I worked as a cook for two years, but I couldn’t cook big dishes, but home-cooked dishes are no problem.” Xiongjun put down Wang Bingbing by the door and said triumphantly.

  ”I want to eat egg yolk pumpkin, Kung Pao chicken, sweet and sour pork loin, green pepper shredded pork, and…” Wang Bingbing casually listed a bunch of dish names.

  ”You’re really welcome! Where do you want to go?” Xiongjun started the car and smiled wryly.

  Wang Bingbing was full of joy, with a wide-eyed smile, and with her fingers in front of her, she shouted, “One Tree Mountain!”

  One Tree Hill, formerly known as One Tree Hill, is a national park in central Auckland and an active volcano. Not only the environment is beautiful and the scenery is pleasant, it is also an excellent place for picnics, barbecues, flowers and babies. The park is huge, and it takes at least half an hour to drive around.

  The male army drove the car to the top of the monument, and the whole Auckland city had a panoramic view. Looking up, the clouds are light and the wind is light, the warm sun is shining high, the head is down and the green is dripping, and the roots are deep and leafy. The two sat on the top of the mountain, looking at the Sky Tower, the tallest landmark building in Auckland in the distance.

  ”Wang Bingbing, what major are you studying? Will you be able to find a job in the future?” Xiongjun took a drink from the car, reached out and handed it, and asked curiously.

  Wang Bingbing turned her head and smiled and said proudly, “Accountant, I want to take the CPA exam.”

  ”Brilliant! Awesome! In the future, I will manage the money of the rich when I go to work, and manage my husband’s money after get off work. You are the richest, haha!” Xiongjun teased while drinking a drink.

  Wang Bingbing sighed, “Hey, I will finish reading in half a year, and now it’s delayed. I heard that the policy may change in half a year, and it will be over by then. You won’t make me unable to find a job, have no food, and have tears in my eyes. Are you going home?”

  ”Impossible, if this is the case, I will open a company and hire you as an accountant.” Xiongjun comforted confidently.

  ”By the way, are you still suspended now? Do you have no income? Haven’t the girl who escaped been found yet?” Wang Bingbing asked with concern.

  ”Although New Zealand has a population of only 4 million and the place is not big, it is quite troublesome to find people. It is still suspended now, and it will be resigned in a month. But I work as a part-time chef in a Chinese restaurant at night. , the income is so-so.” Xiongjun looked up at the blue sky and said helplessly.

  Wang Bingbing looked at him and felt the same way, “You’ve worked too hard. I’m much better now. I can walk a few times on crutches. You don’t have to come to see me every day. I’ll buy some instant noodles later, and I’ll just cook and eat it myself.”

  Xiongjun looked at her gratefully, stunned for a while, his smile gradually disappeared, “I don’t dare, go back and kill your sister and cut me into eight pieces.”

  ”Haha! So you are afraid of my sister!” The two laughed wildly at each other.

  ”Look! There are so many people over there! The cherry blossoms are blooming!” Wang Bingbing shouted, pointing to the cherry blossom forest under the mountain.

  ”Let’s go!” Xiongjun pulled Wang Bingbing up, and the two got into the car with high spirits and went towards the cherry blossom forest.

  The entire cherry blossom forest is full of blooming, fragrant and full of trees. All kinds of people sit on the ground, have a barbecue and have a picnic. Children play, chase and frolic, the elderly drink tea and enjoy flowers, chat and laugh, young people sit in twos, warm and sweet, pets are alive and kicking, and there is a lively scene of babies, dogs and kites. Wang Bingbing leaned on crutches, smiling happily under the cherry blossom tree.

  The two sat leisurely under the cherry tree until sunset, and Xiongjun’s cell phone rang, “Brother Xiong, I’m Chen Kai. How are you? I’ve moved to the Central District, everything is settled, and I’ve always wanted to treat you to a meal. ,thank you for your help.”

  ”You’re welcome, little things are nothing to talk about.” Xiongjun replied politely.

  ”Do you live in the Central District? Let’s have a meal together. I would like to ask you some experience in starting a company. I wonder if it would be too reckless.” Chen Kai sincerely invited.

  ”I’m in the central district, and I’m watching cherry blossoms with an accountant friend, huh. Why don’t we do it tomorrow?” Xiongjun looked at Wang Bingbing and replied to Chen Kai.

  ”Accountant! Great, let’s come together. I’m worried about changing accountants. Help, Brother Xiong.” Chen Kai’s ecstatic and excited shout came from the phone.

  ”Okay, thank you in advance. Jin Feicui Chinese Restaurant in the Central District, right? Okay, then I’ll go there now.” Xiongjun hung up the phone, turned to look at Wang Bingbing, smiled slightly, and asked happily, ” Someone invited us to dinner, are you happy?”

  ”Ah? Us?! I know each other?” Wang Bingbing was overjoyed and asked curiously.

  Xiong Jun pondered for a while, and replied solemnly, “I hit you, he hit a tree.”

  ”Haha! It seems that he is a destined person. If you don’t eat it, you are stupid. Let’s go!” Wang Bingbing got up with joy and moved to the car.

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