[Drunken Jasmine]Chapter 3 – Artist

  ”You will install a computer later and send it to the drawing room, desk number 8.” The director called me at the door of the office with a teacup.

  ”Reinstalling a computer, the hardware is not enough, only the old parts can be used, okay?” I pointed to the hardware shelf, “I haven’t purchased new hardware for a long time.”

  ”Okay.” The director was simple and clear. After speaking, he turned to leave, looking like he didn’t care.

  ”Well, with the old hardware, the drawing speed will be slower, okay?” I added, I don’t want people to use a broken computer to settle accounts with me.

  ”As long as you can use it.” The director slapped his butt and left. Do you want to build a computer to surf the Internet casually?

  So I started what I do best, installing computer hardware and assembling computers. In the unit, there are relatively few things to assemble the computer, and it is all maintenance work and replacement of hardware. Only when a new person joins the company will he be given a new computer.

  After installing the computer, set up the system, and move the computer to the drawing room, table No. 8. I also deliberately connected the wiring and left the power-on password. This way I can use it when I turn it on, and it won’t bother me again.

  It’s the most anticipated moment of the day again, which is meal time. The dishes in the cafeteria are delicious, and you can always eat another bowl of rice.

  ”Do you remember that little girl Liu? She broke up with her boyfriend yesterday.” Brother Xiong said in front of me with wide-eyed eyes. Suddenly I feel that Brother Xiong is a bit gossipy, is this the case with all older men?

  ”How do you know? You act like you know them very well.” I looked around, and the little girl Liu didn’t seem to be here today.

  ”I saw it yesterday. When I went out from get off work, I saw them at the door. Then she cried, and the man left. I took a look and knew what was going on.” Brother Xiong shook at me. Shaking his eyebrows, he looked confident.

  I looked at Brother Xiong suspiciously, and thought it was impossible. I saw that the two of them were very affectionate that day. How can I say break up?

  ”In this way, I’ll make an appointment with her later, and stay in the cafeteria for a meal in the evening. When the time comes, come over and let’s chat.” Brother Xiong glanced at the ceiling, nodded at me, and came up with a good idea. idea.

  ”No, I don’t want the girl who has been soaked.” I bowed my head and continued to eat.

  ”You don’t want it yet? It’s not your turn to wait in line. Didn’t you also get soaked? Sometimes you have to be more realistic. Girls who haven’t been soaked are only in kindergarten.” Brother Xiong covered his mouth. Belly laugh.

  ”But I always think it’s weird that someone else’s girlfriend then becomes my girlfriend, like a second-hand product.” I scratched my head and looked up and fantasized about the second-hand product.

  ”You think it’s computer hardware? It’s second-hand. Women don’t say that, who hasn’t had a few girlfriends? Your kind of thinking is almost the same as in ancient times. It’s called marriage by fingertips, perverted, understand?” , Brother Xiong gave me a class seriously.

  I was a little speechless, unable to say anything, and I don’t know why. It seems to be the case, you can’t customize a woman yourself like playing a game. If so, it would be perfect.

  ”But in the end, you despise others, and you dislike the East and the West. It can only explain one thing, that is, you don’t like them at all! When you meet a girl one day, no matter how bad her conditions are, you will think about it without hesitation. If you want her, it means that you are in love with her, she will always be the most perfect in your heart.” Brother Xiong finished, picked up the empty plate after eating, got up and left.

  Brother Xiong’s words taught me another lesson, and it was true. I liked a girl before, she is not a very beautiful girl, she is not tall, and her family is not good, but no matter what, I don’t care about these, she is the most perfect in my heart, there is only one reason, I love she. Love is a spiritual sustenance, the highest, pure and most beautiful emotional embodiment.

  I finally understood what true love is. Those goddesses are indeed alluring and endearing, but they just look good and don’t know their temperament and personality at all. How can we talk about like or not, love and not love?

  As usual, I finished dinner in the cafeteria of my work unit, and I borrowed the work unit’s computer in the office to play games for a while. Go home late, there is nothing to do at home anyway, just wash and sleep.

  At 7 o’clock in the evening, shut down and leave.

  In several buildings of the entire design institute, the lights in few rooms are still on, and those are the miserable ghosts who work overtime and some leaders chatting after dinner.

  Passing by the drawing room, I unexpectedly found that the light was still on. At this time in the past, it was already dark inside, and people went to the building to be empty. Which miserable ghost is still working overtime today?

  I glanced inside, and there was a woman sitting at table No. 8, drawing intently. She must be the new one.

  The whole building was quiet at night, and the sound of my footsteps had made her notice that someone was coming, and she turned her head and glanced at me.

  I was amazed by her appearance, she looks like Hong Kong star Zhou Huimin. Pure and lovely appearance, icy skin and jade bones, delicate nose bridge, pink lips, big eyes, black shiny hair, and a headband on her head, her whole body exudes a princess-like breath and light. But she looked a little grumpy.

  ”Are the computers all right?” I asked subconsciously. I often ask this sentence to others. After all, I am responsible for installing the computer.

  ”Who are you?” She frowned and looked at me impatiently. The look on her face was telling me how I knew her troubles stemmed from the computer.

  ”Well, I’m in the computer room, responsible for computer hardware and software.” I touched the back of my head, speaking in a low voice. From her expression, she felt like she was going to kill me.

  ”Can you come and help me see why this computer is so slow. I usually finished it a long time ago, and it’s still in the process of rendering.” Her face showed a look of helplessness and eagerness for help. She frowned and bit her lower lip, looking pitiful.

  Such a flower-like woman asked me to help me check the computer. Of course, she was ecstatic and walked in with great strides. But suddenly there was a chill behind me, and I remembered that this is the computer the director asked me to configure today, and it was built casually with some old hardware. It’s no wonder that there are no problems. The slow speed is of course.

  Take a closer look, it’s true. The software is rendering her design. Because the hardware of the computer is old, the CPU and memory are very backward, and the entire computer runs slowly. But she doesn’t know much about computers, she just thinks it’s very slow. He raised his head and looked at me with a pair of charming big eyes, eagerly anticipating my reply.

  Then I can only tell her the truth, “The configuration of this computer is too low, and the drawing will be slower. You have to wait patiently, or apply to the director tomorrow to upgrade the computer.”

  ”Oh, okay, thank you.” She looked at me helplessly, continued to turn her head, tilted her head and looked at the progress bar on the screen. She looks pretty cute, and smells the scent of jasmine on her body. But a faint crow’s feet on the corner of her eyes made me feel like she was much older than me.

  I turned around and left the drafting room. Just as I walked to the door, I heard her say something to herself, “Why don’t you move?”

  With my professional experience, I subconsciously thought that it would not be a crash, so I turned around and walked back.

  Looking at the static progress bar on the screen, I tried to tap the keyboard a few times and moved the mouse a few times, and found that there was no response. It really crashed. So he turned his head helplessly and told her, “Your computer is dead.”

  ”Ah, it’s crashed? What should I do now?” Her eyes were already big enough, and she looked at me with such wide open eyes, her eyes revealed a deep sense of anxiety, and she was burning with anxiety.

  ”It’s normal for the computer to crash. There are no immortal chickens in the world. Just restart it and press the restart button.” I pointed to the chassis and said to her solemnly.

  She sighed softly, pursed her pink lips, pressed the restart button, and the computer restarted. She looked up at me, nodded, and smiled reluctantly, “Is there no undead chicken in the world?”

  I smiled helplessly and turned around to leave the drawing room. Just when I walked to the door again, I heard her say something inside to herself, “Nothing.”

  According to my professional experience, I subconsciously think, “No”, there is only one possibility, her document is gone. Just crashed and restarted, no save.

  This time it was my turn to sigh softly, then turned back and walked to her side. She sat there in a daze at a loss, looked up at me stupidly, and her innocent big eyes showed a panicked look, “The document I just made is gone.”

  ”Did you save the picture after you finished it?”, I looked at her monitor desktop, and the tone was too professional.

  ”No, I’m in a hurry, I’m ready to go after I’m done.” She realized that she had made a low-level mistake, and her two lovely lips pursed slightly, showing a look that made people want to help her. .

  ”That’s gone.” I shook my head at her, and those words extinguished her last shreds of hope. I didn’t want to say that, but I can’t help it.

  ”God, I’ve been working on this picture for over an hour. I’ve waited for another hour to render it. What kind of broken computer is this? Why is your unit’s computer so bad?” She stared at the monitor and gritted her teeth, like a princess Furious, fortunately, the object of her accusation was not me, but the unit’s computer.

  ”Yeah, I think so too. I’ll report it to the director tomorrow, get a new high-end computer and do it again, go home early, I’ll go first, bye.” So, I turned around again and prepared to leave the drawing room , I feel that she is a little angry and not very easy to get along with.

  But she calmed down immediately, turned her head and smiled politely at me, said, “Goodbye, thank you!”, moved the stool forward, sat up straight, and was ready to start fighting again.

  ”Do you want to do it again? What if it crashes later? It’s a waste of time, don’t do it.” I was attracted by her smile, I stopped and turned my head and said to her.

  ”No, I’m here on the first day today, it’s just such a small task, I must finish it.” She tugged her hair back with her tender hands and stared at the monitor intently. Her firm will, suddenly made me look at her with admiration.

  I couldn’t resist trying to help her with this. He pointed to my office, “Like this, you go to my office, I have a computer for games that I have kept in my possession, and it’s very fast. I’ll let you finish this thing.”

  ”Really? Great.” She turned her head and widened her eyes, instantly revealing a charming smile. Seeing hope, she immediately left the drafting room with me overjoyed.

  I went back to the office again, turned on the computer, called up the drawing software she was using, and invited her to sit down and start working, while I sat there dumbfounded.

  ”Wow, your computer is so fast, you don’t get stuck at all. It really is a professional computer, but it’s different.” She was clumsily making pictures while chatting with me.

  As a professional, after a few glances at her drawing, she knew that she must have just practiced. It is estimated that it is a related household who came in through a certain relationship. Such a woman who is like a flower like a jade can’t do such a simple job well. The background must have a lot of background.

  This kind of unit is like this. The related households who come in through the relationship only need to do some simple tasks every day. And leave the tedious and important tasks to those miserable ghosts to complete.

  ”It’s already eight o’clock, it’s so late, is it alright for you to go back so late? I’m sorry for delaying you so late.” She noticed the time in the lower right corner of the computer, turned her head and said to me, apologetically look.

  To be honest, I really didn’t notice that it was eight o’clock now. It felt like being with her, time seemed to stop, and it was warm and comfortable.

  ”It’s alright, take it slow, I’ll watch TV and sleep when I go back.” I comforted her while holding my head admiring her beauty.

  Although the office was silent, I felt like I was in a garden, full of flowers and fragrance.

  Just staring blankly at her back, sizing up her figure. She is indeed a beautiful woman. I walked with her just now, and she is quite tall. She stretched out her fingers and gestured her leg length and body length. Wow, what a standard figure.

  We are all locals, with a slight accent of the local dialect, and there is no strangeness when communicating. There is no generation gap in chatting. It seems that she should be older than me, but her mind seems to be quite young.

  ”It’s done, save it this time, and then render it!”, I saw that she hit the Enter key hard, and everything was almost done.

  ”Wow, your computer rendering speed is so fast! It’s 50%! It’s 100%! Ha! It’s done!” She cheered happily, turning her head and showing me a charming smile, which made people feel like crazy drunk.

  ”Ha, that’s right. The computer I use for gaming is top-notch.” I also felt Lele Taotao, patted the computer on the shoulder, and we got through a difficult time together.

  She copied the completed work of rendering to the Internet Neighborhood, Director’s directory, and called it a day.

  ”Thank you so much for today. I’m so sorry to keep you late, it’s almost 9 o’clock.” She was really embarrassed, her face was red and her ears were hot. Was it too stressful at work just now that you didn’t have time to blush?

  ”It doesn’t matter, it’s my duty, just complete it successfully.” I turned off the computer and closed the window, ready to leave.

  ”I’ve been so busy until now that I haven’t eaten dinner. I’m starving to death. Let’s go, I’ll treat you to KFC.” She touched her stomach with one hand, looking innocent.

  ”Ah, thank you, it’s too late, I won’t have a bus when I go back.” I closed the office door and declined.

  ”So, where do you live?” she asked with a frown.

  ”I live in the north, under the North Bridge.” I smiled politely and prepared to go down the stairs.

  ”Ha, I passed by when I got home, and I hitchhiked back in a while. I drove to work.” Seeing her appearance, she should be really overjoyed. On the first day of work, she ran into big trouble, and there was someone else. helped her.

  ”Wait for me, I’ll go back to the office and get my bag.” She quickly turned around and flew back to the office, her whole back exuding a happy atmosphere. Running looks like a naughty child.

  I stood at the top of the stairs waiting for her, a little stiff, as if no one had ever invited me to dinner, except in the cafeteria. Why is my heart beating so fast? Although this woman is all over the country, I seem to be calm and not excited.

  ”Let’s go!” She picked up her bag and raised her eyebrows mischievously at me with her big charming eyes. We went down the office building together and came to this KFC next door.

  This is where the fat girl and I came a few days ago. But now, coming with this goddess sister, I feel completely different, as if I came to two completely different stores.

  ”What do you want to eat? You’re welcome,” she told me with a smug smile, two mischievous dimples on her cheeks.

  In fact, watching her smile at me, I was full, “I’ll drink a Coke, I’m full at night.”

  ”Ah, well, I’ll buy you a Coke first. Next time you’re hungry, I’ll make it up for you.” Her tone was really like a big sister taking care of a little brother. In the end, she was happy. some of my favorite food.

  Two egg tarts, two chicken wings, and a burger.

  She said a lot to me while chewing, and I didn’t hear what she said at all, I just looked at her dumbfounded, watching her smile and the subtle changes in her expression. The way she eats is lively and natural, and she is not pretentious because she is all over the country. The pink tender lips were covered with ketchup, but he bit the burger without hesitation, revealing his white and neat teeth, and chewing slowly with his cheeks puffed out. A naughty and lovely natural appearance, unlike some women, who have a cold and arrogant face.

  I hadn’t noticed just now that she was also wearing a pair of stylish earrings, which looked very foreign under the light. The whole body exudes the charm of a mature woman, without losing the liveliness and cuteness of a little girl, she is simply a goddess-like temperament and a princess-like proud beauty.

  ”Hey, hey, are you listening to me?” She stared at me with wide eyes and repeated several times.

  ”Ah? What?”, I suddenly reflected.

  ”I said I couldn’t eat it, so please help me eat this egg tart.” She held an egg tart in front of my face.

  ”Oh, okay.” I immediately took the egg tart, threw it into my mouth, and continued to listen to her chirping.

  It turned out that her name was Zhang Nini, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts, an artist, and a painter. I just painted a lot of pictures, and my family felt that there was no future. Therefore, the relationship sent her to the Planning and Design Institute. She just started learning to use software to make pictures, so she was a little rusty, and she didn’t like this job either.

  ”You must not like your job, right? It’s so boring to be in front of the computer every day.” She raised her eyebrows mischievously and squinted at me.

  Other things may be a little confusing, but at this point, I’m very clear, “No, I really like my job, I like what I do.”

  She widened her eyes with an expression of envy, admiration, and admiration, “Really! Then you must be enjoying yourself and being free every day.”

  ”Yeah, why are you unhappy and free?” I took a sip of the drink and asked her strangely.

  ”I really envy you, you can do what you want.” She lowered her head and looked a little sad, and wiped the ketchup around her tender lips with a tissue.

  ”Why can’t I do what I want?” I held my head and watched her rubbing her tender lips a little bit.

  ”You are special and different. Let’s go, go back.” She said after looking at me for a while.

  We walked back to the parking lot of the unit. At that time, there were only a few leaders who drove to work. But she actually drove a car to work, she must be a rich sister at home.

  Before getting on the car, I also took a look. There are four circles behind the car, which should be a high-end car.

  ”The car belongs to my dad. I was afraid that it would be unsafe for me to go back on the bus alone, so I drove it.” She continued to chirp at me while driving the car. She was very talkative.

  In her car, I was a little flustered and braked suddenly every time. Although I don’t know how to drive, I’ve taken a taxi and it’s not like that. She drives like this, I can’t imagine how she drives into the unit during the day.

  ”It’s just at the gate of the community in front, here it is.” I said, pointing to the front.

  Another sudden brake, the car stopped at the gate of the community. When I got out of the car, I felt comfortable all over my body. I was really nervous when I got in her car. I don’t know if it was because she was beautiful or the car was driving too badly.

  ”Then, goodbye, Sister Zhang. Drive carefully on the road.” I got out of the car, turned around and said to her with a smile.

  ”Call me, Zhang Nini.” She raised her head and smiled at me. This smile was a little naughty, a little serious, and a little embarrassing. She probably didn’t want to have any generation gap with me.

  ”Oh, see you tomorrow, Zhang Nini.” I repeated obediently.

  ”Well, see you tomorrow.” She kicked the accelerator and drove away without even turning on the turn signal. This is a typical female driver. Maybe female drivers are so overbearing when driving, I shook my head and turned into the community.

  Today, the pace of going home is particularly brisk, and it seems a little smug, what’s the situation? Don’t know, maybe dinner with a goddess and chatting?

  Strange, why do I recite her name over and over again in my mind, Zhang Nini, Zhang Nini.

  To be continued…

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