[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 8

  Wang Bingbing was in a low mood, staring out the window without saying a word, and there were still tears in the corners of her eyes. The two sisters are really sympathetic to each other. Not long after, the heavy makeup and bright sister Wang Baihe walked in with her head down, carrying her bag.

  ”Sister?” Wang Bingbing stared at her curiously. In this morning’s time, coupled with her downcast look, something must have happened. “What happened? Sister!” Wang Bingbing asked anxiously.

  Wang Baihe threw her bag on the sofa and sat down heavily, her eyes were dull, and she said to herself, “Old Yang has an accident. In terms of taxation, the lawyer said it is estimated that he will be sentenced to 10 years.”

  ”Ah! Then what are you going to do? What plan?” Wang Bingbing clenched Wang Baihe’s hands, a little flustered.

  ”The student visa is about to expire. Lao Yang said that he was going to apply for a work permit for me and turn around to get a green card, but now that he has an accident, it seems that I can only find another way out.” Although Wang Baihe was in a low mood, his face There is a strong will and tenacious fighting spirit. After all, she is her elder sister, and she is two years older than Wang Bingbing. She has relatively rich experience in dealing with people, dealing with affairs and social affairs. She stroked Wang Bingbing’s long hair and said calmly, “You should read your books well. After graduation, you must find a job, get a work permit, and transfer to a green card.”

  ”En.” Wang Bingbing nodded with firm conviction, “Then, what should I do now?”

  I saw Wang Baihe staggeringly got up, took off his coat, and walked into the bathroom, “Take a bath and sleep, my mother hasn’t slept for two days.”

  Wang Bingbing, “…”

  At noon, Xiongjun, as usual, pushed in the door with the food he bought. The two looked at each other and smiled slightly. He hurried into the kitchen and started to get busy.

  ”How are you feeling today? Are you feeling better? I’m going to make four dishes for you today, two meat and two vegetarian dishes. I promise that after you’ve eaten it, you’ll want to eat it again every day, and you won’t get tired of it.” Xiongjun washed the meat Chopping vegetables, shouting.

  Wang Bingbing got up slowly, leaned on crutches and moved to the kitchen, looking at Xiongjun’s skilled cooking skills, his eyes lit up, showing a happy smile, and said mischievously, “It’s not good, it’s not good at all, I feel nothing at all. Not getting better.”

  ”Ah!” Xiongjun was shocked, turned his head and shouted. But seeing the happy smile on Wang Bingbing’s face, she immediately understood that she was joking, “It’s been almost a month, it must be getting better, right?”

  ”The doctor said at least three months, maybe half a year.” Wang Bingbing raised her pink mouth, flirting in front of Xiongjun, secretly showing her unique charm as a woman.

  ”After eating this dish today, I guarantee that you will recover. Where do you eat to make up for it, right?” Xiongjun said with a smile on a pile of chicken legs in his finger basin.

  Wang Bingbing sat down on the stool by the kitchen and stared blankly at Xiongjun, washing, cutting, frying, stewing, and frying. The two of them still look at each other from time to time, showing affection and tenderness.

  After an hour of busy work, Xiongjun put the four finished dishes on the table, took off his bib, helped Wang Bingbing to sit down at the table, handed over the tableware and poured drinks.

  ”Thank you.” Wang Bingbing smiled with satisfaction and took the chopsticks.

  ”Ah, my mother!” Xiongjun shouted.

  Wang Bingbing turned her head and saw that it was Wang Baihe wearing pajamas standing at the door of the bedroom, her hair was a little messy, and her expression was very serious, as if she had been awakened.

  ”Your sister is here. If I had known, I wouldn’t have been yelling. I’m sorry, I woke you up. You haven’t eaten yet, hurry up, hurry up! I’ve made a few dishes at random.” Xiongjun hurriedly Get up, let out the stool, and invite Wang Lily to come over and sit down.

  Xiongjun was obviously very nervous. In his eyes, Wang Baihe was a coquettish shrew. Although I have only seen it once, I have already been scolded and drenched in blood, which I will never forget.

  Wang Baihe, who took off her makeup today, just woke up from her sleep, and the two sisters, Pai Nuo, who was a shrew before, have similarities in purpose, that is, they are like flowers and jade.

  ”Unexpectedly, you still have this hand.” Wang Baihe sat down unceremoniously, picked up the chopsticks, and chewed slowly. While chewing, he squinted at Xiongjun, nodded in agreement, “Good craftsmanship, are you married?”

  ”Ah?” Xiongjun looked confused.

  ”Sister, what are you doing?!” Wang Bingbing interrupted shyly.

  Wang Lihe looked at Wang Bingbing and smiled knowingly while chewing slowly. He turned his head and said to Xiongjun, “Don’t be nervous, how good your craftsmanship is, I forgive you, thank you for taking care of my precious sister.”

  ”There, there, it should be, it’s my fault.” Xiongjun breathed a sigh of relief, straightened his clothes and sat down beside him.

  ”I haven’t woken up yet, I’m going to sleep, you guys eat slowly.” Wang Lihe got up and went back to the bedroom, closed the door, and turned around with a smile on her face.

  Only then did Xiong Jun completely relax, the two sat facing each other, smiled slightly, and chewed slowly. Wang Lihe was lying on the bed, looking at the ceiling, her face filled with joy, she had a thought in her heart, she must help her sister win this man. Because she is convinced that a man who can cook must be entrusted for life.

  ”My house will have a party tomorrow afternoon, and it will be lively and lively on a regular basis. They are all friends, from any industry. Would you like to come together?” Xiongjun asked while chewing.

  ”Okay, okay, I’m about to die of suffocation.” Wang Bingbing nodded happily.

  ”Okay, then I’ll pick you up later.” Xiongjun replied with a smile.

  ”No, you have to prepare to entertain friends, you must be very busy, I will ask Xiao Su to pick me up.” Wang Bingbing’s eyes sparkled with a thoughtful look.

  Xiong Jun nodded silently, the two of them were no longer as polite as they used to be, but it was a bit like playing a house, and it became an unbroken relationship between boyfriend and girlfriend.

  Xiong Jun and Lu Le shared a house in the Central District. The house is not big, with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, but the yard is very large. The land occupies 600 square meters of land, so they often hold friends’ gatherings.

  Most of the houses in the Central District are old British-style buildings built around 1950, mainly made of wood and bricks. Don’t look down on these wooden houses. The wood they use will not rot for hundreds of years. In addition, the transportation is convenient, and the housing price is natural. not cheap.

  The Chinese community in Auckland is very small. Even if friends bring friends, there are only a dozen or so people. Chen Kai’s family was also invited to the party, and Xiongjun heard that a friend was a real estate agent, which helped him find a cheap office. There are also immigration consultants who can consult more practical experience of entrepreneurial immigration.

  Several square tables were placed on the green grass, and some fruit, champagne and snacks were placed. Today, the blue sky and white clouds are gentle, and it is a good day to dine outdoors in the sun. Xiong Jun and Lu Le were busy greeting their friends. As soon as they met, they introduced themselves and talked freely, a bit like a business information exchange meeting.

  ”This is a friend of mine, Chen Kai, who just arrived in New Zealand and immigrated to start a business. These two are real estate agents, Aren and immigration consultant Li Hongyuan.” Xiongjun took Chen Kai to introduce to his friends.

  ”Hello.” Chen Kai shook hands politely. It is most important to meet two types of friends in New Zealand, one is a real estate agent, because you need to rent a house and buy a house in New Zealand, and you cannot settle down without them. There is another category that is more important, that is, immigration agents. Without an immigration agent, you will not be able to obtain your identity, and you will take many crooked paths. In immigrant countries, a good immigration agent can become your life mentor and light up your future.

  ”You two talk slowly, I’ll go greet the others.” After Xiongjun finished speaking, he turned around and went to work.

  ”Brother Aren, you are a real estate agency. You must have made a lot of money recently, right? The house price has risen sharply recently, with a 15% increase compared to last year. I already knew that I listened to your words last year and invested in real estate. This year, I will post it.” , immigration consultant Li Hongyuan teased while holding a wine glass in one hand and patting real estate agent Ah Ren on the shoulder with the other.

  Aren, wearing glasses and with a gentle appearance, replied modestly, “It’s not as exaggerated as you said, if you sell a house, the commission will be 3.5%, and the company will distribute 2% to me. Now the market price of a house in Auckland is about 800,000 yuan. It would be great if one or two houses could be sold every month. You can’t compare to your immigration consultants. It starts at 3,000 New Zealand dollars whether you can handle a case or not. You may not know that there are twice as many real estate agents registered in New Zealand as selling houses in New Zealand. Do?”

  Li Hongyuan took a sip of wine, adjusted his glasses, sneered, and flattered modestly, “Recently, the New Zealand government has begun to tighten immigration, so fewer people are consulting, and immigration consultants are not so easy to do.”

  ”By the way, Mr. Chen, you are an entrepreneurial immigrant, right? Entrepreneurial immigration has not been very easy recently. The immigration threshold has been raised a lot. In the past, there was no need to hire people, but now they are required to hire a few locals. Immigration New Zealand is really You will play tricks. When you submit your green card application two years later, he will review your performance again, and he will not be able to give you a guarantee. But it is better than those skilled immigrants, and you don’t need to look at people’s faces when you are your own boss.”, Li Hongyuan said He poured wine into his own glass and turned to Chen Kai.

  After hearing this, Chen Kai was obviously a little nervous, and asked anxiously, “I don’t know what you said. The official said that as long as the business is normal for two years, you can apply for a green card.”

  Li Hongyuan looked at Chen Kai and sighed deeply, “Mr. Chen, we are immigration consultants and we often deal with the immigration bureau. What they want is not what the official said. They all follow the policy, and the policy requires If it is tightened, they will raise the requirements. If the policy is relaxed, they will lower the threshold, which has nothing to do with your running a company. Of course, your company cannot lose money, and it is still necessary for normal operation.”

  Chen Kai nodded humbly and continued to ask, “I heard that 90% of the first batch of entrepreneurial immigrants got green cards. It was just a few months ago.”

  ”You are right, and your news is also correct. But it was those people who ruined the project. Not only did those people not run the company well, but they also cheated. In terms of employment, find a few local people to call them. Taxes, fake employment. In terms of business operations, they do fake sales and increase their company’s turnover to meet the standard business plan. They don’t even rent the most basic office location, and even use the office location as their daily residence. The New Zealand Immigration Service is short of manpower, and it is impossible to go door-to-door to check one by one. In the end, they were issued green cards according to the policy. Most Chinese people do this, but they are actually taking advantage of the loophole. This is also the difference between Chinese and Western cultures, the way of thinking A good entrepreneurial immigration program has been screwed up by them now, and the immigration bureau has begun to tighten it. Now all entrepreneurial immigrants have to do business seriously, and you can’t get a green card just by being a hoax.” Li Hongyuan said helplessly. Chen Kai said.

  After Chen Kai heard this, he was very worried, and he lowered his head and drank without saying a word.

  ”Mr. Chen, what project do you mainly run, and what stage are you in now?” Li Hongyuan continued to ask, perhaps out of curiosity, perhaps out of politeness, or perhaps out of occupational disease.

  With a frowning face, Chen Kai said helplessly, “I am still looking for an office space. Only after renting the office space and hiring someone can I submit an application for a two-year business visa to the Immigration Bureau.”

  ”So you’re just starting out, so you belong to the second batch of entrepreneurial immigrants, so you have to be careful. There should be no problems in the book, and no fraud in employment. As long as you are willing to run the company seriously, for New Zealand’s Economic contribution, everything is real, even if immigrants go to investigate, there will be no problems. As long as no problems are found, they must issue you a green card according to the rules and regulations. This is a Western country, and it keeps its promise.” Li Hongyuan Smiling comfortingly.

  Chen Kai said solemnly, “I never cheat, I run the company in a serious way, and I don’t take any crooked ways.”

  ”If you have this confidence, I wish you success first, but Mr. Chen, I believe that in the near future, you will definitely come to me to ask me some special questions. This is my business card and contact information. If you ask me questions, I will not be accepted. Any fee. But if you need me to help you handle immigration related business, I will charge the standard handling fee. After all, this is my job, and I rely on this to eat.” Li Hongyuan handed the business card with both hands, smiled slightly, and said calmly .

  Chen Kai politely took the business card, shook hands and said, “Of course, I will definitely ask you some questions. In fact, I still have a lot of confusion about the project of entrepreneurial immigration. .”

  ”Next, you talk to this real estate agent Aren, because you need to rent an office space, which is very important for entrepreneurial immigrants. The immigration bureau can know whether your business is not based on the situation of the office space you rented. It’s serious, it’s just pretending.” Li Hongyuan pointed to Ah Ren’s polite recommendation, then turned around to say hello to other friends.

  Chen Kai and Aren sat on their knees and discussed the renting of office space in earnest, and learned a lot from them. It is really interlaced like mountains, and every industry is very particular about it. Men talk about career and money, while women talk about life and family. Children eat and drink and run freely in the yard. Although it’s just a party in the backyard, it has a picnic vibe.

  ”New Zealand is called New Village. It’s like a village. It’s so boring to stay here. Except for picking up children every day, I’m bored in a daze at other times.” Several women chatted.

  ”Then what do you usually do?”

  ”Although the scenery here is beautiful, there is really nothing to do. At most, go to the city center for a walk, and spend the rest of the time at home reading novels.”

  ”Is there any particularly good novel to recommend?”

  ”I have been reading a novel written by a cat named Xi Lan recently. It is close to life. Although the writing is so-so, it is interesting to read when I am bored.”

  ”Czech cat?”

  ”Yes, you can go to his personal homepage, Xixi, Lanlan, Maomao, click com”

  ”Okay, I must see it. Recently, I have seen a lot of works by some masters, and some are greasy. Occasionally, I will see the works of these newcomers for inspiration.”

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