[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 9

  Today is indeed a good weather, suitable for outdoor parties, the wind is sunny, the sun is shining, the blue sky and white clouds, and the breeze is gentle. Xiao Su drove to the party scene, parked the cars one by one, opened the door, and helped Wang Bingbing to get out of the car. Along with her was Wang Baihe, who was wearing heavy makeup. When she got out of the car, she became the focus of everyone’s attention. The model-like figure and the gentle steps of lotus steps attracted the attention of the men present.

  ”You guys are here, sit here.” Xiong Jun hurriedly moved a soft stool and put it down beside Wang Bingbing.

  ”Wow, so many people!” Wang Bingbing exclaimed.

  ”It’s all friends and friends of friends. They communicate and learn from each other, but there are too few beautiful women like you.”

  ”Haha, you are a pistachio. You are slick and glib all day long, but you are not serious.” Wang Bingbing laughed and took the drink.

  Wang Baihe didn’t need to entertain at all, there were men around her for a long time, greeting her with wine. That was Li Hongyuan, an immigration consultant. The two also chatted very well and consulted on various immigration policies and solutions.

  ”So you still have a student visa, but don’t worry at all, I have a solution.” Li Hongyuan patted his chest and said to Wang Baihe triumphantly.

  ”Is that so? Then I’ll ask you for more details on how to operate and how to charge.” Wang Lihe smiled slightly with a glass of wine in her hand, her eyes showing a sophisticated eyebrow raising.

  Li Hongyuan politely handed over the business card, adjusted his glasses, stared at Wang Baihe’s graceful figure, and said calmly, “The sooner you start planning, the better your confidence will be. Come and find me earlier, I won’t charge you.”

  ”No charge, that’s fine, but thank you in advance.” Wang Baihe smiled and patted Li Hongyuan on the shoulder.

  The party was very successful and everyone made a lot of new friends. Especially Chen Kai, with the help of real estate agent Aren, rented a cheap storefront in the city center, ready to open a cheap jewelry store according to his own business plan. The Chinese community in New Zealand is very small, don’t offend anyone. Look up and see you, maybe it’s your friend’s friend, see you sooner or later.

  In a large villa on the outskirts of a secluded city in China, a middle-aged man was standing in front of the window, looking at the smog in the distance, puffing out blue smoke depressedly. An assistant in a black suit, holding a pile of documents, ran in quickly, “Zhou Dong, I finally know the whereabouts of my sister-in-law!”

  The man immediately turned around, threw the cigarette butts everywhere, and asked anxiously, “What’s the situation?”

  ”This is relevant information. It turns out that my sister-in-law signed up for a tour group and went to New Zealand.” The assistant handed over a piece of information, a list of the tour group and entry and exit records.

  This Jay Chou took the materials, sat on the sofa, frowned and studied seriously.

  ”We have been looking for a month in China, and there is no news at all. It turns out that this time, my sister-in-law, she fled the country, which made it so hard for us to find it!” The assistant shook his head and said.

  Zhou Dong threw the information on the ground, looking annoyed, got up and shouted, “Find Zhao Yi. Let him handle the affairs of the company first. You go to New Zealand with me.”

  ”Zhou Dong, I think. Vice Chairman Zhao is not credible.” The assistant approached Zhou Dong and whispered in his ear.

  ”Of course I know he can’t be trusted. When I come back this time, I’ll try to deal with him. I’ll contact my brother Zhou Shimin in Australia and let him settle down in New Zealand first.” Zhou Dong thought for a while, then turned and said.

  ”Understood, I’ll do it right away, and I still have a visa.”

  ”Well, good. The sooner the better, thank you for your hard work, Lao Jianliang.” Jay opened the drawer and threw his passport over.

  ”Director Jay is being polite. He will do things for Jay Chou and go through fire and water.” Lao Jianliang took his passport and quickly turned around and left.

  Zhou Dong sat down at the desk, lit a cigarette, took a deep breath, exhaled milky white smoke, and said to himself, “Even if you run out of the country, I will bring you back!”

  In the shared house in central Auckland, Xiao Su wakes up early as usual and sits in the living room. Seeing Zhang Nini rushing out the door in formal clothes, she immediately got up and went out with her. The excuse is to deliver breakfast to a friend and go to the coffee shop to pack coffee and sandwiches together. In these days of going out early, the two of them chatted a few times, and gradually became familiar with each other. The speech is no longer restrained, and the topic of small talk goes with the flow. Xiao Su paid attention to Zhang Nini’s living habits, diet, hobbies, behavior, and anything about her. But Zhang Nini always maintains a certain distance, based on friendship, gets along plainly, never asks, talks or talks too much. This makes Xiao Su more interested in the mysterious Zhang Nini.

  Auckland’s Princes Wharf, the two walk side by side, the breeze is gentle, the sun is shining, the blue sky and white clouds, and the seabirds are circling. Xiao Su finally couldn’t help but ask, “You are so bored every day, drinking coffee and looking at the sea. Don’t you plan to study further or work to make money?”

  Zhang Nini looked at Xiao Su’s serious expression, put away her smile, looked at the sea, and remained silent.

  ”Is there something wrong with you? Can I help?” Xiao Su asked after seeing Nini’s mood.

  Nini turned her head and smiled and said helplessly, “Thank you, everyone has their own ups and downs and can only rely on themselves. I hope you are happy, finish your studies as soon as possible, and have a bright future.”

  ”Ah?” Xiao Su looked blank.

  ”Aren’t you going to bring breakfast to your friend? Hurry up and don’t starve her.” Zhang Nini walked into the coffee shop quickly.

  Xiao Su shook her head helplessly, followed in, packed coffee and sandwiches, smiled and waved goodbye to Nini, and sent breakfast to Wang Bingbing. And Nini is still the same, quietly looking out at the sea, sipping coffee carefully.

  ”Breakfast is here.” Xiao Su pushed the door open, and Wang Bingbing was practicing walking with crutches.

  ”Look! I feel like I can take a few steps.” Wang Bingbing turned her head and shouted with joy. I saw Xiao Su’s expressionless face, very curious, and asked embarrassingly, “What’s wrong with you?”

  ”It’s okay, you eat breakfast, I’m very happy to see you recover quickly.” Xiao Su will put it on the table earlier.

  Wang Bingbing chewed slowly and asked suspiciously, “What? Broken love?”

  Seeing that Xiao Su didn’t make a sound, he swallowed the food violently and shouted, “I’m so lost in love!”

  ”I, I’m not in a relationship, I just have a crush on her.” Xiao Su said hesitantly with a smirk.

  ”What about her? I really want to meet her.” Wang Bingbing said happily.

  ”She, she doesn’t seem to mean that at all.” Xiao Su helplessly lowered her head.

  Wang Bingbing patted Xiao Su’s shoulder and comforted, “It’s okay, she doesn’t know you yet, you are a kind and good person, reliable and handsome, don’t give up.”

  Xiao Su raised her head with a smile, and the two looked at each other, “I see that you have been smiling every day since you were injured, pink and bright, and you ignore me, you wouldn’t like the man who bumped into you. Hero, right?”

  Wang Bingbing smiled shyly, obviously it was difficult to suppress her inner joy, but said calmly, “How come, he has a girlfriend and is getting married soon, so I can’t be a junior.”

  ”Have a backbone!” Xiao Su joked, “But last time I heard that the two of them are about to lose their jobs. If they don’t have enough income to guarantee their spouses will reunite and immigrate, his girlfriend won’t be able to come here.”

  Wang Bingbing was silent after hearing this, wondering if she was happy or sad, or was caught off guard, or was eagerly waiting for an opportunity?

  ”Go go go! You are so annoying!” Xiao Su was kicked out again, looking confused.

  Chen Kai gained a lot from the last Xiongjun party, met two important friends, and obtained a lot of information. It seems that on the road of entrepreneurial immigration, not only do you have to work hard on your own, but you also need to be well-informed. I heard that the government’s policies are both superficial and behind. In order to obtain more useful information, Chen Kai attended an entrepreneurial immigrant party in the previous QQ group. The party was held by pioneers who started their businesses half a year earlier than Chen Kai.

  That day, they had an appointment to have a dinner at the Racecourse Restaurant in central Auckland. The organizer was a senior named Lao Ma. From the chat records of the QQ group, we know that Lao Ma and others are entrepreneurial immigrants who landed in New Zealand half a year ago. After half a year, they should be familiar with each other, and there will definitely be a lot of news. Chen Kai and his wife took their children and went to the appointment with high expectations.

  This is the first time I have come to the racecourse. I only saw it on TV before, but now I am there, and it does feel a bit like a noble activity center. In Western countries, people who can afford horses are generally rich, and horse racing is just a game for the nobles. Chen Kai and his wife wandered around the racecourse and found that it was either a high-end club or a luxury bar, and both Chinese and Western restaurants were high-end and elegant.

  As promised, I came to the Chinese restaurant in the racetrack. It was afternoon tea time. Seven or eight people were already on the big round table, all of whom were netizens in the entrepreneurial immigrant QQ group. Everyone was not embarrassed and restrained because they didn’t know each other. On the contrary, they talked freely and expressed their opinions.

  After greeting everyone, Chen Kai and his wife sat down and began to listen. After some gossip and gossip, a middle-aged man with a big belly picked up the menu and distributed it to everyone, and said politely, “What do you like to eat? Order it.” With the attitude of a gallant patron, that person is Lao Ma, a middle-aged man in his forties, landed in New Zealand with his family six months ago.

  Chen Kai and his wife were a little surprised after reading the menu. The price was far from the price they ate at Jin Feicui Chinese Restaurant. The price almost doubled, so they didn’t order and passed the menu to a friend next to them. This is not surprising, after all, this is a high-end club, where rich people come. This makes Chen Kai and his wife feel that Lao Ma is like a rich man, reliable.

  I believe other people also noticed that the price of the dishes is very expensive. In the end, more than a dozen people ordered six dishes, meaning that they wanted to taste a few bites, which was regarded as a face for the old horse. A half-skinned duck costs two hundred New Zealand dollars, and Chen Kai is embarrassed to use his chopsticks. The old horse also looked like the host was treating guests, and invited everyone to use his chopsticks. As a result, he got up and paid the bill and proposed the AA system, saying that it was the rule of eating abroad, and he would do as the locals do.

  No useful information was obtained at the dinner party, it was just gossip and bragging. After paying the bill, Lao Ma also invited everyone to sit in his mansion, chat and drink tea, and exchange experience of entrepreneurial immigration. He also invited everyone to have dinner there, chatting while eating, and suggested that everyone go to the supermarket to buy something casually, and bring it to share with them. It is said that this is also a tradition of foreign gatherings. Everyone looked at each other, seeing Lao Ma’s appearance as a proud boss, and always wanting to give him some face, so they all nodded in agreement.

  Chen Kai and his wife bought some fruits in the supermarket, and they didn’t know if it was too chilling, so they added some snacks and went to Lao Ma’s residence in large and small packages. There have been several cars and cars parked at the door, and it seems that everyone has arrived as scheduled. The house looks very atmospheric. The two-story building and the open balcony on the second floor can accommodate more than ten people for gatherings and barbecues. The surrounding environment is beautiful and the air is fresh, making people no doubt that Lao Ma is a rich local tyrant.

  Seeing that Chen Kai and his wife walked into the yard with large and small bags, the old horse quickly stepped forward to greet him and said, “Chen Kai, you are so polite, why are you buying so many things, just buy something that means something, everyone together. Share. Come, please!” Maybe because Chen Kai and his wife bought more food, so Lao Ma paid special attention to Chen Kai, thinking that he was a cheerful person with arrogance, or a big fool with a sick mind. Chen Kai put the food on the table and invited everyone to enjoy it together. He did notice that he had bought too many things, which was a bit overwhelming.

  Perhaps it was because of the time of a meal that we had improved mutual understanding, and everyone became familiar with each other, and everyone was talking about their own experiences and difficulties of entrepreneurial immigration. A man in his forties accompanied by a girl in his early twenties caught the attention of Chen Kai and his wife. After listening to him chatting with others, I learned that the middle-aged man surnamed Jiang, from Qingdao, China, and the project of entrepreneurial immigration is a coffee shop. The wife brought the children in China, and she first came to New Zealand to start her own business. After she got the green card, she would pick up her wife and son to live there. According to him, running a coffee shop is quite hard work. You have to get up at four every morning to prepare, the profit is not high, and you have to employ four or five people. Small coffee shops have to hold on for two years before they can get a green card. And the beautiful woman in her early twenties was the college student she hired. The two held hands under the table, which made Chen Kai feel that this person must be rambling and lying. Later, I learned that many entrepreneurial immigrants are husbands and wives living in separate places. One of them is housekeeping in China and the other is abroad. This is a great test for marriage. Many couples finally get green cards and get divorced.

  However, the middle-aged man, Mr. Jiang, is confident that he will get a green card in two years, because his coffee shop is a business that was resold to him by a friend who had just obtained a green card. Therefore, the source of customers and income are stable, and it is not a big problem to apply for a green card. I applied for a green card myself, and then resold the coffee shop. It seems that this entrepreneurial immigration project has many ways to play, and the exchange of information is really very important.

  The old horse took out a bag of yellow items and urged everyone to try it. Chen Kai was very curious, and after listening to him explain, it turned out that this thing was called marijuana! Lao Ma saw that no one in the audience responded, so he started to smoke. It seemed that most of the people on the scene were of good character. At this moment, Chen Kai feels that this old horse is a bit like a rogue tycoon. Could it be that he is the kind of big brother who is popular in the country and has connections in both black and white? Chen Kai hates dealing with such people the most, but his mother taught him from a young age that good people and bad people must be dealt with, otherwise you will never know how good a good person is and how bad a bad person is. The kindness of a good person should be kept in mind, and come to the newspaper to answer. The routines of bad people should be taken as a warning to avoid being deceived.

  After a few sips of marijuana, the old man obviously became more talkative, as if he was injected with stimulants. It is said that this is the effect of marijuana, which makes people hilarious. Everyone in the audience was quiet, listening to the old horse bragging and talking a lot. According to him, he arrived in New Zealand half a year ago, and has been traveling for a while, and got a two-year business visa without a single soldier. The routine is also very simple. Rent a small office in the city center, submit an application for renewal, and then return to the office after getting the visa. Claiming that he is doing a big business, the Immigration Bureau immediately granted him a visa because of the huge trade volume. Whether it’s a visa or a green card, capitalist countries only look at money. Lao Ma’s business is foreign trade, mainly importing and exporting seafood. He claims that he only needs to charter one boat and do business once a year, and his turnover exceeds 200 yuan. 10,000 New Zealand dollars, far more than the requirements of his green card application. So after two years, I can get a green card.

  After the old horse finished speaking, everyone looked at him with admiration, and a few others were flattering. Then the old horse became like the leader of the people present, and he was a lot higher than everyone, and he had a great sense of superiority. The others, like Chen Kai, are all newcomers, they dare not offend the seniors, and they should laugh. Later, Lao Ma also recommended a big business to everyone. He has a house and a yacht in his hand. Seeing that the audience did not respond, he felt even more superior.

  Then someone suggested that he had other business and left early. Unexpectedly, many people left in response, leaving only Chen Kai and Mrs. Chen’s family. Chen Kai’s reaction was indeed half a beat slower than the others, and he was finally retained by the old horse to discuss big business. Lao Ma plans to buy another property and invite Chen Kai to join the joint venture. It is said that it is a good time to buy a house in New Zealand, and most people, he will not cooperate. Mrs. Chen stepped on Chen Kai’s foot, implying that he hastened to show off. Chen Kai finally reacted and declined politely, saying that he had no money at all, and that it was difficult to start a business and immigrate. Then the family got up and said goodbye politely.

  Later, Lao Ma contacted Chen Kai several times by phone and invited him to participate in some investments. Fortunately, Chen Kai is indeed not well-off, otherwise he might be deceived. Finally, Chen Kai learned from other entrepreneurial immigrant friends that Lao Ma did not get a business visa and did not rent an office in the city center. The immigration bureau felt that he did not keep his promise and did not operate according to the submitted business plan, and rejected him. , and then he returned to China. It is said that he also deceived many compatriots. People like Lao Ma are typical liars in the business world. Unfortunately, domestic routines don’t work abroad, and those who can go abroad to start a business and immigrate are not stupid, except for Chen Kai.

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