[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 10

  A few days later, in an empty storefront in Auckland’s central district, Chen Kai, who had not been renovated, was sitting in a state of distress, staring at the messy storefront, unable to do anything. Although the store recommended by real estate agent Aren is cheap, it is located deep on the corner of the street, and the traffic is relatively small. The most troublesome thing is to renovate.

  In desperation, Chen Kai asked his new friend Aren for help. Fortunately, Aren is not the kind of black-hearted intermediary, relatively fair and impartial, and help is always on call.

  After the two talked in the store for a long time, Aren understood the decoration effect Chen Kai needed, pondered it for a while, and said, “I estimate that you need three decoration workers, about 40 hours of decoration time.”

  ”What?” Chen Kai looked puzzled, “Isn’t the overall quotation completed as a whole? According to time?”

  ”Yes, New Zealand is based on time. Now the wages of renovation workers are about 45 to 50 New Zealand dollars an hour.” Aren took out his mobile phone and said after accounting, “You estimate that you need to pay 6,000 New Zealand dollars for labor costs, materials and materials. It’s a different fee. Maybe more than $10,000 in total.”

  ”Ah, so expensive?” Chen Kai said in shock.

  Ah Ren adjusted his glasses and smiled slightly, “New Zealand’s labor costs are the most expensive. The store next to you is also my client. They spent more than 20,000 New Zealand dollars for the decoration. You can visit it.”

  Chen Kai followed Ah Ren to the nearby store immediately. Ordinary decoration can be done for up to 10,000 yuan in China, but in New Zealand, it costs more than 20,000 New Zealand dollars.

  Chen Kai, who had just arrived, couldn’t believe that the labor costs were so terribly expensive in this so-called developed country. Later, he finally understood why the labor cost is so expensive in Western countries, because they respect labor and workers.

  ”Can’t we find some cheap labor? Is there no way?” Chen Kai was very anxious.

  ”Yes, you can use black workers, I can help you introduce them, those are those who do not have green cards and no status in New Zealand. They have no legal protection for their work and do not have to pay taxes, so they are relatively cheap, about 20 New Zealand dollars an hour, half price. .”, Aren said to Chen Kai with experience.

  A hopeful smile just appeared on Chen Kai’s face, and Aren said immediately, “But this is an illegal act. If someone finds out, you will have to bear the legal consequences. I heard that you are an entrepreneurial immigrant, and you may be fined directly. The visa was later refused.”

  ”Ah!” Chen Kai was stunned. After struggling for a long time, he finally decided to be honest and not hire illegal workers.

  So Aren recommended several decoration companies to him, and Chen Kai chose another Chinese company because the language is easy to communicate.

  In the afternoon, Chen Kai came to this Chinese decoration company non-stop. The company is not big, there are three or two people, although the salesman is very polite, but the quotation finally frightened Chen Kai. The price was twice as high as the previous estimate by Aren, with an additional 20,000 New Zealand dollars and a construction period of half a month.

  The next day, in the mood to give it a try, he came to a foreigner decoration company in broken English. He was received by a blond man. The foreigner also taught himself some simple Chinese, chatting and laughing.

  Although Chen Kai’s poor English made communication difficult, the foreigner was very patient and studied with him through translation software. Finally, according to Chen Kai’s decoration requirements, he listed the detailed price and list of each item, added it with a computer, and the total price obtained was almost equal to Aren’s estimate.

  It was only at this moment that Chen Kai suddenly realized that the foreigners were much more serious than the Chinese. Previously, the Chinese decoration company randomly quoted the number and asked for the price, but the foreign company carefully listed the construction time and price of each project, and calculated the total price. It seems that we really have to find foreign companies to do things in the future, and there are relatively few Chinese people who are reliable. Chen Kai also summed up an experience, his compatriots are generally quoted by others…

  According to the foreigner’s rules, Chen Kai signed the contract on the same day, paid the deposit, started work next week, and completed it in one week. It was only later that Chen Kai learned that it was fortunate that he had been looking for a foreign company. Because after most of the Chinese decoration companies take over the business, they are looking for those black workers to do things. They not only cut corners, but also have poor quality.

  Looking at the meticulous and conscientious work of several foreigners there, he became more and more sighed at the rigor of foreigners in their work. After the store is decorated, the next step is to recruit staff. According to his business plan, he wants to recruit three local people. This is the most troublesome thing for him. If he hires foreigners, there will be problems in communication. If he hires Chinese, he is either lazy or sinful. The two best candidates appeared in his mind, Xiong Jun and Lu Le. At the last meeting, he heard that these two people seemed to be losing their jobs.

  Sure enough, the two were rushing to the Manuka hotel without stopping, and the chairman summoned them urgently.

  The two ran to the chairman’s office on the second floor out of breath. They thought that there was a good thing and they were going to resume work, but seeing the chairman’s sullen face, they knew that the situation was not good. At the same time, there were several other people sitting in the office with serious expressions.

  The chairman took a sip of tea calmly and said coldly, “Do you remember what I talked to you before? The tourist who ran away from your hands, Zhang Nini, her travel passport has expired yesterday, New Zealand. The Immigration Bureau has officially intervened. You are officially dismissed today due to dereliction of duty and dereliction of duty. Go to the accounting office later to settle your wages. If you are dissatisfied, you can go to the union or the court to sue.”

  ”That person ran away from me. It has nothing to do with Brother Xiong. If you want to be fired, just fire me alone.” Lu Le shouted angrily.

  The chairman lit a cigarette, took a deep breath, got up, walked over, pointed to the two and said, “One of you is negligent in your duty, and the other is negligent in your job, so you should be dismissed. If you are not satisfied, you can go to a lawyer. But I think you should leave. The company is good, the immigration bureau will investigate, you will be more troublesome, and I will not say more about the rest.”

  The two men, Xiongjun Lu Le, looked at each other in dismay, and there was nothing they could do.

  ”This is Zhang Nini’s family. He asked you to find out some things. Let’s talk slowly.” The chairman turned and left the office after speaking.

  The two turned to look at the middle-aged man with a confused look. The middle-aged man was tall and dressed in a black trench coat. There were two figures like bodyguards and thugs beside him. ?

  The man had been smoking a suffocating cigarette by the side. After a long time, he finally put out the cigarette, stood up, looked at Xiongjun Lu Le and the two with suspicious eyes, and asked, “What is your relationship with her, why? Want to help her escape?”

  Xiongjun Lu Le and the two were instantly furious, “How did you talk? We don’t know her at all, how can we help her escape! Who are you? Who are you?”

  ”My name is Zhou Shijun. I’m from her family. I came here from China on a special trip. Now I suspect that you colluded with her, and you helped her escape.”

  ”Mr. Zhou, you must have misunderstood, we didn’t do that.” Xiongjun reluctantly defended.

  Zhou Shijun looked at Lu Le with a sneer, “I saw the hotel surveillance, you helped her carry the suitcase out, and you said you didn’t collude?”

  ”Well, I, I didn’t even know she was going to run away.” Lu Le was speechless when asked.

  ”Okay, okay. How much did she give you? I’ll give you double. Tell me where she is, and everything will be written off.” New Zealand dollars slapped on the table.

  The two men, Xiongjun, Lu Le, looked at the pile of money on the table, their eyes were straight, their hearts felt empty, and they were taken aback. The two looked at each other, with a hint of greed and panic in their eyes. It seemed that the escaped Zhang Nini had a close relationship with this man, and a single shot was worth 40,000 New Zealand dollars on the table.

  ”Sorry, we really don’t know. Because of this, we also lost our jobs.” Xiongjun and Lu Le turned around and left the office.

  Zhou Shijun looked at the backs of them leaving, puzzled and puzzled. He turned to his younger brother Zhou Shimin and asked, “I think there is something wrong with the two of them, what do you think?”

  Zhou Shimin nodded, “From the monitoring point of view, the man and his sister-in-law looked very familiar, greeted him with a smile, and received a bag and suitcase, so he should know him.”

  ”It is estimated that after receiving the benefits of my sister-in-law, 40,000 New Zealand dollars is unmoved, and my sister-in-law should have paid more.” Lao Jianliang said suspiciously.

  ”There is something wrong with these two people. If you stare at them, you will definitely be able to find them. Maybe they are in their residence.” Zhou Shijun smiled coldly and said shrewdly.

  Several people immediately got up and chased out, quietly driving to follow Xiong Jun and Lu Le all the way to their residence.

  Xiong Jun and Lu Le entered the house listlessly, took two cans of beer from the refrigerator, and poured them on the sofa, feeling down.

  ”What’s the relationship between this man and Zhang Nini? A slap on the table is worth 40,000 New Zealand dollars. We have to find her.” Lu Le opened the beer and said depressedly.

  Xiongjun lay on the sofa, looked up at the ceiling, and said to himself, “Who knows, maybe it’s a debtor, maybe the woman owes hundreds of millions and escaped to New Zealand.”

  ”I don’t think so. I am deeply impressed by her. She looks pure and lovely, simple and generous, and is in debt. It’s impossible.” Lu Le thought for a while and deduced.

  Xiongjun kicked Lu Le’s ass and scolded, “You are so fascinated by people’s beauty that you actually helped them carry their luggage.”

  Lu Le softened his butt, got up and shouted, “How many girls I have soaked in, you don’t know what kind of person that Zhang Nini is, I can tell at a glance.”

  ”Come on, you idiot.” Xiongjun laughed and joked, “The problem now is that the job is gone, and you have no money to pick up girls.”

  ”Hey, yes, the job is gone, what should I do now?” Lu Le sat down with his head down and muttered to himself.

  Just as the two of them looked at each other and had nothing to say, there was a knock on the door. Xiongjun was annoyed, got up to open the door, and was suddenly startled. The three people standing outside the door were actually Zhou Shijun.

  ”Fuck! What are you doing here? I said that I don’t know that Zhang Nini!” Xiongjun was annoyed and yelled.

  When Lu Le heard that the situation was wrong, he got up immediately. Seeing Zhou Shijun standing at the door, aggressive, he immediately picked up the phone and shouted, “Don’t harass us, or I’ll call the police.”

  Zhou Shijun suddenly changed his attitude and smiled calmly, “I suspect that Zhang Nini is hiding in your house, so I’ll come and take a look. If you take in a black hukou with an expired visa, it’s illegal.”

  Xiongjun shook his head helplessly, made way out of the way, and let Zhou Shijun and others come in, “Alright, come in and take a look, get out of here after watching, and don’t bother us again in the future.”

  Zhou Shijun and others entered the room and searched carefully. Seeing that there was nothing unusual, they looked at each other.

  ”Okay! I didn’t find it! Get the hell out of here! Don’t bother us again, or call the police.” Lu Le shouted at Zhou Shijun.

  Zhou Shijun turned around and walked in front of Lu Le, with a cold smile, “I’m sure you have something to do with Zhang Nini, the surveillance records are clear, you waited at the door of her room for an hour, then helped her carry the suitcase and sent her out. hotel.”

  Lu Le was speechless when asked, Zhou Shijun waved his hand and left the house with the other two. Xiong Jun slammed the door shut and looked at Lu Le, full of anger.

  ”Brother, what should I do now?” Zhou Shimin asked when he got into the car and started the car. “Continue to stare at them, there will definitely be clues. It is difficult for a strong dragon to suppress the local snakes. Can you ask the local people for help? You have been abroad for ten years. You know the situation abroad.” Zhou Shijun lit a cigarette and took a deep breath, Looking at Xiongjun Lu Le’s residence from the car window, he gritted his teeth.

  ”My sister-in-law’s tourist visa has expired. If you really want to stay, you must apply for immigration. My sister-in-law is not good at English, so she will definitely find Chinese-speaking immigration consultants. I will contact all Chinese-speaking immigration consultants in New Zealand tomorrow. There must be clues. The overseas Chinese community is very small, so finding someone is not troublesome.” Zhou Shimin said triumphantly.

  ”Okay, in a foreign country, eldest brother can only rely on you.” Zhou Shijun patted his younger brother Zhou Shimin on the shoulder.

  The next day, Zhou Shimin called all Chinese-speaking immigration consultants in New Zealand. In fact, there are not many. There are only a dozen or so in Auckland, and one of them is Li Hongyuan’s immigration consulting company. The information left is also very simple. The family is looking for a woman named Zhang Nini whose visa has expired. At the same time, Zhou Shijun’s subordinate Lao Jianliang quietly followed the two men, Xiongjun Lu Le, day and night, hoping to find some clues.

  In the student apartment of the University of Auckland, Wang Bingbing was sitting at the window bored, and she was full of joy when she saw Xiongjun and Lu Le get off the car. With a knock on the door, the two came in with the purchased ingredients to cook, with serious expressions, even Lu Le, who usually smiles, was serious. There was something wrong with this situation. After asking several times, she realized that she was unemployed. Fortunately, New Zealand has a complete unemployment protection system, otherwise the two can only drink the northwest wind.

  ”You don’t have to use it tomorrow. Really, I can walk a few steps now. Hurry up and get the work done. Otherwise, if the income is not up to standard, you will not be able to organize a reunion immigration for your girlfriend.” Wang Bingbing Wang Zhu Xiongjun said anxiously.

  Xiongjun cut vegetables and cooked rice seriously, without saying anything, just turned his head to look at Wang Bingbing, and smiled helplessly.

  ”It’s okay, it’s okay, Brother Xiong has always stood up to the sky and is a real man. Now is a chance to change jobs and make a fortune.” Lu Le comforted him on the side.

  Looking at the back of Xiongjun chopping vegetables, Wang Bingbing couldn’t help but burst into tears. Seeing this situation, Lu Le was stunned for a moment, and then suddenly understood, thinking in his heart, this is going to be a big trouble.

  The three of them were sitting together, and during a warm lunch, Xiongjun received a call from Chen Kai, saying that there was an important matter to discuss, about hiring locals. It was obvious from the tone of voice that he needed the help of Xiong Jun and Lu Le very much. The three of them were very happy, and quickly ended their lunch, ready to go to Chen Kai’s store to discuss. Wang Bingbing was very excited with crutches, “I’m going too! I’m going too!”.

  ”Ah? Alright, alright.” Xiong Jun shook his head helplessly, carried Wang Bingbing on his back and went downstairs. Seeing that the two were so affectionate, Lu Le was anxiously holding the crutches and was very worried.

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