[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 11

  The three came to the storefront that Chen Kai had just renovated. The facade is simple and modest, the interior is stylish and leisurely, and the style is elegant and gorgeous. Chen Kai was busy commanding the porters, placing counters and other decorations, and seeing the three men of Xiongjun coming, he greeted them with a smile, “You guys are here, sit, sit, I’ll be ready soon.”

  ”Oh, you look like a big boss now.” Xiongjun looked around the store and sighed. “I really want to thank you very much. If it wasn’t for your help back then, maybe I would have given up going back to China now. It’s really hard to go step by step.” Chen Kai brought a kettle and poured tea for the three of them.

  ”You are the only reliable friends I know in New Zealand. For my entrepreneurial immigration plan, it is very difficult to hire three local people. Can I hire you?” Chen Kai said eagerly.

  ”It’s really a coincidence, and it’s great, the two of them just lost their jobs.” Wang Bingbing said with joy and excitement.

  Xiongjun Lu Le’s face was a little embarrassed, but Chen Kai was very excited, “Great! No, I didn’t mean that, I mean, it’s too fateful. In terms of salary, according to New Zealand’s standards, I won’t treat you badly. .”

  Before waiting for the two to agree, Chen Kai hurriedly took out the contract, began to fill it out, and signed it. “Old Chen, I have something to ask for.” Xiong Jun said awkwardly.

  ”Brother Xiong, you are serious, but it doesn’t matter.” Chen Kai sat down and listened seriously.

  ”I used to be a customer service manager in a hotel, and my income has just reached the standard, so I can handle the reunion immigration of my girlfriend. I don’t want more money from you, but can you pay me taxes according to that standard, and how much is it actually paid to me? It doesn’t matter, so I can guarantee that the application for reunion will be successful. Now I just lost my job, and this is what worries me the most.” Xiongjun said solemnly.

  After hearing this, Chen Kai nodded, “I didn’t expect it could be done in this way. I understand, it shouldn’t be a problem in terms of taxation, but it’s hard to say legally.”

  ”Or that’s okay, you just pay me taxes based on my previous salary as the hotel manager, and I’ll pay you back the extra money in private, without knowing it.” Xiongjun said after thinking for a while.

  ”It doesn’t sound like a problem, Miss Wang Bingbing, you are an accountant, do you think it can be done?” Chen Kai turned his head and asked.

  Wang Bingbing struggled for a while. Obviously, she was not concerned about this matter, but she finally said sincerely, “It’s not illegal in law, but don’t let people know about it. Private repayment can be for any reason, but it must be in cash. Bank transfers are recorded to avoid future troubles.”

  ”Then there’s no problem, that’s it.” Chen Kai got up and shook hands with Xiongjun Lu Le.

  The two signed a contract on the same day and officially became two employees of Chen Kai’s company. This really helped Chen Kai a lot, and also solved the problem of Xiong Jun’s income compliance. In order to celebrate this happy cooperation, Chen Kai was the host and invited the three of them to have dinner.

  Because Wang Bingbing was inconvenient to move, everyone went to a nearby Chinese restaurant. The restaurant is not big, there are not many customers, there are ten tables in one hall. Just as the four of them sat talking and laughing and started to order food, Lu Le patted Xiong Jun on the shoulder, pointed to a table in the corner and said, “Look!”

  ”What’s wrong?” Looking in the direction of Lu Le’s fingers, a girl in a simple coat in the corner was eating quietly by herself. She seemed to have just finished eating and got up to pay the bill and leave.

  ”It’s her! That Zhang Nini.” Lu Le whispered.

  Xiongjun frowned as she stood up to pay the bill, strolled out of the restaurant, and remembered, “Damn it! It’s really her. Damn, don’t let her run away.”

  Without saying a word, the two got up and chased out. Leaving Chen Kai and Wang Bingbing behind, they were very confused, at a loss, and looked at each other.

  ”Don’t startle the snake, follow her, and know where she lives first.” Xiongjun carefully followed him and said to Lu Le.

  Seeing that Xiongjun was so serious, Lu Le comforted him, “If it doesn’t matter, this matter has long since passed.”

  ”Damn it! Are you still obsessed? Everyone in the family came to her door. This is for her own good. She has no identity here. If she gets sick, she will die here.” Xiong Jun turned his head and stared. He cursed at Lu Le with his eyes open.

  Lu Le reluctantly scratched his scalp, “Then calm down and say something if you have something to say.”

  ”Speak well, it hurt us so badly, can I speak well? It’s good that I don’t hit her!” Xiongjun said angrily.

  Zhang Nini’s vigilance is also very high. Whenever she is about to get to her residence, she will look around. Today, she found that two men were following her. She was so frightened that she panicked and ran away.

  ”Don’t run! Stop!” Xiongjun shouted and chased after him. “Calm down! Calm down!” Lu Le ran after him.

  Xiao Su, who was sitting idle in the living room, watched the time and waited for Zhang Nini’s return. But today’s situation surprised him. He saw Zhang Nini slam the door open, rushed in, and hurriedly turned around and closed the door. But before the door could close, it was knocked open by a man, and Zhang Nini was knocked to the ground.

  ”Zhang Nini!” Xiao Su shouted, jumped up from the sofa, and rushed over.

  ”See where you’re going!” With a loud roar, Xiong Jun and Lu Le rushed into the room.

  ”What are you doing!” Xiao Su shouted.

  ”Xiao Su?”

  ”Xiong Jun? Lu Le?”

  The three of them said in unison, “What’s the situation!?”

  Lu Le and Xiao Su rushed forward at the same time and helped Zhang Nini who fell to the ground in panic.

  ”Are you okay?”, “Are you injured there?”, the two asked Han Wennuan to be considerate, and turned to look at Xiongjun at the same time.

  The angry Xiongjun suddenly became speechless, “You, you!”

  ”Brother Xiong, what’s the situation?” Xiao Su was very anxious.

  ”Brother Xiong, calm down and speak slowly.” Lu Le comforted him on the side.

  Zhang Nini sat down on the sofa, bowed her head and said nothing, tears welling up in her eyes.

  ”Which side are you on! You are still obsessed! Has she done us enough harm?” Xiongjun glared at Lu Le and cursed.

  ”Yes, yes, yes, calm down, you scared her to cry.” Lu Le pulled Xiong Jun to sit down and said slowly.

  Xiong Jun threw off Lu Le’s hand, pointed at Zhang Nini and shouted, “What are you running! Why are you running? We all lost our jobs!”

  The angry cooing of Xiongjun made Zhang Nini tremble and cry silently.

  ”What’s wrong? What’s the situation?” Several roommates opened the door one after another and came out to watch.

  ”It’s okay, it’s okay, I’m sorry everyone, housework, housework.” Xiao Su hurriedly reassured people.

  Seeing this situation, Xiong Jun restrained his fiery attitude and sat down on the sofa without making a sound. Several roommates looked at each other and went back to the house and closed the door.

  Lu Le crouched down beside Zhang Nini and asked softly, “Why are you running? Is there anything? Can we help?”

  ”What’s the situation, what are you running for? If you have anything to help, just tell me.” Xiao Su looked confused and anxious.

  Xiong Jun looked at Xiao Su and said angrily, “She is the woman we said before, the woman who escaped from the hotel, causing us to lose our jobs.”

  ”Ah?!” Xiao Su was shocked, and hurriedly walked to Zhang Nini’s side and squatted down, asking softly, “Is it true? Is there anything I can help you with?”

  Xiongjun was stunned, pointed at the two and shouted, “You guys! Why are you all helping her? It seems like I did something wrong!”

  Before he finished speaking, Xiong Jun walked over angrily, grabbed Zhang Nini’s hand, pulled her off the sofa, and dragged her to the door, “Follow me, go back to the hotel! Take you back and exchange for me. work!”

  ”Don’t, please.” Zhang Nini pleaded with tears.

  Xiao Su and Lu Le also hurriedly stepped forward to stop them and persuaded them, “Brother Xiong, if you have something to say, please understand the situation first.”

  Only then did Xiong Jun helplessly let go of his hand, pointing at Xiao Su and Lu Le, speechless for a moment.

  ”Do you have any difficulties? Tell us and we will help you.” Xiao Su Lule said to Zhang Nini in unison.

  Zhang Nini said nothing, sitting on the sofa crying, Xiao Su and Lu Le looked at each other.

  Xiongjun said impatiently, “Okay, okay, I won’t arrest you and go back, tell me, what’s your situation?”

  Zhang Nini, who cried and swallowed for a long time, got up and went back to her room, took out two stacks of banknotes, slapped them on the sofa, and visually estimated 20,000 New Zealand dollars. Several men looked at the pile of money and then looked at each other, even more puzzled.

  Zhang Nini took out a tissue, wiped away her tears, and said intermittently, “I’m really sorry, I’ve affected you all. This money is compensation for your unemployment. If you take the money, you shouldn’t have seen me.”

  ”Wow, you are really rich, rich woman? Brother Xiong, what should I do?” Lu Le turned to look at Xiong Jun and asked.

  Xiong Jun was stunned for a while, and said angrily at Lu Le, “What should I do! Don’t buy us with money!”

  Seeing this, Zhang Nini turned around and went back to the room, pulled out the suitcase, and sorted out a pile of banknotes from the suitcase and put them on the sofa, with a total of more than 40,000 New Zealand dollars.

  ”This is all my money, I’ll give it to you all, I beg you, let me go. Otherwise, I have no choice but to die.” Zhang Nini pleaded with tears in her eyes.

  Hearing the words “dead end”, several men looked at each other and felt that the situation was not good. Xiong Jun finally calmed down and stuffed all the money back into the suitcase, “We don’t want you a penny, and we won’t take you back. Let us know what’s going on with you.”

  ”Yes, you tell us what the situation is, and we will help you.” Xiao Su and Lu Le also said in unison.

  Zhang Nini shed moved tears, sobbed and said, “Thank you, someone in China wanted to hunt me down, but in desperation, I fled the country.”

  ”Ah!” Several people were stunned and startled.

  ”But your visa has expired, and it’s not an option to be black here. You can’t enjoy any welfare in New Zealand, let alone get sick. Besides, your family is already looking for you, and they came to the hotel that day.”, Xiong Jun said helplessly.

  Zhang Nini’s eyes widened immediately after hearing this, panicked and shouted, “No, they are not my family, they are here to kill me!”

  ”Isn’t it? That man looked very anxious. And he was very generous. One shot on the table was 40,000 New Zealand dollars. How could he kill you?” Lu Le asked curiously.

  ”He’s going to kill you, why didn’t you call the police?” Xiongjun also asked in confusion.

  Zhang Nini burst into tears and knelt down, “You don’t know, he is powerful and powerful in the country and has acquaintances in both black and white. I also had no way to escape, please let me go! Just pretend you didn’t see it. past me.”

  The three quickly pulled Zhang Nini up and said in unison, “Don’t do this, we will help you.”

  ”Okay, don’t cry! That’s it, I’ll pretend I haven’t seen you again.” Xiongjun frowned and said angrily.

  Then Zhang Nini stopped crying, wiped away her tears, and showed a grateful smile. And Xiong Jun shook his head helplessly, turned to open the door and left.

  ”Don’t worry, he’s the one who counts. Then I’ll go first, and I’ll see you tomorrow. I’m really happy to see you again.” Lu Le smiled and waved his hand, and left with the Xiongjun .

  Zhang Nini looked at Xiao Su with tears in her eyes and asked, “Do you all know each other?”

  Xiao Su sighed, “It’s a long story, maybe it’s fate, maybe it’s because the Chinese community in Auckland is too small. I’ll ask an immigration consultant for you tomorrow to see if you can extend your visa first, otherwise, you won’t be able to. Get ill.”

  ”Thank you, Xiao Su.” Zhang Nini smiled with tears in her eyes.

  After the two talked for a long time, Zhang Nini finally understood the stories and relationships between several people. It seems that the Chinese circle in Auckland is really too small. If this goes on, I believe Zhou Shijun will find her soon and must leave Auckland and go to A small town no one knows about.

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