[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 12

  Xiongjun Lu Le hurried back to the Chinese restaurant. Wang Bingbing and Chen Kai had been sitting for a long time. When they saw them coming back, their expressions were serious and they felt that the situation was not good. After inquiring, they found out that there are such bizarre stories in the world. Wang Bingbing and Chen Kai also agreed with Xiongjun Lu Le’s decision, don’t push people to death, let her go, let her go, and don’t be a bad person.

  Several people continued to order and eat to celebrate the happy cooperation and Chen Kai’s prosperous business. After the meal, at Wang Bingbing’s request, Xiongjun sent her to Xiaosu’s residence. First, let’s take a look at Xiao Su’s new residence, and second, let’s see what the girl Zhang Nini, whom he has been pursuing, looks like. Xiong Jun stayed in the car and didn’t go in again, feeling helpless and annoyed.

  Wang Bingbing came to the door with a cane and rang the doorbell several times, but there was no response. It wasn’t until she shouted a few times at the door that Xiao Su slowly opened the door, making it mysterious and flustered.

  ”Why are you!” Xiao Su was surprised, and quickly helped Wang Bingbing into the house.

  ”Why can’t it be me? I just heard an amazing story, so come and have a look.” Wang Bingbing moved in triumphantly.

  Zhang Nini was still sitting on the sofa, her tears were still dry and she couldn’t do anything. The two looked at each other and smiled awkwardly.

  ”Hello! I’m Xiao Su’s good friend Wang Bingbing, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Wang Bingbing smiled and greeted with a smile.

  Zhang Nini quickly wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes, stood up and shook hands, looked at Wang Bingbing on crutches and in a plaster cast, and asked curiously, “Xiao Su brings breakfast to a friend every morning, is that you?”

  ”Haha, it’s me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not his girlfriend, I’m just his good friend, we are fellow villagers.” Wang Bingbing sat down with a smile and chatted.

  It is easier for women to communicate with each other, and many things become particularly warm after Wang Bingbing’s explanation. After Wang Bingbing’s comfort, Zhang Nini was relieved, and she was very relieved when she learned about the characters of Xiongjun and Lu Le. The two chatted for a long time and were very close, and didn’t leave until late at night.

  But the next day, when Xiongjun Lu Le was busy working in Chen Kai’s store, unloading the goods, a group of people from Zhou Shijun appeared at the door, as if they had received some news, they walked in confidently, looking for them talk.

  Xiongjun Lu Le and the two were taken aback, why did they suddenly come to the door? It’s only less than a day, it’s impossible, could it be discovered? It was not until Zhou Shijun spoke up that a stone fell in their hearts.

  Zhou Shijun smiled at the two of them, took out two envelopes and handed them to them. The two of them opened it and saw that it contained 20,000 New Zealand dollars. It is now determined that you have nothing to do with this matter, there is a misunderstanding, this is compensation for your unemployment and spirituality.”

  Xiongjun and Lu Le looked at each other and struggled for a while. At the same time, they returned the envelope to Zhou Shijun and said, “Since it was a misunderstanding, then forget it. I don’t want your money, please don’t harass us in the future.”

  This move of Xiongjun Lu Le and the two made Zhou Shijun deeply suspicious. Holding two envelopes in his hand, he took a deep breath of cigarette, frowned and squinted at the two of them, looked at them, exhaled a puff of smoke and said, “Do you really know Zhang Nini’s whereabouts? If you know, please contact me as soon as possible, She has mental problems and needs to be treated as soon as possible.”

  Zhou Shijun left two business cards, turned and left, watching him disappear from sight, the two suddenly became restless.

  ”Is there something wrong with Zhang Nini’s spirit?” Xiongjun asked Lu Le suspiciously.

  ”No, it’s impossible, it’s just his trap. If you don’t say that, who will help him find someone? If it was me, I’d say she has mental problems and kills every day.” Lu Le said triumphantly.

  ”It makes sense, but we confiscated his money, did it make him suspicious?” Xiongjun asked anxiously.

  Lu Le nodded and said to himself, “This is really a bit unreasonable. How could a normal person not accept the money? And it’s clear that it’s a spiritual compensation, given for nothing.”

  ”Don’t give anything for nothing, it’s not a fool, or there is a problem.” Xiongjun continued, “So no matter what, we have to be careful next.”

  The two nodded to each other, reached a consensus, and continued their busy work. Chen Kai just came back from the customs and was shocked to learn that Zhou Shijun and others found the store. In order not to cause trouble, he made an agreement with Xiongjun Lu Le that he didn’t know anything and had long forgotten what he had heard.

  Since that day, Zhang Nini has been frightened to stay at home, staying in the house uneasy, for fear that Zhou Shijun will find her. Xiao Su now goes out every day not only to deliver breakfast to Wang Bingbing, but also to pack fast food for Zhang Nini to come back. This does not make him feel troublesome, but is very happy. Finally, he can help the woman he likes, and he is in a good mood every day. As soon as Xiao Su went out, Nini locked the door, and ignored whoever knocked on the door, pretending that no one was there. Several times Lu Le sneaked over to visit, knocked on the door for a long time, but no one answered, so he had to return disappointed.

  Since Lao Yang was sentenced to prison, Wang Baihe has not found a home for the time being, and his life has suddenly been a bit leisurely and lonely. There are not many sweetheart daddys like Lao Yang, who not only give money and gifts on time, but also take care of her on weekdays, taking care of her as if she were her own daughter. Suddenly losing this favor, it is inevitable that I am a little lost and I am not used to it. I often think of Lao Yang in my spare time, and I decided to choose a day to visit the prison. The last time I went to visit prisoners in prison was in China six years ago. At that time, she just turned 18 years old. She fell in love with a little gangster who often invited her to dinner and gave her some gifts. This feeling of being pampered has laid the foundation for the current special career. Later, the little thug committed an accident, was arrested and locked up, and sentenced to prison. She cried stupidly for several days, and her first love was like a storm. In the end, she did not give up, and accompanied by a sister who was four years older than her, she went to the prison to visit the little gangster. After arriving at the detention center, the high walls and the power grid and the guards with guns made her tremble. Only then did she wake up and realize that the man she loved might not be a good person. Only if she committed a serious case would she be detained in such a terrifying place. The place. In the end, even though I saw him, it was only through the thick glass wall. In just a few minutes, Wang Baihe’s memory was fresh and unforgettable for a lifetime. The little bastard wore shackles on his hands and feet, and had scars on his face. He lowered his head and dared not face Wang Baihe. After being silent for a long time, he said a few incomprehensible words in a confused manner, and was pressed back by the two prison guards. This was the last time they met, and after a while, Wang Baihe figured it out, or was frightened, and never had any contact with that gangster again.

  This time, she came to visit Lao Yang in a detention center in New Zealand, which surprised her. New Zealand’s prisons not only have no high-grid power grids and armed guards, but also have the high standard of living in a four-star hotel. Each prisoner detained in the prison has his own independent living space and relative human rights and freedoms. In addition to outdoor sports, he can also study and study and obtain diplomas. Visiting a prisoner is the same as making an appointment to see a doctor on a daily basis. There is not much difference, nor is it separated by a thick glass wall, but in a large room similar to a cafe, which is spacious and bright. Apart from two prison guards sitting chatting and drinking coffee, there is no one else, the atmosphere is relaxed and the environment is comfortable. Wang Lily poured herself a cup of coffee, sat at the window and watched the pleasant scenery around, just like sitting in a cafe. Not long after, Lao Yang came. He opened the door and swaggered in. His face looked good, and he had gained a lot of weight. Seeing Wang Baihe’s fatherly smile as before, he poured himself a cup of coffee. , sat down in front of Lily, the two looked at each other, chatting and laughing. I didn’t feel like I was in prison at all, and I didn’t feel like the two met in the parlor of the prison at all.

  After chatting for a few words, Lao Yang cut to the point and deeply regretted that he could no longer “take care” of Wang Baihe. At the same time, he hoped that Wang Baihe could become stronger and live independently in the years to come. The most urgent task is to find a reliable immigration agency to get the green card. As for whether the frontier can continue in the future, that is another matter. Lao Yang’s fatherly tone may be a play on the scene, or it may be a revealing of his true feelings. Anyway, Wang Baihe was deeply moved, and her eyes filled with tears. She took the opportunity to comfort Lao Yang and said, “I’ll wait for you to come out.” Lao Yang After listening to this, he smiled, held Wang Baihe’s hands, and said frankly, “Thank you! Don’t waste your own youth. When I go out in ten years, I will already be a bad old man, and I am still poor. I hope you will be well in the future. Good luck, I will bless you every day, don’t come to see me if you have nothing to do, start your new life as soon as possible, and be obedient.”

  After Lao Yang finished speaking, he took a sip of coffee, got up and smiled, turned and left the living room. Tears filled her eyes, Wang Baihe with blurry eyes watched Lao Yang disappear at the door, took out a tissue, and wiped away the remaining tears from the corners of her eyes. After all, she was no longer an 18-year-old girl, so she immediately adjusted her emotions and got up to leave. That was the last meeting between Wang Baihe and Lao Yang. Following Lao Yang’s final suggestion, she immediately contacted Li Hongyuan, an immigration agent she had known for a while.

  The next day, in the office of immigration consultant Li Hongyuan, Wang Baihe was sitting with her legs crossed, consulting about immigration. Li Hongyuan’s fascinated eyes kept looking at Wang Baihe’s graceful figure. This is also the usual measurement of Wang Lily, so she wears light clothes and shows her elbows.

  ”You are about to graduate, and it is also the date when your student visa expires. If you want to change your visa and stay, you must be hired by a large company that can guarantee your immigration qualifications. At the same time, you should have a degree to study abroad, but you don’t have any of these, so you This case is more difficult to handle.” Li Hongyuan raised his coffee cup and looked into Wang Baihe’s eyes with a cold smile.

  Wang Baihe calmly took out a thin cigarette and lit it, took a deep breath, and a faint blue smoke wafted out from her tender lips smeared with dark purple lipstick, and a pair of big eyes with deep eyeliner and watery eyes showed The charming and blurred eyes seem to have explained everything, but they seem to say nothing.

  Li Hongyuan put down the coffee cup, got up and walked to Wang Baihe’s side, put his hand on her fragrant shoulder, and said confidently, “Don’t worry, I have a solution.”

  Wang Baihe squinted at the dirty hand on her fragrant shoulder, and smiled calmly, “I knew you would do something, otherwise I wouldn’t come to you, and you need to tell me how I can cooperate.”

  Li Hongyuan showed a smug smile, returned to the desk and sat down, “I know that girls like you are the most flexible, unlike those who study hard and can’t find a job after graduation and have no choice but to return to China. I believe that you must have made a lot of money here in these years, but don’t worry, I will never charge you a penny more.”

  ”It’s natural to collect money for doing things, but how sure are you? I don’t want to waste time, and I don’t have time to waste.” Wang Baihe exhaled a puff of blue smoke and asked solemnly.

  Li Hongyuan smiled calmly, raised his head and said, “Of course I’m 100% sure, but there are some routines and techniques involved, so it’s not convenient to talk in the office. Let’s have dinner together tonight, what do you think?”

  Wang Baihe looked at Li Hongyuan’s greedy, shameless, drooling disgusting fat face, and showed a professional sweet smile, just like when he was facing the disgusting guests in the strip club, he was not afraid of danger, got up slowly and said, “Then That’s it, I’ll treat you to dinner tonight.”

  ”How can a girl invite me to dinner? Well, come to my house in the evening and I will cook steak for you. My craftsmanship is pretty good. Let’s talk while eating.” Li Hongyuan said with a smile.

  Wang Baihe was already furious in her heart, but she was calm and composed, and said with a smile, “Okay!”

  That night, Wang Baihe dressed up sexy and coquettish, and went to the appointment on time. Li Hongyuan also put out the champagne, lit candles, and waited for the big driver. There was no embarrassment when the two met, perhaps because they each got what they wanted, so they happily went straight to the topic. Li Hongyuan prepared the steak and opened the champagne. The two sat facing each other, having a candlelit dinner, talking while eating.

  Li Hongyuan’s plan is of course illegal, but as long as no one knows about it, it is not illegal. He has done this kind of case several times before.

  The process is also very simple. Li Hongyuan, as an underground intermediary, helped Wang Baihe find a large company with qualifications for work-guaranteed immigration, purchase a job invitation, and convert the student visa into a work visa with the job invitation. Then Wang Baihe went to this company and pretended to go to work. The company paid her taxes and wages as usual, but after getting the money, she had to return it to the boss in the form of cash, which was a cut-off. In the case of meeting the income standard, the application for a green card can be submitted after one year. Then the Immigration Bureau will come to the company to investigate and verify that there is no problem of falsification, and will issue a green card, and the whole process will be completed.

  Li Hongyuan also told the truth that everyone is taking risks. If things come to light, he will lose his job and his license will be revoked. Lily Wang will also be deported for violating immigration laws. The big company that secretly sold work visas will also be severely punished and fined.

  Therefore, things must be kept strictly confidential. As long as everyone keeps their mouths shut, they will not be aware of it, and at the same time, everyone will enjoy their own interests. Li Hongyuan finally opened a friendship price of 50,000 New Zealand dollars. Among them, he took 30,000, and 20,000 to the company boss. Of course, the company’s boss’s interests don’t stop there, because in the next two years, all the after-tax income Wang Baihe earns in the company will be returned to the boss in the form of cash, becoming the boss’s secret second income.

  Both parties benefited, thus ensuring that Wang Lihe finally passed the examination of the Immigration Bureau and got a green card. The payment method is also reasonable. Pay half of it first, and then pay half of the half when the application for green card is submitted for investigation by the Immigration Bureau. After the green card is issued, the money will be paid in full.

  Wang Baihe drank wine calmly on the surface, chatting and laughing with Li Hongyuan, but he was restless inside. 50,000 NZD is not a problem for her, what she is worried about is that Li Hongyuan will be seized by this lewd person and will be coerced for the next two years. The boss of that company didn’t know what kind of character he was, whether he would use the topic to play it, and finally he became the sensual puppet of those two people.

  After the meal, Wang Baihe visited Li Hongyuan’s mansion and saw a photo of Li Hongyuan and his wife hanging in the bedroom. Knowing that he was a family man, he took off his clothes and led him to bed.


  Watching Wang Baihe get up and get dressed and leave, Li Hongyuan was lying on the bed smugly. He didn’t expect everything to go so smoothly. But he never expected to receive a text message from Wang Baihe an hour later.

  ”I am doing an appraisal report in the hospital, and I have your body fluids on my body. This is an insurance I bought for myself. I hope you can cooperate happily and be safe.”

  Li Hongyuan suddenly turned pale in panic, and only then did he realize that the one under him was not a little white rabbit, but a big bad wolf…

  In the student apartment of Auckland University, Wang Bingbing was trying to take a few steps gently and forcefully without pain. As the doctor estimated, today is the day to remove the plaster.

  She wanted to take a walk with Xiongjun on the beach after the cast was removed, which was what she had always dreamed of, but it was Xiao Su who pushed open the door early in the morning.

  ”Why are you here?” Wang Bingbing asked impatiently.

  Seeing Wang Bingbing’s strange expression, Xiao Su was very curious. She put it on the dining table earlier, turned her head and asked, “I don’t come every day, what’s the matter with you today?”

  ”I made an appointment with the hospital to remove the plaster today!” Wang Bingbing shouted.

  ”I know, I’ll take you there in a while, don’t get excited.” Xiao Su smiled slightly, opened the box, took it out and put it in front of Wang Bingbing.

  Wang Bingbing was depressed and said to herself, “It wasn’t you who bumped into me, Xiongjun should come here!”

  Xiao Su was stunned for a while, and comforted, “He is busy with work now, and Chen Kai’s store is about to open, so he called me early in the morning and asked me to do it for me. But he said he would come to you at night, invite you to dinner, celebrate one time.”

  Wang Bingbing’s eyes lit up, showing a smile of anticipation, and said shyly, “Really? Haha.”

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