[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 13

  As soon as breakfast was over, Wang Bingbing couldn’t wait to go to Auckland Hospital with Xiao Su. After careful examination by the doctor to ensure that there is no problem, the cast was finally removed. She was like a bird that broke free from the shackles, free and alive. Order Xiao Su to take her to Chen Kai’s store immediately, she wants to see the person who caused the trouble, Xiong Jun. Xiao Su smiled slightly, and seemed to understand something in her heart, and immediately sent Wang Bingbing to Chen Kai’s store.

  Xiongjun was busy placing goods, and when he looked up, he suddenly found a slim woman standing at the door, with a radiant face and a sweet smile. She frowned and took a closer look. It turned out to be Wang Bingbing. Seeing her graceful standing posture, she was really not used to it. She hurriedly dropped the goods and rushed forward to help her.

  ”Are you all right? The cast is removed? Does it still hurt? Don’t go too far, sit down quickly!” Xiong Jun carefully helped Wang Bingbing to sit beside him.

  Wang Bingbing blushed suddenly, lowered her eyebrows and lowered her eyes, and said nothing. “She’s already recovered, and you still support her like a patient, aren’t you taking advantage of the girl by taking the opportunity?” Lu Le joked with a smile on his face.

  Xiongjun was stunned, and quickly let go of Wang Bingbing’s arm, and said embarrassedly, “Oh, sorry, I’m used to it. I’ll help you when we meet, and you’ve recovered? Come, let me take a few steps and see.”

  ”It’s okay, I’m used to it.” Wang Bingbing smiled shyly, got up and jumped back and forth in the store.

  ”Hey, I’ve never seen you walking before. I just found out today that you have a model-like figure.” Lu Le teased with a hilarious smile.

  ”Haha.” Xiao Su laughed at the door, “Then I’ll go first, and you can talk slowly.”

  ”Wait a minute, it’s almost time to get off work, let’s have dinner together and celebrate.” Xiongjun insisted.

  ”No, I still have something to do.” Before he finished speaking, Xiao Su had already disappeared at the door.

  Although Lu Le had a smile on his face, he knew in his heart that Xiao Su was going for Zhang Nini. The two of them lived under the same roof, and it took a month to get close to the water tower. No, we must act first!

  As soon as the off-duty time came, Lu Le rushed out the door, left a sentence, and disappeared, “Well, I still have something to do, you two go to dinner and celebrate.”

  ”Hey!” Xiongjun shouted, turning his head to see no one, and helplessly said to Wang Bingbing, “This person is really ignorant, don’t take it offense, let’s go to dinner.”

  Wang Bingbing nodded with satisfaction and said to herself, “This person is really sensible.”

  ”Ah?” Xiongjun looked at a loss.

  Lu Le drove to Zhang Nini’s residence, and as expected, it was Xiao Su who opened the door. Before Xiao Su could ask a question, he rushed in and saw Zhang Nini sitting in the living room drinking coffee, excited and ecstatic.

  ”I thought something happened to you. I’ve been here several times and no one answered the door. Are you okay?” Lu Le sat down beside Nini and asked anxiously.

  ”I’m fine, thank you for your concern. I don’t open the door now, I just hide in the house.” Nini thanked politely.

  ”Don’t be afraid, I’m here, and it’s impossible for them to come here. Next time I come, I’ll knock on the window instead of the door.” Lu Le patted his chest and comforted.

  With a face full of jealousy, Xiao Su shook her head helplessly, closed the door, and said sarcastically, “I’m afraid they will follow you, come, you better not come.”

  Lu Le squinted at Xiao Su and retorted, “I’m all here for her, I’m here to help her, not to chat.”

  ”Thank you.” Zhang Nini smiled shyly.

  ”I made an appointment with an immigration consultant friend this evening. I’ll take you to see him and ask about your situation. If you want to stay in New Zealand, what are the plans? You’re ready, we’ll leave right away.” Lu Le was triumphant. said.

  ”Really, thank you so much. I’ll change clothes and wait for me a moment.” Zhang Nini was overjoyed and hurried back to the house to dress up and put on a simple white trench coat.

  ”I’ll go too.” Xiao Su hurried back to the house to prepare.

  ”You can rest at home again.” Lu Le followed to discourage him, he didn’t want Xiao Su to be a light bulb by his side.

  ”No, I have to go together, you are too unreliable, don’t hurt others.”, Xiao Su complained.

  ”What you said, I’m not reliable.” Lu Le complained helplessly.

  In the end, the three of them set off together and took Lu Le’s car to a western restaurant next to them. It turned out that the immigration agent was Li Hongyuan, whom he had seen at the party before.

  Lu Le has known this person for almost two years. Although his character is not very good, he is blinded by money and loses his sense of justice, but there are no cases in his hands that cannot be solved, especially this kind of strange immigration case. It can only be said that this Li Hongyuan still has two strokes. Whether the immigration consultant is reliable or not depends mainly on his connections. If it is just simple information, you can directly check it online, and it is clearly written on the Internet. The reason why I want to find an immigration consultant is to ask for some crooked methods.

  The four of them met, smiled and shook hands, sat facing each other, and talked while eating.

  ”Old Li, this Miss Zhang mentioned to you before that she traveled to New Zealand. Now her tourist visa has expired, she wants to stay in New Zealand.” Lu Le opened a bottle of wine and poured wine for Li Hongyuan, while introducing .

  Li Hongyuan looked at Zhang Nini and smiled calmly, “This is not a big problem. New Zealand is a relatively easy country to immigrate to, and it is not a problem if the visa expires.”

  ”Really? Can I legally stay in New Zealand after my visa expires?” Zhang Nini asked anxiously.

  ”Of course, New Zealand is a country ruled by law. No one will drive you back if your visa expires, but you cannot enjoy legal benefits and do illegal things, such as illegal work. So, if you have a certain source of income, then you can Stay in New Zealand all the time. Otherwise, if your livelihood is in trouble and you work illegally, the immigration office has the right to arrest you and send you back to your country. Many people are sent back not because their visas expired, but because they If you are a black worker, of course there is no way out. If you don’t make money, how can you live?” Li Hongyuan took the wine, shook it, took a sip, and explained professionally.

  Xiao Su interjected anxiously, “Then if someone pays to support her and she doesn’t need to work, can she stay in New Zealand all the time?”

  Li Hongyuan smiled at Xiao Su, “Then this person must be very rich, because once she gets sick, she will go to the hospital to see a doctor. Without medical insurance benefits, medical expenses are quite expensive. It costs 1,000 to take an x-ray. New Zealand dollars, if you have a small illness, say less than two or three thousand New Zealand dollars. If you need to do an operation, it is estimated that two or three million New Zealand dollars, depending on the condition, may not be enough.”

  ”It seems that the long-term solution is to obtain a green card, so please help me and see if there are any plans?” Lu Le asked with a toast.

  Zhang Nini and Xiao Su looked at each other, feeling a little lost.

  ”There must be a solution. The Chinese are abroad, and nothing else is smart. If you have money, go for a plan with money. If you don’t have money, go for a plan without money. In short, there will definitely be a plan, whether you want it or not. Try.” Li Hongyuan smiled at Zhang Nini and said.

  ”Old Li, tell us in detail and go to class.” Lu Le pleaded with a smile on his face.

  Li Hongyuan nodded and started a long speech triumphantly. If you have a rich plan, you can apply for investment immigration immediately. With 10 million New Zealand dollars, as long as the source of funds is legal, you can get a green card in the shortest time.

  Obviously, this is impossible. If you go with a plan without money, you can only save the country through a curve, and take your time. First apply for a one-year student visa, learn English in a language school, get IELTS 6.5 or above, and then apply for studying abroad.

  After four years of study abroad, successfully graduated with a degree, found a job locally, and applied for a work visa. After working for a year, the income meets the standard, and then apply for a green card. This is a long-term war of resistance.

  Or, the easiest, find someone with a green card to marry, get married. After living for two years, get a green card. There are many people who take this road, but it doesn’t sound very good. This is called “meat card”.

  Zhang Nini was very disappointed after hearing this, and Li Hongyuan comforted, “For those who are not well-funded, immigration is not such an easy task, and it has to be done step by step. For your current situation, I will first apply for a visa extension for you, at least you can see a doctor in New Zealand. .”

  ”Okay, thank you.” Zhang Nini smiled reluctantly and replied politely.

  Li Hongyuan handed over a business card and said with a smile, “After you go back, send the scanned copy of your passport to my mailbox, and I will help you submit the application for extension. Don’t worry, the friend introduced by Lu Le is also my friend, and the fee will be reduced. Half, double the efficiency.”

  Zhang Nini took the business card and smiled shyly. After the business is over, drink and chat, chat about everyday things, brag and laugh. After drinking and eating, Li Hongyuan found a driver to drive back to the house.

  Xiao Su, who didn’t drink, drove home. Although Lu Le was not drunk, he was still half-drunk, and he was still nagging from time to time, “Zhang Nini, I may have to sit on the sofa in your living room today. It’s just one night, it’s alright.” Xiao Su and Zhang Nini looked at each other and smiled, and joked, “Okay, I’ll lend you a blanket.”

  Lu Le slept on the sofa in the living room for one night, but he felt extremely happy, because he and Zhang Nini were only separated by a door, and he could even smell Zhang Nini’s body fragrance, the faint scent of jasmine flowers.

  The next day at work, Li Hongyuan turned on the office computer and received Zhang Nini’s passport scan email, and was stunned for a while. Because I remembered it clearly before, someone called and asked him to pay attention to a woman named Zhang Nini, and thanked him.

  Li Hongyuan was rigorous in his work. He wrote down his contact information at the time, and now he called immediately. The person who answered the phone was Zhou Shijun.

  Zhou Shijun and the others rushed to Li Hongyuan’s office immediately, and a pat on the table was 20,000 New Zealand dollars. Then he lit a cigarette, took a deep breath, and asked calmly, “Where is she?”

  Seeing Qian’s eyes widen, Li Hongyuan was overjoyed. This man is really generous. He paid 20,000 New Zealand dollars as soon as he made a move, so he quickly collected the money. Then he dropped the data on the computer and showed it to Zhou Shijun, “Mr. Zhou, is this the person you’re looking for?”

  Zhou Shijun glanced sideways, this was a scanned copy of Zhang Nini’s passport, and it really was her, and asked anxiously, “Yes, it’s her, where is the person?”

  ”Where is the person, I don’t know now. I just had dinner with her last night about consulting immigration, but I can ask you.” Li Hongyuan rolled his eyes and came up with a way to reply to Zhang Nini’s Mail, asking Zhang Nini to provide her current address, because the Immigration Bureau will send a letter there.

  In order not to scare the snakes, Li Hongyuan deliberately did not rush to call. Several people waited in the office for a long time. It was not until the afternoon and evening that they received an email reply from Zhang Nini. The content was the address where she lives now.

  Zhou Shijun smiled coldly, wrote down the address, got up and left with satisfaction, and said before leaving, “Mr. Li, I didn’t expect you to be so rigorous.”

  Li Hongyuan smiled calmly, “Mr. Zhou is very polite. I am an immigration lawyer. Not only do I work rigorously, but I also keep it strictly confidential.”

  Zhou Shijun and the others immediately rushed to Zhang Nini’s address and waited at the door until the evening. And that day happened to be Zhang Nini’s dinner. Thanks to Xiao Su and Lu Le for their help, Lu Le deliberately drank a few more glasses of wine and wanted to borrow the sofa in the living room to sleep for the night, but unexpectedly, she drank too much and was incoherent.

  In the end, Xiao Su drove home, and Zhang Nini helped the drunk Lu Le out of the car. Turning around, I suddenly found three people squatting at the door of the house. Under the dim light, I couldn’t see who they were, but I knew they were three men. When I got closer, I heard Zhang Nini scream in horror, then turned around and ran away.

  ”What’s the situation?!” Lu Le suddenly sobered up. Seeing that the three men got up to chase, Xiao Su stopped them. Unexpectedly, these people didn’t say a word, they came with fists, knocked Xiao Su to the ground, and shouted, “Zhang Nini, don’t run!”

  Zhang Nini, who turned around and had not run a few meters away, was pulled by several men. There was also a man among them, who raised his hand and slapped her to the ground.

  The drunk Lu Le reacted and rushed forward, knocked the three men away, grabbed the man who raised his hand and slapped him, and scuffled together. Xiao Su also got up quickly, pounced on it, and desperately protected Zhang Nini.

  During the scuffle, a man was heard shouting, “Damn it! He said he didn’t know where Zhang Nini went! Kill you!”

  In fact, both Xiao Su and Lu Le knew in their hearts that those men must be the enemies who came to find Zhang Nini. So invariably united as one, struggling to resist.

  The half-drunk and half-awake Lu Le was extremely powerful. He scuffled with a few men and shouted, “Zhang Nini! Run quickly.”

  Zhang Nini got up again and ran to the intersection. Xiao Su scuffled with a man on the ground. Suddenly, his eyes flashed. When he looked up, he saw that a man drew a sharp knife and stabbed Lu Le from behind, stabbing it three times in a row.

  At the critical moment, several roommates rushed out and shouted, “Stop! The police have been called!”

  Lu Le, who was bleeding profusely, held onto the men tightly, and Xiao Su also held their feet firmly until Zhang Nini disappeared into the distance.

  When several men saw that Zhang Nini had run away, they turned around and punched and kicked Xiao Su and Lu Le. The roommates rushed to help.

  The siren sounded in the distance, and the three immediately ran away. Xiao Su was helped up by her roommate. Seeing Lu Le lying motionless in a pool of blood, she rushed forward and shouted, “Call an ambulance!”

  Wang Bingbing and Xiong Jun are sitting opposite each other in the restaurant, with affection, toasting and drinking together, laughing and laughing. When they suddenly received a call from Baking Soda, the two were taken aback and rushed out of the restaurant in a panic, towards the hospital.

  Poor Lu Le, these three knives hit the key points and died before the ambulance arrived. Despite the last rescue in the hospital, he was unable to recover due to excessive blood loss.

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