[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 14

  Xiongjun rushed to the hospital and saw Lu Le, who was covered with a white cloth, and collapsed on the ground, unable to move, and burst into tears. Wang Bingbing panicked and stood at the door, at a loss. The person who used to be a hippie and smiling face is now lying still and motionless, and has passed away.

  Xiao Su, who has a bruised nose and a swollen face, is taking notes with two foreign police officers next door. In New Zealand, criminal deaths are a big event. After the police learned the details from Xiao Su, they immediately started an investigation.

  The relieved Xiongjun lay on Lu Le’s icy body, weeping bitterly, and shouting loudly, vowing to avenge him. According to Xiao Su’s description, those three people must be Zhou Shijun and others.

  New Zealand is a small place and it doesn’t take long for the police to arrest people. Sure enough, after more than four hours, the police found them in the hotel. It was Zhou Shijun and the three of them. Unexpectedly, they had been prepared for a long time and had hired a lawyer to sit in the town, and things suddenly became complicated.

  The one who stabbed the man was called Lao Jianliang, and he was already under criminal detention, but the three of them insisted that they were just looking for someone. When they encountered a drunk provocation, they were forced to defend themselves. Moreover, Lao Jianliang took care of everything alone. The other two did not participate and just stood by and discouraged. Lawyers have also been too defensive to characterize it, and will make a detailed defense in court.

  Xiong Jun, who had dried up his tears, sat beside Lu Le until dawn, murmuring softly, “How do you want me to explain to your parents?”. Wang Bingbing and Xiao Su also shed tears of sadness, accompanied by each other, not knowing how to comfort them.

  It was not until Xiong Jun’s mood stabilized that the doctor pushed Lu Le’s body away and handed it over to the coroner for examination. After the coroner completed his work, he issued a death certificate and handed it to Xiong Jun, with a tone that was both professional and sympathetic, “I’m very sorry for that, But god will help us take care of him. “

  Xiongjun took the death certificate with trembling hands, looked at the coroner’s back, and fell to the ground again with weak legs, unable to move. The phone had rang many times, but he had no intention of paying attention.

  Wang Bingbing helped answer the phone. It turned out that Chen Kai didn’t see the two of them coming to work and called to ask. After learning about the situation, I rushed to the hospital immediately, but all I could do was hold the death certificate, help contact the funeral service company and submit some identity cancellation procedures.

  ”Xiong Jun, cheer up! A person cannot be resurrected from the dead, you must notify his parents as soon as possible.” Wang Bingbing shouted, hugging Xiong Jun, who was sitting in tears.

  Xiongjun burst into tears again, and the tears kept flowing, his trembling voice burst into tears, “I don’t know how to explain to his parents, I don’t know how to speak.”

  In the end, in desperation, Wang Bingbing contacted Lu Le’s parents in China on their behalf, and learned that the loss of their beloved son had left them heartbroken and heartbroken. They set off from China that day and rushed to New Zealand impatiently.

  It was noon when Xiao Su returned to the scene. Except for a few police officers protecting the scene, there was no sign of Zhang Nini. When I entered the room, Zhang Nini’s luggage was all there, indicating that she never came back, or maybe she didn’t dare to come back.

  After having an idea, Xiao Su rushed to the Prince’s Wharf. He expected that Zhang Nini would sit on the stone bench at the Prince’s Wharf and look at the sea. As expected, sitting on the stone bench at the Prince’s Wharf was a woman in a white trench coat, hat, and a tightly wrapped woman. That was exactly what Zhang Nini was wearing last night.

  Xiao Su slowly sat down beside her like a spy connection. Zhang Nini turned her head and looked at Xiao Su, who had a bruised nose and a swollen face, and wept bitterly. This seemed to be what she expected, she stretched out a hand and stroked Xiao Su’s cheek with mixed feelings.

  ”I’m sorry, I hurt you and hurt you like this.” Zhang Nini said apologetically, “Where’s Lu Le?”

  ”He, he is dead.” Xiao Su said in a low voice.

  Zhang Nini’s eyes widened, her face paled in astonishment, she stood up and shouted, “What!!?”

  ”He was stabbed three times, and the knife was critical. Before the ambulance arrived, he lost too much blood and died.” Xiao Su said regretfully.

  ”Where is he? I’m going to see him, apologize to him, and make amends to him. It’s me who hurt him, and it’s me who implicated him.” Zhang Nini burst into tears, sobbing.

  ”No, two of them have been released on bail. They are probably wandering around the hospital. You wait for me here, I’ll go back and pack your luggage for you, and I’ll take you to other places. Don’t let Lu Le down on his good intentions.” , Xiao Su finished speaking and got up and went back to the shared house. Zhang Nini sat helplessly on the Prince’s Wharf, not knowing what to do.

  After returning to the shared room, Xiao Su contacted Chen Kai while packing Zhang Nini’s luggage. Chen Kai was a little tangled at first. He had just arrived in New Zealand to start a business, and he didn’t want to cause trouble. But seeing Xiao Su begging bitterly and dying for it, he reluctantly agreed. Agreed to Xiao Su to send Zhang Nini to his residence for refuge, but in the third chapter, Xiao Su could not come to visit, so as not to expose his whereabouts and bring him inconvenience and trouble.

  In order to prevent being followed, Xiao Su drove Zhang Nini outside Auckland for a long time. After confirming that no one was following, she took her to Chen Kai’s residence when night fell. After putting down her luggage, she drove away.

  Zhang Nini looked at the shadow of the car where Xiao Su Yuan went, feeling so guilty that she didn’t even have time to say thank you. Chen Kai and his wife were friendly and hospitable. They invited Zhang Nini into the house and helped with the luggage. They got along very well. After chatting and having a long talk, I learned that Zhang Nini and they are fellow villagers, from the same city, and the relationship is even closer. Finally, Chen Kai and his wife learned about Zhang Nini’s entire life experience, which can be described in two words, miserable.

  After Zhang Nini was settled, Xiao Su drove to Xiongjun’s residence. As he expected, Wang Bingbing was taking care of him day and night. Xiongjun was sluggish as a whole, sometimes talking nonsense, and sometimes shouting and killing. Xiao Su and Wang Bingbing stayed with them all day, until Xiong Jun gradually recovered, returned to normal and regained his senses.

  The next morning, at the international arrivals exit of Auckland Airport, Xiong Jun, Wang Bingbing and Xiao Su stood waiting for Lu Le’s parents to arrive. I saw two elderly people in their sixties, with red and swollen eyes, pulling their suitcases and slowly coming out, hugging their heads and crying when they saw Xiongjun.

  At the same time, Xiao Su received a call from Zhang Nini and wanted to attend Lu Le’s memorial service. After a few discussions, they politely declined her kindness, fearing that Zhou Shijun would kill her with a carbine and arrest her, wasting Lu Le’s good intentions, and agreed to let her go to worship another day.

  After Lu Le’s parents calmed down a little, Xiao Su drove them to the memorial service. The scene was arranged by Chen Kai, with wreaths all over the hall, white flowers all over the floor, eulogy couplets, solemn and solemn. Looking at his child, neatly dressed and pale, lying motionless in the coffin. Immediately, he was heartbroken, shouting and crying, holding the coffin in tears, and was heartbroken.

  Zhou Shijun and his brothers Zhou Shimin, who were released on bail, also came to the memorial service. Standing in the distance, looking from a distance, looking for Zhang Nini’s figure, and finally returned disappointed.

  Chen Kai and other Lu Le’s friends attended the memorial service. According to what he joked during his lifetime, they asked to be buried. He didn’t want to be turned into a pile of ashes. So after the memorial service, he and the coffin were buried directly in the cemetery.

  ”What comes from dust shall return to dust, Lord have mercy on you, from now on, may the Lord bring you to the kingdom of eternal happiness, Lord, hear our prayers, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen. “

  After the funeral, Xiongjun and others brought Lu Le’s parents to the residence of Lu Le. The second old man walked into his son’s room and after a tour, he couldn’t control his emotions and burst into tears. Xiongjun Wang Bingbing has been with him all the time, taking care of the two old people’s clothing, food and daily life.

  After the grief, the second old man stabilized his emotions, accepted the reality, and decided to fly back to China the next day. Staying here was unfamiliar with life and language, and the child was gone, meaningless.

  Xiongjun offered to take the second old man for a walk and relax, but he was politely rejected. In this case, the only thing we can do is to help organize Lu Le’s relics and let them take them back.

  The old man spent a sleepless and heartbroken night in his son’s room. Xiong Jun, Wang Bingbing and Xiao Su also sat in the living room all night, frowning and tearful, and their hearts were chaotic.

  Early the next morning, Xiao Su drove, Xiong Jun and Wang Bingbing carried luggage and escorted the two old men to Auckland Airport to return to China.

  While checking in, Chen Kai hurried to the airport and handed the old man a bag, opened it, and found 40,000 New Zealand dollars in cash. At the same time, he handed over a letter to Xiao Su, and said very guiltily, “I woke up in the morning and found that Zhang Nini had left, leaving the money and this letter, I’m sorry.”

  Xiao Su was so anxious that she hurriedly opened the letter. There was not much content, but a few simple sentences:

  ”40,000 New Zealand dollars is all my savings, and I give it to Lu Le’s parents. This is a little bit of my heart. Thank you to all the friends who helped me. I’m leaving, don’t look for me, and don’t want to cause you any more trouble. I wish Xiaosu , a safe life.” Zhang Nini

  Xiao Su stared blankly at the letter, feeling depressed and bursting into tears. Lu Le’s parents shook their heads, refused the money, waved goodbye, and entered the waiting room.

  Xiong Jun, Wang Bingbing and Xiao Su have been so busy these days that they haven’t closed their eyes and are exhausted. In order to ensure that Xiongjun is emotionally stable and does not do stupid things, Wang Bingbing and Xiaosu went to Xiongjun’s residence together, and fell asleep as soon as they entered the door.

  With Zhang Nini’s letter tightly in her hands, Xiao Su fell asleep on the sofa, Xiongjun cried on Lu Le’s bed with tears in her eyes, and Wang Bingbing huddled silently beside Xiongjun.

  Chen Kai gave Xiongjun a week off, adjusted his mood and came back to work. I began to worry about hiring people again. Although I posted some job postings online, there were a variety of people who came to interview. Maori, Indians, Filipinos, Vietnamese, South Africans, Indonesians, etc., speaking English with various national accents, made Chen Kai dizzy.

  Finally, he changed the recruitment information and added a sentence, only recruiting Chinese. I thought everything would be fine, but unexpectedly, I immediately received a lawyer’s letter!

  He was sued by a fishing law firm for racial profiling in his job posting. In order not to escalate the situation, he had to pay 3000 New Zealand dollars in compensation, and then changed the recruitment information back, and implicitly wrote that those who can speak Chinese are given priority.

  This can be considered as a tuition fee. There are many fishing law firms abroad, and they find faults on the Internet every day. Once they find that you have violated the law, they will sue you and extort money. It was an eye-opener for Chen Kai to see that many foreigners came to apply for the job, and they could speak fluent Mandarin…

  During the week of Xiongjun’s vacation, Wang Bingbing was inseparable every day. It’s just that whenever Xiongjun’s phone rings, she feels more embarrassed. Because on the other end of the phone, there is one of his girlfriends, Xu Huihui, who has been with him for seven years. Every time the two of them talk on the phone for an hour, Xiongjun also reports good news and not bad news. This also reminds her all the time, pay attention to her emotional balance, and don’t be too hard to extricate herself when the time comes, this is friendship, not love.

  And Xiao Su now sits on the Prince’s Wharf every day, looking out at the endless sea, imagining that one day Zhang Nini will pass by, the two will meet, and their love will continue. Maybe it’s just his one-sided idea, there is no relationship at all.

  After the rest, Xiong Jun regained his senses, adjusted his mentality, and went back to work in Chen Kai’s store, but he didn’t expect that he would encounter an enemy as soon as he went to work.

  With a cigarette in his mouth, Zhou Shijun walked in swaggeringly, followed by his younger brother Zhou Shimin like a thug. He walked in front of Xiongjun, let out a breath of smoke, and laughed loudly, “I knew you knew Zhang Nini, and you colluded to help her escape! Even fooling me that I don’t know, that friend of yours deserves to die!”

  In fact, Xiongjun’s first thought when he saw Zhou Shijun was to avenge Lu Le. Without saying a word, he picked up the stool beside him and smashed it on Zhou Shijun’s head.

  Zhou Shijun did not expect Xiongjun to be like a madman, coming up to fight for his life, but before he could dodge, he was hit on the head and fell to the ground.

  The younger brother Zhou Shimin immediately came up to help and scuffled with Xiong Jun. Zhou Shijun stood up tremblingly, wiped the blood on his head, and angrily stepped forward to punch and kick Xiongjun. The three of them fought together, Xiongjun completely disregarded his own life and insisted on taking revenge for Lu Le, grabbing Zhou Shijun’s neck and punching him in the head.

  The store was in a mess, and passers-by outside the store watched and called the police. This was not a fight, but a desperate effort. After receiving the report, the patrol police in the city center rushed to the store immediately, but the three of them still scuffled together.

  Until two cops pulled out their guns and yelled, “Stop!! Donnu move!!”

  The three men stopped on the ground, unable to move. Zhou Shijun’s head was bleeding.

  Seeing this, the two policemen immediately called an ambulance to pull the three away, and set up a cordon at the messy scene.

  Chen Kai just came back from the purchase. Seeing the chaos in the store, he couldn’t believe it. After watching the surveillance, he didn’t understand what was going on. Wang Bingbing and rushed to the hospital.

  Upon hearing the news, Wang Bingbing rushed out of the classroom and rushed to the hospital ward. He saw the bruised and bruised Xiongjun lying on the hospital bed, bandaged like a mummy, with an oxygen tube in his mouth, and burst into tears.

  Two foreign police officers are consulting Chen Kai, who speaks broken English. The case is not very optimistic. Zhou Shijun’s lawyer has already prosecuted Xiongjun for intentional injury and intentional homicide. At the same time, the police also asked Chen Kai for the surveillance video of the store. Fortunately, Chen Kai had just watched the video, and had an inspiration to say that the store was still being renovated and rectified and had not yet opened, so the monitoring equipment was not turned on.

  Only then did Xiong Jun escape, and the police classified it as a fight. Xiong Jun, a New Zealand resident, and Zhou Shimin, an Australian citizen, were sentenced to three months of home imprisonment and 200 hours of community service after recovery. Zhou Shijun claimed that he only participated in the dissuasion and did not fight and was found not guilty.

  Fortunately, Xiongjun was in a coma and couldn’t defend himself. After all, he was the one who made the first move, and then made excuses. If the investigation continued, he would definitely have an accident.

  In fact, the two foreign policemen are also very impatient. In their opinion, when other races fight and fight, their own grievances and grievances should be their own, so as not to affect the public order of the whole society, and they should not occupy New Zealand’s tense medical resources. He left quickly after the case was over.

  With Wang Bingbing taking care of Xiongjun, Chen Kai hurriedly left and went back to the store to deal with the smashed storefront. Fortunately, there was insurance, and the insurance company paid for all the losses. At the same time, he deleted the surveillance video recording, just in case.

  This is also the first time for Chen Kai to deal with insurance-related matters abroad. I thought it would be very difficult, but I did not expect that the insurance company in New Zealand was very refreshing, and immediately sent someone to check.

  Xiao Su rushed over immediately after hearing the news. Seeing that Xiongjun had been beaten with bruises all over his body and was in a coma, he probably knew that it was related to Zhou Shijun. As expected, Zhou Shijun was lying in the ward next door, and Xiao Su deliberately went over and threw a middle finger at him.

  During the two days that Xiongjun was in a coma, Wang Bingbing was always by his side. Although his cell phone rang many times, Wang Bingbing didn’t answer the call after struggling for a long time. Wang Bingbing didn’t want Xiongjun’s girlfriend to know that he was seriously injured, let alone let her know that there was another woman beside Xiongjun silently. take care of.

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