[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 15

  Two days later, Xiong Jun finally woke up, opened his eyes and saw Wang Bingbing’s first words, “Is that Zhou Shijun dead?”

  With hot tears in her eyes, Wang Bingbing stroked Xiongjun’s cheek, sobbing and said, “I don’t want you to die.”

  ”Tell me! Which dog day Zhou Shijun died?!” Xiongjun used all his strength and shouted with a hoarse throat.

  Wang Bingbing wiped away her tears and shouted to Xiongjun seriously, “They were discharged from the hospital yesterday! I don’t allow you to seek revenge again!”

  Xiongjun sighed, turned his head, closed his eyes, and said nothing, two tears flowed silently from his cheeks.

  A week later, Xiongjun was also discharged, and the hospital’s ambulance took him to his home. Although the body has basically recovered, there seems to be a mental problem, and the whole person is dumbfounded and unhappy. Wang Bingbing moved directly over and stayed in Lu Le’s room. While busy writing his graduation thesis, he took care of Xiongjun, fearing that he would have another accident. Xiao Su also visits from time to time, patiently enlightens, and chats to relieve boredom.

  Chen Kai’s entrepreneurial immigration was really troubled. It took another two weeks to sort out and decorate the store, and finally officially opened! From his arrival in New Zealand to the official opening, it has been six months before and after, and it is very difficult to walk down step by step. Then he finally successfully obtained a two-year business visa. As long as he manages well, does not lose money, and his income can support the daily expenses of the family, he can apply for a green card after two financial years.

  A month later, Lu Le’s case was officially accepted. Xiong Jun and Wang Bingbing came to the scene of the Oakland Supreme Court early in the morning, and Xiao Su also appeared in court as a witness. Zhou Shijun did not appear, but the murderer Lao Jianliang and the lawyer seemed to have reached a consensus long ago, standing calmly in the dock, looking at Xiongjun coldly.

  The situation was very bad, Xiao Su was one of the fighters on the scene, and his testimony was not accepted. At the same time, Lu Le’s death report showed that he had consumed a large amount of alcohol, which was in line with the description proposed by Lawyer Lao Jianliang that he was intoxicated and mad, and asked the court to commute his sentence for excessive self-defense and accidental injury to death.

  Since Lao Jianliang holds a tourist visa and is not a resident of New Zealand, many New Zealand laws do not apply to him. At the same time, New Zealand and China do not have an extradition treaty, so he cannot be extradited to China for trial. In the end, the court has carried knives without permission, overly defensive and murdered, and sentenced Lao Jianliang to deportation and banned from entering New Zealand for life.

  After the trial, Lao Jianliang stood up and smiled at Xiongjun. Xiongjun looked at Lao Jianliang, who was close at hand, and wanted to rush up to kill him immediately. If Wang Bingbing had not held him tightly, Xiongjun would have already made a scene in the courtroom. Afterwards, Lao Jianliang was escorted by the police to the airport and boarded the plane to leave New Zealand.

  The lawsuit was over. After the two returned home, Wang Bingbing hurriedly moved out of Xiongjun’s residence, for fear that he would become too hot, unable to control his feelings, unable to extricate himself, and hurt others and himself. Xiongjun looked at her retreating back, but did not keep her, his mind was blank, or he was indecisive, undecided, difficult to make up his mind, and in a dilemma.

  Lu Le’s parents were very disappointed when they heard the court’s trial results in China, and scolding New Zealand’s laws was a joke. New Zealand law does not have the death penalty, so no matter if you kill or set fire, the heaviest sentence is going to jail. New Zealand pays attention to human rights, and its prison cells have the standard of four-star hotels. It is one of the few countries in the world with luxury prison cells. Prisoners who are serving their sentences do not need manual labor. They can also study and study or play for entertainment. .

  We don’t understand the world of foreigners.

  After three months of home confinement, Xiong Jun, who completed the community labor punishment, returned to Chen Kai’s store to continue working and got on well with his two new colleagues. Chen Kai’s store mainly sells some low-end jewelry, which are shipped from Yiwu Small Commodity Market in China. The cost of a piece in China is about RMB 2. Selling a piece here is 10 New Zealand dollars. The profit is not bad, mainly The user group is all foreigners and young people.

  Most foreigners will never know that things can be so cheap in China. These jewelry look glittering, fashionable and noble on the outside, but in fact they are cheap slag. Perhaps because of this reason, Chen Kai’s cheap jewelry store was robbed at gunpoint one day soon. This is really a big joke.

  That afternoon, it was just close to closing. Pedestrians on the road are gradually sparse, and Xiongjun and two other shop assistants are counting the goods and preparing to close the door. A van came to the door, and four Pacific Islanders rushed into the store, one with a shotgun and three with iron bars.

  After a few people rushed in, after shouting a few words, they started to rob. The few English words with a Pacific accent did not understand what they meant. When they saw them robbing, Chen Kai and others responded.

  New Zealand is a country where human life comes first, so if there is a robbery, even in the bank, no one will resist. Because everything is claimed by the insurance company, everyone just needs to stand obediently and wait for them to grab it.

  At the same time, New Zealand is a welfare state, and robbery is relatively rare. Those criminals are mainly residents of the surrounding Pacific Island countries, who have no identity and no welfare, so they do these robbery things.

  Criminals in New Zealand are also very mentally handicapped. Many times they robbed banks with kitchen knives, and they even let them succeed. If they were in China, they would have been beaten down long ago.

  Chen Kai is not a local. When he encounters robbery, his first reaction is to focus on property as in China. Seeing a few robbers and wanting to rob with an iron rod is a joke, even though there is a shotgun and only two bullets, what do you think? Without a word, he shouted, “Put the things down for Lao Tzu!”, and rushed up.

  The owner of the store in China has practiced a few hands, and beat a few robbers to the ground in three or two times. Xiongjun shouted behind him, “Don’t beat them!”

  Chen Kai was furious, and tried his best to beat him to death. Maybe it’s because I watched the surveillance video before, the reason why Xiong Jun and Zhou Shijun were fighting to the death, I felt that this should be the way to beat people in New Zealand, maybe it was because I watched too many foreign blockbusters, I felt that if you beat people abroad, you have to do it. Like in the movie, I used all my strength to fight to the death, and at the same time I felt that these robbers were too bad compared to the movie.

  The four robbers turned from robbery at the beginning to life-saving, and they were beaten by Chen Kai alone and could not fight back. In desperation, he picked up the shotgun. Seeing this situation, Xiongjun immediately stepped forward to stop it. Unexpectedly, the gun went off, and after a gunshot, Xiongjun fell to the ground.

  Several robbers were so frightened that they ran away. At that time, the guns were pointing downwards, and Xiongjun was shot in the thigh. Chen Kai picked up the shotgun and chased it out, and fired a shot at the fleeing van, just like the robbers who chased and robbed the gold jewelry store in European and American blockbusters.

  The other two shop assistants called the police, and a police car and an ambulance arrived quickly. Xiongjun was immediately sent to the hospital emergency center, and the police raised the cordon again. This store is really troubled, and I don’t know if there is a problem with feng shui.

  The police checked the surveillance video and asked the clerk what happened. They actually took Chen Kai back to the police station for temporary detention, which was really baffling. The police station notified Chen Kai’s wife, and Mrs. Chen came to hear the news. After learning about what happened, she was very dissatisfied and asked the police station to release the person immediately.

  Fortunately, the two of them spoke broken English, and the foreigners felt that they had a problem with understanding, or else it was really a big joke. Later, Xiao Su brought a lawyer to help. After a detailed explanation from the Chinese lawyer, Chen Kai knew that he had been sued. The reason was that he was too defensive and intentionally hurt people, which would inevitably lead to prison.

  Chen Kai was furious, this is simply unreasonable, obviously his storefront was robbed, he drove the robbers away, and he was even prosecuted and imprisoned. What is the logic of the onion?

  The lawyer explained to him patiently, and gave him an example. There was a roast duck restaurant on the next street. One night, two hungry homeless men broke the window and went in to steal roast duck. The sleeping boss was awakened and immediately called the police. After the police arrived, they praised the boss for doing the right thing, and warned the two homeless people not to come back after they left after eating the roast duck. The boss’s losses are all borne by the insurance company, which is New Zealand’s law to protect the poor.

  At the same time, I told Chen Kai that if a thief entered the house, no matter what the circumstances, you could not do it. Once you hit the thief, you constituted the crime of intentional injury and would be prosecuted and sentenced. Even in self-defense, you can’t hurt the opponent.

  After Chen Kai heard this, his three views were completely destroyed, which was beyond reason. The lawyer patiently comforted Chen Kai and said some of his own opinions. In his opinion, New Zealand is a welfare state with free medical care. So no matter what happens, the government doesn’t want you to hurt each other, maybe you are just for a few hundred dollars in disputes, but the state can pay you hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills.

  So if a thief comes to your house and stole a few hundred dollars from you, don’t beat anyone. Including this storefront robbery, the same is true. Chen Kai severely injured them, and the government will spend a lot of money to treat them.

  Several of the robbers were seriously injured and went to the hospital, so they were quickly located. Fortunately, these robbers came from the Pacific island countries around New Zealand. They had no legal awareness and did not prosecute Chen Kai for intentional injury, so Chen Kai escaped. At the same time, these robbers were not New Zealand residents. After being cured for free, they were directly deported.

  But Chen Kai ended up with a 200-hour community service penalty and a $2,000 fine. After some social education by the police station, Chen Kai was released. Chen Kai sighed, the store that had just been renovated and was about to be renovated.

  After Wang Bingbing heard the news, she rushed out of the school classroom again and ran to the hospital. Sometimes fate is like this, and the two people are already firmly tied together.

  Wang Bingbing rushed into the hospital ward and saw that Xiongjun had just finished the operation and was lying on the hospital bed with a pale face. She burst into tears and shouted, “What’s wrong with you! It’s so worrying!”

  Xiong Jun opened his eyes slightly and looked at Wang Bingbing who was in a hurry. He said nothing and showed a smile. Fortunately, the bullet passed through the thigh muscles, did not hit the bone, nor injured the femoral artery, otherwise it would not be so calm, with a smile, and a look of death.

  After Chen Kai left the police station, he and Xiao Su rushed to the hospital to visit Xiongjun, and apologized deeply for his recklessness. Since then, I have gained a new understanding of Western society. Immigrants are like reincarnation. In a world with completely different rules of the game, starting a new life and learning a lot.

  During the two weeks that Xiongjun was hospitalized, Wang Bingbing stayed with him in the hospital in addition to going to school. Since Lu Le left, Wang Bingbing has become Xiongjun’s only relative abroad. Although the two have a deep friendship and love brother and sister, he occasionally thinks wildly. Especially when answering the phone call from his girlfriend Xu Huihui in front of Wang Bingbing, he will deliberately pretend to be calm and not express his feelings like glue like before. At the same time, he didn’t tell Xu Huihui that she was injured, as if she was afraid that she would be in a hurry and rushed over at once.

  After Xiong Jun and Xu Huihui ended the call, they turned their heads and said to Wang Bingbing with a smile, “If you are busy, you don’t have to come to see me every day, I’m pretty good in the hospital.”

  Wang Bingbing said mischievously, “I didn’t come to see you. I happened to be passing by. I came here to grab a meal, and I won’t eat it for free. Stupid!”

  The two of them looked at each other, they knew each other well, they were affectionate, and they chewed slowly.

  ”You said, is this retribution? I bruised you before and fractured your left leg. Now it’s my turn, and I was shot in the left leg.” Xiongjun said with a smirk.

  ”No, it’s all because you’re a good person, you don’t want others to get hurt, and you end up suffering. Sometimes, people are too good to hurt others.” Been thinking about it for a few days.

  Two weeks later, Xiongjun was discharged from the hospital again, and Wang Bingbing packed his suitcase and moved it again. Of course, it is to take care of him. Now he is inconvenient to move, even if he is a good friend, he should be, not to mention his selfish feelings.

  At first, Xiong Jun politely postponed, “I can do it alone. You are busy with your graduation thesis recently, so don’t always come to take care of me.”

  Seeing Wang Bingbing dragging her suitcase into Lu Le’s room without a word, she was both happy and anxious, as if she couldn’t help herself. Although Wang Bingbing doesn’t know how to cook, and most of the food he eats is packaged from outside, Xiongjun is still very happy and happy every day, and it may not have anything to do with what he eats.

  Chen Kai and Xiao Su often come to visit, and seeing Wang Bingbing’s meticulous care, they feel at ease. Chen Kai’s business has officially entered the right track, and the daily turnover is good. Every month, he also brings over the accounts, let Wang Bingbing look over it, and check if there are any problems, so as to ensure that there is nothing wrong when submitting a green card application in two years. And Xiao Su’s daily life was rather depressing. In addition to his studies, he searched all the places frequented by Chinese in Auckland, looking for Zhang Nini. But every time she came back disappointed, maybe she had already left Auckland for a small city or maybe she had gone to another country. Zhang Nini’s NZ$40,000 has been temporarily kept by Xiao Su. Without the money, she can only work underworld. This is something Xiao Su is very worried about.

  In Li Hongyuan’s office, Zhou Shijun was blowing smoke with Erlang’s legs crossed, asking for further news about Zhang Nini.

  ”Mr. Zhou, she hasn’t contacted me since you came last time. I thought you had found her.” Li Hongyuan got up and poured a cup of tea for Zhou Shijun.

  ”Something happened and she ran away, can you think of some way to try to contact her again?” Zhou Shijun put out the cigarette and said with a teacup.

  Li Hongyuan was a little embarrassed, and asked after a moment of silence, “I heard that people were killed before. Why did you want to find her? I don’t want to kill people.”

  Zhou Shijun smiled coldly and said calmly, “It was an accident, and I don’t want to kill anyone. Don’t worry, I won’t cause you any trouble. She is my wife and stole something important from me at home.”

  ”What?!” Li Hongyuan was surprised that there is such a thing in the world. However, he immediately calmed down. In his experience, this must be a grudge between a wealthy family and an opportunity to make money, so he deliberately said, “I’m sorry Mr. Zhou, I can’t help you, I don’t want to take risks and become a An accomplice in your case.”

  Zhou Shijun was stunned for a while, and understood what Li Hongyuan meant. With a wave of his hand, his younger brother Zhou Shimin immediately took out 20,000 New Zealand dollars from his bag and slapped it on the table.

  Seeing Qian’s eyes widened, Li Hongyuan still pretended to be embarrassed, and then he quickly accepted the money, turned on the computer, and while typing on the keyboard, he said to Zhou Shijun, “I will try to contact her by email to see if she can give it to me. Reply. I’ll let you know as soon as I have news.”

  Zhou Shijun watched Li Hongyuan send the email, got up with peace of mind, nodded with satisfaction, and walked out of his office. A few days later, he received a reply from Li Hongyuan that Zhang Nini had left Auckland for another city.

  Abroad is an open market. There are all kinds of intermediaries. As long as you pay, someone will be willing to help you. Seeing that the graduation season is approaching, Wang Baihe, who has not written a single word of her graduation thesis, is a little anxious. Although she is busy working in strip clubs and special services every day and earning a lot of money, she does not have a graduation thesis, but it is absolutely impossible. of.

  Under the recommendation and introduction of a friend in the club, Wang Baihe found a Chinese training institution, and after a few chats, he found that there was indeed a hidden mystery. The market price of asking a gunman to write a graduation thesis is 5,000 New Zealand dollars, which is a drop in the bucket for Wang Baihe. She readily paid the deposit and asked for strict confidentiality. The quality of the gunman must match her education. If the paper is of good quality, I am willing to pay more.

  It was also the first time that the intermediary had met such a rich and cheerful host, so she arranged for a foreigner boy with excellent character and study, so that they would meet frequently and communicate with each other on thesis, so that Wang Baihe could successfully pass the thesis defense. The foreigner boy saw that Wang Baihe was as beautiful as a flower, and he did his best. Wang Baihe took this opportunity to improve his English by leaps and bounds.

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