[Drunken Jasmine]Chapter 4 – Accident

  ”You, come here.” It was the director’s voice. Why did you look up and see no one? Just arrived at the office and sat down for less than a minute before being called out.

  When I saw the director’s figure entering the drawing room, I knew it must be the computer thing yesterday, so I quickly followed.

  Everyone bowed their heads and worked conscientiously. Under the eyes of the director, they were as quiet as kittens. The director sat in her seat, frowning at the computer. She was standing on the edge with a cup of coffee in her hand.

  Hearing my footsteps, they turned their heads at the same time, the director’s pig face was serious and dismissive. Her face was smiling like sunshine. Today, she changed the color of her lipstick. The purple lips matched her curvaceous and tall figure, which made her look particularly sexy. I also smiled brightly in my heart, but I didn’t show it. I calmly and solemnly walked to the director’s side.

  ”What’s wrong with this computer? Can it really not be used?” the director asked, raising his head and squinting at me blankly.

  ”Yes, the computer’s hardware is too old, not only slow, but also often crashes, unable to guarantee normal work, especially graphics.” My answer should be very professional.

  ”Is there any repair or upgrade plan?” the director asked with Erlang’s legs raised as if he were a leader.

  ”Replace the main components, CPU, memory, motherboard and graphics card.”, I report truthfully. But I feel strange in my heart. When a new person came to work before, he was directly equipped with a new computer. Why did he just let me get an old computer this time, so random?

  ”Okay, then you go to buy hardware now, and make the computer right away so that she can work. As usual, the invoice will be handed over to the finance department.” After finishing speaking, the director got up and prepared to leave.

  ”Oh.” I nodded and went out with the director.

  ”Director, what am I doing now?” she asked, holding a coffee cup in one hand and akimbo in the other, looking confused.

  ”You? Well, take a rest first.” After speaking, the director left, not treating her as an employee at all.

  I went back to the office to get my bag, ready to go to Computer City right away. At the same time, I knew in my heart that the related households who came in through relationships were treated differently. The director was so polite to her and asked her to rest first. Let me give her an old computer that doesn’t really want her to work at all.

  ”Are you going now?” Her sweet voice suddenly came from behind.

  ”Yes. I’ll fix it for you in a while.” I turned around and smiled at her.

  ”I don’t have anything to do right now, can I go take a look with you?” She leaned against the door, tilted her head, and asked me mischievously with a smile on her face.

  ”Of course you can.” I nodded, excited and a goddess accompany me to do the procurement work.

  ”Haha, then I’ll grab my bag and go in my car.” After speaking, she happily went back to the office to get her bag.

  Yes, it’s good, and there is a goddess to accompany you, and you don’t have to squeeze the bus. But in her car, I was a little nervous.

  ”How do I open the computer city?” She drove out of the gate of the Planning and Design Institute, probed left and right, raised my eyebrows, and asked.

  ”On the east side, turn left and keep driving until the end, and you can see it.” I explained seriously, feeling that she didn’t know the road very well after driving for a while.

  ”Did you know? I’ve never been to the Computer City. I only know that there are computer shops in it, but I’ve never been there. I can go there to open my eyes today,” she said with excitement.

  ”In the computer city, they all sell assembled computers. Brand computers are bought from brand stores.” Looking at her face from the side, the bridge of the nose is tall and straight, the tip of the nose is rounded, and the bright red lips like crape myrtle are slightly upturned. This princess-like face adds a lot of glamour.

  ”What is an assembled computer? How is it different from a brand computer?” She asked curiously, looking forward with wide eyes.

  ”To assemble a computer is to buy computer accessories and install them yourself. This is cheap, and professionals like this kind of computer. For a brand computer, you just buy a whole set and send it to a brand store for repairs if you have any problems. The price is much more expensive.” I explained professionally, in fact, I knew she must not understand, and she would immediately ask the same question as everyone else, that kind of computer is good.

  ”Then, is that kind of computer good?” She turned her head to reveal her white teeth and smiled.

  ”The dumplings made at home are delicious if you buy the ingredients yourself? Or are the quick-frozen dumplings bought in the supermarket outside delicious?” I reluctantly gave an example. Although she wears a thick coat in winter, the seat belt is pressed against her chest, showing the concave and convex curves of her figure, which is particularly sexy.

  ”Of course the dumplings made at home are delicious.” She opened her delicate and beautiful mouth and replied with a smile.

  ”So, the key point is, does anyone in the family know how to make dumplings?” I pointed to myself triumphantly.

  ”Haha, your metaphor is too vivid. No one in the family understands computers, so they buy branded ones. If someone understands computers, they buy assembled ones,” she said with a smile. Suddenly, she found that she also had a heroic heroism like a heroine.

  ”Yeah, haha.” I held my head and looked out the window. Although it was working time, I felt as if I was traveling, leisurely and comfortable.

  When I came to the computer city, I parked the car swayingly, and I saw people coming and going at the door holding computers large and small. This made her curious and excited. After all, they are all high-tech gadgets. In those days, there were very few people who knew a little about computers and could assemble computers. They could even have a position in the unit.

  ”Ah, it’s great that you’re here, you’re here to give money again.” Boss He pointed at me and shouted with a smile. A black suit, black leather shoes, and short hair are his standard configuration. Coupled with his lean appearance, he lives in his unique style, clean and neat.

  Lao He is the owner of a hardware store in Computer City, and his store is a related household for our unit to supply goods. Every time I come to him to get the hardware, issue an invoice and return it to the finance department. Half of his business is in the planning and design institute, so it is easy and happy to make money.

  ”The unit wants a new computer, the old configuration for drawing.” I lied on the counter and said to Lao He.

  ”Understood, you sit down, I’ll tell them to go to the warehouse to get the goods.” Lao He suddenly found a slim woman beside me, “Ah, who is this beauty?”

  ”She? She belongs to our unit.” I pointed to her and said calmly, “It’s just to equip her with a computer.”

  ”Oh, that’s it. I’m going to work in your unit. There must be beautiful women in your unit.” Lao He looked at Ni Ni’s eyes and said jokingly.

  She clasped her hands in front of her, didn’t say a word, smiled, her white face revealed a tinge of blush.

  ”Did you assemble it yourself? Or did the people here assemble it for you? The same way?” Lao He asked me with a look.

  ”I’ll do it myself, the same way.” I whispered to Lao He.

  Lao He took out his wallet, gave me a piece of 50 yuan, and said, “Let’s put it here first, I still have something to go out, you can do it yourself.”

  After Lao He turned to leave, she put her head close to my ear and asked in a low voice, “Is this a kickback?” A burst of jasmine scent hit my face, I couldn’t help but take a deep breath, it smelled so good.

  ”No.” I explained to her in a serious manner, “after a while, after the accessories are ready, their staff will assemble the computer, and they will charge 50 yuan for assembly labor. I assemble it myself, that is, help them assemble it. , I earned this 50 yuan. It can’t be regarded as a rebate.”

  ”Oh, that’s it. I can’t see that you are so good. You can make 50 yuan just by assembling a computer.” She curled her lips and narrowed her eyes, showing admiration.

  ”Haha, I helped Lao He here the weekend before, assembling computers for 50 yuan each.”

  Soon, the accessories are ready. They began to unpack the boxes one by one and assemble the computer host, motherboard, CPU and so on. She sat on the side and watched me skillfully perform both earnestly and curiously.

  While assembling the computer, he patiently explained to her what function the hardware has and where it is installed. In the noisy computer city, as if there were only the two of us, we had blocked everyone else.

  I can clearly feel that the pedestrians passing by will glance at us, seemingly watching the assembled computer, but actually watching this slender lady who exudes a princess-like temperament.

  It took half an hour to complete the assembly of a computer, and it can’t be called a skilled worker, but in her eyes, she is simply a high-tech super new talent. Her eyes were full of admiration. It was rare that she was like a kitten, obediently watching my work beside me, and she felt like a big sister before.

  ”The computer hardware has been assembled, and now the system will be installed. It will take a long time.” I picked up a system CD, tossed it, and said to her.

  She told me with a puzzled look that she thought that after the computer hardware was assembled, it would be ready to use. It seems that she is really an artist who can only draw.

  Soon, the system installation was completed, and the necessary drawing software was also installed. Start packing the case, collect the invoice, and get ready to call it a day.

  ”Yesterday I thought you were just a computer room administrator, but today I have opened my eyes. You are so amazing. You can build a new computer in just a few minutes.” Her big watery eyes stared at it. He looked at me without a smile. He really admired me, and the way he looked at me was completely different from yesterday.

  I am also happy in my heart, and I feel that I am super awesome. In those days, as long as you knew a little about computers, a bunch of people would often bother you, ask you questions, and ask you for repairs.

  Pick up the case and go downstairs with her to the parking lot. Along the way, the rate of turning heads is very high. The market is full of hungry men who face the computer all day long. Except for the pornographic films, I have never seen a few real women, especially the level of flowers like jade. I used to be the same as them, but now it’s different. There is a woman who is like a fish and a geese. They all look at her with admiration, thinking she is my girlfriend, haha, how is it possible, she is much older than me.

  ”Ha, I made 50 yuan. What do you want to eat? I’ll treat you to dinner today. It’s 11:00 noon.”

  ”Ha, okay, the one across the street.” She smiled and pointed to a tea restaurant across the road.

  We put the chassis in the back seat of the car and crossed the road together to the tea restaurant.

  To be honest, I have never eaten in a tea restaurant, just passing by. Seeing those men and women sitting inside was quite emotional.

  I sat down with her, picked up the menu and looked at it, and the price was not expensive. So I ordered a rice bowl and a drink. She asked for a cup of milk tea and a Baozi rice, which was only 28 yuan.

  She kept mumbling something to me, but I can’t remember exactly what she said. I just love looking at her like that, admiring the subtle changes in her expression. Soon, her meal was served. She combed the long hair that was draped over her shoulders and tied it into a ponytail to reveal her neck and shoulders. A pair of earrings added to her goddess-like face. A lot of coquettish, sexy yet pure, glamorous but not exaggerated.

  I like watching her eat, like a cute kitten, savoring delicious food. Lips dancing, chewing slowly, elegant but not pretentious, generous but not pompous.

  ”I think you finish a computer in two hours, and you work eight hours a day to have four computers. That day, you can earn 200 yuan, and in a month, you can earn 4,000 yuan. That’s amazing!” She pointed and looked at me. said excitedly.

  ”It’s so-so, it can only be regarded as a part-time job. Sometimes there is no business, and it is impossible to have a computer. I am already learning to write programs. After I finish my studies, I will go to work in a software company. That way, I will earn more money. , A good programmer has 10,000 to 20,000 a month.”, I explained to her seriously, I wonder if she can understand.

  ”I can’t see that your ideals are quite lofty at a young age. I really can’t underestimate you.” She frowned and smiled slightly.

  ”Ah!? I’m not too young.”, I widened my eyes and looked dazed.

  ”Haha, you’re younger than me anyway.” She tilted her head and pursed her mouth. It was rare to see her being so unreasonable, she was really cute and charming.

  We were sitting at the window, and there were people coming and going outside the window. I could clearly feel that the passers-by were looking inside, paying special attention to the flower-like goddess in front of me.

  I was dumbfounded watching her eat, and suddenly a reaction came to my mind. Should she be married? Or have a boyfriend?

  At least there should be a boyfriend, just like Brother Xiong said, what beauty is not pursued by a man.

  I paid attention to her hand, and found that her slender fingers did not have a ring, maybe I was thinking too much. However, I am very curious about what her boyfriend or husband looks like. A man who can match this goddess level must have an extraordinary temperament and a successful career.

  We finished our lunch in high spirits. This was the first time I had invited a woman to dinner. It was the first time I sat and chewed slowly while looking at a goddess for so long. It was strange. But my heart was beating so fast.

  On the way back to the Planning and Design Institute, I didn’t talk to her much, I hope she can concentrate on driving. She brakes too hard every time, giving me an ominous feeling.

  At an intersection not long after we drove out, an electric car suddenly appeared in front of us, so she slammed on the brakes.

  This electric car is really daring, it dares to run the red light under the eyes of the traffic police in front, I just wanted to say this sentence. At this moment, there was a sudden loud noise, and I rushed forward. I subconsciously stretched out a left hand to cover my face.

  After the violent collision, I came back to my senses, and I knew that there was a car accident. I can’t move my hands anymore, I didn’t send a seat belt, it’s dead.

  In a car driving in the city, the person sitting in the passenger cab never wears a seat belt. This is an unspoken rule, everyone knows it. Even when taking a taxi, maybe that was the way of the day.

  I was in deep pain, I couldn’t open my eyes, I couldn’t hear any sound, it was so quiet, but I could feel that she was flustered, anxious, and even a little distressed.

  Why does my mouth feel salty? I half-opened my eyes and saw a lot of red liquid. It should be blood. Whose blood is it? It’s not mine, is it? It looks like it’s really mine, it hurts.

  The door was opened, the limp body slid out, and a strong arm supported me. In a daze, what I saw was a traffic police comrade, the one who just stood in the middle of the intersection. He looked at me calmly and dragged me out.

  I regained my hearing, “How are you? Are you alright? Hello!?”, her anxious cry came on the side.

  I squinted and saw her staggering out of the car and looking at me excitedly. Her hair was a little messy, but she still looked so beautiful. Like a sloppy princess who wakes up early without a comb.

  At the same time, I noticed that behind it was a truck with a lot of cargo on it. Behind her car, the entire trunk was smashed.

  ”Can I stand still? Can I still stand?”, the traffic police comrade shouted at me.

  I should be able to stand, but my feet are so soft, maybe I’m scared, why am I flying? I turned my head and took a look, so many people came and lifted me up, where are they going to carry me? I have to go back to the work unit to connect the computer monitor to Sister Zhang, she won’t do it.

  ”It was a sudden brake in front of me, I couldn’t stop, I couldn’t help it.”

  ”An electric car just ran a red light.”

  ”You can’t blame me all.”

  There are so many voices, why are they getting louder and louder, why are there so many people watching, watch the fun, why are all eyes on me? Am I going to die?

  No, I’m not dead, I can feel a warm hand on me, yes, it’s her. I looked at her, why was she crying? Scared? Don’t cry, I see you cry, I feel uncomfortable, this is the first time I see you cry.

  Why is it dark? I can’t see anything, but I can still hear some.

  ”I’ll find you right away.”

  ”Don’t worry, the traffic police are here.”

  ”Hey, hey, there’s a traffic accident at the intersection, the truck is rear-ended, come to the ambulance right away.”

  Why is there no sound? It’s so quiet, I don’t have pain anymore, am I asleep?

  Yes, I should have fallen asleep, and I was still drowsy, but there were always two people talking crookedly, annoying to death, well, wake up, who is it! ?

  ”That’s probably the case, it’s not a big problem.”

  ”Wake up, wake up.”

  ”That should be fine.”

  ”Then you can help him go through the formalities and be discharged from the hospital.”

  ”Okay, thank you doctor.”

  Isn’t this Brother Xiong, why is he here?

  ”Are you awake? Do you know me?” Brother Xiong gave me a silly smile, patted my head and asked.

  ”I don’t know!” I answered him out loud, and I felt something was wrong with him, as if gloating.

  ”Haha, it’s alright, he’s normal.” Brother Xiong turned to the two nurses next to him and said, shaking the head of my bed at the same time.

  The two nurses were taking off the gloves they were wearing, as if they had just finished something.

  Looking down, my left hand is white, hard, and hot!

  ”The left hand has a bit of a fracture, and the plaster has just been placed. It’s all right. It can be removed in 1 week if it is fast, and it can be removed in 2 weeks if it is slow. I didn’t need to have a plaster, but it’s better this way. The doctor also said that there is no problem with your leg, just the muscles. It’s fine to rest for a few days. Your nose is bleeding a lot, and it’s stopped now. The brain has suffered a little concussion, but nothing major.” Brother Xiong went out after saying that, he should have gone through the formalities. .

  His words reminded me that I should be in unbearable pain right now. Sure enough, as soon as he finished speaking, I started to have pain, pain in my hands, legs, back, pain everywhere.

  ”Sit up and try it out.” The two nurses packed up and turned to go out.

  I tried to sit up a little bit, it’s okay, I can still sit up, I can move both feet, one foot is on the ground, and I step on it, it hurts a little, but I can persist in standing up, and I can still limp. After walking a few steps, my right hand looked normal, while my left hand was in a plaster, feeling a little dull.

  So why did I just feel like I was going to die? Are you scared? Death seems really creepy.

  ”The doctor said, you were knocked out just now, you passed out, you’re fine. You’ve also had a CT scan on your head, it’s normal.” Brother Xiong said to me when he entered the door, “Your coat is covered in blood, it’s already dry. , put it on. I’ll take you home.”

  ”Can I go home?” I looked at Brother Xiong curiously with wide eyes, “I thought I would stay for a few days.”

  ”I was supposed to stay for a few days, but the hospital beds are tight. It’s not a serious patient, so I won’t be hospitalized. Let’s go.” I saw him quickly sorting my things and packing.

  ”Young man, be strong, you can’t let me give you a princess hug, right?” Brother Xiong said with a big bag and a small bag in his hand.

  He limped and followed him into the elevator and went downstairs. There are taxis lining up at the door to pull customers, just get on one and leave.

  Suddenly I realized that it was already night. Looking at the clock on the taxi again, it is already 8 o’clock in the evening!

  ”Have I slept for a long time?” I turned around and asked Brother Xiong in surprise.

  ”The doctor said that you slept soundly. I came here after receiving a call from Xiao Zhang. You were dragged to film at that time.” Brother Xiong said solemnly, holding the plaster on my hand.

  Yeah, I don’t know what happened to her.

  ”Sister Zhang okay?” I asked Brother Xiong anxiously.

  ”She’s fine, but she’s frightened. She was dealing with the accident in the traffic police brigade. She couldn’t walk away. She called back to the unit to see who could help.” Brother Xiong buttoned the blood clot on my coat.

  ”Oh, thank you, Brother Xiong.” I touched my teeth, as if they were all there.

  ”Thank you, thank me for other things. I don’t want this kind of thing to happen to you.” Brother Xiong smiled and touched my head.

  The taxi drove directly to the downstairs of my unit. Brother Xiong paid the money, issued an invoice, and helped me go upstairs with my things. I live on the second floor, if it were a few floors higher, I was afraid that I would not be able to climb up.

  ”Where’s the key to your house? In the bag?” Brother Xiong flipped through my bag and found the key.

  ”Yeah, that, tomorrow, me?” I asked, scratching my head.

  ”The unit has given you a sick leave. Let’s take a week off.” Brother Xiong opened the door and put his things on the ground.

  ”This is the box lunch I bought for you. Eat it first. Call your parents after eating and ask them to come and take care of you. Although you can take care of yourself in this way, you can recover faster with adults around.” , Brother Xiong put the lunch box on the table, “I’m leaving first, so I won’t accompany you. I still have children at home to take care of.”

  ”Oh, thank you brother Xiong.” I nodded and watched him go out, “That.”

  ”I don’t have anything else to do with you. Your salary will be paid, and you should have a good rest. You are slightly injured and will not die.” Brother Xiong said, and hurriedly left.

  Yes, a man in his thirties, he has children to take care of at home, he should be busy enough, his child is just 2 years old.

  Locked the door, went back to his bed to lie down, had no appetite, and didn’t want to call his parents. I don’t want them to worry. My father is out of town, so let him take the train to take care of me? Impossible, he can’t take care of himself well.

  My mother is also out of town, taking care of my grandmother and making her come back? No way, I don’t want to worry my mother.

  Forget it, anyway, I still insist on staying. Brother Xiong said, if you can’t die, don’t tell them first. Close your eyes for a while, it hurts, I’m a little tired from the pain.

  A knock on the door woke me up, who is it?

  He limped out and opened the door to take a look. A woman with hot sweat on her face looked like she had just finished running 500 meters. Her hair was messy, her eyes widened, and she looked at me anxiously.

  ”How are you now? You scared me to death, I just finished dealing with things. When you went to the hospital, you were no longer there. I called the unit and no one was there, so I came here first and wanted to find out where you live in the community. I just happened to see Brother Xiong come out of the community.” She panted and said a lot, but I didn’t hear a word clearly.

  ”Sister Zhang.” I was a little surprised. How did she find my house? She looked fine and was not injured. I felt relieved. It’s just that the purple-red lipstick has been dyed on the beautiful cheeks, and I accidentally rubbed it.

  ”What did you call me?!” She glared furiously, giving me no face at all. I was seriously injured.

  ”Zhang, Zhang, Zhang Nini.” I changed my words and invited her in at the same time. The word Ni Ni is really difficult to pronounce, and I feel particularly spoiled.

  She put the big and small bags on the table, looked me up and down, and pinched me a few times, just like when I was a child, after I fell, my mother’s whole body went up and down. Check me out, for fear that my rate is broken there.

  ”It hurts, right? Brother Xiong just talked to me for a few words and said that it was not a big problem. My heart calmed down, and it scared me to death.” Her eyes were wet. Seeing how concerned she was about me, I There is an inexplicable joy in my heart.

  ”I haven’t eaten yet. I packed you dinner, can you still eat it? Do you want me to feed you?” She looked serious, as if she was not joking, but I always felt that it was a bit exaggerated.

  ”Yes, my right hand is fine, I can eat it.” I stretched out my right hand and replied with a smirk.

  ”I already have a meal. Brother Xiong prepared it? It seems that you and Brother Xiong are buddies.” She picked up the lunch box and put it on the side.

  ”Eat my food, I specially packed it for you, and I don’t know if it suits your appetite.” She took out a refined lunch box from the bag, opened it and handed it to me.

  It looks really delicious and refined, but it must be expensive. I chewed slowly, I didn’t pay attention to what I was eating, I just watched her keep telling me the story that happened after that. Her expression was serious, and her serious look was so charming.

  ”Then you passed out. I thought you were going to die. I was so scared that I cried.” She frowned and said excitedly.

  ”The ambulance came, and a few people carried you up. The traffic police wouldn’t let me go. They wanted to stay and deal with the story, which made me anxious.”

  ”Then I suddenly thought of the work unit, so I called the work unit. Your brother Xiong hurried to the hospital right away.”

  ”Finally, after I dealt with the matter, I went to the hospital and said that you have been discharged from the hospital. How could I just let you out of the hospital? It’s too much.”

  ”What about your family? Where are your parents? You live alone?”

  ”I should have made you fasten your seat belt.”

  She said a lot, but after that, I couldn’t hear what she was saying anymore. I just watched the way she was talking to me, the anxious look on her face, and the way she cared about me. drunk.

  She went through a complicated traffic accident, and it was heartbreaking to see me like this. Last night, I happily ate KFC with me, and this is what happened tonight.

  ”As long as you are all right, I will be happy and comforted.” I smiled at her silly.

  After listening, she finally shut up and dared not face me, why is her face still red? Running a man, hot, right?

  I see the time is very late, almost 10 o’clock in the evening. Let her go back early, I have nothing major, don’t worry about me.

  She was going to take a taxi back at the gate of the community. It was too late and there was no bus. Before I left, I gave her the phone number at home and asked her to call me when she got home. I was so relieved.

  I wanted to escort her downstairs to the gate of the community, but she really couldn’t walk, and she wouldn’t let me go out. She hurriedly closed the door for me and rushed downstairs.

  More than 10 minutes later, the phone rang. It seemed that her house was not far away, and she arrived safely. I answered the phone with relief.

  ”Hey, I’m home. You have a good rest. I’ll see you tomorrow.” The voice on her phone was warm and sweet.

  ”No, I’m fine, don’t worry.” I declined.

  ”Good night, sweet dreams.”

  ”Oh.” I stupidly hung up the phone.

  She suddenly felt very hungry, maybe it was the reason why she got home safely. She seemed very relieved and her physiology had returned to normal.

  Pain, hands, legs, waist. Fortunately, I have a hand left, otherwise how would I pee? God is fair, I’ve always known that.

  Go to sleep. When you fall asleep, the pain will be gone. We will talk about it tomorrow.

  To be continued…

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