[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 16

  Li Hongyuan also contacted Wang Baihe, and the two met in the office. Li Hongyuan asked Hanwennuan to make tea and light a cigarette. This is what a man who has a handle on other women looks like.

  He took out three documents and patted them on the table, and said triumphantly, “I’ve spent all my time on your case. You can choose from the three big companies. I’ll show you the environment first, get to know the boss, and so on. You go to work immediately after graduation, and it will be directly converted into a work visa.”

  With a calm smile on Wang Baihe’s face, she picked up the three-point information, and said flatteringly, “I didn’t expect you to be so reliable, it seems that I was overthinking it before, I’m so sorry, I’ll invite you to dinner tonight. Bar.”

  ”It should be, it should be, collecting money, doing things for others, and eating once is enough.” Li Hongyuan hurriedly postponed.

  Wang Baihe finally chose a company that matched his profession. The company is relatively large, with more than 100 employees. Among New Zealand companies, it is considered a large company. Only such a large company has the qualifications to guarantee work immigration. . The owner of the company is a female immigrant from Hong Kong who is almost 60 years old, and she is also a strong woman.

  The next day, Li Hongyuan arranged for the two to meet for dinner. The situation was not as terrible as he imagined. This seemed to be a very common thing. The female boss has sold work visas many times, and there are places every year. She is also Li Hongyuan’s old man. client. It’s easier for women to talk to each other. After a meal, the relationship between the two is like sworn sisters, and this matter is settled. According to the rules, Wang Lihe immediately paid half the fee.

  Under the care of Wang Bingbing, Xiongjun regained his health again. The last time it was mentally, this time it was physical, and it was considered to be suffering. Because of the leg injury this time, it is difficult to move. Just like taking care of Wang Bingbing last time, Xiong Jun also received the same treatment. He was even helped by Wang Bingbing to go to the bathroom to defecate and take a shower.

  Today is the day to make an appointment for the final inspection. The injury is on the left leg, so it does not affect the accelerator and brake of the right leg. So Xiongjun drove himself to the hospital for a check-up. Before leaving, Wang Bingbing was still busy at home, but when he came back, he found that the building was empty. The house was cleaned and everything was neatly arranged.

  Xiong Jun suddenly had mixed feelings, tears welling up in his eyes, he limped in and pushed open the door of Lu Le’s room. As expected, it was already empty, just like the feeling in his heart at this moment, cold and cold.

  Wang Bingbing chose a slot where Xiongjun was not around to leave. She was afraid that she could not control her emotions. The moment she pulled the suitcase to close the door, tears really flowed down. What she was even more afraid of was that Xiongjun couldn’t control his feelings, he forced her to stay, and even confessed his feelings. In that case, not only would she harm others, but also Xiongjun would betray his girlfriend.

  Xiongjun struggled for a while, and involuntarily took out his mobile phone. When he was about to contact Wang Bingbing, the phone rang and his girlfriend Xu Huihui called from WeChat. It was like a slap in the face, which made him wake up immediately. come over.

  After that, Xiongjun and Wang Bingbing never contacted each other. Xiongjun works overtime in Chen Kai’s store every day to enrich his life. Wang Bingbing devoted herself to her graduation thesis to prepare for a successful graduation. And on the stone bench on the Prince’s Wharf, whether it was a sunny day or a drizzle, the man who sat looking out at the sea became Xiao Su.

  It was past nine o’clock on the weekend night, Xiao Su brought a few bottles of red wine and came to the student apartment of Auckland University, knocked on Wang Bingbing’s door, depressed and forced a smile, “Would you like to drink some wine together?”

  ”Are you crazy?” Wang Bingbing teased with a smile, inviting Xiao Su into the house.

  ”Not yet, but soon.” Xiao Su entered the room and sat down casually, drinking a boring wine alone.

  Wang Bingbing looked at his serious look, and suddenly felt a little nervous, “What? Are you still thinking about Zhang Nini?”

  Xiao Su poured Wang Bingbing a glass of wine and smiled helplessly, “Come on, it’s brother, get me drunk.”

  ”Haha, cheers! You’re done, I’m free!” Wang Bingbing raised her glass and sipped her wine.

  Seeing that Xiao Su Meng drank the wine in one gulp, he felt that the situation was not good. As expected, he told the truth after drinking, and Xiao Subbalaba said a lot. Although Wang Bingbing didn’t listen carefully to the complaint, Xiao Su’s look of using alcohol to relieve her worries made her think of Xiongjun. The two looked up at the moon, both of whom were fallen from the end of the world, raised their glasses and sipped each other.

  After three rounds of drinking, Xiao Su looked up at Wang Bingbing’s frowning face with wet eyes, and suddenly became angry, picked up the phone and dialed, shouting, “Xiongjun, why don’t you come here!”

  ”You! What are you doing!?” Wang Bingbing’s eyes widened and she snatched Xiao Su’s phone.

  Xiongjun was sitting on the bed reading a book in a daze. When he received a call from Baking Soda, he felt inexplicable, “What’s the matter? What were you doing over there?”

  ”Come and drink with us! It’s not my house, it’s Wang Bingbing’s apartment.” Xiao Su shouted into the phone.

  Hearing Xiao Su’s voice, full of alcohol, and the sound of fighting, Xiong Jun immediately jumped up from the bed and rushed out the door, thinking that something had happened.

  ”Are you crazy!? Why did you call him here?” Wang Bingbing scolded furiously.

  Xiao Su got up from the ground, sat back on the sofa, raised her head and smiled bitterly, “You can still find him, he is always on call, I don’t even know where she is, she is still hiding. You shouldn’t be like this, ruining your fate. , you shouldn’t be like me, waiting for evil fate.”

  After Wang Bingbing heard this, she said nothing, lowered her head and sipped her wine, crying sadly. Xiao Su got up, opened another bottle, filled the glass, and drank it with her head up.

  Soon after, Xiong Jun rushed in, sweating profusely and looking nervous. Seeing Xiao Su and Wang Bingbing half-drunk and half-awake, toasting red wine to each other, they were puzzled.

  The two turned their heads to see Xiongjun, smiled slightly, patted the stool, filled the wine glass, and invited him to sit down. It seemed that he was seventy percent drunk.

  Xiongjun knew very well in his heart that he didn’t need to reason with someone who was drunk, he would either turn around and leave, or sit down and get drunk together. But finding Wang Bingbing’s smile with tears in it and trying to hide it, he felt a pain in his heart. He smiled helplessly, sat down beside Wang Bingbing, picked up the wine glass and drank it.

  ”Okay! My brother, let’s have another drink.” Xiao Su, who was half-drunk and half-awake, got up and opened another bottle of red wine to fill up Xiongjun.

  After eating a bottle of red wine, Xiongjun was full of enthusiasm and energy. The three of them were depressed in their hearts, and wine became the best object to talk about. Several people picked up the wine glasses and toasted again. After two laps, another bottle of red wine bottomed out. Xiao Su said nothing, opened another bottle, and soon all the bottles of red wine brought to the bottom were bottomed out.

  Xiao Su Zui’s eyes were blurred, and he said to himself, “As long as you have it, why should it last for a long time.” Then she fell asleep, not awake.

  This sentence just touched Xiong Jun and Wang Bingbing, and they looked at each other with the strength of the wine, showing affection.

  Wang Bingbing wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes, got up and walked back to her room, turned around and said, “I’m tired, I’m going to sleep.”

  Maybe it was drunk, maybe it was impulsive, maybe it was because he could no longer hold back the emotions that had been accumulated for a long time, Xiongjun got up without hesitation and followed in.

  It turned out that Wang Bingbing had been waiting behind the door, and as soon as Xiongjun came in, he locked the door. The two didn’t say a word, hugged and kissed each other, with happy smiles on their faces, and tears of grievance flowing in their eyes. The last line of defense was finally broken, and the two fell in love one after another.

  It was early in the morning when Wang Baihe returned home from the strip club. She was very curious to see Xiao Su lying on the sofa drunk, snoring and snoring. Going straight to my sister’s room, I found that the door was locked, so I took the key to open it, and quietly pushed the door in. I saw Xiongjun Wang Bingbing naked, sleeping with each other in their arms, the house smelled of alcohol and clothes and trousers all over the floor. He couldn’t help laughing. He quickly covered his mouth with his hands, slipped out quietly, and locked the door lightly. He was overjoyed that his sister finally got him down!

  In order not to wake them up, Wang Baihe didn’t even take a shower and went into his room to rest. In her sleep, she was always smiling, happy for her sister. In fact, she also liked the man Xiongjun very much. When she pointed at him and yelled at him, she found that this man couldn’t fight back when he scolded him, and he was honest and good-tempered. Later, she found out that he could buy and cook food, which is not bad. The man is very suitable for his sister.

  The ringing of the mobile phone woke Wang Bingbing and Xiongjun who were asleep. Looking at the flashing screen of the mobile phone, Xiongjun had a guilty look on his face, hesitated for a while, and picked up the WeChat call.

  What came from the phone was Xu Huihui’s warm and sweet greeting, “Hey, Jun. Have lunch? I was having breakfast. I went to visit Lu Le’s parents yesterday afternoon. The two elders are pitiful…”

  Hearing the tone of their conversation like an old husband and wife, Wang Bingbing got up and dressed in embarrassment without making a sound, walked out of the room softly, and closed the door, as if she had entered a forbidden area, and quickly exited. Looking at Xiao Su who was sleeping on the sofa and the table with empty wine bottles, he immediately became furious, picked up his slippers and threw them on Xiao Su’s face, and whispered to himself, “It’s all your fault.”

  Xiao Su woke up after being hit in the face by her slippers. Seeing Wang Bingbing busy in the kitchen in her pajamas, the first sentence she said was, “Where’s Xiongjun?”

  Before he finished speaking, Xiong Jun rushed out of Wang Bingbing’s room, put on his clothes and buttoned his collar, and looked at Xiao Su with an embarrassed smile. Xiao Su was stunned for a moment, and shouted with joy, “Congratulations!”

  Xiongjun Wang Bingbing’s expression suddenly became serious, and the two clasped their hands together. Although they didn’t say a word, their eyes showed understanding and tolerance, and they silently exchanged firm commitments. On that day, Wang Bingbing sorted out all his belongings and moved to Xiongjun’s residence. There was no excuse for moving this time. The two also understood the real problems that they had to face together, but nothing could hold back this power. Love the power of.

  Xiongjun returned to the troubled store again and started to work. Chen Kai was sitting and worrying. It turns out that the store has been constantly patronized by thieves recently. The two clerks pretended to turn a blind eye. Chen Kai was furious, caught a thief, and called the police. Unexpectedly, the police not only did not come to deal with it, but also told him directly on the phone to let the thief go away, and pay attention to the next time.

  Chen Kai couldn’t understand this and complained bitterly to Xiongjun, “If they were in China, they would have been arrested and beaten long ago. They can’t be harmed here. Is there any law!”

  Xiongjun shook his head helplessly and comforted, “Yes, it is true, you can’t hit people, let alone hurt people. You can tell them to put things down and get out, but if they have to take things away, you can’t stop them. , you can only persuade, or tell them not to come next time.”

  Chen Kai gritted his teeth angrily. Since that day, he looked at every guest who entered the door like a thief, making some guests feel uncomfortable, turned around and left. He also posted a big announcement on the door of the store, the main meaning is, “Don’t steal when you enter the door, and don’t enter the door if you want to steal.”. As a result, he received a complaint the next day, saying that it was disrespectful to the guests and demanded that it be dismantled immediately. Chen Kai almost vomited blood in anger.

  Although Xiongjun constantly comforted him and enlightened him, Chen Kai was already confused. Is this a developed Western country in the end? Is this the way the civilization of Western countries is? Why is it completely different from the TV movie? This is really incomprehensible to Chen Kai. It has risen to a political level. It can only be said that the world of foreigners is not understood by the Chinese.

  Since Xiongjun Wang Bingbing fell in love, they were inseparable every day, like glue, they knew each other very well, and there was not much time left for the two of them. I know this is a mistake, but I still don’t want to miss it. Even if we only get along for a few days, a few hours or a few minutes, that’s a kind of satisfaction.

  And this day came soon. The two went home and found a package of express delivery in the mailbox, which was sent by Immigration New Zealand. When I opened it, it was as expected that the spouse reunion immigration of Xiongjun’s girlfriend had been approved. The immigration officer’s letter detailed the next steps, as well as congratulations on the successful approval, and relayed the news to his spouse Xu Huihui.

  ”Congratulations, you have been separated for so many years, and you are finally reuniting. This is not easy for a woman, you must be happy!” Wang Bingbing said with a sincere smile and a sincere blessing. Before she finished speaking, she hurriedly turned around and returned to Lu Le’s room. After closing the door, the tears she held back instantly blurred her eyes.

  Xiongjun was sitting in the living room, his mind was chaotic. The quiet living room made him even more irritable. He picked up the remote control and turned on the TV. The Chinese radio was playing an mtv, which was very suitable for the scene.

  ”There are many kinds of blessings, but the heartache is all silent. Please be happier than me, so as not to waste my embarrassment and quit, no matter how painful it is, don’t say bitterness, love does not need to be apologetic to make up for it, at least I can fulfill your pursuit… …”

  The man didn’t cry easily, but before he was sad, Xiongjun’s tears involuntarily ran out of his eyes, and his mind went blank. This seems to have come too suddenly, and as expected, Xiongjun should be in a dilemma, but Wang Bingbing has already helped him make a choice.

  The door suddenly opened, Wang Bingbing, who had sorted out his emotions, dragged his suitcase, walked out with a smile, and said like two people, “I’ve been busy writing my graduation thesis recently, and I don’t have time to take care of you. Your girlfriend will soon I’m coming over soon, and I’m relieved. So I plan to move back in and focus on finishing my dissertation.”

  In many cases, women are more involved in acting than men. Maybe Wang Bingbing is a very open woman, she will break when she says she can, and she can afford to let it go. Or Wang Bingbing just wanted Xiongjun to remember her sweet smile instead of crying and leaving.

  Xiongjun was stunned, Wang Bingbing’s tone suddenly became so unfamiliar, he watched her leave the house with a smile, closed the door, got up and chased out.

  Pulling the suitcase, Wang Bingbing’s tears gushed out before she walked five meters away. She wanted to cry happily, but heard Xiongjun open the door and chase after him. In order not to let Xiongjun see the tears, she Pull your legs and run. Before running a few steps, he was hugged by Xiongjun from behind, and finally could not play anymore, and the two hugged each other and cried.

  ”What are you chasing out! Can’t you let me leave with a smile and leave a good impression!” Wang Bingbing burst into tears, beating Xiongjun’s chest and crying.

  Xiongjun held Wang Bingbing tightly in his arms, not daring to relax for a moment, for fear that she would suddenly fly away like a bird and never return. Not only did he not say a word, but he also showed a domineering look on his face. This domineering look was like shouting angrily, “I won’t allow you to leave!”

  ”Let me go! I’ve already thought about it, this day will come sooner or later.” Wang Bingbing cried in Xiongjun’s arms.

  Xiong Jun’s trembling lips whispered four words in Wang Bingbing’s ear, “Don’t leave me!”

  ”It was a mistake for us to come this far. You can’t hurt her. She waited for you for many years and finally got through. We can’t do this.” Wang Bingbing wiped away her tears and said while smoking.

  ”I know, but I don’t want to let you go, I don’t want to see you again, I love you.” Xiongjun shouted tearfully.

  Wang Bingbing smiled with tears in her eyes, “I love you too, it’s better for us to become brothers and sisters, to share the blessings, share the difficulties, and never be separated.”

  The two looked at each other and nodded with tears in their eyes. When they returned to the house, they immediately called Xiao Su and Chen Kai and called them in as witnesses. A simple ceremony was held that night, and they became brothers and sisters.

  Chen Kai and Xiao Su looked at each other, of course they understood what happened and what would happen in the future, they simply dealt with it and went back. Then the two were relieved and continued to live together as brothers and sisters.

  After Chen Kai returned home, he talked with his wife about the incident. Mrs. Chen said with a slight smile, “That’s just a tactic to slow down the army, and then a war will break out. This is also a test of feelings and fate.”

  Mrs. Chen’s expectations were really good. The sworn brothers and sisters, as brothers and sisters, seemed to just give both parties a psychological comfort and excuse. Xiongjun and Wang Bingbing are back together. Although the two live in two separate rooms, they occasionally sneak over to visit.

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