[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 17

  But no matter what, what should come will still come, and that day has finally come. Xiongjun went to the airport early in the morning, anxiously waiting for the exit for international arrivals. The plane arrived on the hour, and about an hour later, a tall, long-haired woman walked out with the crowd. Seeing Xiongjun standing and waiting, he excitedly threw off his suitcase and ran up.

  With a smile on her face and tears in her eyes, she sobbed and shouted, “Jun, I miss you.”

  ”I miss you too. After flying for ten hours, I must be exhausted.” Xiongjun hugged Xu Huihui tightly, at this moment he had forgotten Wang Bingbing. After all, after so many years of emotional foundation, this feeling pulled him back to the past.

  Xiongjun held the suitcase in one hand and Xu Huihui’s hand in the other, and the two walked out side by side chatting and laughing.

  ”You’re fat! How could you be fat when I’m not here? Who fed you so fat?” Xu Huihui got into the car, looked at Xiongjun and said to herself.

  Although it was a joke, Xiongjun was stunned for a while, then startled the car, and said, “Meat from abroad is cheaper than vegetables, so eating meat every day will certainly make you fat.”

  Xu Huihui rested her head on Xiongjun’s shoulder mischievously, and said in a whimper, “I’ve already quit my domestic job and came here with all my dowry. I can only rely on you in the future.”

  Cold sweat broke out on Xiongjun’s head, and he hesitantly said, “Of course, we are old and married, and we rely on each other.”

  ”Are you out there?” Xu Huihui asked suddenly and solemnly.

  Xiongjun slammed on the brakes in fright, parked the car on the side of the road, looked at her in surprise, and was speechless for a while.

  Xu Huihui stared at Xiongjun’s eyes intently. A woman’s sixth sense is the most sensitive. She burst into tears and pouted, “You haven’t kissed me since getting off the plane.”

  Xiong Jun wanted to tell the truth, but Xu Huihui’s eyes were full of tears, and her pitiful appearance suddenly became soft-hearted and helpless. After all, this woman had been in love with him for many years, and after many years of waiting, she quit her job for him, abandoned everything, and came to New Zealand to reunite with him. She really couldn’t find any reason to hurt her.

  Xiongjun reluctantly stepped forward and kissed Xu Huihui’s forehead. The kiss was full of apology and pity. Xu Huihui smiled slightly with tears in her eyes and wiped away her tears. Although the two remained silent, there was a knot in their hearts.

  Xiong Jun continued to drive on the road. In order to ease the embarrassing atmosphere, Xu Huihui said with a smile, “Even if there are people outside, I will forgive you. You have been away for so many years and you haven’t even touched women, have you turned gay? Besides, you New Zealanders. Homosexuality is legal, and I heard it is legal to go to prostitutes.”

  Xiongjun didn’t show a smile, and drove the car seriously, but he held Xu Huihui tightly with one hand, feeling an indescribable sense of guilt in his heart.

  On this day, Wang Bingbing woke up early in the morning, or stayed up all night. She listened to the footsteps of Xiongjun going out, and she had mixed feelings in her heart. Countless times I have fantasized about what kind of temperament Xu Huihui looks like, whether she is a good wife and a good mother or a little bird, and whether I can compare with her. When she was getting up and dressing up and preparing to go to school, she suddenly heard a movement outside. It should be Xiongjun who picked up Xu Huihui and came back, and her accent sounded like a northerner, with a carefree look.

  Wang Bingbing was behind the door, eavesdropping on the two of them busy chatting and laughing in the living room, her heart beating like thunder. After struggling for a long time, he mustered up his courage, opened the door suddenly, and walked out as if nothing had happened.

  Xu Huihui was lying on Xiongjun’s back mischievously, when she saw someone else suddenly coming out, she was startled, frowned, and asked, “Why, there’s a little girl?”

  In this short second, Wang Bingbing looked at Xu Huihui up and down, suppressed her emotions, and said simply, “Morning, I’m going to school.”

  Pointing to Wang Bingbing’s back when he went out, Xiongjun said hesitantly, “This is my new roommate, who was a student of the University of Auckland in order to share the rent.”

  Xu Huihui looked at Wang Bingbing and closed the door with suspicious eyes, and said to Xiongjun, “You’re quite young, right? Listen to the accent of a southerner, right? He’s tall and delicate.”

  Xiongjun secretly looked up at Xu Huihui, and found that her expression was full of unease and annoyance. Men are always delighted and happy when they see beautiful women, while women are mostly gnashing their teeth and hating them when they see beautiful women.

  Wang Bingbing, who stepped on the bicycle and headed to Auckland University, was equally unhappy in her heart. She didn’t expect this Xu Huihui to be so beautiful and attractive. She had the standard tall figure of a northerner, big eyebrows, big breasts and hips, and a fashionable and noble temperament like a model. The parts have enormous lethality. The petite figure of the southern woman is incomparable at all, and the only advantage may be that she is younger than her.

  I met Xiao Su at school, the two looked at each other, smiled slightly, and walked side by side.

  ”Looking at your serious expression, could it be that she is here?” Xiao Su turned her head and asked curiously.

  Wang Bingbing replied with a blank expression, “Yes.”

  Xiao Su nodded and asked helplessly, “What level?”

  Wang Bingbing stopped and turned to look at Xiao Su with a trace of sadness in her eyes, and said impatiently, “Crush my level.”

  ”Okay, let it be.” Xiao Su gave a comforting hug. But Wang Bingbing couldn’t help but feel sad, a tear rolled down from her eyes.

  The two looked up at the rising sun and walked into the teaching building side by side with their own sorrows.

  Xiongjun helped Xu Huihui with her luggage and was about to go out to work in a hurry, which made Huihui very dissatisfied. Although she didn’t write it on her face, she already started complaining in her heart, and said casually, “I thought you would ask for leave to accompany me, so you are in such a hurry. go to work.”

  ”Yeah, I’m quite busy with work. You must be tired after flying for more than ten hours. Go to sleep for a while, take a rest, wait for me to come back from get off work to bring you to dinner, and then have a good time shopping.” Xiongjun turned around and said with a smile.

  Xu Huihui picked up her bag and chased out, holding Xiongjun in her arms and said aggrievedly, “I slept for more than ten hours on the plane, and I’m not sleepy. I don’t want to stay here alone, I’m not familiar with my life, I’m a little scared. I’m with you. Go and see where you work.”

  Xiong Jun nodded silently, smiled slightly, closed the door, and got into the car with Xu Huihui. Along the way, Huihui looked around curiously, pointing to the blue sky and white clouds, green mountains and green waters, pedestrians and buildings, and kept babbling. But Xiongjun was thinking about Wang Bingbing in his mind. This morning, her expression was so indifferent, and she even felt like a stranger, which made Xiongjun feel a little sad.

  When the car stopped in front of Chen Kai’s jewelry store, Huihui was shocked, “What’s wrong? Don’t you work at the hotel? When did you change jobs?”

  Xiongjun turned his head with an embarrassed smile, and said helplessly, “Huihui, a lot has happened in the few years you were away, and it’s hard to describe in words. I’ll tell you slowly, this is a very long story.”

  Xu Huihui frowned and looked at Xiongjun’s vicissitudes of life, feeling a little uneasy. These words seemed to be just a foreshadowing, or there was something in the words, and she felt that a storm was coming, which made her uneasy. Then Xu Huihui showed understanding, nodded obediently, and got out of the car with him.

  Chen Kai saw a tall and beautiful woman walking in with Xiongjun’s arm, and was stunned for a while. He knew the story of Wang Bingbing and Xiongjun, but what he didn’t understand was why they finally became brothers and sisters. Now that everything is clear, he pretended to smile as if nothing had happened.

  ”This is my boss, Chen Kai, this is my…Xu Huihui.” Xiong Jun introduced to Chen Kai hesitantly.

  Xu Huihui, on the other hand, was enthusiastic and generous. She stepped forward and shook hands with Chen Kai, confident and unequivocally reporting her family, “Hello, Boss Chen, I’m Xiongjun’s fiancee, Xu Huihui.”

  ”Ah?! Oh, hello, hello! Welcome.” Chen Kai shook hands with an embarrassing smile, pretending to be calm on the surface, but was taken aback, this woman seemed very strong, no wonder the army was hesitant and hesitant. Deputy coward. Seeing this woman walking around in the store, looking around, Chen Kai simply said, “Xiong Jun, you are so rude, you won’t tell me when your fiancée is here. Give you a day off and have a good time with her. .”

  I thought Xiongjun would be very grateful, so he took the woman away immediately, but she didn’t expect the woman to say first, “Boss Chen, you’re welcome, I just arrived this morning, and I will have time to stroll around later. Come and visit today. His working environment, I will stroll around by myself in a while, it will not affect his work.”

  Chen Kai turned his head and glanced at Xiongjun, and saw that he was busy arranging the newly arrived jewelry without saying a word. He felt that the atmosphere was not right, and said embarrassedly, “Okay, then you are free, if you are tired and thirsty, come to the staff at any time. Rest in the lounge.”

  ”Thank you, Boss Chen, you are such a nice person, I wish you a prosperous business!” Xu Huihui looked back and smiled.

  Chen Kai smiled stupidly and quickly flashed.

  The other two shop assistants whispered, “His new girlfriend so pretty.”

  When Xiong Jun heard a chill on his back, he glared at them, wondering if Xu Huihui heard or understood. Xu Huihui wandered around the store for a long time and felt a little bored, so she went for a walk around the street, ate KFC casually at noon, and waited until Xiong Jun took her to the revolving restaurant on the top floor of the Sky Tower after get off work, and the two of them stood by the window. Sit, chat and dine.

  The revolving restaurant on the top floor of the Sky Tower is a high-end dining place in Auckland. There are also many extreme sports, and you can often see people waving at you from the window, and then jumping down and bungee jumping. This is Auckland’s landmark building, and it is also an entertainment center, restaurants, casinos, dance halls, hotels, and other entertainment facilities.

  ”Why didn’t you work in the hotel? You didn’t tell me when you changed jobs?” Xu Huihui asked while pouring champagne for Xiongjun.

  Xiong Jun’s expression suddenly became serious, his face full of melancholy, “A lot of things happened, which changed my destiny, I have something to tell you.”

  As soon as Xu Huihui heard it, she felt the atmosphere was not right. She had a hunch that Xiongjun was about to say something, and said first, “I just arrived in Auckland today. I just said something good. Don’t make me sad. No matter what happens, I will forgive you.”

  Xiongjun’s words came to his lips, he swallowed it back, and after struggling for a while, he had to briefly explain his recent experience to Xu Huihui. Of course, Wang Bingbing is not included, and the focus is on Zhang Nini, Lu Le, and Xiao Su.

  The two chatted while eating, and had a long talk. After hearing the whole story, Xu Huihui sighed with emotion and deeply regretted the passing of Lu Le.

  ”Tomorrow I will take you to sign up and start learning English. This is the foundation of life. Although there are more and more Chinese in Auckland, English is still very important.” Xiong Jun took out his mobile phone and looked up the registration materials.

  Xu Huihui was full of joy, “Okay, I will follow your arrangement. Is the tuition expensive?”

  ”It’s free.” Xiongjun said with a smile, “Didn’t I tell you before, a lot of New Zealand is free, reading is free, as well as medical care, pension…”

  Xu Huihui listened to Xiongjun Balabala for a long time. Not only was she not annoyed, but she was secretly happy. It seemed that Xiongjun really took her seriously, so she would talk so much seriously, and not waste her time going abroad to be with him. reunion.

  After the meal, Xiongjun also took Xu Huihui to the Sky Tower Casino to open his eyes. The security guard at the door was not very familiar with the appearance of Asians and could not judge the age. He just stopped Xu Huihui to check the documents, and minors were not allowed to enter. Xu Huihui took out the passport that she carried with her and was let go, but she was overjoyed, feeling that she was still a young and beautiful girl in the eyes of others. Then I took my passport at the counter to register as a casino member, and got free meal coupons and chips. After playing around for a while, I was lucky and won 50 NZD, which I happily exchanged for cash.

  It was past 10 o’clock in the evening when the two of them arrived home. When they entered, they saw that the door of Wang Bingbing’s room was open. Obviously, she had not come back. Although Xiongjun said nothing, he was very worried. This is not normal, in the middle of the night, where did she go as a girl? Are you moving back to Auckland Student Housing? Probably not, her luggage is all there.

  ”Your female roommate doesn’t come back at night? She should be the kind of girl who is very open, right?” Seeing that there was no one at home, Xu Huihui started to get up at will, undress and take a shower.

  ”No, I’m not sure. I’m not familiar with her, and I’m embarrassed to inquire about her private life.” Xiongjun said hesitantly.

  Xu Huihui walked into the shower room and chatted while washing, “I think this girl is very cold to people, not the kind of person I like.”

  After listening to it in the living room, Xiong Jun had nothing to say. He could smell the smell between women and know that they were enemies or friends. This seemed to be true.

  Xiong Jun sat on the bed and read the newspaper, keeping an eye on the time, and Wang Bingbing didn’t open the door until Xu Huihui dried her hair and fell asleep beside her. It was almost 12 o’clock in the evening.

  The impatient Xiong Jun turned his head to probe Xu Huihui, and seeing that she had already fallen asleep, he quietly got out of bed and went to the living room to see Wang Bingbing secretly.

  ”Where have you been so late?” Xiongjun asked in a low voice.

  Wang Bingbing was in a low mood, looked at Xiongjun and said softly, “I don’t want to come back so early, it’s embarrassing to meet, let’s talk about it tomorrow, good night.”

  Looking at Xiongjun’s anxious eyes, she added, “Don’t worry, I’m fine.” After that, she smiled and went back to the house to rest.

  Xiongjun sighed, shook his head helplessly and went back to sleep, but he couldn’t sleep all night, feeling that a storm was silently brewing.

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