[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 18

  The next day, Xiongjun sent Xu Huihui to an English training institution not far from the workplace. The institution was located in a large shopping mall. Except for the teacher who was a foreigner, the other service staff were all Chinese. This reassures Xu Huihui, who does not speak English. What she fears most is going abroad, where she is unfamiliar, and she does not speak the language.

  The training institution first gave her an exam paper to test her basic English ability, and then divided classes according to the situation. The test results were not as expected by Xiongjun, the college English in China is only at the primary level in foreign countries. I can’t blame her for this. I don’t know which era of English grammar and content I learned in China. It is completely derailed from abroad. Coupled with the difference in accent, it is equal to white learning. Everything has to start over. In the end, Xu Huihui was assigned to the primary level class.

  Xu Huihui walked into the elementary classroom with a depressed face, turned her head to look at Xiongjun, only to see him smiling and waving his hand, saying, “Study hard, I’ll pick you up after class.” She turned around and left, feeling It’s like entering kindergarten.

  There are not many students in the classroom, only 12 people. Xu Huihui is the youngest. Most of them are Chinese uncles and aunts. There is also an Arab and an Indonesian who have just arrived in New Zealand to learn English here. They say they are learning English. In fact, they are here to chat and make friends. Whenever the get out of class is over, they have a full schedule of activities.

  The learning atmosphere is also very relaxed, mainly chatting. Xu Huihui quickly integrated into this small society and learned a lot about New Zealand’s human geography and cultural life.

  And Xiongjun didn’t go to work in the store, he took a half-day leave and went home. He knew that Wang Bingbing had no class in the morning today, and he wanted to confide all the words in his heart.

  When he got home, Wang Bingbing had just woken up, and was sitting depressed in the living room having breakfast. When Xiongjun came back, the two seemed to have reunited after a long absence. They embraced each other deeply, and everything seemed to return to the past. The two talked for a long time, and it was strange that they didn’t talk so much before, and they chatted endlessly after only one day apart. Afterwards, Xiongjun took Wang Bingbing to lunch, and sent her to school, and then went to work in the store.

  It was like a placebo pill, which made Wang Bingbing feel comfortable and stable. She didn’t return late that day, but went home after class on time. Seeing Xu Huihui busy in the kitchen, she greeted her with a smile and entered her room. Xiongjun was sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper, squinting at her, and the two of them looked at each other and smiled secretly. This gave Xiongjun a lot of comfort. After all, Wang Bingbing’s “sister” didn’t return all night, which made him feel bad.

  ”Let’s eat, do you want that girl to come out for dinner?” Xu Huihui put the prepared meal on the table and turned to ask Xiongjun.

  Xiongjun put down the newspaper and sat down to eat, and said casually, “No need, it’s just roommates, they live their own lives, they don’t live together anymore, it’s normal in New Zealand. My friend Xiao Su shares the rent with five people. Is it true that every day? Can five people sit down to eat together? Impossible, how do you settle the account?”

  After hearing this, Xu Huihui nodded, feeling reasonable, but a little awkward, “There are other people at home, I feel very uncomfortable, and secret activities between husband and wife can’t be carried out, why don’t we move out and live.”

  After hearing this, Xiongjun stopped his chopsticks, thought about it, and replied, “New Zealand’s rent is the most expensive. A two-bedroom, one-bedroom house costs at least NZD 500 per week, which is NZD 2,000 per month. Currency, exchanged for RMB is 10,000 RMB.”

  After hearing this, Xu Huihui pouted, her face full of depression, and said to herself, “It’s really a bit expensive. Do people in New Zealand live together in a shared house? I’ll ask my uncle and auntie tomorrow to see if there is anything I can do.”

  Xiong Jun turned his head to look at Wang Bingbing’s closed door, and began to worry in his heart, will he be separated from her soon? This made Xiongjun very uneasy, as if his sister could not survive without his brother.

  Before going to bed, Xiongjun changed into his pajamas and went to bed, and Xu Huihui suddenly shouted, “Oh my God, why are there scars on your legs? Come and see me.”

  ”It’s okay.” Xiong Jun said calmly.

  Xu Huihui was so anxious that she caressed the wound carefully, thinking about it and said, “Oh my God! This is a gunshot wound! What happened?”

  Seeing that Xiongjun couldn’t hide it, he sighed and reluctantly told the whole story.

  ”Such a big thing! Why didn’t you tell me?!” Xu Huihui said angrily.

  Xiong Jun smiled slightly and said, “It’s useless to tell you, we are half a world apart, are you flying over right away?”

  Xu Huihui burst into tears and felt extremely guilty, “Then how do you live? Who takes care of you?”

  Xiongjun began to talk to Xu Huihui about the sound medical system in New Zealand, and nurses took care of all food, drink and Lazarus. In the hospital, it was like living in a hotel, and he did not want to be discharged from the hospital. He also took this opportunity to mention Wang Bingbing, his roommate. At that time, because she helped a lot, she recovered smoothly. In order not to worry Xu Huihui, she concealed it. Huihui was very moved after hearing this. It seemed that she had misunderstood that the girl was cold and had a quirky temper. She immediately went out and knocked on her door to thank her.

  When Wang Bingbing saw Xu Huihui knocking on the door to thank her, she was startled at first. After she recovered, she said with an embarrassed smile, “It doesn’t matter, it should be under the same roof. Brother Xiong has also helped me a lot.”

  After the two shivered for a few words, Huihui said good night and went back to the room. When Xiongjun heard the conversation between the two, the relationship became somewhat harmonious, and he felt very comforted, but he didn’t expect that the first question Huihui would ask when she came back was, “Does this girl have a boyfriend?”

  Xiong Jun paused for a while, then hesitantly replied, “Yes, yes.”

  ”Well, then I can rest assured.” Xu Huihui said to herself and went to bed.

  Xiongjun looked at her sleeping back, and felt a little flustered. The woman’s sense of smell was really too sensitive, and it seemed that she wouldn’t be able to hide it for long.

  The next day, Xu Huihui, who had consulted her uncle and auntie, started to search for houses on the Internet after she got home. She planned to move out, and the two lived alone. In the end, I found a few houses, but Xiongjun rejected them all under the pretext of being too far from the work place, traffic jams, etc.

  I thought it would stop, but Xu Huihui came back two days later and asked Xiongjun to take out a loan to buy a house. It is said that it is the opinion given by the uncle and aunt. Auckland housing prices have been skyrocketing. If you don’t buy it now, it will be even more difficult in the future. If you want to live a stable life, you must first buy a house.

  This shocked Xiongjun. Although Xiongjun has a green card and is a local, he only needs 20% of the down payment on the loan. A house of 700,000 can be bought for 140,000 New Zealand dollars, but Xiongjun does not have so much savings. When Xiongjun used this as an excuse to resign, he did not expect Xu Huihui to take out the dowry money. Now that the down payment is available, they will wait for the two to buy a house and get married…

  The wisdom of Chinese uncles and aunts is always superior. These days, Xu Huihui and uncles and aunts hang out every day, not only to understand the New Zealand life routine, but also to further get rich. Taking the situation that he is studying and has no job, he has applied for social welfare subsidies, and some of the routines of taking welfare are more sophisticated than the Xiongjun. He also told Xiongjun that after giving birth to a child, each child can receive milk powder gold, and the best case is to give birth to four. After Xiongjun heard this, not only did he not feel a trace of joy, but he also felt that he had been pulled into the water. In Western countries, social welfare is for those who have difficulties in life, rather than creating their own difficult conditions to apply for social welfare to make money like some Chinese.

  On Friday night, someone came to visit just after dinner. When he opened the door and saw that it was real estate agent Ah Ren, Xiong Jun was very curious. Aren looked into the room and said triumphantly, “I’m not here to find you, I’m here to find Sister Huihui.”

  Before Xiongjun could react, Xu Huihui shouted loudly behind him, “Come on, please come in, please come in.”

  Seeing Aren jumping into the house, Xiongjun probably understood what was going on. As I said before, the Chinese community in Auckland is very small, either friends or friends of friends. Aren is the real estate agency recommended by the uncle and aunt to Xu Huihui. He brought a lot of materials, all about the open home tomorrow.

  Open home is an open house for free tours, which is usually done before the house is sold, usually on Saturdays and Sundays. Looking at the pile of information in Aren’s hand, there are more than ten houses at least, it seems that Huihui’s willingness to buy a house has been determined.

  Seeing that Aren and Huihui were excitedly studying the houses they were going to visit tomorrow, Xiongjun reluctantly sat down beside him and picked up the materials to take a look. These houses completely shocked Xiongjun. They are all independent houses with nearly 1 million New Zealand dollars.

  Seeing this situation, Xiongjun was very entangled in his heart, and kept hinting to Huihui that the price was too expensive and he couldn’t afford it. Unexpectedly, Aren told him that now the loan management is relatively loose, as long as relatives and friends in China open an income certificate, they can borrow a lot of money here. And this matter has already been greeted by the bank. Xu Huihui turned back and asked her relatives to issue a certificate of annual income of 1 million yuan, so that she could borrow a house loan of 800,000 New Zealand dollars in the bank, and the bank would not check.

  After hearing this, Xiongjun was very annoyed, and felt that Aren was dragging Xu Huihui into the water, and at the same time made himself bear a large amount of mortgage loan every month, and firmly opposed it. Unexpectedly, both of them felt that Xiongjun was short-sighted and did not understand the real estate market.

  Aren also said with a smile, “I understand your mood, but after a year, you will come to thank me.”

  Xiong Jun shook his head, helplessly got up and went back to his room. When passing Wang Bingbing’s room, he and Wang Bingbing looked at each other and smiled helplessly.

  Early on Saturday morning, Xiong Jun was awakened by a pounding noise from the kitchen. When she woke up and opened the door, Xu Huihui was busy preparing breakfast, humming a pop song, looking very happy.

  Seeing that Xiongjun was still sleepy, she said anxiously, “Why did you get up? Hurry up and wash up, change your clothes, and we’re going to leave after breakfast!”

  ”Ah? Where are you going?” Xiongjun asked blankly, rubbing his still-open eyes.

  As soon as she finished speaking, the doorbell rang. Xu Huihui hurried over to open the door. Standing at the door was a smiling young man in a suit and leather shoes, Aren. With a helpless expression on his face, Xiong Jun fully understood that today is Saturday, the day to visit the house.

  Aren looked at Xiongjun with complacent eyes, and said calmly, “No hurry, no hurry, it’s still early, we’ll leave after breakfast, I’ll wait for you.”

  ”Would you like to have something to eat?” Xu Huihui warmly entertained Aren, and the two chatted and laughed as if they had been friends for many years.

  Xiongjun sighed and turned back to the house to wash and change his clothes. At this time, Wang Bingbing was well-dressed and came out of his room with a bag, as if he had an appointment with him.

  Aren looked at the slim girl who was wearing shoes in front of him, and frowned, apparently recognizing her. I remember the last time we met here, it was a party hosted by Xiongjun. At that time, she was on crutches and injured her legs and feet. Now that she walked out of the room briskly, she should have recovered.

  ”Hello, your legs and feet are recovering well. I didn’t expect you to live here.” Aren smiled and said to Wang Bingbing.

  Wang Bingbing’s movement of putting on her shoes paused for a second, pretended not to hear, and quickly got up and went out. She was very flustered and tried her best to recall the past. This real estate agent should not know much about her, and she was really afraid of revealing something.

  A woman’s sense of smell is the most sensitive. Although Xu Huihui is busy making breakfast, she has noticed this. Especially the moment when Wang Bingbing paused when putting on her shoes, she had serious doubts.

  ”You know each other?” Xu Huihui asked tentatively.

  ”Yes, it was a one-sided relationship. Maybe she forgot about me. At that time, her legs and feet were injured and she was still leaning on crutches.” Aren replied stupidly.

  This answer deepened Xu Huihui’s suspicion. She remembered that when Xiongjun got into trouble, he hit a girl and broke her leg. Could it have anything to do with it? Xu Huihui asked anxiously, “Why is her leg hurt?”

  ”I don’t know about this. She was on crutches and had a cast on her leg at the time.” Aren replied busy sorting out the information for the inspection.

  Xu Huihui frowned, her face was calm and calm, but her heart had already erupted, there must be something strange about it. Xiong Jun must be hiding something, there must be something wrong with this girl named Wang Bingbing, there must be an adulterous relationship with a single man and a widow living together!

  Looking at Xiong Jun who came out after changing clothes, Xu Huihui suppressed her anger strongly and smiled. This smile is not for Xiongjun, but from the pride of the heart. After all, after getting along with Xiongjun for so many years, he will never lose to a third party.

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