[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 19

  Then the three went out together and went to see the house as planned. Strange to say, in Auckland, the weather is usually sunny on weekends, with blue sky and white clouds, gentle breezes and sunny days. Maybe that’s why all the house tours are put on weekends. The weather is good, the mood is good, and the mood is good, and you are willing to spend a lot of money.

  It is said that the minimum commission for an agent is also 2%, which means that if you sell a house of 1 million NZD, you can get 20,000 NZD income. With such a generous income, it is no wonder that Aren is so active. He not only drives and picks up, but also chats and laughs along the way. The two are like brothers and sisters.

  A house of about 1 million New Zealand dollars can only be regarded as a medium-level house in New Zealand, but in the eyes of most Chinese, it is already the concept of a luxury villa. White walls and gray tiles, green lawns, foreign-style gardens, and luxurious swimming pools, these luxury villas were only seen in Hong Kong films before.

  Aren took them around a few places, and saw several houses, each with its own characteristics, each with a unique and attractive style. At the same time, there is an endless stream of people viewing the house, just like visiting tourist attractions, and most of them are Asian faces.

  The eyes of these people who visited the house were obviously not friendly to each other, especially the people who took a fancy to this house, as if they were afraid that others would be richer than him, and then robbed the house at the auction. Rare things are precious, and the same is true of good houses. Of course, many people like them. Xu Huihui also took a fancy to this independent house with four bedrooms, two bathrooms and two living rooms.

  The house has a typical British design style. The yard is large and clean, just like the villas of the rich and famous in Qiong Yao’s drama. Xu Huihui fantasized about sitting in the yard, drinking tea, reading books and chatting in the future. It was really a dream, and it was extremely luxurious. If she could buy this house, her whole life would be complete.

  ”I estimate that about 900,000 can be won for this house.” A pair of spectators beside them whispered.

  ”Impossible, you see so many people looking at the house. When the time comes, the price will go up, let’s say less than 1 million.” An agent was explaining patiently to his guests. The implication is to ask your guests to prepare more money and not be defeated at the auction. After all, when the house is sold, the commission of the intermediary is very generous.

  After hearing these words, Xu Huihui felt a little nervous, and it seemed that the 1 million NZD she had prepared was not enough to buy a house. There are so many rich people in the world, and there are even more rich people in New Zealand. These people don’t know where they got so much money. It’s really hateful!

  Aren clearly saw Xu Huihui’s thoughts, and calmly comforted from the side, “This house is estimated to be only 1 million. You can try to auction it. It’s hard to say if you grab it. Although there are many people watching, they are not necessarily rich. !”

  But when Xu Huihui asked Xiongjun’s opinion, Xiongjun looked absent-minded, which made her very annoyed.

  It’s not surprising that Ah Ren sees more of this kind of scene. Many times, the wife wants a better house, and the husband is worried that his wallet is not enough or that he will not be able to repay the mortgage in the future, so he does not express his position and is absent-minded. So he comforted Xiongjun and said, “Don’t worry, this house won’t be very expensive. At the current market price, if you buy it, you will find it, and it will rise even more soon.”

  Xiongjun looked at the house with a wry smile, the figure of Wang Bingbing was in his mind, and he was undecided. If he buys a house, he will officially live with Xu Huihui, and he does not want to leave Wang Bingbing.

  Aren took the real estate information and explained earnestly beside Xu Huihui that the house was going to be auctioned next Friday, and the loan pre-approval should have come down by then. With the bank’s loan pre-approval, you can boldly go to the auction house and raise your hand to auction. Otherwise, once the house is sold and there is no money to pay, it will be troublesome. It is illegal and will be fined. % deposit.

  Instigated by the buying agent, all the buyers who have ideas for this house are confident. I think I must have enough money to grab this house. This is also the routine of the intermediaries, instigating the confidence of the auctioneers, thereby increasing the house price and allowing themselves to earn more commissions.

  Ah Ren also confidently said to Xu Huihui, “I have seen these buyers who are looking at the house today. They have all lost in the previous auctions. Their funds are limited and they are not as much as you, so you are completely Don’t worry about them. They’re all buyers, and when they see a competitor at auction, they’ll give up immediately.”

  After hearing this, Xu Huihui nodded with satisfaction, full of confidence. In fact, buying a house is not only important, but Xu Huihui also takes the opportunity of buying a house to test Xiongjun to see if he is really willing to live with her, otherwise there must be a mistress, who must get rid of the traitor first, and then start a family. At the same time, this is also the last test of their relationship for many years.

  But Xiongjun was obviously unable to show his power. After returning home in the evening, Xu Huihui held a set of house information and discussed with him. He was absent-minded and undecided.

  Just as Wang Bingbing came back from outside, seeing a pile of real estate information spread on the table, he politely greeted, “Hello, how about looking at the house?”

  Xu Huihui took this opportunity to say triumphantly, “Yes, we must buy a house and live with others when we get married. After all, it is inconvenient. After we move out, you can let your boyfriend move in, which is perfect.”

  ”Oh,” Wang Bingbing responded simply after hearing this, then went back to her room and closed the door, obviously feeling down and overwhelmed.

  The triumphant Xu Huihui turned her head and glanced at Xiongjun. Seeing that he was staring at Wang Bingbing’s door, she suddenly felt an indescribable feeling of annoyance and jealousy in her heart.

  The next day, Xu Huihui contacted her parents in China, and with the help of relatives and friends, she forged her position as a department manager and a generous annual income certificate in a large domestic company. The certified letter and materials with the official seal were handed over to Aren, who transferred it to the loan department of the bank.

  Aren personally escorted Xu Huihui to the bank that day, and studied with the bank loan manager in detail the houses that need loans and the number of loans. The listing is a high-end property, and there is no quality problem, so I quickly got a pre-approval from the bank, 1 million New Zealand dollars. With this pre-approval, Xu Huihui can safely raise her hand to kill the enemy at the auction because of this pre-approval. Approved, the bank must lend 1 million New Zealand dollars at that time.

  The novelty is that once the loan contract is established. Xu Huihui can also get a bank cashback of NZ$2,000. This is really unprecedented. Take a loan from the bank, and the bank will give you 2,000 New Zealand dollars. What kind of promotion is this? I can’t tell for a while, I can only say that we don’t understand the world of foreigners. Anyway, it’s a good thing to have money.

  After finishing the work, Xu Huihui asked Aren to send her to Xiongjun’s work place. After arriving, Ah Ren’s eyes lit up, and he said triumphantly, “It turned out to be here, Chen Kai’s storefront, and he is also my client.”

  Xu Huihui’s face was full of surprise. It seemed that this intermediary Aren had a wide network of contacts, and his clients were everywhere. The two got out of the car together and walked in swaggeringly.

  ”The loan has been approved! One million New Zealand dollars, haha.” Xu Huihui held up the bank’s pre-approval documents and ran to Xiongjun.

  Chen Kai looked up, Xu Huihui was full of joy, held up the loan pre-approval document, followed the real estate agent Ah Ren, and immediately understood, “Wow! You are going to buy a house!!”

  Xiong Jun smiled coldly, with a serious expression, without much joy.

  ”Aren, you have a lot of business, you must have made a lot of money this year.” Chen Kai stepped forward and patted Aren on the shoulder and teased.

  Aren couldn’t hold back his joy and couldn’t help laughing, “In New Zealand, real estate has always been a leading industry. Who made the population here be small and the construction industry develop slowly.”

  By the way, Aren gave them a popularization of the auction process and auction rules to prepare for tomorrow’s auction. Some houses are auctioned at the real estate agency, while others are auctioned at the door of the real estate. The house that Xu Huihui was interested in was auctioned at the door of the property, at 6:00 pm tomorrow.

  The next day after work, Aren brought Xu Huihui and Xiongjun to the auction site, a four-bedroom brick villa located in the dual-school network in East Auckland. Chen Kai’s family also came to the scene to watch the excitement. There was a huge crowd. There were more than 50 people. They went in and out of the room to do the final observation and inspection. Most of them are Asian faces, they speak Chinese with a Shanghai accent, and there are only a few foreigners with blonde hair and blue eyes mixed in. It seems that the foreigners are indeed not as rich as the Chinese.

  Seeing this situation, Xu Huihui felt very timid in her heart, her hands and feet trembled violently, so many people wanted to snatch this house with her, and it would be impossible to stand to the end without killing her blood.

  Aren comforted calmly from the side, “Don’t look at so many people, it’s quite a show. When the official auction started and the reserve price was revealed, a large group of people gave up. It’s all like this, some faces I’ve seen dozens of times.”

  After hearing this, Xu Huihui nodded, and her mood finally relaxed, but she was startled by the whispers coming from behind.

  ”I heard that the house leaked water, and the leak was quite serious. Now that it has been renovated, the intermediary didn’t tell them, and let these idiots snatch it.”

  ”Really? How did you know?”

  ”I live next door. I saw them repairing the tile roof some time ago, and I went over to ask, and it turned out to be a leak.”

  ”You don’t know that if a house in New Zealand leaks, the repair cost will be expensive. If you say less than 200,000 New Zealand dollars, a house is only worth 800,000 yuan. You are right.”

  After hearing this, Aren whispered in Xu Huihui’s ear, “Calm down, these are all fake news, they are spreading fake news. It is a common practice in auctions to undermine the confidence of competitors and thereby reduce competitors. Don’t believe it. The house has no leaks, I checked.”

  Xu Huihui was obviously frightened, and nodded blankly, but she was still very suspicious.

  A foreigner in a suit with a small hammer in his hand walked to the center of the house and signaled everyone to be quiet. This should be the auctioneer.

  He started reading the manuscript aloud in English with a local accent. The general meaning is to read New Zealand’s “Auction Law” and the rules of the auction.

  The people around consciously formed a circle, some standing and some sitting. The audience was silent and silent, listening to the auctioneer’s reading.

  Aren put his head in Xu Huihui’s ear and whispered, “Look, those who are standing in the front are well-informed, they are all about to rob the house. And those who are standing in the back, those who are silent are all here to watch, or It’s here to pick up leaks. So you don’t have to worry, there are only two or three family members who will rob with you.”

  Xu Huihui looked around and suddenly felt a little more confident in her heart.

  After the auctioneer read New Zealand’s “Auction Law”, he began to introduce the house in detail. The general content is still mainly based on publicity. For example, the house has a beautiful environment, is located in the beautiful East District, double school network, convenient transportation, etc. nonsense.

  The groups of people standing in the front row couldn’t hold back their excitement, and began to discuss in a low voice, what price would be suitable.

  The surrounding noise is getting louder and louder, every auction is like this, the auctioneer’s description of the house is equivalent to nonsense. Those who want to buy this house have already done a complete investigation.

  After the auctioneer gave a long speech for more than 5 minutes, the audience suddenly became quiet and the auction was about to officially start. Aren took out a pen and paper and carefully translated for Xu Huihui.

  When the auctioneer announced that the reserve price of the auction was 900,000 New Zealand dollars, the audience sighed, and most of them looked helpless, and seemed to give up. A group of Chinese standing in front raised their hands first and offered 900,000.

  Xiong Jun stood beside Xu Huihui and shook his head. Muttering that this house is not worth the price, the market is crazy, everyone is crazy!

  Aren calmly turned his head to look at Xu Huihui and whispered, “You can make an offer, don’t be afraid.”

  ”How much should I bid?” Xu Huihui was obviously a little panicked.

  ”Whatever you want, add 1000 first and see the situation.”

  ”Okay.” Xu Huihui nodded to Aren.

  Ah Ren immediately raised his hand for Xu Huihui and motioned to the auctioneer to add NZ$1,000.

  ”901,000! Friends! Is there a higher one, is there a higher one?” The auctioneer was excited on the stage, arousing everyone’s emotions.

  While the audience was looking around, another group of Chinese people in front raised their hands and shouted, “910,000!”

  There was boos in the audience, and before the voices were quiet, another group of Chinese raised their hands and shouted, “920,000!”

  Then it was 930,000! 940,000! 950,000, up to 990,000!

  Xu Huihui was immediately dumbfounded. She only added 1,000 New Zealand dollars. After a circle, others had already shouted 990,000.

  Aren said to her calmly, “Look, it’s almost there, you can’t move anymore, you’ve entered the final kill phase. You have a budget of 1 million, don’t be afraid. If you add a little more, maybe it’s yours.”

  Xu Huihui was a little dazed, but nodded anyway. Aren immediately helped raise his hand to bid, 991,000!

  The scene was quiet for a moment, and the groups of Chinese in front turned their heads one after another, and their curious eyes seemed to say, who dared to rob them of a house!

  ”Friends! The most exciting time is coming, and the auction has reached its final stage.” The auctioneer waved his hammer on the stage excitedly, as if he was about to knock it down.




  ”One million!”

  The whole place was quiet, not even the auctioneer said a word. Everyone looked around, staring at the Chinese who offered 1 million.

  Like other intermediaries, Aren anxiously communicated plans with his clients, “The auction is about to end, add one more time, and you can win it. Do you have any spare money? Use it all. “

  Xu Huihui anxiously turned her head to look at Xiongjun, “How much can you pay?”

  ”Calm down, Xu Huihui! This house is not worth 1 million yuan. The auction house is crazy, don’t go crazy with it.” Xiongjun whispered to persuade him to stop.

  Xu Huihui’s face was full of annoyance, and she was obviously furious. She couldn’t control her emotions.

  Xiongjun shook his head again and again on the side, muttering in a low voice, crazy, crazy.

  The hot atmosphere of the auction house has made people completely lose their minds.

  ”One million two thousand!”

  ”One million five thousand!”

  ”1.01 million!”

  Unwilling, Xu Huihui added another 1000 after struggling for a while.


  ”1.02 million!”

  ”1.03 million!”


  Xu Huihui’s legs suddenly became weak and she leaned on Xiongjun’s body. Aren hurriedly helped her to sit down beside her, obviously out of anger. No matter how much she adds, there will always be someone who will give more money than her, that’s where the world is not fair, others will always have more money than you, especially at auction.

  In the end, only a hammer was heard, and the final transaction price was 1.088 million New Zealand dollars, which was far beyond Xu Huihui’s budget.

  But Aren calmly comforted, “It’s normal, don’t get discouraged, there will be an auction in two days. Today is just your bad luck, and a few rich owners have come. Maybe you will be lucky another day.”

  It was the first time that Xu Huihui participated in the auction. She was speechless due to the excitement, depressed and depressed. She was supported by Xiongjun and Aren and left the auction site. After returning home, she became ill with a low-grade fever, and she recovered after lying in bed for a week. This is a typical case of being out of breath.

  Since then, Xu Huihui has given up the idea of ​​buying a house by auction. But the real estate agent Aren still persevered and recommended other ways to buy, such as bargaining. It is to be optimistic about the house and directly negotiate the price with the landlord. This is relatively simple, but the competitiveness is not low, but it is not as thrilling as the auction house, which makes people lose their minds and kill them.

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