[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 20

  After Chen Kai and his wife returned home, they also had a strong interest in buying a house. They mainly read some data provided by Aren. The annual growth rate of New Zealand real estate is 12%, and the popularity of today’s auction scene can be imagined. I bought a house a few years ago, and now I can make at least $200,000 when I sell it. Even if you don’t get a green card after two years, you can make a lot of money by selling your house before returning to China. If you get a green card, you can make a lot of money if you buy it early. A house is 1 million New Zealand dollars, and the down payment is 200,000 New Zealand dollars. Although the funds are a little tight, there is no problem in buying a cheaper one.

  So Chen Kai and his wife also contacted the real estate agency Aren and started a house viewing activity. Aren suddenly became an internet celebrity agency. He was very busy every day. He often took Xu Huihui and Chen Kai’s family to see the house together.

  In fact, the matter of buying a house depends on fate. Although some houses are grand on the outside, they feel depressed after walking around inside. Although some houses are simple and practical, but after a look around, I feel that they are not high enough. In the final analysis, they have no fate with the house.

  After looking at the house for more than two weeks, Chen Kai and his wife bought the house they liked by chance on the second day after the bank loan was pre-approved.

  It was Saturday. There was a large-scale Chinese theatrical performance in the city center. Most of the Chinese went to the event, so there were very few people showing the house. When Aren brought Chen Kai and his wife to this three-bedroom brick house, the simple, romantic and warm Mediterranean design style made them shine.

  The land area of ​​the house is not large, 500 square meters, and the house covers an area of ​​200 square meters. It has three rooms and a brick and tile structure. The most important thing is that there is no lawn at the entrance, so it does not need to be taken care of. The lawn in front of the house in New Zealand is very annoying. Because the four seasons are like spring, these grasses keep growing, and they have to be mowed twice a month, which is annoying. At the same time, the yard is clean and tidy, and there are not too many places to organize. When you enter the door, you will feel a sense of relief. The living room and dining room are connected together, giving people a tall and spacious feeling. The three bedrooms are all enlarged designs, and the two bathrooms are also spacious, bright and airy. Chen Kai and his wife made a decision within five minutes to buy the house.

  It happened that the house was negotiated, and the landlord asked for $768,000, and the landlord was Chinese. Although it was already 6 o’clock in the evening, Aren quickly contacted the landlord.

  After the Chen Kai and his wife negotiated, they filled out an offer to buy a house and made a direct bid of NZ$770,000, rounding up a whole number, hoping that the landlord would sell the house to them immediately. Because considering that now is the best time on Saturday, once tomorrow and Sunday, more people will come to see the house, and maybe a higher price will be issued.

  After everything was ready, Aren’s intermediary worked tirelessly, knocked on the landlord’s door at 10 p.m., and submitted an offer to buy a house.

  After Chen Kai and his wife waited anxiously outside the door for more than 20 minutes, Aren came out with a smile and said, “Congratulations, you bought this house, and the landlord has signed the agreement.”

  Chen Kai and his wife were very excited. The next thing was to go to a lawyer and complete the settlement process. Mrs. Chen couldn’t believe it. The landlord agreed to this, can’t he go back?

  Aren calmly explained to her that this is impossible. This is illegal in New Zealand, and the landlord will be sued in court for a huge amount of compensation, so no matter what, the landlord of this house is sold, and you get it.

  This is why buying a house depends on fate. For the house of Chen Kai and his wife, it is the right time and place, and the three parties are all Chinese.

  The next day was Sunday, and a large number of people came to see the house, but there was a sign on the door of the house that said “Sold” and “Sold”.

  Despite the higher prices, these are all in vain, because everything is a foregone conclusion. Many people complained about the injustice. It was obviously a weekend, and it was off-duty time in the evening, so trading was not allowed, so they complained to the intermediary. Because New Zealand does not have detailed legal provisions, it is not allowed to trade real estate and sign contracts after working hours, so let it go.

  Everything went smoothly after that. The bank issued the loan smoothly. Chen Kai and his wife got the keys a week later and moved into their house in New Zealand, full of joy. Although the house is very big and empty, there is no other furniture except the newly bought two beds, but seeing the children running and playing freely in the room, Chen Kai and his wife are satisfied.

  A few days later, they threw a party and invited a few reliable friends to the new house to visit the party. After listening to the bizarre story of buying a house, everyone praised Aren’s work really reliably, dealing late at night and killing others by surprise.

  Xu Huihui was envious and urged Aren to hurry up to find more similar houses for her, and joked that if there was nothing else that day, she would have robbed Chen Kai and his wife for a house long ago.

  While chatting and laughing, Xu Huihui saw Wang Bingbing and Xiao Su come in together, and a stone in her heart finally fell to the ground. She thought that this girl had no boyfriend and had something to do with Xiongjun. It seemed she was overthinking it.

  ”Your boyfriend is so handsome.” Xu Huihui got up and looked at Xiao Su and teased.

  Xiao Su was stunned for a while, then turned to look at Xiong Jun and Wang Bingbing, and suddenly understood, and had no choice but to smirk.

  Although the atmosphere was a little embarrassing, Xiao Su had no choice but to help Xiongjun and Wang Bingbing hide the truth and became a scapegoat boyfriend. In order to make the trick more real, after the party, Xiao Su sent Wang Bingbing back to the student apartment of Auckland University, and Wang Bingbing was not going to go back that night. The two were in a low mood, and they were both fallen people from the end of the world. “Did you and Xiong Jun really break up?” Xiao Su turned his head and asked while driving.

  Wang Bingbing looked out the window, was silent for a while, and said helplessly, “Forget it, maybe this is passion, not love.”

  After hearing this, Xiao Su felt a pain in her chest, her eyes were wet, and she whispered to herself, “What a sin.”

  After sending Wang Bingbing downstairs to the student apartment, Xiao Su drove back. Wang Bingbing, who went upstairs, found that the situation was unusual today. Why is the light in the room on? Did my sister come back so early?

  Opening the door, I found a handsome foreigner boy sitting opposite his sister Wang Baihe, the two of them were seriously studying a pile of manuscripts. Looking up at the clock, what happened at 9 o’clock in the evening?

  This handsome foreigner boy immediately got up to say hello politely, and then continued to study the problem with his sister Wang Baihe in front of the manuscript Balabala.

  Wang Bingbing was very curious and thought when her sister changed her strategy and soaked in a foreigner. Only later did I know that he was helping his sister tutor her graduation thesis. His name was james, a native of New Zealand and of British descent. The boy’s parents immigrated to New Zealand with his grandparents, and according to the policy at the time, they also had a 10-acre farm. Before leaving, he deliberately exchanged a few words with Wang Bingbing, hoping to have the opportunity to invite them to the farm to play.

  After sending james away, the sisters hadn’t seen each other for a long time and had a long talk. When Wang Baihe learned about what had happened recently, he was furious and cursed, Xiongjun, a coward! I got up to find him to settle accounts, and I had to drive away that third party, Xu Huihui! If it wasn’t for her younger sister Wang Bingbing holding her tightly, she would have gone away long ago, ruining the world.

  Wang Bingbing shouted with tears in her eyes, “Sister! Why don’t you be more reasonable? If you want to talk about the third party, I am the one!”

  ”Nonsense! Go! Come with me to see Xiongjun and let him choose in person. If he chooses Xu Huihui, I have nothing to say. If he chooses you, I will immediately let that Xu Huihui get out.” Sister Wang Baihe blushed , took Wang Bingbing’s hand and pulled it out.

  Wang Bingbing fell to the ground and cried, “Sister, please forgive me, it’s my fault, I seduced him first, and I know he has a fiancée!”

  After Wang Baihe heard this, she sighed and fell to the ground. The two sat facing each other, hugging their heads and crying, mumbling, “My sister is the best and the kindest, and no one can compare to her.”

  The two sisters got up and went back to the house and gave up. Wang Baihe was very annoyed. If there is a chance, she must meet that Xu Huihui, what a monster!

  The next few weeks were crucial moments, and Wang Baihe also suspended his evening work to concentrate on his graduation thesis defense study. In order not to affect her studies and the final sprint, Wang Bingbing also moved back to the student apartment, under the pretext of living with her boyfriend for some time.

  The hard work paid off. After Aren took Xu Huihui to see no less than 50 houses, he finally won a set through negotiation. The house covers an area of ​​750 square meters, the house is 250 square meters, and has a four-bedroom brick and tile structure. It is located in the dual-school network in the east district. The house was built in 1960, maybe a little old, so fewer people saw it, and the final sale was 970,000 New Zealand dollars. Not too expensive, not too cheap, market price.

  The house is located not far from the sea, and it can be regarded as a first-line sea view room. Standing in the yard and overlooking the sea, people feel open-minded and refreshing! When the landlord signed the sale agreement, Xu Huihui couldn’t wait to rush into the store with the agreement and tell Xiongjun the good news.

  And Xiongjun doesn’t seem to be very happy, with mixed feelings, as if the rest of his life is about to take shape and cannot be changed. Whether to live with Xu Huihui or not has become his most tangled question.

  After signing the house purchase agreement, Xu Huihui paid a 10% deposit as required. Seven days later, go to the law firm, sign another house sale transaction contract, and pay the full amount at the time of delivery. If the contract is terminated midway, the 10% deposit cannot be refunded.

  The intermediary Aren earned a 2% commission, about NZ$20,000, and specially invited Xu Huihui and Xiongjun to have dinner together to celebrate their new house. An intermediary like Aren has a wide network of contacts and well-informed information. He knows a little about the story between Xiongjun and Wang Bingbing. When he sees Xiongjun unhappy at the dinner table, he comforts him and says, be realistic, some things are just clouds. , Do not blindly pursue, the immediate happiness must be firmly grasped.

  But Xiongjun doesn’t seem to listen at all. This is what Aren is most worried about. He is afraid that this person will get nervous and ruin his work, and the commission that is about to come will disappear.

  A few days later, Xiongjun asked Chen Kai for leave during work hours and went to a law firm, saying that his presence was required for the real estate sales contract. When Xiongjun came to the law firm, Aren and Xu Huihui had been waiting for a long time. Xu Huihui was in a happy mood with a smile on her face, while Aren was a little nervous. After all, this was the last step in buying and selling a house, for fear that something might mess up.

  ”Isn’t it just buying and selling a house, why is it so serious, so solemn?” Xiongjun was a little unhappy, and he walked in muttering.

  A foreign lawyer met them in the conference room with documents. The four of them sat facing each other and started a serious meeting, with Ah Ren as the translator. He first introduced himself politely. His name is Mike, and he has been engaged in real estate transaction contracts in a law firm for six years. Watching the house prices in New Zealand, rising year by year, I couldn’t wait to buy two properties. As the development of New Zealand continues to accelerate, as predicted by Aren, in the next few years, the real estate will increase by at least 10% per year.

  After chatting for a while, Mike began to read New Zealand’s real estate transaction law and related property rights law in a serious manner, reading every word clearly. Xiongjun was a little impatient and thought it was all superfluous, but Aren told him that this was very important, because every word would be used as evidence in court.

  After Mike read out the relevant legal materials, he took out a few contract documents that needed to be signed, and delivered them to Xiongjun and Xu Huihui. He looked at them seriously, and said solemnly, “I want to tell you seriously, when After you sign, the property belongs to the two of you. No matter what your relationship is, if one of you suddenly dies, the property will automatically belong to the other, understand?”

  Xu Huihui nodded with a smile, quickly signed her name, and handed the pen to Xiongjun. But Xiongjun was holding the pen, his whole body was stiff, and he stood there motionless.

  Although the lawyer read the real estate law, to Xiongjun, it was like a priest reading the marriage law. Signing this word is equivalent to signing Xu Huihui. From then on, the two will be with each other, grow old, draw a clear line with everything in the past, and make a clean break from now on.

  Thinking of this, Xiongjun’s hand holding the pen began to tremble slightly, and his eyes were wet. Xu Huihui thought he was moved, but in fact he was sad. First of all, he didn’t pay a penny for this house, and he didn’t care about it. Even if he is willing to bear the repayment of the mortgage, if he signs this word, it means that he and Wang Bingbing will be separated from now on, and it will be difficult to see each other.

  In these few seconds, he thought of many things, this was the last choice for him, and there was no time to delay. After struggling for a while, he gently put down the pen, turned around and said to Xu Huihui, “I’m sorry.”, got up and left the law firm.

  Looking at the back of Xiongjun leaving, Mike and Aren looked at each other, Xu Huihui wept alone. In the end, the property right of this house belonged to Xu Huihui alone. With the signed contract, Aren sent her home, comforting her all the way, saying that the man wanted to save face and would not pay a penny to own a house, no Hero’s style.

  But Xu Huihui knew very well that this only meant that Xiongjun had a woman outside and was unwilling to spend the rest of his life with her until he grew old. This was a fatal blow to her, but she gave up everything in the country and came to New Zealand to gather with the male army, and there was no way out. Before she got home, Xu Huihui was attacked with blood and blood, and fainted in the car. Aren was so frightened that her face was pale, and she was rushed to the emergency center.

  At this moment, Xiongjun did not go back to work in Chen Kai’s store, but went to the student apartment of Auckland University to meet Wang Bingbing. The two embraced and cried, but there was nothing they could do. Originally, I had the impulsive idea of ​​eloping together, but I suddenly received a call from Aren, saying that Xu Huihui had fainted suddenly and had been sent to the emergency center.

  The two gave up their selfish thoughts in an instant, and seemed to have no choice but to bless each other. Xiong Jun reluctantly kissed Wang Bingbing goodbye with tears, and got in the car and rushed to the emergency center of Auckland Hospital. Wang Bingbing returned to the student apartment with tears in her eyes. Maybe it’s time for the real breakup.

  When Xiongjun hurried to the hospital, Aren was helplessly waiting by Xu Huihui’s bedside. Seeing Xiongjun sweating profusely and looking nervous, he got up and shook his head, and said to him, “Brother Xiong, why are you bothering. “

  Xiongjun was ashamed and didn’t know how to answer, so he walked quickly to Xu Huihui’s bed, and saw Xu Huihui, who was pale and haggard, was in a drowsiness and burst into tears.

  ”The doctor diagnosed heart and cardiovascular disease. I think you are angry with this.” Aren handed Xiongjun a diagnosis report and whispered in Xiongjun’s ear, “Brother Xiong, don’t blame me for talking too much, I have several times. To imply that you should be realistic, don’t harm others and yourself.”

  Xiongjun took the diagnosis report with trembling hands, patted Aren on the shoulder, and said regretfully, “Thank you, Aren, you are right, I know it well.”

  ”Don’t worry, the person is still there, go back and make up for her. I hope you are happy and carefree, then I will go first, and then contact me if you have anything.” Aren and Xiongjun shook hands and said goodbye, and walked out of the ward.

  Xiong Jun wiped away his tears, sat down beside Xu Huihui’s hospital bed, held her hand tightly, looked at her haggard face, and regretted it. It seems that Xu Huihui is not the kind of woman who cries, makes trouble and hangs herself. She has her own trump card. This time, Xiongjun had completely surrendered, and he had no power to resist.

  After asking for leave from Chen Kai, Xiongjun was waiting by Xu Huihui’s side day and night. Chen Kai’s family heard the news and came to visit. Xiao Su also brought Wang Bingbing to greet him. Xu Huihui was in a coma. Xiong Jun and Wang Bingbing looked at each other with shame on their faces. They were really hurting others and they were speechless. Before leaving, Wang Bingbing said to Xiongjun with tears in her eyes, “Xiongjun, you must make her happy.”

  With tears in his eyes, Xiong Jun nodded and waved goodbye to Wang Bingbing. Xiao Su was in love with the scene, weeping sadly, and kept mumbling and leaving. It seemed that everything was over, Xiong Jun was not in a state of confusion and indecision, but sat calmly and without regrets by Xu Huihui’s hospital bed.

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