[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 21

  Two days later, Xu Huihui finally woke up, opened her eyes slightly, and saw the anxious Xiongjun at first glance, a bright smile suddenly appeared on her face, Xiongjun smiled and kissed her forehead with tears, and the two were affectionate. embrace.

  After further inquiries and examinations, the doctor finally let her out of the hospital in the afternoon. Before leaving, the doctor called Xiongjun to the side secretly, and whispered to him that Xu Huihui was prone to depression, so be careful with her.

  After leaving the hospital and returning home, the whole room was neatly tidy and clean. As expected, Wang Bingbing’s room was emptied and she moved out. In the days that followed, Xu Huihui was always in a low mood, although the heroic army was obedient and accompanied day and night. But she was always unhappy, and the two quietly lived a life of mutual respect. Even when he went to work in the store, Xiongjun took Xu Huihui by his side, so that she could meet more people and get in touch with the world, which was better than staying at home and being unhappy.

  Graduation season is approaching, Wang Baihe and the foreign boy James are busy reviewing the thesis defense every day. Seeing Wang Bingbing moving back to the student apartment, he is very curious. After some cross-examination, I understood what happened, I shook my head helplessly, sighed, and said to myself, “It seems that men are too bad, sad and unreliable. Men are too good, sloppy, and harmful. harm yourself.”

  A few weeks later, Aren’s appearance made Xu Huihui’s mood suddenly bright. He was here to handle the house delivery procedures. He also brought a bouquet of flowers and a gift to Xu Huihui. Then the three of them went to the bank to write a check, paid the balance, and took the key to the new home for inspection and acceptance. Everything went smoothly.

  Standing in the empty room, Xu Huihui jumped up and down with joy to measure things, and she kept mumbling, what kind of furniture to buy and how big a TV set to buy. The joy from her heart made her overjoyed. Seeing Xu Huihui finally showing a happy smile, Xiong Jun sighed deeply. It was a disaster. I hope she will live a happy life from now on, and may God forgive her sins.

  Aren helped contact the moving company, and the next day they sorted things out, moved from the old home to the new home, and started a new life. Before leaving, Xiongjun stood reluctantly in the room. This is the place where he lived for five years. There are the laughter and laughter of him and Lu Le, and the happy past of him and Wang Bingbing. All the banquets in the world will be scattered in the end. Xiongjun wiped the residual tears from the corners of his eyes and dragged his suitcase out of the room. Not long after, the landlord rented out the house again, and new young people moved in. Xiongjun often passes by here when he goes to work, looking at this house from a distance, which fills him with memories.

  Since moving into the new house, Xu Huihui has been happy every day. After Xiongjun gets off work, she will go to the furniture supermarket together to look at the furniture and pick decorations. She lives an orderly and fulfilling life every day. Although the heroic army was obedient and depended on Xu Huihui in everything, she always felt that something was missing and it was difficult to speak.

  A few weeks later, on a sunny day with blue sky and white clouds, and cherry blossoms in full bloom, the graduation ceremony finally ushered in. Xiao Su, Wang Bingbing and Wang Lihe all graduated smoothly and received their degrees. Chen Kai’s family and Xiong Jun brought Xu Huihui to celebrate together, and also visited the graduation ceremony and graduation parade.

  The graduation parade is one of the most distinctive traditions in Western university culture. Crowds with high-level expertise gathered, marched and cheered around the entire city center, and sent blessings from onlookers and relatives and friends. This ceremony has a very profound meaning. One represents the glorious moment of the individual, the other is to cheer for the progress of the society, and the third is to obtain the blessings and blessings of the crowd and nature.

  After the graduation parade, Xu Huihui proposed to have a party at her new house, a lively conservatory. It was rare to see Xu Huihui so happy, and Xiong Jun nodded in agreement.

  Although Wang Lihe successfully graduated and got a degree, he did not appear at the graduation ceremony and graduation parade. On the one hand, she doesn’t want to be too loud and conspicuous, because she doesn’t usually go to school. On the other hand, she’s someone who has time to plan and doesn’t waste time on these boring celebrations. At this moment, she has signed a labor contract in the company she negotiated before, familiarized herself with the company environment, tailored work uniforms, and is ready to go to work officially. Everything went according to plan and went very smoothly. But life is still the same, except that during the day, I will rest in the company to pass the time, and continue to go to the club to do my old business at night.

  Xiong Jun and Xu Huihui’s new home, everyone toasted and celebrated graduation. When talking about her plans after graduation, Wang Bingbing plans to seize the time to find a job and convert the student visa into a work visa. But Xiao Su is very calm, because he holds a green card and wants to rest first.

  Having just graduated from university, it was really hard to find a job, so Xiong Jun had an idea and came up with an old routine. It would be much more convenient to let Wang Bingbing intern in Chen Kai’s shop for a few months, and let Chen Kai write a perfect recommendation letter, and then find a job. At the same time, Chen Kai is in need of a reliable accountant to review all his previous accounts to ensure that he can apply for a green card smoothly.

  But Xu Huihui ridiculed Xiao Su and Wang Bingbing, since Xiao Su has a green card, why not get married as soon as possible? In this way, you don’t have to rush to find a job and switch from a work permit to a green card. What a hassle!

  Xiao Su and Wang Bingbing looked at each other, helplessly smiled bitterly, and finally said perfunctorily, it really makes sense, but they are not in a hurry to get married. Xiongjun was helpless next to him, sighed, raised the bottle to pour wine for Xiao Su, his eyes showed sincere apology. Everyone in the audience understood what was going on, except for Xu Huihui.

  Taking this opportunity, Xiao Su and Wang Bingbing decided to go to Queenstown, South Island, New Zealand for a vacation together. This has aroused the interest of Chen Kai and his wife. They have been busy with entrepreneurial work when they came to New Zealand. Recently, their business has finally stabilized, and they have never traveled to New Zealand. Taking this opportunity, it is also a good thing that Xiao Su leads the group to play in the South Island.

  Talking about this, Xu Huihui lowered her head silently, and Chen Kai immediately blamed Xiongjun saying, “Xiongjun, you are too naive, Xu Huihui has been in New Zealand for so long, and she hasn’t taken her to the side. Let you take a few days off this time, take her to play with us, and let her relax.”

  Xiongjun smirked and nodded again and again, “It’s my fault, it’s my fault, thank you Boss Chen for the vacation, then it’s settled.”

  ”It’s a deal, get ready now!”

  Only then did Xu Huihui raised her head and showed a bright smile. That night, everyone made a detailed travel plan and called to book a hotel. Because it is not the peak tourist season, it is quite smooth.

  Afterwards, Chen Kai arranged the work in the store and set off with everyone. First, he arrived at Auckland Airport and took a domestic flight to Queenstown. The two-hour flight time, like taking a bus, went from the North Island to the South Island in a blink of an eye, and then everyone rented a car and went to Queenstown together.

  Queenstown is one of New Zealand’s most exciting tourist destinations. The adventure hub of Queenstown, surrounded by towering mountains and situated on the shores of a stunning lake, is full of adrenaline-pumping adventures and fun-filled entertainment. Whether you are looking for a journey of discovery or simply to relax and enjoy the good things in life, Queenstown is the perfect starting point for an enjoyable journey.

  After Xu Huihui came to Queenstown, her mood suddenly brightened. Queenstown has four distinct seasons, the air is clear in winter, and the sky is blue; after spring, the days get longer and warmer, but the spring snow is still there; in summer, the sun is bright and the dusk is long; .

  It was still spring in Auckland in the morning, and there was heavy snow in Queenstown in the afternoon. Everyone was excited in the snow, because the only place to see snow in New Zealand is in the southernmost part.

  The flying snow in the sky drifted with the wind to an ancient church. The entrance of the church was magnificent and solemn. Suddenly, Xiao Su ran up and hugged a girl tightly at the door of the church, sobbing.

  Everyone looked at each other, thinking that Xiao Su had gone crazy, but seeing that the girl’s eyes were also wet, they felt that they should know each other.

  When they got closer, everyone recognized the girl, and Xiongjun whispered a name, “Zhang Nini!”

  Zhang Nini was suddenly hugged by a man in a big crowd, her whole body stiffened with fright and her heart was beating like thunder. Frightened, she slowly turned her face to the side and found that it was a familiar face, it turned out to be Xiao Su with tears in her eyes, and she was relieved.

  Although the two of them didn’t say a word, Zhang Nini was inexplicably deeply moved when she looked at Xiao Su with tears in her eyes.

  Seeing this situation, Xu Huihui was very confused and turned to look at Wang Bingbing. She thought she would be embarrassed and full of jealousy, but she did not expect Wang Bingbing to be full of joy and blessings in her smile, which made her even more puzzled.

  Pedestrians around saw the two lovingly embraced each other and clapped their hands one after another, sending warm blessings! Amid the bursts of applause, the two came back to their senses, smiled awkwardly, and quickly disappeared from the crowd.

  Zhang Nini walked quickly to a Chinese restaurant, and Xiao Su followed behind. It turned out that she was working here as a black worker. The restaurant is not big, with more than 50 seats. The decoration is simple and the style is simple. It’s not meal time, so the employees in the store are very leisurely. After Zhang Nini poured a cup of tea for Xiao Su, the two of them looked at each other and sat opposite each other.

  Xiao Su said impatiently, “You know what? I’ve searched every corner of Auckland and waited for you at Prince’s Wharf every day. I’m very worried about you, I miss you, and I don’t know if you’re doing well, whether it’s safe, whether you’re healthy or not. , I thought I’d never see you again.”

  Zhang Nini was very moved after hearing this, and felt a little guilty for leaving without saying goodbye, and hesitantly said, “Thank you for your concern for me, I am an unfortunate person, and I have brought misfortune to the people around me, I’m sorry.”

  ”Don’t say that, it’s not your fault, I’ll do my best to protect you, no matter what happens.” Xiaosu grabbed Zhang Nini’s hand tightly and said solemnly.

  Zhang Nini showed a moved smile, gently pushed Xiao Su’s hand away, and said calmly, “I’m very happy to see you again. But I can’t accept your help any more. I’ve already killed someone, I don’t want to anymore. Harm you, don’t come to me again in the future. I am working here now, I have no worries about food and clothing, and I live a happy life. Please don’t worry about me. You have your own life, and I hope you will be smooth and happy. “

  Zhang Nini’s remarks made Xiao Su very sad and annoyed. No matter what, Xiao Su had already made up her mind that no matter what happened, she would protect her. He ignored Zhang Nini’s words, pretended he couldn’t hear it, or didn’t understand it, got up and left the Chinese restaurant.

  Looking at the back of Xiao Su leaving, Zhang Nini felt a little sad in her heart, but she felt that it was the most appropriate thing to do, otherwise it would be harming others and herself.

  After Xiao Su left the Chinese restaurant, he went back to find Chen Kai and others to join them. Instead of answering their numerous cross-examinations, he simply said, “Have fun, and when it’s over, go back to Auckland first. I want to stay in Queenstown.”

  Everyone understood and agreed, except for Xu Huihui, who didn’t know it. This also made her have many doubts, especially the real relationship and hidden secrets of Xiao Su and Wang Bingbing, which made her anxious and unhappy again. After asking Xiongjun, he struggled for a long time and didn’t know how to answer. The story was too complicated. Chen Kai pondered for a while, and said solemnly, “She is Xiao Su’s lost ex-girlfriend.”

  After Xu Huihui heard it, she finally understood, hugged Wang Bingbing tightly, and comforted her. And Wang Bingbing and Xiongjun looked at each other, extremely helpless. Chen Kai and his wife could only sigh at the side. As the so-called authorities are obsessed, bystanders are clear, Chen Kai and his wife should be regarded as a clear bystander.

  Then Xiao Su went directly to the bank and wrote a cash cheque for NZ$40,000. The money was originally given to Lu Le’s parents by Zhang Nini and rejected, and it has been kept with him. Now I finally have the opportunity to give it back to Zhang Nini, which is a great help to her financially.

  When it comes to money, Xiao Su suddenly thinks, how much income does Zhang Nini earn from working underworld now? Can you pay the rent and where do you live? What is the living environment like? Zhang Nini obviously won’t answer him these questions, she must investigate it herself. He didn’t go directly into the store to find Zhang Nini, but found a secret place, patiently waiting for her to get off work, ready to follow her home. On the one hand, she can know where she lives, and on the other hand, it can protect her safety on the way home.

  Unexpectedly, the wait was six hours, and the Chinese restaurant didn’t close until 11 o’clock in the evening. She was the last employee to leave. Watching her come out of the store with a haggard and tired expression, Xiao Su was heartbroken.

  The South Island and North Island of New Zealand have very different weather conditions. At night, it is cold and shivering, and there are snowflakes falling from the sky. Zhang Nini was wearing a trench coat, covering her neckline in one hand and her bag in the other, bowing her head and walking quickly into the deserted street. Xiao Su followed from afar, very worried in her heart, does she go back alone in such an environment every day? She should live not far, so she just walked home.

  In the dead of night, Zhang Nini’s footsteps were fast, but at the same time she was very vigilant. Obviously she was very nervous, especially when she passed by the door of some bars, for fear of meeting a drunk who was confused. But not long after, Xiao Su was lost. He stood at the crossroads and looked around anxiously. Except for a few cars sparsely passing by, no one was there.

  Just when Xiao Su turned around in disappointment, she found that Zhang Nini was standing behind him, looking at him helplessly with a serious expression. The two of them stood facing each other on the night when the cold wind was blowing and snowing.

  Like playing hide-and-seek, the person who was caught was a little embarrassed. Xiao Su carefully took out the cheque for NZ$40,000 and handed it to Zhang Nini, telling her to put it away.

  After Zhang Nini glanced down at the check, she immediately refused, “No! I don’t want your money, I’m fine, thank you for your concern. Why are you following me?”

  Xiao Su put the cheque into her hand again, and explained patiently, “This is your money, have you forgotten? Before you leave, please pass the 40,000 New Zealand dollars to Chen Kai to Lu Le’s parents. But they didn’t take it. So I kept it for you, and now it’s back to you.”

  Zhang Nini looked very sad and reluctantly accepted the check, feeling extremely guilty.

  ”I’m following you, I just want to know where you live and how your life is going. I know that if I ask you directly, you won’t tell me. So it’s a helpless move, please forgive me.”, Xiao Su was helpless Smile.

  Zhang Nini put the cheque in the passport that she carried with her, carefully put it away, and looked up at Xiao Su, like she was looking at a willful child. After hesitating for a while, he pointed to a two-story apartment behind him, and said helplessly to him, “Thank you for your concern, I’ve already arrived home, and I’ll live here. Then, good night, you can go back.”

  ”Okay, good night, you can go in, I will be relieved when I see you go in.” Xiao Su smiled slightly and looked at Zhang Nini with concern.

  However, Zhang Nini hesitated for a long time before turning around slowly and walking to the door of the apartment building, standing still.

  ”You lie!” Xiao Su pointed at her and shouted angrily with tears in her eyes, “You don’t live here at all! You don’t have a key at all!”

  Zhang Nini didn’t turn around and continued to stand still with her back to Xiao Su. She didn’t dare to turn around for fear of seeing Xiao Su’s angry face and sad tears. She felt extremely guilty for rejecting a man who loved her so cruelly.

  When the sound of Xiao Su Yuan’s footsteps came from behind, Zhang Nini turned around involuntarily and chased after him.

  Seeing Zhang Nini turning around and chasing after, Xiao Su immediately wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes, and turned around with a smile on her face. Under the street lamp, the two stood facing each other again, looking at each other. Looking at Xiao Su with wet eyes, she sighed helplessly and showed a moved smile, as if everything had been compromised silently.

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