[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 22

  Xiao Su followed Zhang Nini to her current residence, a garage of a house not far from her work. The owner of the house is the owner of a Chinese restaurant.

  The garage has a side door for independent access, so it does not affect the life of the landlord’s family. There is only a simple single bed and a simple wardrobe, plus a suitcase, this is all Zhang Nini’s belongings.

  Winter in southern New Zealand is very different from Auckland, and the garage is cold and damp. Although the bed was covered with electric blankets, gusts of cold wind poured in from the gaps in the garage door from time to time, making people feel like they were sleeping in the yard, and the weather was freezing cold. Such a living environment made Xiao Su feel a chill. On the other hand, Zhang Nini smiled fearlessly, took out a bottle of drink from under the bed, and handed it to Xiao Su, and the two talked for a long time.

  It turns out that Zhang Nini left without saying goodbye because she didn’t want to cause trouble for everyone, and felt very guilty about Lu Le’s death. After leaving from Chen Kai’s house, I took a car all the way south, before arriving at Christchurch. Because Christchurch has just experienced a major earthquake, there are many things to be done and cannot find a job and cannot settle down. So continue all the way south, simply come to the South Island, and finally to Queenstown. Queenstown is a tourist city. Usually there are many tourists, most of them are Chinese, so the Chinese service industry here is very prosperous. By chance, when I was eating at a Chinese restaurant, I happened to see the boss posting a job advertisement, so I immediately talked to the boss. The boss is a simple and honest Guangdong immigrant. Although he knows that Zhang Nini has no identity and has a black household registration, he still hires her and gives her his garage to live for free. It is said that when this boss first came to New Zealand, he, like Zhang Nini, had a black hukou. After a long time, he received an amnesty before he got a green card. Then he opened a Chinese restaurant, which is self-financing, and is now in his 60s.

  At that time, Zhang Nini had less than 50 New Zealand dollars on her body, and she was lucky enough to meet a kind person before she settled down. Although the current living conditions are difficult, she is very satisfied and enjoys this free and carefree life.

  When Xiao Su asked the man named Zhou Shijun in confusion, what was his relationship with her, and why he came to chase and kill her all the way, Zhang Nini still kept her mouth shut and couldn’t say anything, but repeatedly stressed that she didn’t want to implicate others.

  But no matter what, nothing can stop Xiao Su from having a soft spot for Zhang Nini, even if it is a killer, he is not afraid.

  ”Now that you are rich, change your place to live and improve your living environment.” Xiao Su suggested.

  Zhang Nini thought about it for a while, and said to Xiao Su excitedly, “I just contacted the immigration consultant Li Hongyuan yesterday, and he said that in a situation like mine, immigration can be done, but it just needs some money and time. Now I just have money, I I want to keep the money for immigration.”

  Xiao Su was very confused after hearing this. Can you apply for immigration and get a green card for 40,000 New Zealand dollars? How can there be such a good thing. I told Zhang Nini again and again that once there is a plan for immigration, tell him immediately, study the checks together, and don’t spend money in vain.

  With Xiao Su checking in, Zhang Nini was very relieved, and then began to ask about Xiao Su’s current situation. He was overjoyed to learn that he had just graduated successfully, and wished him to find his ideal job as soon as possible and to have a successful career.

  But Xiao Su told Zhang Nini that she was going to find a simple job in Queenstown, and the reason was very simple, because she wanted to send her home every day to protect her.

  Zhang Nini was very moved after hearing this, but in the end she politely refused. She has been resisting Xiao Su’s love, and she may be the only one who knows why.

  This obviously made Xiao Su very unhappy and unhappy. He raised his hand and looked at his watch. It was almost 2 o’clock in the night, so he got up and prepared to go back. Before leaving, he simply said, “I am very happy to meet you again today, and my life has meaning again. Rest early. ,See you tomorrow.”

  Zhang Nini looked at the back of Xiao Su’s departure, not knowing how to answer, she was undecided in her heart, and silently watched him disappear into the snowy night.

  The next night, when Zhang Nini came out of get off work from the Chinese restaurant, she unexpectedly saw Xiao Su standing at the door, waiting for her in the wind and snow. Looking at this persistent stupid man, she smiled helplessly.

  The two stood facing each other at the door of the store, looking at each other and smiling slightly. Then, a kind-hearted man in his 60s came out and closed the store. He should be the kind boss Zhang Nini mentioned yesterday.

  The boss turned his head and saw a tall man and Nini standing at the door. After a pause, he immediately responded and said with a smile, “If you don’t go into the store to chat, just lock the door when you leave.”

  ”No, no, thank you Boss Liu, he’s here to take me back.” Zhang Nini declined with a smile.

  ”Okay, okay, then I can rest assured, you guys are careful on the road.” After saying that, Boss Liu put on his helmet, stepped on the bicycle, and walked away.

  Xiao Su politely smiled and waved to Boss Liu, but she didn’t expect Zhang Nini’s first sentence to be, “Don’t come tomorrow, it’s so late at night and it’s so cold, I’m not a child, I know the way home by myself. “

  This made Xiao Su very unhappy, her face full of sadness and annoyance, she reluctantly forgot to look at her, bowed her head and walked side by side with her.

  ”When are you going back to Auckland?” Zhang Nini turned around and asked.

  After hearing this, Xiao Su finally couldn’t hold back the resentment in her heart and shouted to Zhang Nini, “Why are you always like this? Keep a certain distance from me? I’m not going back, I’ll find a job here to settle down and send you back every day. Family!”

  ”Don’t be like this, you have your own life, you have your own life. Thank you for helping me and doing everything for me, I am grateful to you. I hope you are happy and happy instead of frowning like me.”, Zhang Nini reluctantly Smile and speak the truth.

  Zhang Nini politely rejected Xiao Su’s kindness, or pursuit. Snowflakes fell on Xiao Su’s cheeks with the cold wind, merged with the tears from the corners of his eyes, and slid down. He who wanted to get angry instantly cooled down because he saw Zhang Nini secretly wipe the tears from the corners of her eyes. He suddenly reacted to his inappropriate words and actions just now. Did he come here every day to make her sad, or to bring her happiness? Are you here to protect her, or are you here to force her to fall in love?

  Xiao Su walked in the snow with Zhang Nini without saying a word, perhaps because of her aura, she began to understand her. Yes, a single woman who is on the run for some reason and has no whereabouts in life, how can she be in the mood to fall in love? And it’s still a day by day, and I don’t have any illusions about the future at all. If you really like this woman, you can only accompany her silently, and you can’t be too demanding.

  Finally figured it out and felt much more at ease. Turning to look at Zhang Nini next to her, Xiao Su showed a happy smile. At this moment, he is happy and happy.

  Although Zhang Nini said this, she didn’t seem to think that way at all. Maybe it was because of his current life situation, helpless.

  ”I’m here, thank you for taking me back, then I’ll go in, be careful on your way back.” Zhang Nini suddenly turned around and said.

  Xiao Su looked up and unknowingly had followed her to the residence. Well, nodded silently, turned around and left.

  Looking at Xiao Su’s back, Zhang Nini felt very guilty, but she had no choice but to sigh and enter her garage.

  After walking for a long time, Xiao Su returned to the hotel. In New Zealand, there are few adults, but unlike in China, even at midnight, there is a taxi on the road with a simple stroke. However, in New Zealand, there are no free taxis on the road. If you want to take a taxi, you must make an appointment online or by phone half a day in advance.

  When Xiao Su pushed open the door of the hotel, he found that no one was sleeping and were sitting and chatting in the living room. Looking up, it was 1:00 midnight, and everyone was preparing their luggage while chatting. It turns out that today is the last day of the trip, and tomorrow morning, everyone will return to Auckland.

  ”You definitely won’t go back tomorrow, right? What’s your plan?” Wang Bingbing looked at Xiao Su and asked with joy.

  Everyone stopped and turned to look at Xiao Su, expecting his answer. Except for Xu Huihui, everyone knew in their hearts that what they wanted to know was whether Xiao Su planned to stay or whether he planned to bring Zhang Nini back to Auckland.

  ”I plan to stay and live here for a while, you guys should go back first.” After thinking for a while, Xiao Su said decisively.

  ”Okay! Come on! I support you!” Wang Bingbing clapped and cheered.

  Xu Huihui widened her eyes and looked at Wang Bingbing, puzzled. I can’t see how she’s such a great woman to hand over her lover and clap her hands for joy. This is really rare true love. For the happiness of the other party, she doesn’t care about her own feelings at all. She is really impressive.

  Others then expressed their approval and support to Xiao Su, wishing him all the best and returning to Auckland as soon as possible.

  The next morning, I left the room early and set off for the return journey. Everyone shook hands at the hotel door and said goodbye. The others got in the taxi to the airport, and Xiao Su got in the taxi and went to the car shop.

  In places like New Zealand, without a car is like having no feet. Cars on the South Island are slightly more expensive than those on the North Island. Locals with green cards can pay in installments, so Xiao Su bought a four-wheel-drive Mazda-8 in installments. Throwing your luggage in the back of the car, like a moving castle, started a new life.

  Xiao Su is actually not a wealthy person. His father was an official in China, but he never asked his family for money. He worked hard and lived independently. Although there have been several confused girlfriends before, but never as serious as this time. Not only Zhang Nini’s pure and simple appearance, but also her mysterious atmosphere, deeply attracted Xiao Su. As the saying goes, curiosity killed the cat, and what you can’t get is always the most fragrant. Or, this is a kind of true love.

  After having a car, it is much easier to move around. In the afternoon, I also saw a few houses around the Chinese restaurant. I fantasize about renting a house and sharing it with Zhang Nini, under the same roof as before. Finally, I signed a lease contract and rented a small house with two bedrooms and one living room not far from the Chinese restaurant.

  Although it was still in the afternoon, Xiao Su couldn’t wait to go to the Chinese restaurant to find Zhang Nini and wanted to share the good news with her. When the boss saw that this young man pushed the door in again, he smiled and called to Zhang Nini in the back kitchen, and Xiao Su followed him in.

  Xiao Su, who was full of joy and excitement, ran into the back kitchen and saw Zhang Nini lowering her head to wash a lot of tableware, she suddenly felt a little cool, her heart ached, and her eyes were wet.

  ”Why are you here?” Zhang Nini turned her head to wipe the sweat from her cheeks and asked with a smile.

  Xiao Su said nothing, rolled up her sleeves, walked to her side, and started helping her wash the dishes together.

  Zhang Nini hurriedly stopped and said, “Hey, I’m at work, don’t make trouble, okay?”

  Xiao Su was silent, and lowered his head to scrub the tableware and chopsticks vigorously. The boss laughed when he saw it, turned to avoid it, and muttered, “This guy is so cute and reliable.”

  Zhang Nini was very embarrassed, she smiled helplessly to the boss, lowered her head and continued to work.

  Before the tableware and chopsticks were finished, the restaurant was open for business hours, and there were many customers eating, and the back kitchen was instantly busy. Zhang Nini put down the tableware and was busy serving tea and water, recording the order. Xiao Su was also busy following him out to serve and deliver food, and somehow felt like a waiter in the restaurant.

  The scale of foreign restaurants is not as large as that in China, so the entire restaurant plus the owner and chef, only has four or five people, so the work of the waiters is very busy. . Even the boss can’t sit idle. Seeing that the place is busy, he has to go up and help directly.

  Seeing Xiao Su working so diligently, the boss asked curiously, “Young man, why don’t you just help me get a part-time job? Every day I finish work just to send your girlfriend home, hehe.”

  After hearing this, Xiao Su nodded happily, “Okay, okay, I don’t want your money, you can give Zhang Nini all the money, I’m just bored, help her.”

  The boss laughed and shook his head helplessly. I haven’t seen such a persistent young man for a long time. People are doing it, and God is watching. Good people will definitely get good rewards.

  After being busy for a long time, it was finally time for the Chinese restaurant to close. Xiao Su was sweating profusely and was doing the final finishing work. The boss changed his work clothes, lit a cigarette, and joked beside Xiao Su, “How is it? Are you tired? Can you eat?”

  Xiao Su wiped the sweat from his forehead and said with a smile, “I’m not tired at all, and I’m quite happy.”

  ”Then are you coming tomorrow?” Boss Liu asked curiously.

  ”Come on, of course! I mainly take Zhang Nini home, I will come when she comes.” Xiao Su said triumphantly.

  After listening to the boss, he asked seriously, “Then are you a resident or a citizen, or do you have no identity? I’ll pay you wages, but I’ll pay you taxes.”

  ”I’m a resident of New Zealand, I have a green card, and I have a legal tax number.” Xiao Su took out her mobile phone, dug out her tax information, and handed it to Boss Liu.

  Boss Liu took out a piece of paper and a pen, carefully recorded Xiao Su’s tax number, and muttered, “Your girlfriend, without an identity, is a black hukou. Please help her get an identity earlier, it’s a simple matter, just get married. Okay.”

  Xiao Su shook her head helplessly and said, “I want to do this too, but she… is not that kind of person.”

  ”Yeah, I know, she’s a good girl, I wish you good luck.” Boss Liu patted Xiao Su on the shoulder.

  Zhang Nini changed out of her work clothes. She was very embarrassed and walked out with her bag, “I’m sorry, Boss Liu, I’ve caused you trouble today, and I won’t let him make trouble again tomorrow.”

  ”No, no, the young man can see that he is here to help sincerely, bless you!” Boss Liu locked the door of the restaurant, stepped on the bicycle and walked away.

  Leaving the two of them looking at each other, Zhang Nini wanted to have a good reasoning, but she swallowed the words. Xiao Su pulled her to a car and opened the door to invite her to get in. This surprised Zhang Nini, “You even bought a car? You don’t plan to go back to Auckland?”

  Xiao Su proudly took her into the car and closed the door, “I also rented a small house with two bedrooms and one living room, I’ll show you.”

  ”No, Xiao Su, don’t do that.” Zhang Nini said eagerly.

  Today’s Xiao Su was a bit domineering and started the car directly, and the two came to the newly rented house. Zhang Nini has been sitting in the car and is very tangled. After Xiao Su persuaded in every possible way, she reluctantly got out of the car and went into the house to watch a circle, but in the end she politely refused, which made Xiao Su very annoyed, but helpless. Originally, I planned to take Zhang Nini back to get her luggage and pick her up to live there, but unexpectedly, she was finally sent back to the garage.

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