[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 23

  Xiao Su’s car stopped beside Boss Liu’s house, without saying a word, looking at the falling snow outside the window, feeling very depressed and depressed. Whenever she sees Xiao Su’s expression, Zhang Nini can’t help shaking her principles. After a sigh, she hesitantly said, “Well then, I’ll go live there with you, but first, the rent is for one person. half.”

  Xiao Su was overjoyed after hearing this, and was moved to tears. Looking at this boyish man, Zhang Nini smiled helplessly like a big sister, “Then wait for me, I’ll go into the garage and clean it up.”

  ”Let’s go, I’ll help you clean up together.” Xiao Su smiled with tears and got out of the car with Zhang Nini.

  But I never imagined that there were four people standing at the door of the garage, under the cold wind and snow. This gave people an ominous premonition. When Xiao Su and Zhang Nini slowly approached, under the dim light, they found someone with a very familiar face, and Zhang Nini immediately turned around and ran away.

  These people immediately chased after them! Xiao Su recognized the man who took the lead, Zhou Shijun! In a hurry, he immediately rushed to block, but was instantly knocked to the ground. There was a dizziness in front of her eyes, she turned her head and saw that Zhang Nini had been pushed to the ground by those men.

  Xiao Su quickly got up and rushed up, but was immediately knocked to the ground by a fat man turning around and punching. This punch, fast, accurate, ruthless! After hitting Xiao Su, he fell to the ground and rolled three times in a row, only to discover that the strong men were all local Maori, who were obviously accomplices hired by Zhou Shijun.

  Maori are New Zealand’s aboriginal people, strong and physically strong, mostly engaged in manual work, alone can lift a Japanese car with both hands. I remember that a few years ago, a few Chinese and a Maori had a friction and a physical conflict. The five Chinese went up to besiege together, but they were all knocked to the ground by himself. The Maori are a symbol of New Zealand’s strength and raw power, which is why a small New Zealand rugby team can dominate the world.

  Xiao Su stood up tremblingly, this punch made his nose bleed, and his eyes flashed with gold stars. In a daze, he saw Zhang Nini struggling to take out the kitchen knife and waving it vigorously. Xiao Su shouted loudly and rushed up to fight with them again. Outnumbered, he was knocked to the ground, punched and kicked.

  ”Put down the knife!” Zhou Shijun shouted.

  Zhang Nini not only did not put the knife down, but put it on her neck and shouted with tears, “Zhou Shijun! Stop it! If you hit him again, I will die for you!”

  But before he finished speaking, he was hugged by a Maori man from behind, grabbed the knife, and fell to the ground, struggling to resist.

  Xiao Su, who was punched and kicked, fought hard on the ground, but she was very confused. What was the relationship between Zhang Nini and Zhou Shijun, and why was she threatened with death?

  ”Crack!” There was a gunshot behind him. It turned out that Boss Liu was awakened by the slapstick, and immediately came out to help and fired a warning shot into the sky.

  Zhou Shijun and others immediately lifted Zhang Nini and quickly disappeared into the late night of the snow, leaving Xiao Su lying in the snow, vomiting blood, twitching and crying.

  Boss Liu immediately stepped forward to check Xiao Su’s injury and helped him stop the bleeding. Soon, ambulances and police cars arrived at the scene. Because Zhang Nini has no identity and a black hukou, Boss Liu is not easy to answer, so he and Xiao Su can only say in unison that she was robbed and beaten.

  This is also a common occurrence in New Zealand, where police immediately characterized the case as a racist violent robbery. Boss Liu accompanied Xiao Su to the ambulance and went to the hospital emergency room together. Along the way, he may have lost too much blood, or he may have been beaten to the head. Xiao Su’s consciousness became more and more blurred, and his speech was incoherent and inarticulate.

  He was sent to the emergency department of Queenstown Hospital, and underwent relevant examinations and scans. He suffered a minor concussion and multiple skin injuries and was immediately admitted to the hospital for treatment and observation.

  It was not until the afternoon of the next day that the unconscious Xiao Su gradually woke up. Seeing Boss Liu and the nurse beside the bed, he immediately asked anxiously, “Where’s Zhang Nini!?”

  Boss Liu was involved in an inexplicable incident and was a little confused. She is very worried about Zhang Nini, a black worker she hired, for fear that something will happen and the immigration bureau will find her and pay a huge fine. But she told Xiao Su truthfully that she was kidnapped by several men and never came back.

  After a sincere inquiry, Boss Liu finally found out the reason for the story and was very angry. The enemy can actually hunt down all the way from China to New Zealand, and traveled halfway around the world to find this woman. It seems that there must be a deep hatred between this woman and the enemy.

  When the nurse saw that Xiao Su was awake, she came over to do a basic examination and asked to contact family members or friends. Xiao Su struggled for a while. Of course, she has no family members in New Zealand. My friend is Wang Bingbing.

  Wang Bingbing, who was working as an intern accountant in Chen Kai’s store and was busy with accounting, was very surprised when he received the call. Xiongjun and Chen Kai, who were also in the store, also learned about the situation. Wang Bingbing wanted to rush to Queenstown immediately, just like Xiao Su took care of her when her leg was injured, and tried her best to help each other, but Xiao Su planned to leave the hospital immediately to find and rescue Zhang Nini.

  Seeing Wang Bingbing’s anxiety, Xiong Jun was also very annoyed. After all, Zhang Nini’s affairs had taken the life of his friend Lu Le into it. He was also half paralyzed by Zhou Shijun and others. Now that he has appeared again, he must take revenge for Lu Le and take this breath for himself. After receiving the support of Chen Kai, several people hit it off and started to act.

  After the exchange on the phone, everyone felt that Zhou Shijun would definitely bring Zhang Nini back to China. If he wanted to kill her, there would be no such complicated story. So Xiongjun, through the relationship between the hotel and the travel company, began to comprehensively search for passengers who booked air tickets back to China in New Zealand to see if there were Zhou Shijun and Zhang Nini.

  Sure enough, Zhang Nini and Zhou Shijun were found in the scheduled flight back to China. It was an Air New Zealand flight from Auckland to Shanghai three days later. After learning the news, Xiao Su was immediately discharged from the hospital, with a bandage on her head, staggering, limping on the plane, and rushing back to Auckland from Queenstown.

  Several people gathered at Xiongjun’s house to study the plan together, which was quite tricky. And can’t call the police, because Zhang Nini has a black hukou, and she can’t go to the airport with a knife to rob someone, that’s a joke.

  Seeing that Xiao Su was beaten with a bruised nose and a swollen face, Xu Huihui thought that she was in trouble with the underworld, and secretly advised Xiongjun not to interfere, so as not to get into trouble. To this end, Xiongjun and Xu Huihui had a quarrel in the yard.

  In the end, although I came up with a solution, I was not 100% sure, so I could only act in the spirit of trying it out. According to the action plan, Wang Bingbing went to the strip club and found her sister Wang Baihe. Through a special relationship, she got a small packet of drugs. When I got home, I emptied the perfume bottle, put in drugs and water and stirred to dissolve.

  Three days later, Xiong Jun, Xiao Su and Wang Bingbing came to Auckland Airport early in the morning and split up according to the pre-planned plan. Wang Bingbing is waiting at the international departure entrance of Auckland Airport. Auckland Airport is not big and there is only one entrance and exit, so it is safe to stay at the entrance and exit.

  Rujiao carried a suitcase and pretended to be tourists wandering back and forth at the door. She and Zhang Nini had only one relationship. Although they talked for a long time, she didn’t know if Zhang Nini still remembered her. The whole operation was like a secret connection.

  Sure enough, less than two hours before the flight departed, Zhang Nini appeared at the door. She was followed by two men left and right, and walked into the airport lobby with a blank expression, a low expression, and a bruise on her face.

  Seeing the trend, Wang Bingbing walked up quickly, grabbed the suitcase and bumped Zhang Nini on purpose, and hurriedly apologized, “Sorry!”

  Zhang Nini saw the girl’s face was very familiar, she was stunned for a while, then she suddenly understood, her eyes widened, looking at the back of her leaving, her heart was suddenly filled with hope, and she looked around cautiously.

  Zhou Shijun and Zhou Shimin took Zhang Nini to the check-in counter. In the long queue, they guarded Zhang Nini one after the other, and Wang Bingbing followed them calmly.

  Zhang Nini turned her head to look at Wang Bingbing from time to time, and according to the hand signal Wang Bingbing gave her, she changed positions with Zhou Shijun and stood at the front.

  Then Wang Bingbing took out her cosmetic bag, pretended to look in the mirror, and smeared powder. He also took out the prepared bottle of “perfume”, sprayed it on the backs of Zhou Shijun and Zhou Shimin in front of him, smiled slightly, and left triumphantly.

  Looking at Wang Bingbing’s back, Zhang Nini was puzzled and confused. But one thing she knew very well was that someone came to rescue her, and she had to be careful and act on the fly.

  Sure enough, when the three of them finished the check-in procedure and came to the security checkpoint, the two anti-drug dogs squatting on the side got up and dragged the police officer towards them. Next to Zhou Shijun and Zhou Shiming, after wandering back and forth for a few laps, they sat down.

  When the two were confused, the police all gathered around, “Gentlemens, you guys have to go with us, we need to have some special check.”

  Zhou Shijun didn’t understand the meaning of the English, and looked confused. This made the police officers even more suspicious and took him directly to the small dark room next to him. Zhou Shimin was also taken into another small dark room separately.

  While Zhang Nini was standing there in a daze, a man walked to her side, wrapped her arms around her and turned away. Zhang Nini was very flustered, her heart was beating like thunder, she quietly turned her head and saw that it was Xiongjun! Immediately smiling, it felt like a new life.

  The two walked out of the Oakland Airport lobby quickly. At the door, Xiao Su and Wang Bingbing had been waiting anxiously in the car for a long time. Xiongjun Zhang Nini quickly opened the door and got in the car, and Xiao Su left Auckland Airport with a kick of the accelerator.

  Later, I learned that the two Zhou Shijun brothers were prosecuted for drug trafficking, and they also found a lawyer to defend them. Although they were not found, the drug residues on their clothes were enough to prove that they were suspected of drug trafficking or drug abuse. According to New Zealand law, carrying prohibited items will be sentenced to deportation and not allowed to enter New Zealand, let alone drugs. Although Zhou Shijun’s lawyer later appealed, no evidence of drug trafficking was found, and he requested a commutation of the sentence. But the New Zealand police provided his brother Zhou Shimin’s drug record in Australia, as well as Zhou Shijun’s involvement in multiple violent and homicide cases in New Zealand. In the end, the New Zealand court upheld the original judgment, and Zhou Shijun and Zhou Shimin were banned from entering New Zealand for five years.

  The car dashed all the way on the highway, with laughter and laughter inside. Zhang Nini was moved to tears and told her painful experience. She thought everything was over, but she didn’t expect to see hope at the last moment. The dream came true, the clutches that escaped, and the excitement was in the air, and I am grateful to everyone.

  While everyone was in high spirits, the car slowly stopped, and when he turned his head to look, Xiao Su was leaning on the steering wheel, his nose bleeds, and he fainted. Xiong Jun got out of the car quickly, carried Xiao Su to the back seat, and quickly drove to the hospital.

  After the emergency doctor’s examination, compared with the previous medical records, the diagnosis was that the old injury was not healed, overworked, and caused a coma due to minor concussion sequelae. There is no life-threatening disease at present. He was hospitalized for a few days and observed with medication.

  Xiao Su was lying on the hospital bed with a pale face and a low-grade fever. Zhang Nini was so anxious that she clenched his cold hands tightly, tears welling up in her eyes. Zhang Nini was very moved by this stupid man who could even risk his life for her. If he hadn’t been hiding something, he would have promised himself.

  Seeing Xiongjun coming back from the doctor’s office, Zhang Nini got up in a hurry, took out the NZ$40,000 cash cheque on her body, and asked anxiously, “Where is the hospital fee? I’ll pay.”

  Xiongjun showed a consoling smile, patted Zhang Nini on the shoulder, made her sit down and explained that in New Zealand hospitals, there is no toll office, and all medical expenses will be sent to your home after you are discharged from the hospital. Moreover, Xiao Su is a local resident. This is an accidental injury, and 100% of all medical expenses are borne by the government.

  After hearing this, Zhang Nini nodded silently. She wanted to do something for Xiao Su, but all the care work was handled by medical staff, so she just sat on the edge of the hospital bed. After everything was settled, Xiongjun took Wang Bingbing back to Chen Kai’s shop first, seeing that Xiao Su had not woken up yet, leaving this hard-won opportunity for the two of them to be alone.

  Although the hospital has specialized medical staff to take care of Xiao Su, Zhang Nini still accompanies him day and night. Looking at Xiao Su lying on the hospital bed with a blue nose and a swollen face, unconscious and very worried. Reaching out his hand and stroking his cheek, he felt guilty for this man who had no regrets and had a life-saving grace in front of him.

  In the bright and spacious ward, there is another patient, an old Chinese lady. Seeing Zhang Nini’s tearful appearance, she comforted her, “Since you’re in the hospital, don’t worry, the doctors and nurses will take care of it. Who is he?”

  ”He, he is my boyfriend. In order to protect me, I was injured.” Zhang Nini blurted out after hesitating for a while.

  ”So it is.” The old lady nodded understandingly, pointed to the big sofa in the room and said, “If you want to accompany him overnight, you can sleep on the big sofa, and the nurse will give you a blanket.”

  Before she finished speaking, the nurse pushed the dining cart in. Although Xiao Su was unconscious, she still gave them two sets of dinner. Zhang Nini felt a little embarrassed for such two large sets of western food, desserts and ice cream.

  The old lady smiled and said to her, “This is the first time to come to the hospital? These are all free, so don’t worry. When you are full, you will have the energy to accompany your boyfriend.”

  Zhang Nini smiled shyly, took out the hamburger and chewed it slowly. When the nurse knew that she was going to spend the night here, she was very happy and immediately brought a thick blanket. Although the hospital has nurses to take care of patients all night, having family members to accompany them overnight makes their work a lot easier, so nurses are very welcome.

  After dinner, Zhang Nini lay on the big sofa early, covered with a thick blanket, closed her eyes and rested, which was much more comfortable than sleeping in a small bed in the garage. At first, I was very worried about Xiao Su, so I turned around to observe from time to time. Seeing that the nurse came in regularly to take Xiao Su’s temperature and check her condition, she felt very relieved and fell asleep unconsciously.

  A ray of sunshine entered the ward the next morning, Zhang Nini got up early, and after eating the breakfast provided by the hospital, continued to accompany Xiao Su. After sleeping for a day, Xiao Su opened her eyes and saw Zhang Nini sitting beside her, warm and comfortable. The two looked at each other, smiling with tears in their eyes, holding their hands tightly together, warm and sweet.

  ”Are you hungry? What do you want to eat?” Zhang Nini asked with a smile, pointing to the pile of food on the table.

  Xiao Su turned her head and looked around, it was all Western food, feeling a little nauseated, and shook her head helplessly.

  ”How about Chinese food? I went out to pack and ate Western food from the hospital for two days. I’m tired of it.” Zhang Nini asked with a smile.

  ”Don’t go out, I’m afraid something will happen to you.” Xiao Su replied anxiously.

  ”Don’t worry, I’ll go out and pack it for you now.” Zhang Nini said and jumped out of the ward.

  The old lady in the same ward smiled and joked, “Young man, you are so lucky. Your girlfriend was very anxious when she fell asleep. When she woke up, she was very happy and went out to pack Chinese food for you. My son is not so good, I am in the hospital. In the hospital, he thought I was traveling.”

  Xiao Su smiled awkwardly and asked curiously, “Why do you think she is my girlfriend?”

  ”She said it herself. She said that you were her boyfriend and that you were injured to protect her. Isn’t that right?”, the old lady asked curiously.

  After hearing this, Xiao Su was ecstatic and replied excitedly, “Yes! That’s right! She is my girlfriend.”

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