[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 24

  Zhang Nini later learned that Zhou Shijun was expelled from the country and could not enter New Zealand for five years. Her mood suddenly became brighter, and she started a new life happily. After Xiao Su was discharged from the hospital, the two lived together and moved back to the shared house.

  In the office in Chen Kai’s store, Wang Bingbing carefully reviewed the cumbersome accounts. Thanks to her help, she found a lot of problems. After checking with Chen Kai, it was found that these problems were caused by the irresponsible accounting management of the previous accounting company. Chen Kai was very annoyed and recalled that he had signed a contract with a Chinese accounting firm in desperation. Unexpectedly, the account made is so irresponsible, messy, messy, and cutting corners. Even counting dollars as New Zealand dollars without knowing it, such a low-level mistake, hardly looks like an accounting firm.

  At that time, he kept saying that all the accounts were prepared for applying for a green card in the future, so it was reasonable and reasonable. Fortunately, now there are professional accountants to help, to make up for it in time, otherwise the trouble will be big in the future.

  Under the comfort of Wang Bingbing, Chen Kai calmed down his anger and lamented that it was not easy for him to start a business. He started a business abroad and was not familiar with the place of life. He not only had to manage his own business, but also had to guard against some bad compatriots. Fortunately, I have made some good teachers and friends now, and the business is on the right track. Looking back, it is really sad.

  Wang Bingbing spent two months reviewing and revising the accounts of Chen Kai’s company from beginning to end to ensure that nothing went wrong. During this period, she and Xiongjun were in the store, getting along day and night, warm and sweet. Although they each had a bit of helplessness, they were very satisfied.

  After Chen Kai paid Wang Bingbing the tax for two months, she also wrote a letter of recommendation to her. With these things, she successfully found a job in an accounting firm. All conditions met the requirements, and the accounting firm helped her submit a work permit application, which was quickly approved. Everything is on the right track. Next, you only need to meet the income standard within one year before you can apply for a green card.

  The happiest one is of course Xiongjun. He wants to treat a guest to dinner, just like his daughter has been admitted to a prestigious university. After get off work, a few people gathered together and chatted happily, as if they were long-lost comrades in arms.

  Everyone’s faces were filled with smiles, Xiao Su and Zhang Nini were also warm and sweet, holding hands and shoulders, only Xu Huihui was sullen. Seeing this situation, Chen Kai and his wife asked Xu Huihui about the current situation.

  It turns out that in the past few months, Xu Huihui has become a little lost. Maybe it is not suitable for the living environment and rhythm in New Zealand. Apart from going to the language school for half a day every day, she just returns home and waits for the army to get off work. Apart from wandering in the yard, other things Nothing happens.

  The happy atmosphere of the dinner was broken by her sullenness and whining, and everyone began to look serious and listen to her slowly narrating.

  Xu Huihui was a little confused and began to feel overwhelmed with her life. She felt that she had lost her social life after coming to New Zealand. Although there are some classmates chatting in the language school every day, they are all elderly old ladies and they don’t have much in common with her.

  Those old people go to the language school just to find a place to gather. After class, they can’t wait to go to the teahouse to drink tea or play mahjong at other people’s homes. Their daily living arrangements are full, but those are completely unsuitable for Xu Huihui, who is under 30. Although I tried to participate in several activities with the old man, not only did it have no meaning, but I also felt that I was getting old.

  Even if I go shopping after school, I can’t find a partner. Oakland is not a big place. There are only a few bustling streets. After a day of shopping, the next thing is emptiness and loneliness. I wanted to find some delicious food and develop a few new stores, but found that there are really very few things to eat in Auckland, except for coffee and bread. It is rare to have a few tea restaurants, and the food in them is so-so, not only does she feel unsatisfied with food in her mouth, but also makes her miss the prosperous life in China even more.

  Although New Zealand is a pure land, there are beautiful landscapes everywhere. But she is not a travel enthusiast, nor a mountaineering enthusiast. She doesn’t like good mountains and water, what she wants is delicious and fun.

  Just as Wang Lily said, what’s so good about this ghost place in New Zealand! To eat or not to eat, to play or not to play! It seems that this place is really not suitable for people like Wang Baihe and Xu Huihui.

  To sum up, Xu Huihui began to feel a little apprehensive about the future. Could it be that the rest of his life is destined to die here slowly? Why can’t I see any hope for the future? It’s like coming here to retire, being a young old man.

  Xu Huihui’s remarks seem to be complaining, but they are very reasonable. It reminded everyone present and made them reconsider their lives. Why did they come to New Zealand and why did they want to immigrate abroad?

  ”Why did you choose New Zealand entrepreneurial immigration?” Xiong Jun asked Chen Kai, who was beside him.

  Chen Kai blurted out without hesitation, and said a lot, and he said it clearly, starting from when his wife was pregnant.

  Before Mrs. Chen got pregnant, she didn’t feel that there was anything inappropriate in the country. She ate, drank, and had fun every day. The two of them never paid attention to parenting issues.

  First of all, Mrs. Chen’s physique began to deteriorate. The haze weather in China caused her respiratory infections and allergies, and she coughed constantly every day. Chen Kai looked at the sky full of smog, helpless. He has no power or magic to make the sky blue and the air fresh. In desperation, he and his wife left his hometown and went to the southernmost part of China, Sanya City, Hainan, where he rented a small house. In the blue sky and white clouds, fresh air environment, let the wife feel at ease raising the baby.

  It didn’t take long for the couple to realize that the water they usually drink and the food they eat are not safe. To this end, Chen Kate went to the big supermarket to buy all kinds of imported food. But this is not a long-term solution. When I think that in the future, my child will live in such an environment after being born, I feel anxious, and then I have the idea of ​​leaving China.

  In the days that followed, Chen Kai began to understand the relevant immigration policies of various immigrant countries to see if it was possible to bring his wife and children to immigrate to other countries with relatively superior environments, so as to give future generations a good living environment. As long as it is for their own children, anyone will do their best to fight to the death.

  Chen Kai’s previous immigration target country was Canada. He also made a lot of preparations for Canadian immigration. He packaged his identity and reviewed his business accounts. After consulting with consultants from many immigration companies, he submitted the application by himself. Nominated by BC, Canada.

  In the months after Chen Kai filed his immigration petition, immigration around the world was fierce. Each immigrant country has made different adjustments in two or three months, raising the threshold of immigration one after another, because too many people have submitted immigration applications.

  The wait was a year, and Mrs. Chen gave birth to their child successfully, but the approval of immigration was still in the future, which made Chen Kai anxious.

  After the baby is born, it is fed with breast milk, but will soon be fed formula. At that time, serious milk powder incidents such as Sanlu brand milk powder, melamine, and poisoned milk powder were reported in China, which made people lose confidence in domestic milk powder. In desperation, Chen Kai could only entrust his friends who went abroad to help bring back the milk powder abroad, but this is not a long-term solution. Many times the supply is cut off, and the vacancy can only be filled with domestic milk powder. The domestic milk powder is eaten with trepidation, for fear that the child will get some disease or sequelae.

  However, Canadian immigration is a long waiting process. In the less than two years after he submitted the information, the immigration policy has been improved and changed many times, and one time, all the immigration cases that have been applied for by hundreds of thousands of people have been cancelled.

  In less than two years, the immigration threshold has been continuously raised all over the world. In desperation, Chen Kai considered some other immigrant countries that could go abroad immediately and not wait any longer. Facing the air, water, and food that their children depend on, Chen Kai and his wife are heartbroken every day.

  Finally, after researching again, I found the country of New Zealand and the project of entrepreneurial immigration. New Zealand is a good choice after comprehensive consideration. First of all, it is an English-speaking country, mainly English, and has the reputation of the last piece of pure land in the world. The environment is beautiful, suitable for children to grow up, and education is easy, which is very different from that in China, not to mention the problems of food, water and air. The most important thing is that New Zealand entrepreneurial immigrants can land in New Zealand once approved, so Chen Kai invested in the New Zealand entrepreneurial immigration project without hesitation. The child was one year old at the time, which made Chen Kai more impatient.

  Finally, after seven months of waiting, I received approval from Immigration New Zealand. The moment they received the invitation letter of approval, Chen Kai and his wife were ecstatic, they sold the house that afternoon and booked their air tickets. At this moment, they have been waiting for two years, but they did not expect that fate would point them to New Zealand. A month later, the house was successfully sold, and they arrived at Auckland Airport with seven suitcases to start their own entrepreneurial immigrants.

  Chen Kai concluded by saying that their immigration has only one purpose, which is for their children. Let your children have a good living environment and an easy life journey.

  After hearing this, the audience was very moved and applauded. These points of view came to everyone’s heart.

  After hearing this, Xu Huihui nodded silently. It seemed like the old woman in her language school said that immigrants are for their descendants and their children. But she is not a mother, so she only thinks it is reasonable, but cannot realize it. In fact, she was always thinking about the triangular relationship between Wang Bingbing, Xiao Su and Zhang Nini, which confused her. Wang Bingbing is obviously Xiao Su’s girlfriend, how come Xiao Su is with another long-lost woman overnight? The most puzzling thing is that Wang Bingbing is not only not jealous, but also full of blessings.

  ”What are your plans next?” Xu Huihui asked Xiao Su and Zhang Nini.

  Xiao Su and Zhang Nini looked at each other, smiled slightly, turned their heads and said, “We plan to go back to Queenstown, she has a job there, and I like the quiet living environment there.”

  Wang Bingbing raised his glasses and said with joy, “I wish you happiness!”

  The crowd raised their glasses and congratulated them in unison.

  In the end, everyone congratulated Wang Bingbing on her work permit, and went home after the happy party. Xiao Su drove Zhang Nini back to the original shared house. Since they came back from the South Island, they have been living here, sharing a lease with others. Not only is it convenient for transportation, but it is also full of memories of the past.

  When the two returned to their residence today, they found that their roommates were not at home. They should have gone outside to hang out, which gave them a chance to have further intimate contact. Since Zhang Nini was rescued at the airport and returned, the two fell in love unannounced, as close as a couple, but at most they just held hands and kissed, and there was no love between men and women. Zhang Nini always had a hint of hesitation and did not dare to let go of love like Xiao Su did, which made Xiao Su often unable to figure it out, but no matter what, Xiao Su did not ask for anything in return for her love for her.

  The two walked into the room and hugged and kissed each other. Out of instinct, Xiao Su’s hand slowly unbuttoned her clothes today. Zhang Nini didn’t stop her, she closed her eyes with a silent dedication. Xiao Su kissed her gently, taking off her clothes one by one. When he took off Zhang Nini’s last underwear, he was completely taken aback, he stepped back a few steps and fell to the ground, terrified.

  This is completely different from the nakedness that Xiao Su usually fantasizes about. She is covered in scars and bruises all over her body. The scars are as dense as fish scales, and her body is incomplete. Zhang Nini still closed her eyes tightly and did not dare to open them, but the two tears that poured down were clearly visible.

  Xiao Su’s eyes filled with tears, her body trembling slowly, she gently hugged Zhang Nini in her arms, and said nothing. Before, I always wanted to ask Zhang Nini what was the relationship between Zhang Nini and the man named Zhou Shijun, and why she wanted to kill her. Now that everything is clear, it’s clear that’s why she’s struggling to escape that man’s clutches.

  Zhang Nini slowly opened her eyes and whispered in Xiao Su’s ear, “I’m sorry, did you scare you?”

  Xiao Su sobbed and couldn’t make a sound, just hugged her tightly, the two embraced each other affectionately, weeping each other. Xiao Su’s trembling hands gently stroked the grid-like scars on her body, secretly determined in her heart that she would never suffer any more suffering in the future.

  According to Zhang Nini’s wish, find a small place where no one knows her and spend the rest of her life in peace. Xiao Su began to pack her luggage, ready to accompany her back to Queenstown after returning to the house, and settle down. There is not much luggage, Zhang Nini’s luggage is all in the garage of the owner of the Chinese restaurant in Queenstown, South Island. The next day, the room was cleaned up, and the luggage was loaded into the car. The two stood in front of the house and looked at the shared house. They were very emotional. The stories that happened here and the murders that happened here will always be remembered in my heart. Then Xiao Su took Zhang Nini all the way to the south and set off to Queenstown again, towards the bright future that he was looking forward to.

  Risks and returns are always in direct proportion to each other, even if it is crooked, there cannot be 100% guarantee. Not long after, a piece of bad news reached Wang Baihe’s ears. Her company was reported to buy and sell work visas, and the Immigration Bureau began to investigate. This made her uneasy, for fear that something had happened to her, and she would play tricks on the immigration bureau, but she would be deported. So I immediately contacted the company’s female boss and immigration agent Li Hongyuan.

  Wang Baihe came to the general manager’s office. The strong woman’s face was obviously not very good-looking, and she looked devastated. Of course, Wang Baihe was more anxious than her. After closing the door, she couldn’t wait to ask, “Sister, is something wrong?”

  The eldest sister looked up at Wang Baihe, smiled bitterly, nodded silently, looked at Wang Baihe’s pale face, and said calmly, “You are safe, calm down.”

  Only then did Wang Baihe wipe away a cold sweat and sat down quietly, and the two talked for a long time. The eldest sister was very confused. She didn’t know who was stabbed in the back. Maybe it was some immigration agency, or maybe her former partner got a green card and bit her back.

  However, the Immigration Bureau has no evidence yet. They came to the company today and took all the relevant information of the employees for a detailed analysis and investigation. The eldest sister also contacted her lawyer and was ready for a lawsuit at any time. At the same time, I comforted Wang Baihe not to be nervous, because in the legal society of Western countries, it is possible to have a lawsuit with the government. As long as the lawsuit is won, everything is not a problem.

  Wang Baihe thought hard, the only thing he could doubt in his heart was the immigration agent Li Hongyuan. He must have made a report in secret in order to get revenge on himself. My mother will never forgive you! She immediately went straight to Li Hongyuan, pushed open the door and shouted angrily, “Li Hongyuan! Is it your fault!”

  Li Hongyuan had obviously learned about the situation. He was smoking a cigarette, looking at Wang Baihe’s angry face, but calmly pointed to the chair next to him and invited her to sit down. Then he got up and handed her a cigarette. While lighting the cigarette, he said helplessly, “I’m more afraid than you. If there is an accident, my license will be revoked and I’ll lose my job.”

  Wang Baihe took a deep breath of cigarettes, exhaled a white mist, and looked at Li Hongyuan up and down. According to his own experience, this person doesn’t seem to be lying, so he can only ask helplessly, “What should I do?”

  Li Hongyuan turned and sat down, took a sip of tea, cleared his throat, and whispered to Wang Baihe, “As long as there is no evidence for this kind of thing, it will be fine, I have always been reliable and cautious in my work, and I don’t leave any excuses, the problem is not the problem. I’m here.”

  ”Then what should I do if something really happened?” Wang Baihe’s expression seemed a little nervous, and the right hand holding the cigarette trembled slightly.

  Li Hongyuan smiled calmly, “Don’t worry, as long as you don’t admit it, you’ll be fine. They won’t have any evidence. It’s a big deal that you will get your green card a few years later. How much money I charged you will be refunded to you in full, and Do it for you for free.”

  ”It’s better to do as you said, or else…” Wang Baihe had something to say, and he didn’t continue talking until he got up and left Li Hongyuan’s office.

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