[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 25

  The efficiency of the Immigration Bureau is really not high. As always, the case is completed slowly after more than a month. According to the investigation by the Immigration Bureau, the company has a number of fresh graduates who have been recruited with high salaries without any work experience, and there is a serious problem of job buying and selling. A sky-high fine was issued, and the work visas of fresh graduates were cancelled and not renewed. This means that Wang Lihe must leave New Zealand after her one-year work permit expires. Anxious, she rushed into the general manager’s office, wanting to turn her face and curse, but suddenly found that there were four other girls of the same age as her sitting and listening to the eldest sister’s speech, so she had to hold back and control her emotions.

  The eldest sister didn’t look very flustered. She looked up at Wang Baihe, smiled slightly, pointed to the stool next to her and asked her to sit down, and then continued to speak.

  After Wang Baihe sat down gently, she glanced at the girls around her, and immediately understood that they were all the same as herself, and they had to pay for their jobs. I usually didn’t know about it in the company, but now it’s all exposed.

  The eldest sister first comforted everyone, and then made a promise. The result will not be so bad. Her lawyer has appealed and filed a complaint with the court, suing the Immigration Bureau without evidence and illegally suspending the work visa. And we want everyone to be tight-lipped and united to overcome difficulties together.

  In desperation, everyone could only nod their heads, and with the last glimmer of hope, they left the office together and went to work as usual.

  In the following two months of trepidation, the lawsuit between the company and the Immigration Bureau went back and forth for several rounds. It is gratifying that the Immigration Bureau finally lost the case because there was no substantial evidence.

  However, the Immigration Bureau has its own privileges and immediately cancelled the company’s qualification to sponsor a work visa to a green card. That is to say, work permit holders who work in the company cannot apply for a green card even if their income meets the standard.

  After learning this news, Wang Baihe finally breathed a sigh of relief, at least she was not exposed, there is still a chance. It’s just that in this company, the chances are slim. She has to change to another company based on her real strength and meet the income standard before applying for a green card. For a woman who has been twisting her waist for four years in a strip club, It’s simply more difficult.

  So far, it is fortunate that the eldest sister is also a woman who keeps her promise and is loyal, and invites Wang Lihe and others to her house for dinner. Of course, eating is just an excuse, and there are important things to discuss.

  Wang Baihe asked for leave from the strip club and was invited to the eldest sister’s residence. This is a luxury villa covering an area of ​​more than 300 square meters, with a clear swimming pool in the backyard and a small yacht overhead in the front yard, which fully reflects the economic strength and successful career of the eldest sister.

  There were several familiar faces in the company sitting in the living room, the same girls who were in the office last time. Like Wang Lily, their expressions were much more relaxed, whispering to each other.

  Not long after, the eldest sister was wearing pajamas and carrying a suitcase, and walked down from the second floor with a smile on her face. It seemed that the limelight had passed. The suitcase was opened on the table, and there was nothing inside. As expected it was all cash. While lighting up the money and distributing the cash to the girls, she comforted, “Thank you for your help! We have overcome the difficulties together. According to the previous agreement, I will refund your expenses in full. Don’t be discouraged! You all is safe.”

  Wang Baihe and several other girls knew very well that refunding the money meant that the green card could not be obtained and the cooperation was over. Although I was very annoyed, there was nothing I could do. Fortunately, I met a partner who was reasonable, loyal, and kept his promises.

  After the eldest sister refunded the money, she also took out a handwritten letter of recommendation, distributed it to everyone, and said encouragingly, “With this letter of recommendation, it can prove that you are outstanding talents in our company, and It is convenient for you to find jobs in other companies. As long as you find jobs in other companies and your income meets the standard, you can still apply for a green card, and don’t give up your dreams.”

  Although there were not many words, the scene was very touching, and several girls could not help shedding tears. It is strange to say that the relationship with the eldest sister suddenly feels the same as the sister, and also feels the same. That’s probably why the eldest sister can have luxury pool villas and small yachts parked in the front yard. Loyalty, commitment, abiding by the rules, able to fool.

  After the business was over, the girls put away their money, wiped away their tears, and had a pleasant dinner together.

  After dinner, the girls left one by one, and the eldest sister was still reluctant to part, and she said goodbye every step of the way.

  Only Wang Lily stayed to the end and did not leave. The eldest sister is a little confused. The money that should be refunded has already been refunded, and what should be said has been made clear. Why did this girl stay for a long time? Despite this, the eldest sister still kept a kind smile on her face, sat down beside Wang Baihe, and the two looked at each other and talked freely.

  Wang Baihe opened the bag, returned the money to the eldest sister, and said with a smile. “Sister, I don’t lack this money, so it’s your consultation fee. Is there any other way?”

  The eldest sister behaved very aggressively, regarded money as dung, and pushed the money back directly, patted Wang Baihe on the shoulder and said, “Of course there are ways, but there is not much I can do. You go to Li Hongyuan, he has other ways. , I’ll take care of you.”

  With the words of the eldest sister, Wang Baihe left and went home with confidence. Wang Bingbing saw that her sister Wang Baihe had returned home so early. It was very unusual. After the two sisters had a long talk, it was as expected, and her sister had another accident. It seems that whether it is Sunshine Avenue or a crooked way, it is very difficult to get a green card. My sister has just received her work permit, but my sister refuses to transfer her green card.

  Early the next morning, Wang Baihe went to Li Hongyuan’s place, arrived by accident, and pushed open the door of his office. Li Hongyuan was drinking coffee and reading the newspaper with a relaxed expression. The limelight had passed and everything was calm.

  ”Oh, you’re here, sit down.” Li Hongyuan glanced at him, seeing that Wang Baihe was visiting, he immediately got up to greet her, invited her to sit down, turned around, poured a cup of coffee, and closed the office door.

  Li Hongyuan gently placed the coffee cup in front of Wang Baihe, then opened the drawer of the desk, took out a stack of cash, and threw it on the table, the corners of his mouth curled up slightly, “The business is not benevolent, this is your intermediary fee. , I’ll give it back to you now. We’ve settled and we don’t owe each other.”

  Wang Baihe smiled coldly, squinted at Li Hongyuan and said, “Big sister should have already greeted you, right? I’m here to ask you for a new way.”

  Li Hongyuan sat down and took a sip of coffee, and said calmly, “Don’t worry, one yard is one yard, settle first, and then talk about new ones. Of course I have a way, but based on your current situation, I’m afraid there is only one way to go. already.”

  ”Tell me!” Wang Lihe opened her bag and took out a cigarette. Li Hongyuan got up and lit a cigarette, leaned close to Wang Baihe’s ear, and whispered, “Business marriage.”

  ”Business marriage?” Wang Baihe frowned and spit out a white mist.

  ”Yes, that is to find a local single man, spend a sum of money, let him marry you falsely, and you can apply for a green card.” Li Hongyuan sat down and said triumphantly.

  Wang Baihe didn’t say a word, lowered his head and frowned, and breathed out smoke silently. After a long time, he raised his head and said, “It’s too long, there are too many variables, and the risk is too great.”

  ”Don’t worry, the people I introduce are reliable, just like the eldest sister, there is no ambiguity in receiving money and doing things. You and I have cooperated for so long, I believe you have already understood me as a person. I am innocent and honest. Refund.” Li Hongyuan smiled and pointed to the stack of cash on the table.

  Seeing Wang Baihe’s hesitation, Li Hongyuan continued, “I know you are not short of money, and you have made a lot of money in the past few years. Through business marriage, you can legally stay in New Zealand for at least two years. You can earn more Even if the commercial marriage is unsuccessful, you will have enough money to do investment immigration. I am afraid that you will look down on New Zealand and move to other immigration countries.”

  Wang Baihe nodded silently and exhaled a puff of green smoke. Li Hongyuan’s words were not unreasonable, they were indeed a plan. Then the two entered the topic to discuss how to operate in detail and the payment process.

  The cost is indeed much higher than buying a job, a total of NZ$100,000, of which the brokerage fee is NZ$50,000. The payment method is reasonable and reasonable. Payment is made monthly. If there is any change, the cooperation can be terminated immediately.

  With the experience of buying a job last time, Wang Lihe is much more courageous this time, and she is already familiar with crooked ways. The only thing I worry about is the same as last time. I’m afraid of being caught, and I’ve become someone else’s sensual tool in the past two years. Although Li Hongyuan patted his chest and assured, this kind of thing is absolutely impossible, and he must be honest when he comes out.

  Now that everything was settled, Li Hongyuan took the stack of money back with a smile and said, “This should be regarded as the down payment.”

  Wang Baihe looked at Li Hongyuan’s greedy smile, got up and left, shook his head helplessly, and cursed in his heart, “Trash!”

  There are rubbish black intermediaries like Li Hongyuan everywhere. As long as there is money to be made, there is nothing that cannot be done. Not long after Wang Baihe left, Li Hongyuan received a phone call from China. There was a familiar voice on the phone, and Li Hongyuan immediately responded. It was his rich man, Zhou Shijun.

  After some small talk, Li Hongyuan learned about the current situation. Zhou Shijun still asked him for help and continued to track the girl named Zhang Nini. Zhou Shijun acted very generously this time, and immediately remitted 50,000 New Zealand dollars, and let Li Hongyuan play freely, and tried every means to get her back to China.

  After a few words of flattery, he hung up the phone. Li Hongyuan immediately checked his bank account and was ecstatic when he saw the 50,000 New Zealand dollars that had just been credited. Immediately sent an email to Zhang Nini, asking about the current situation and discussing the immigration plan.

  After Wang Baihe went back, the two sisters studied “commercial marriage” together, did their homework in advance, and checked the information on the Internet to avoid being deceived. Sure enough, there are many details that Li Hongyuan did not mention. First of all, there are only two guarantee opportunities for a marriage guarantee applicant for a green card, so you must first find out whether the guarantor has helped others to do marriage guarantees before.

  Then, the sponsor must have a stable job with a satisfactory income. People who are unemployed and unemployed are not eligible to submit a spousal green card application for sponsorship.

  Finally, they must live together with the guarantor and live for two years before they are recognized as legal couples by law. If they are separated during the period, they cannot exceed half a year, otherwise it will be regarded as a natural divorce. The two must have a common marital bank account with daily running water expenses. Photos of living together, that’s essential, etc.

  After writing down these lines, Wang Lihe became confident. A week later, Li Hongyuan arranged a business marriage meeting with a middle-aged foreigner who was more than 20 years older than Wang Baihe. The uncle’s name is Robert. He is an ordinary salaryman. He works in a supermarket and has a stable income. He is currently single, so he was hired by Li Hongyuan to earn some extra money.

  This foreigner uncle named Robert looks very amiable on the outside, speaks in a gentle manner, has a gentle temperament and a kind face, which makes Wang Baihe very satisfied. Although this is not a blind date, the atmosphere of the meeting is as lively as a blind date.

  In addition to the strict confidentiality of this cooperation plan, Wang Baihe also took out the homework he had done before and checked with Robert one by one to ensure that the future guarantee application for a green card is foolproof. Then the two hit it off and paid the first month’s fee on the spot.

  Seeing that everything had been arranged properly, Li Hongyuan left early. Robert is a very gentleman. He personally drove Wang Baihe back to the Auckland student apartment. After sorting out the daily necessities, he took her back to his residence and took care of her like a daughter, which made Wang Baihe feel very warm. Robert also said humorously, “You’re welcome! Because you’re my boss.”

  Robert owns his own property. Although it is not big, it has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, but the transportation is convenient. After arriving, I found out that Robert had a daughter of the same age as her. After divorcing his ex-wife, his son followed his mother and his daughter followed his father. The daughter’s name is Anna, who is two years younger than Wang Lily. She is very hospitable to guests and helps with luggage.

  That night, Robert cooked himself and made an authentic foreigner’s dinner (Western food). The three chatted while eating and got along very well. It is natural for a Chinese to live in a foreigner’s house, and naturally he is not used to it. Fortunately, Robert and Anna are warm and hospitable, and constantly guide Wang Baihe in life, which makes Wang Baihe quickly integrate into this happy temporary foreigner family.

  Foreigners have always paid attention to personal privacy, and never asked about Wang Baihe’s life and work. Although she often went out late and returned early, the three of them lived in a room, and they did not interfere with each other and were in peace with each other. But Wang Baihe is still not used to living there, especially the living style of some foreigners, which makes her very puzzled. For example, when you get up in the morning, you must go out after taking a shower, and when you come back in the evening, no matter how stinky you are, don’t take a shower and go to bed. Even after taking a shower, my hair didn’t dry, and I went to bed wet. The whole room was still filled with the smell of sheep. Fortunately, it is only a temporary stay. If you stay for a long time, it is really unbearable and unbearable. In any case, according to the previously agreed agreement, Wang Baihe paid the intermediary Li Hongyuan and Robert the business marriage fee every month, and the plan went very smoothly.

  A few months later, Xu Huihui’s language school issued a graduation certificate. Although she got the fourth-level (primary) graduation certificate, she was not happy and was depressed all day. In addition to sleeping at home, I just look at my mobile phone and computer. Day and night are reversed. I gradually lose my appetite and appetite, and I often have a bad temper. I didn’t plan to do anything, and I didn’t plan to continue learning the language.

  Xiongjun, who was busy with work every day, certainly couldn’t understand that when he came home from get off work, Xu Huihui had just woken up. After a tiring day, I have to start cooking dinner when I get home, and I feel very annoyed. And Xu Huihui just sat there watching her phone and TV, waiting for her meal. Even while eating, my eyes are still looking at the phone or TV, and I am completely silent in my own world.

  After dinner, Xiong Jun was so tired that he fell asleep after doing housework, while Xu Huihui stayed up all night, either watching idol dramas or reading a novel written by a cat named Xilan. Until Xiongjun got up in the morning, Xu Huihui stayed in the living room, not sleepy. There has long been no life program between husband and wife or lovers. Apart from telling her to “rest early” from time to time, there is no other way.

  It’s been a long time, and the grudges have been accumulating for a long time. Xiongjun, who got up late at night to go to the toilet, saw that it was four o’clock in the morning.

  Not seeing any rebuttal from Xu Huihui, Xiongjun rubbed his eyes and walked into the living room, only to see Xu Huihui sitting there, tears streaming down his face! The fiery Xiongjun was taken aback, as if everything was his fault.

  Although Xiongjun was at a loss, but seeing Xu Huihui crying in front of his eyes, Xiongjun’s heart softened immediately. Sit down beside Xu Huihui, clasped her hands tightly, and asked softly, “What happened?”

  After crying for a while, Xu Huihui, who was full of tears, raised her head, looked at Xiongjun and said in a trance, “Jun, I can’t sleep, I can’t be happy, I feel that life is meaningless, and it’s like waiting to die. I think you have long been don’t love me anymore.”

  The last sentence poked into Xiongjun’s heart and made him feel extremely guilty. Although he tried his best to make up for it, it seemed that a tragedy was about to happen.

  Xiong Jun hugged Xu Huihui tightly, stroked her long hair, and comforted her softly until dawn, before she closed her eyes and fell asleep peacefully. Looking at Xu Huihui who fell asleep with tears in her eyes, Xiongjun felt aches and pains in his heart.

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