[Drunken Jasmine]Chapter 5 – Dark Fragrance

  The whole body was sore all night, and I finally fell asleep, but why are there always people knocking on the door? So annoying, are you knocking on my door? Suddenly realized, yes, someone was knocking on my door. Who is it? He got up slowly and limped out to open the door.

  ”Scared me to death, I thought you were dead, I knocked on the door for ten minutes, even if I climbed out, it wouldn’t take so long, right?” She frowned, her eyes widened, her mouth slightly raised towards me shouted.

  As soon as I opened the door, a scent of flowers came in, which woke me up suddenly.

  ”Why are you so early? Don’t you have to go to work?” I asked her curiously, rubbing my eyes. Her lips are so pink today, what lip balm and lip balm are you using? Today, these earrings are very beautiful, and they are very charming.

  ”Of course I’m going to work. I’m going by bus. Your house is just one stop here. I’ll come down to see you and buy you a breakfast by the way.” She reached out and handed me a bag containing eggs. pancakes.

  ”Oh, thank you, don’t bother.” I took her breakfast and found her pink nails, shiny and delicate.

  ”Didn’t you say that your parents are not here, I won’t bring you breakfast, what are you eating?” She tilted her head and looked at me mischievously.

  ”Thank you.” I smiled shyly, I felt so light and airy.

  ”How are you feeling today? Are you feeling better? Does it still hurt?” Her eyes showed concern.

  ”I feel better, but it hurts a bit when I walk.” I swung my arms and feet at her a few times.

  ”Then you have a good rest, I’m leaving first, I’m going to work, see you later.” She flipped her hair and turned to go downstairs. I took a deep breath and was instantly refreshed.

  While biting the omelette she bought for me, I looked up and pondered what she said. “See you later”, does that mean she will come later?

  Occasional holidays are also good, watching TV, in a daze, looking at the pedestrians coming and going down the window.

  It happens that there are many movies that I haven’t seen before, and now I have time, let’s put a Harry Potter first.

  Look at how the stomach growls, hungry? Looking up, it was past 11 o’clock. At this time, it should be lunch time in the unit, no wonder I am hungry.

  How to do it? There is a noodle shop at the entrance of the community, go eat a bowl of noodles. Can you climb over it? Let’s try it. Didn’t the doctor say that the muscle was strained, and the bone was not injured. It should be fine, right? Just hold on.

  After putting on his clothes and trousers, he limped and slowly moved downstairs. The retired aunt on the first floor was sitting in the sun. She was very surprised to see my appearance. She slowly stood up and stroked my scalp, “Yesterday was fine, why is it like this today?”

  ”It’s alright, I’m limping, I didn’t hurt my bones, and I can walk a little.” I smiled and nodded to my aunt, and continued to move out.

  It’s a little painful to move this way. I came to the noodle shop and ordered a bowl of Pian’erchuan, which is my favorite noodle. It seems that in the next few days, I can only rely on this noodle shop.

  The boss saw that I was limping with a cast on my left hand, and came to his noodle shop. He was very moved, and put the bowl in front of me, “Which building do you live in? The next time you call, I’ll have someone deliver it to you.”

  ”Really? That’s great. Thank you.”, I asked the boss for a phone call and a menu. I didn’t expect the service to be so attentive now. If I knew this, what other instant noodles would I eat. But things outside shouldn’t be clean, right?

  After eating a big bowl of noodles, I got up and paid the boss, and limped out.

  ”Be careful, slow down, can you still walk? I’ll take you there with my bicycle.” The boss chased after me and shouted to me. People at that time really had good conscience, and there were many good people!

  ”No, no. I’ll do it, I’ll walk slowly and be active.” I am grateful to the owner of the store across from me. In fact, I am a person who wants to save face, how can I trouble others like that, it is not my style.

  After limping for more than ten minutes, he finally moved back to the downstairs of the unit.

  The retired aunt on the first floor was still sitting there basking in the sun, looking at me with a smile, without saying a word. The smile is very weird, very naughty, how old is he, and he is still so naughty.

  I think it’s weird, what’s so funny? I also smiled at her, and when I turned around, I suddenly found a person standing there with a stern expression, frowning and staring at me.

  ”Where are you going? I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. Aunt said you limped out. You were injured just yesterday, and you walked around today. Are you okay? It’s okay, I’m leaving.” , she frowned, filling her chest with anger.

  Surprisingly, why did she show up at my door so quickly? I just wanted to tell her that I was just going out to eat, but I saw that she was carrying a lunch box in her hand. I knew that she should have come to bring me lunch, so I changed my mind and said, “I, I’ll move a little bit, the doctor said that I will recover quickly.” And showed a lovely smile.

  ”Really? Let’s go, eat.” She looked at me with dubious eyes and raised the lunch box in her right hand.

  In front of her, I pretended to be fully recovered and strode upstairs, but when I took the second step, I felt a pain, “Ouch.”

  I frowned, hunched my back, held my thigh in one hand, and limped upstairs.

  ”Act! Continue to act! Don’t walk around for me, stay home and rest.” She supported me and shouted in the same tone as her sister told her brother.

  ”Oh.” I felt that I was really wrong. Why did I walk around and get caught by her, not because I was hungry. But she hugged me so tightly that I didn’t feel any pain at all, and I felt quite comfortable all over my body.

  ”Come on, let’s see if you like this dish, braised steak, from the cafeteria of the unit. Brother Xiong said you like this dish the most.” She opened the lunch box with a smile and brought it to me with a triumphant expression.

  But my stomach is already full of noodles, and I really can’t eat it, but I’m still going to reluctantly have another meal and try to eat as little as possible. Don’t let her find out that she just went out looking for food, she feels a little humiliated, and she also feels a little disrespectful to her.

  This is indeed the braised steak in the canteen of a unit, but why is it all scented with jasmine? My sense of smell has been completely occupied by the scent of flowers on her body. Looking at her clear and bright pupils, thin curved eyebrows, long and soft eyelashes trembling slightly, her fair and flawless skin revealing a touch of pink, and her pink lips as delicate as rose petals, I was completely intoxicated. .

  ”How about the new computer?” I asked curiously while biting into the braised steak.

  ”Yesterday’s new computer is broken and can’t be used anymore. Brother Xiong is the person who understands computers the most. He took a look at it and took it to the computer city for repair. Before he left, he said that there was a braised fever in the cafeteria today. Da Pai, you like to eat it the most, but unfortunately you are not here. I don’t have much work to do in the morning, so I’ll just pack a meal in the cafeteria and bring it for you to have lunch with you.”, Da Pai’s oily juice was on her lips Glitter, so pink and sparkling lips.

  ”Oh, that’s it, I’m really bothering you, thank you.” She took care of me so much, I really felt a little sorry. This unit seems to be opened by your family, you can leave if you want, or stay if you want.

  But after listening to my polite words, she felt a little uncomfortable and seemed a little angry. His expression became serious, and the softness in his eyes no longer looked at me.

  ”I’ll be busy starting at noon tomorrow. You can get yourself something to eat. Do you have anything to eat in the refrigerator?” She opened the refrigerator and saw that there was nothing else except ice cream, which was a drink.

  ”Sure enough, it’s a child’s refrigerator, so clean and so cute.” She said to herself.

  As soon as I heard that, she said I was a child, and immediately became a little unhappy. How could I be a kid, what a joke. There are kids out there who are mature and stable like me.

  ”I’ll buy you something to eat after get off work later, so you can make it for yourself at noon. You’re not completely disabled, you can still use one hand, right?” She turned her head and squinted at me, knocking plaster on my hand.

  ”By the way, what do you want to eat at night? Is it still the food in the cafeteria?” She winked with eyeliner and looked straight at me.

  ”Ah, that, whatever you want, it’s fine. Actually, you don’t need to bother.” My heart was beating so fast, I thanked her again. In fact, my stomach was about to explode, so I completely ate the lunch she brought, and ate two at noon today.

  ”It’s not too much of a hassle, I’ll drive home and pass by you. Then I’ll figure it out later, and ask for a few dishes that I like to eat. You can’t always choose what you like, right?” She closed the door. Refrigerator door, sort out the garbage on the table after meals.

  In fact, I am very happy, full of joy. In the living room full of flowers, I watched her eat. After eating, she washed the lunch box and put it in her bag. This day is like a dream, I’m not dreaming, am I?

  ”Okay, then I’m going to go to work. The computer should be ready for use in the afternoon. You should rest well and stop walking around. It’s so cold again, and it’s going to snow in a few days.”, She sat down and put on her long boots, her slender legs were delicate and smooth in the stockings, and after turning her head and exhorting a few words, she went downstairs with the fragrance of flowers.

  The lower abdomen twitched for a while, maybe I really ate too much, and even the stool was pushed out, so I hurried to the toilet and sat down to defecate. Only then did I really know how fragrant she was and how stinky I was.

  In the afternoon, I continued to stay at home obediently and watched a few movies. When I saw it was almost 5 o’clock, I knew that the get off work unit should be off, and she should be coming over. I don’t know how she was doing this afternoon. Such a beautiful woman, who can’t do so much work in the unit, and gets in through relationships, this relationship must be very, very hard, what’s her background?

  He limped to the window and sat blankly looking down. It’s been almost an hour, and I’m looking forward to the next passerby who will be her. Sure enough, a familiar figure appeared not long after, carrying two bags in her hands, walking lightly and lightly, passing from the downstairs to the unit building.

  She limped out in a hurry and opened the door. She had just walked up to the second floor. She was a little surprised to see me. White teeth were exposed between her pink lips, and her slender eyebrows were raised slightly. With a subtle smile, “How did you know I was here?”

  ”I’m bored, sitting at the window, watching every pedestrian, watching you come up.” I scratched my head and smirked.

  ”Well, good boy, I didn’t run around. Come, let’s see what we have for dinner.” She entered the door and put the bags on the table, and took them out one by one.

  I took the chopsticks and sat next to me, like a child, watching her open the lunch boxes one by one with anticipation. We were both stupid, the dishes in the lunch box had been mixed up and we had no idea what it was.

  ”Oh my God, how could this be?” she called out, her two thin brows furrowed tightly, her big watery eyes staring, and her pink lips pursed.

  ”There must be a lot of people on the bus, squeezing around and overturning my vegetable box. It’s too much.” She sat down with her buttocks on her hips, her hands on her hips, three feet in anger.

  You can clearly smell the scent of flowers in the living room, which has changed into the smell of gunpowder.

  ”The bus is indeed very crowded during the rush hour. It’s really hard for you. You have to pack food for me to eat. I really don’t need this trouble. I won’t be like this tomorrow. I’m really grateful.” I picked up my chopsticks. , without a trace of disgust.

  ”This should be a fish, right? Although it looks a little ugly, it’s still edible. Now the meat of this fish has fallen off the bones, and it’s good to eat without having to spit out the bones.” I picked up a piece of fish meat. , put it in your mouth, closed your eyes, and smiled contentedly.

  ”Haha! You’re so funny!” She covered her mouth, shaking her whole body and laughing.

  Although the appearance of the two dishes she packaged changed, we still ate them happily.

  She said that in the afternoon, Brother Xiong had already fixed the computer, and now he started to work formally. The computer was fast and did not crash. She got the job done in no time, and this computer is really a disaster. She almost lost her life, and she was unforgettable.

  But I thought in my heart that there is a lot of injustice and a debt to the owner. The cause of all this is that the director asked me to buy her an old computer. This is all bad luck and sin.

  After having dinner together, I washed the dishes. Pack your bags and get ready to go home.

  ”Tomorrow morning, when I go to work, I will pass by you, and I will bring you a breakfast. At noon, you can cook the quick-frozen dumplings by yourself. I bought a few packs of quick-frozen dumplings and have them in the refrigerator. I will come over in the evening and buy some food, and I will give them to you. Cook and eat. Although my cooking is not as good as a chef, it is barely edible.” She said a lot to me triumphantly, and then went out and went downstairs.

  She spoke so quickly, so much, and walked so quickly, she didn’t want me to have time to refute her. Seeing her figure coming downstairs, she could only simply shout, “Call me when you get home safely, I’m waiting for your call.”

  ”I see, it’s not too late until 7 o’clock.” She heard a happy echo from downstairs.

  After closing the door, he limped to the side of the phone to watch TV, waiting for her call.

  About half an hour later, the phone rang and I knew it must be her home.

  ”Hey, I’m home, I forgot to tell you just now, boil the dumplings until they float, and cook for another 5 minutes, you know?” She said to me affectionately. It’s really strange, why can I smell her fragrance from the phone, it seems that her fragrance is in my consciousness.

  ”Okay, I see.” I replied obediently.

  ”Well, that’s it, good night.” Her voice was warm and sweet, and it was the same yesterday, especially when she said the word “good night”.

  ”Well, good night.” After saying that, I hung up the phone reluctantly.

  It’s bedtime, but I don’t feel sleepy at all, as if I’m looking forward to tomorrow. She said, cook for me tomorrow night, how does it feel a bit like my mother.

  I didn’t dare to sleep too dead, so I stayed half awake. Afraid that she would knock on the door for a long time in the morning like yesterday. Forget it, it’s better to get up early to prevent her from knocking on the door, but it’s only 6 o’clock, will it be too early?

  I got up at 6 in the morning, never got up so early. I don’t know why, there were few people outside the window and downstairs. Sitting blankly by the window, looking downstairs, watching the sky gradually light up. I feel like I’m a bit like a lovesick patient in a TV series, sitting silly and waiting for a lover.

  lovers? No, no, no, overthinking, haha. I giggled to myself, and it seemed like I was going crazy. The doctor said that there was a slight concussion in the car accident. It seems that there is indeed a reaction, and the impact is not small. It always makes me produce illusions.

  Two hours later, it was past eight o’clock. Suddenly, she found her figure among the pedestrians downstairs. Here she is, ha. Immediately got up and went to open the door, and found that today’s movements are much more agile, and the recovery is very fast, or I am in a good mood.

  Open the door and wait for her at the door. Hearing her cheerful footsteps, getting closer.

  ”Ha, you’re already waiting for me at the door? Are you starving?” She opened her eyes wide and smiled smugly. She changed to pink lipstick today. I prefer her pink lips, which are particularly sexy and girlish.

  ”I’m not hungry, I stayed at the window and saw you coming up. Haha.” She was wearing sneakers today, and she looked like she was traveling light. It seemed that crowding the bus was really tiring for her.

  ”Here, eat your breakfast obediently. Then I’m leaving. There are a lot of things in the office today. I’ll finish them all early.” After she finished speaking, she handed me the breakfast, then turned and went downstairs with a brisk pace. , full of energy, she is always full of vitality for life.

  ”Be careful on the bus and keep your wallet safe,” I shouted to her.

  ”Got it!”, her echo came from a distance.

  Taking the breakfast she brought me, I yawned, getting up too early and getting a little sleepy. It felt strange, like playing home, after she made me breakfast, she hurried to work.

  Bit by bit, she bit the breakfast she brought. She didn’t watch TV to pass the time, she just sat at the window in a daze, her mind went blank, it felt very strange, there was no such situation before. Didn’t you get hit stupid? Why do you always sit in a daze? I’m sure now that I must have suffered some trauma to my brain. I tried to use my left hand in the plaster cast, but I still felt pain, so just heal up, alas.

  It’s after 11 o’clock again. It should be lunch time in the unit. Brother Xiong and the others should go to the cafeteria to eat. Shouldn’t it be time for lunch too? But I’m not hungry at all, I’m also lazy to cook dumplings, let’s talk about it when I’m hungry, start studying in the afternoon, read those books on programming carefully, work hard, boy!

  But why can’t I read these books? Did you really get fooled? Lying blankly, my mind was empty, and I fell asleep. The sequelae of the car accident do not seem to be light, and every day is like a dream.

  Why is there a floral scent? Opening my eyes slightly, I dreamed, the scent of flowers, the scent of her body. Look at the time, it’s 4:00 pm, have you slept for so long?

  No, there really is a scent, where’s the scent? I am like a dog, sniffing everywhere. It turned out to be here, the stool she sat on, and she actually left a scent on the stool. Yes, it’s her scent, a faint scent of jasmine.

  Looking at this stool dumbfounded, the scent made me feel as if she was sitting there and didn’t leave. I may be crazy, the impact on my brain is really big, it must have been a hallucination just now. There’s no jasmine scent, it’s just that I’m out of my mind.

  It’s five o’clock, and the unit should get off work. Moved to the window and sat down, staring blankly at the passers-by under the window, waiting for her figure to appear. I knew it would take half an hour to take the bus back from my work, but I just sat and waited so early, I don’t know why, maybe I don’t think there is anything more important than waiting for her.

  The sky gradually darkened, and it was almost six o’clock when I finally saw her figure. Carrying two plastic bags, she walked like a fly, she must have just come from the vegetable market. I hurriedly limped to open the door, listening to the sound of her approaching footsteps.

  ”Ha, did you see me coming up again?” She widened her eyes, revealing two charming wine vortexes, and entered the door and put down the two bags of vegetables.

  After changing her slippers, she carried the dishes into the kitchen. I leaned against the kitchen door and looked stupidly at her back. There’s no one else in the kitchen but my mom, and it feels weird to have another woman in the kitchen now. I can’t tell what it feels like, it feels like when I was a child, my mother was cooking in the kitchen and I was playing with toys on the side, a sense of happiness. Yes, it is a feeling of happiness.

  ”Today I made a tomato scrambled egg, shredded pork tofu, and a semi-finished sweet and sour pork ribs. Do you like it?” She straightened her hair, tied a ponytail, turned her head and smiled, and started Busy cutting and washing up. This ponytail suddenly transformed her from a feminine type to a sturdy type. I didn’t expect her to be like a princess, and she was also simple and diligent like a Cinderella.

  The water splashed onto her clothes, and I quickly pointed to the apron on the side, “That.”

  ”Oh, haha, okay.” She put on my mother’s cooking apron, it really seemed like my mother was in the kitchen, watching her cooking, she was gentle at home without being humble or arrogant. I also kept peeking at her curvaceous body and sexy curves.

  ”Don’t stand here, I’ll be nervous, you go and sit obediently.” She squinted at me, naughty at the kitchen knife in Ryoko’s hand.

  ”Oh.” I limped into the living room and sat watching TV. But my soul, always in the kitchen, can feel what she is doing at any time, even every cooking action.

  After about forty minutes, she brought all three dishes and put them on the table. It looks good, the smell of vegetables and her body smell, it’s like eating with Hua Xianzi, intoxicated.

  ”Ah.” She widened her eyes, “I forgot to cook the rice, how can I eat without rice.”

  After she finished speaking, she went into the kitchen and started pounding, “Where is your rice? I didn’t see it.”

  Suddenly I realized that I hadn’t eaten rice at home for a long time, and they all came back after eating at work. There is not a grain of rice in the house.

  ”That, at home, Mi, no.” I said to her hesitantly. I knew she was going to tell me that I didn’t even have rice at home, how did I usually live.

  ”Ah, so that’s it, then you all came back after eating in the unit? What about the weekend?” she asked curiously.

  ”Fang, instant noodles.” I guess she was about to start saying things like instant noodles are unhealthy.

  She turned around and sat down at the table, looking at me with a helpless expression. It exudes the temperament of a mature woman and the demeanor that a mature woman should have.

  ”And said you’re not a child.” Her expression revealed an expression that I couldn’t refute, as if she was destined to be a child in her eyes.

  I looked at her dumbfounded, but in fact I didn’t care what she said to me, and I didn’t hear it either. As long as she was there, the whole room was filled with fragrance, and she felt refreshed.

  ”Well, let’s cook some dumplings as a staple food,” she said as she opened the refrigerator. She found out right away that there was no shortage of her quick-frozen dumplings, and I didn’t eat the dumplings she prepared at noon.

  She paused for a while, took out a box of quick-frozen dumplings, closed the refrigerator, and walked to the kitchen. At the same time, he said, “This kid, he didn’t eat at noon. I went to the supermarket to buy it yesterday.”

  ”I, that, really wasn’t hungry at noon, didn’t eat.”, I explained to her.

  ”Whatever you want, I seem to be taking care too much.” Although the volume of the latter part of the sentence was low, but I could hear it clearly, she was a little unhappy.

  Alright, alright, I will eat it for noon tomorrow. Although these words are not spoken in my heart, I really feel that I have failed her kindness.

  Soon, she brought up a bowl of hot dumplings and sat down in front of me. We both raised our chopsticks at the same time, smiled at each other, and chewed slowly.

  I tasted her food, and I felt that it tasted the same as the food I usually eat in the cafeteria, so I swallowed it.

  She held her chin, looked at me gobbling up, and asked, “How is it? Is it delicious?”

  ”Normal, similar to the cafeteria.” I answered her while chewing.

  She frowned and stared, “What! It’s similar to the cafeteria!”

  Seeing her a little unhappy, did she say something wrong? I suddenly remembered that when I was a child, my mother often asked me if it was delicious after cooking. I answered my mother cutely, “It’s delicious, my mother’s cooking is delicious”, and then my mother smiled. Are all women like this?

  ”No, I mean, the food in our cafeteria is very delicious. You cook as good as the cook in the cafeteria, so you’re the same as the cafeteria.” I was a little naughty and explained to her.

  She looked at the ceiling, made up the scene in her mind, and nodded, “Well, it seems to make sense, then you can eat it all.” She really looked like my mother, and my mother used to say this to me. Finish eating, don’t leave any leftovers.

  We ate and chatted comfortably and talked about some things in the unit. I would like to know who to turn to when the computer in the unit broke down when I was away. It turned out to be looking for Brother Xiong for help. It seems that we are really the only two people in our unit who understand computers.

  I really ate all the dishes she cooked and ate them clean. When I looked up, she showed a satisfied and charming smile and nodded slightly, as if she was looking at a pet.

  After she finished washing the dishes, I came out of the kitchen and I sat in the living room watching TV. The two of us looked at each other and suddenly felt a little strange, I couldn’t tell what it was like.

  From what she looked like, she wanted to sit down and watch TV with me for a while, but suddenly found out that this was someone else’s house, and she felt restrained. So he paused for a while, turned to me and said, “Well, then I’ll go back.”

  After hearing her say these words, I suddenly reacted and realized that she was not from my family, she was going back, she was going back to her own home.

  I suddenly understood something, but it was hard to describe in words, maybe it was a sense of loss.

  He got up slowly and watched her go out the door with a blank expression. She didn’t say a word, she didn’t smile, she seemed to be thinking about something, put on her shoes, went downstairs quickly, and just left. She stood blankly at the door, waiting for her scent to dissipate before closing the door. I thought she would say something, but she didn’t say a word, just went back like this, what’s the situation?

  Soon after, the phone rang and I knew it must be her.

  ”Hey, I’m home.” Her warm and sweet voice came from the opposite side.

  ”Oh.” I only said this one word. I don’t know what to say. I have a lot of things to say, but I can’t seem to say anything. It seems that the impact on my brain is not minor. .

  ”Good night, I hung up.” She hung up the phone, so quickly today, listening to her tone, does it feel a little sad and melancholy? Maybe I’m too sensitive to think too much.

  Although the TV was on in the living room, I felt that after she left, the whole house was unusually silent. There was nothing left except the stool she sat on still smelling.

  Sitting dumbfounded in the living room watching TV, holding the remote control in my hand, I kept changing the channel, and none of the programs matched my current mood.

  How are you feeling? I don’t know, I’m a little irritable, a little lost, and even a little fanciful. It seems that my brain hurts a lot.

  I used to fall asleep every night, but now every night feels like a long night. The sequelae of the car accident seems really big. It makes me nervous every day, my heart is beating like a thunder, and I can’t sleep.

  When did you fall asleep? I do not know how? Hearing the noise downstairs, I knew it should be morning again. When I opened my eyes, it was almost 7 o’clock.

  I got up immediately, got dressed, and felt that she should come to bring me breakfast again. This is what I look forward to most every morning.

  After walking a few steps down the ground, I found that it didn’t seem too painful. It seems that the two legs are not a big problem as the doctor said, but the muscles are a little strained. But the plastered left hand was still aching.

  Still the same, sitting at the window blankly, watching the pedestrians coming and going downstairs. I was looking forward to her appearance, but I suddenly remembered that she had a sad look when she left last night. Is she tired?

  Yes, definitely tired. I am not related to her, and she comes to my house every day to take care of me and eat. Of course she’s tired, she must want to give up, right? Of course I don’t blame her, she has done her best to me, and I am very grateful to her.

  Just when I had a fantasy in my mind, I suddenly saw her figure. She came upstairs to my unit with a brisk pace, just like yesterday, carrying a bag.

  Immediately got up, walked out quickly, opened the door, and heard her familiar footsteps approaching gradually, she was very excited.

  ”Ha, did you see me coming up? I’m standing at the door again. You seem to be much better today. Let me take a couple of steps.” She put the breakfast on the table and watched me go back and forth. Take a few steps.

  ”I feel like I’m fine, I can go to work.” I said triumphantly, looking at her. She didn’t draw eyeliner today, and she had a very cute temperament. She didn’t have the seductiveness of a mature woman, but only had the innocence of a young girl.

  ”That’s right, I’m recovering quickly. I don’t feel like I’m limping anymore, but I still need a good rest. Then I’ll go to work.” She waved at me with a smile, then turned and went downstairs. .

  ”Be careful on the road,” I shouted to her, craned my neck.

  ”Understood.” She replied from a distance.

  I closed the door, picked up my breakfast, and while biting, I walked to the window, watching her disappearing figure disappear into my sight. She wore a pink bobby pin today and it felt like she was suddenly ten years younger, as if she was younger than me. Is she older than me or younger than me?

  Suddenly, I felt like a guinea pig kept by her, coming over every day to give me some food to eat. It’s really funny, I can’t help laughing out loud, like a fool. Maybe this is the happy smile.

  It’s very strange today. When I started learning programming again, I could understand the grammar. Maybe my brain has returned to normal, or there may be other reasons that I don’t know.

  It was time for lunch, and this time I honestly took out her frozen dumplings.

  The phone rang suddenly.

  ”Hey! Have you eaten dumplings at noon? Don’t be lazy!” She called me from the work unit, her voice was still low, for fear of being heard by colleagues next to her.

  ”Don’t be lazy, I’m cooking dumplings.” I opened a pack of dumplings and made the sound of a plastic bag.

  ”Well, okay, good boy, let’s hang up.” Her tone was a little naughty.

  Suddenly I felt as if I really had a sister, and it felt good and comfortable to be cared for. I am an only child and have never felt the days of living with siblings.

  After eating my sister’s love dumplings, I continued to learn programming. I took a few steps back and forth at home when I was free, and felt that my legs were no longer sore, as if they were completely healed. I think I should be able to go to work tomorrow, but this hand is still in a cast.

  When it was time to get off work again, I sat down at the window again dumbfounded, waiting for her to appear.

  Sure enough, before six o’clock, her figure appeared again, carrying two plastic bags, she should have just come from the vegetable market. She sensed that I was looking at her, and this time she glanced up at my window as she walked downstairs.

  When she saw me, she waved to me with a smile, and I got up with a smile on my face, and immediately ran out to open the door.

  I opened the door and listened to her approaching footsteps with joy. Heartbeat is always the fastest at this time of day.

  She appeared in front of me just like yesterday, with two bags of vegetables in her hands. We looked at each other and smiled, and we didn’t need to use words to communicate with each other.

  After she entered the door, she took off her shoes and went to the kitchen to start cooking.

  I walked up and down in front of her, even trotting a few steps to show her. “I have recovered and plan to go to work tomorrow.”

  ”Come on, you better rest for a few more days. Why are you in such a hurry to go to work?” She frowned as she was busy washing vegetables, watching me go crazy.

  ”When you go to work, you can eat at the work unit. You don’t have to work hard.” I ran back and forth in front of her.

  She was suddenly silent, cutting vegetables silently, did I say something wrong? I think should not be? Brother Xiong said that a woman’s mood changes faster than a bullet, and the bullet can fly for a while, while a woman kills you directly. It seems to be true!

  ”Did you still eat dumplings today? I’ll go get them.” I opened the refrigerator door and turned around.

  ”I have rice to eat today. When I got off work, I packed a piece of rice in the cafeteria of my get off work unit. Rice is not afraid of being crowded on the bus. Besides, you don’t even have rice at home,” she said triumphantly.

  She took out the rice from the bag and showed a smug smile, just like she took out a baby, “Ha, it’s still hot.”

  Soon, she had a few dishes ready and the exciting dinner began. But the atmosphere of the meal today is a bit strange, maybe it’s the reason I said earlier that I’m going to go to work tomorrow. She doesn’t talk much, maybe she wants me to rest for a few more days, or maybe she likes the feeling of eating at home with me? No, not possible, I think too much.

  Just like yesterday, after the meal, she washed the dishes and was ready to go back. I sat blankly in the living room and didn’t watch TV, and I didn’t know what I was doing. There is a feeling that is difficult to express, or dare not express.

  I watched her organize her things, turned her head and smiled slightly, “Are you really going to work tomorrow? Are you sure?”.

  ”Well, I want to go to work tomorrow and do whatever work I can. Staying at home is too boring. My legs are fine now, so I can run.” I walked back and forth to show her.

  ”Okay, see you at the office tomorrow. When you squeeze the bus, be careful with your left hand.” She looked me up and down, smiled faintly, turned around and went downstairs.

  ”Okay, be careful on your way back and wait for your call.” I shouted downstairs.

  ”Understood.” Her reply came from the pitch-dark downstairs.

  After closing the door, he went back to the bedroom and lay down. I really should go to work earlier, have food in the unit, and don’t bother her to care about me every day like this. It’s not that I don’t like her caring about me, but I feel that she is too lucky to be a woman. I should care about her. I’m a man.

  Well, I’m going to the unit tomorrow. I didn’t expect such a happy day to end. I will always remember these days, this feeling. I think that when I have a girlfriend or wife in the future, life should be so sweet and happy.

  Sitting on the sofa, the whole house is full of scents left by her, the fragrance is surging, it feels like sitting in a garden, warm and comfortable.

  The phone rang, it’s a bit fast today, it’s only 10 minutes, did you take a taxi back? Pick up the phone next to you.

  ”Hello.” A woman’s voice trembled slightly.

  It was her voice, yes. Just, why does the voice sound like crying? And the background sound is noisy, it should be on the side of the road, it doesn’t feel right.

  ”What’s wrong? What happened?”, I asked eagerly.

  To be continued…

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