[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 26

  Xiongjun didn’t get up for work until Xu Huihui was asleep, so he was an hour late. Chen Kai didn’t blame him, but was very curious. Xiongjun only came to work early and never came late. After listening to Xiongjun’s nagging, he felt the same way.

  It turned out that Mrs. Chen had already had the same situation, which was very similar to what Xiong Jun described. She went to the doctor last month and was initially diagnosed with depression.

  ”What! Depression?” Xiongjun asked with wide eyes.

  Chen Kai nodded silently, and said helplessly, “Fortunately, it is a mild illness. As long as you pay attention to adjusting your life and mood, there is no major problem, and you can recover quickly.”

  ”But…” Chen Kai struggled for a while and continued, “According to your description, Xu Huihui seems to be seriously ill, so it’s best to see a doctor early, possibly taking medication. Don’t delay the treatment period, when the disease begins , weeping and shouting, abandoning ourselves, killing and killing ourselves.”

  ”Ah!?” After hearing this, Xiongjun turned pale with panic. In the afternoon, he took a leave of absence and made an appointment with the family doctor to bring Xu Huihui to see the doctor.

  When Xiongjun arrived at the house, Xu Huihui had just woken up and looked at Xiongjun with a tense and serious expression, somewhat inexplicable. When she heard that Xiongjun had an appointment with a family doctor to take her to see a doctor, she couldn’t help laughing.

  ”You’re sick, I’m fine, I won’t go.” Xu Huihui said dismissively, turning her head to continue watching TV.

  This time, the trouble is big, Xiongjun frowned and patted his head, sitting on the sofa thinking hard. This kind of disease can’t be said, even if she told her, she wouldn’t believe that she had a problem. In the end, I had an idea and made an excuse, saying that I was just looking at the problem of poor sleep. A woman’s sleep is very important. If you don’t sleep well, you will grow old quickly.

  This sounded quite reasonable, Xu Huihui nodded, got up and finished scrubbing, changed her clothes, and followed Xiongjun to the family doctor’s clinic.

  The family doctor, surnamed Cao, is a well-known Chinese family doctor in the East District. He is very talkative. In addition to diagnosis and treatment, he can also chat for a long time every time he sees a doctor. Seeing that Xiongjun brought his wife to see a doctor, he already knew it, because he had said hello before and said that his wife was prone to depression.

  Dr. Cao invited Xiongjun to wait outside and closed the door of the office. The two women chatted inside, chatting and laughing, gossiping about everyday things. It took more than half an hour to end, and then Xiongjun was invited in, and Xu Huihui was asked to wait outside.

  As soon as Xiongjun entered, Dr. Cao closed the door of his office with a serious expression. Pointing to the record of the conversation just now on the desk, he said solemnly, “Your wife’s depression is a bit serious.”

  ”Really? What should I do?” Xiongjun was very anxious.

  Dr. Cao pointed to the record of the conversation just now and explained it in detail. As expected of a professional doctor, during the half-hour relaxed and pleasant chat just now, I found a lot of problems.

  According to Xu Huihui’s own description, she is usually in a low mood, has nothing to do, has no hope for the future, doesn’t know what to do, feels that her life is meaningless, and thought about suicide, but she feels sorry for her parents. At the same time, I miss my parents and friends in China very much, and I feel like living here every day is like a year, like waiting to die in prison. I don’t have a good appetite on weekdays, and I don’t have anything I want to eat. It doesn’t matter if I eat it or not. In addition, there are no friends abroad, no job, emptiness, loneliness and cold. The most important thing is that I can’t sleep every day until I feel exhausted and faint.

  To sum up, this is a typical symptom of depression, which is already quite serious. But Dr. Cao reassured that such cases are very common, and most people who have stayed abroad for a long time will do it. At the same time, Xu Huihui’s case has been transferred to a psychiatrist. Starting from her sleep treatment, as long as she sleeps well, other problems should be gradually relieved. She prescribed some sleeping pills and took a small amount before going to bed.

  After going to the pharmacy to get the medicine, Xiong Jun reluctantly drove Xu Huihui home. Xu Huihui did not say a word along the way. In fact, she already knew very well that after chatting with the doctor, she knew that she was ill. I was a little flustered in my heart, for fear that I could not control my emotions, lose my temper, or go crazy.

  From that day on, Xiongjun completely changed his attitude towards Xu Huihui. He complained and hated Xu Huihui before because he didn’t know that she was actually ill, and she was not very ill. Now she treats her like a patient every day, and reminds herself from time to time to control her emotions and pay attention to her tone of voice. Xiongjun worked hard every day without a single complaint, silently taking care of Xu Huihui’s daily life, not only greeted her with a smile, but also often joked to make her happy.

  Although Xu Huihui’s mood improved a little, she felt a little guilty seeing Xiongjun living his life like an actor every day. Therefore, I actively cooperate with the treatment and hope that I will recover soon and come out of this shadow.

  Two weeks later, the psychiatrist contacted Xu Huihui, made an appointment for a consultation, and provided a professional translator. When seeing a doctor abroad, most of them are foreigners, and there are very few specialist doctors who can speak Chinese. Therefore, it is necessary to have a professional translator when seeing a doctor, and this is also free, and the cost is borne by the government. If you have commercial insurance, and you see a private hospital, it will be covered by the insurance company.

  On the day of the consultation, Xiong Jun took leave early in the morning and took Xu Huihui to the hospital. The specialist was a South African, and the interpreter was already there. After a few chats, the doctor gave Xu Huihui some basic examinations, and issued a blood sample examination sheet and a brain scan sheet.

  Seeing a doctor abroad is very different from that in China. Doctors abroad focus on conservative treatment and never over-treat. On the one hand, medical resources are saved, and on the other hand, the suffering of patients is reduced. Although foreign medical concepts are advanced, medical technology and experience are indeed inferior to domestic ones. Many doctors see no more patients in one year than domestic doctors see in one day.

  Specialist hospitals, pharmacies and various examinations are separate and belong to different institutions. It is not as convenient as in China. A hospital contains all related outpatient clinics and equipment. This may be to prevent hospital monopoly and overtreatment. It may also be because the medical resources abroad are limited, so each department is separate and cannot be integrated into one big hospital.

  Therefore, seeing a doctor abroad is a long process. Unless it is an emergency emergency, it is common to see a doctor for half a year. Many patients have delayed the best treatment period, dragged minor illnesses into serious illnesses, or dragged serious illnesses directly into the cemetery. Fortunately, Xu Huihui had already purchased commercial medical insurance, so she only went to private hospitals and went through the fast lane.

  According to the order prescribed by the specialist, Xiong Jun took Xu Huihui to a hospital with MRI testing equipment, and made an appointment for an examination two weeks later. As incredible as it may sound, it takes two weeks to do an MRI. But this is the case. This is the current medical situation in New Zealand. These expenses are still borne by the insurance company. If you pay for it yourself, it will cost 1,800 New Zealand dollars, or about 8,000 yuan, for one MRI!

  Then I took Xu Huihui to the laboratory to do a blood sample test. Fortunately, there were not many people, so it could be done on the same day, after waiting for more than an hour. Every staff member in the hospital is inefficient, but in a very happy mood. While chatting with you, he draws blood for you. This may be the biggest difference between domestic and foreign hospitals.

  It was already evening when she got home from work. Xu Huihui, who had experienced medical treatment abroad for the first time, complained that the efficiency of foreign countries was low and it was too troublesome to see a doctor. The helpless Xiongjun had no choice but to comfort him that although foreign countries were inefficient, the doctors took each case very seriously, unlike domestically, who would prescribe a prescription in just a few words and send you away.

  Two weeks later, Xiongjun took another leave and took Xu Huihui for an MRI as scheduled. This is a large hospital in central Auckland called Mercy. Here, Xu Huihui experienced the superiority of seeing a doctor abroad for the first time. The hospital is not as crowded as it is in China. Except for doctors and nurses, no other patients can be seen.

  After confirming the reservation at the reception at the front desk, wait in the rest area. There are only Xiong Jun and Xu Huihui in the rest area. Looking around, they have a unique style and are as quiet as a cafe. Turning around again, there is really a water dispenser and a coffee machine, and there is free coffee.

  Xu Huihui stepped forward to get a cup of coffee, took a sip, and said cheerfully, “I didn’t expect to see a doctor abroad so leisurely, but the speed is a bit slow. If you really have a serious illness, you should go back to China as soon as possible. Although there are a lot of people in China, it is very efficient.”

  Xiongjun nodded with a smile, and said calmly, “It’s okay, you are not seriously ill, maybe not at all, we just take a look and experience the medical environment in New Zealand.”

  Xu Huihui drank the coffee with satisfaction, and kept admiring that the coffee tasted good, maybe the free things tasted good. Most Chinese people also have this common problem. After they go abroad, they enjoy a free lunch, which is very delicious.

  More than ten minutes later, a blond foreigner nurse came out and called out Xu Huihui’s name, “huihui xu”. Xu Huihui put down her coffee cup and stood up in response. The nurse greeted her with a smile. She first introduced her name, and then took Xu Huihui to the computer room. The service was like boarding first class on an airplane. The flight attendant greeted her and took her seat with an amiable attitude.

  After a few small chats, the nurse found that Xu Huihui’s English was not very good, so she came out and dragged Xiongjun into the computer room as an interpreter. First, she took out a sterile surgical gown and handed it to Xu Huihui, pointed to the dressing room next to her, and asked her to change her clothes. This made Xu Huihui very surprised. She didn’t expect that there was a locker in the computer room. She was so particular about it. It was really high-end. After changing her clothes, the nurse patiently instructed her to get on the MRI machine and successfully completed the MRI scan.

  The whole process was easy and pleasant, completely different from the domestic one, which made Xu Huihui very satisfied and increased her confidence in the medical environment abroad. After changing back into her clothes, the nurse gave her a smiley face, and repeatedly instructed that the scan results would be sent to the specialist as soon as possible, and the specialist would contact her soon and wish her a speedy recovery!

  On the way home, Xu Huihui was in a happy mood, humming a pop song softly. Seeing a doctor abroad is like being treated like a princess, which makes her very satisfied. Maybe seeing a doctor abroad is just to see the mood. If the mood is good, the disease will naturally heal. But that is only limited to minor illnesses. If you really get serious illnesses, such low medical efficiency will drive people crazy.

  In the days that followed, although Xu Huihui was in a much better mood, her daily routine remained the same, sleeping during the day and getting up at night. She did not take sleeping pills before going to bed as required by the doctor, feeling that it was unnecessary, the medicine was not good for her health, and she felt that her condition was not serious. It’s just that I slept a few hours late and woke up a few hours late. So what?

  A week later, the neurologist called and said that he had checked the test report and made an appointment to see the doctor next week. With such a low efficiency, Xu Huihui became a little impatient. According to this method of seeing a doctor, when the doctor is cured, everyone will die. In fact, this is quite fast. If it is a public hospital, there will be no news after two or three months. Perhaps because medical care in New Zealand is free, there are so many people queuing to see a doctor, which has led to a shortage of medical resources.

  A week later, I brought Xu Huihui to the hospital again and walked into the specialist doctor’s office, and the result was unexpected. The interpreter carefully explained the diagnosis results of the specialist doctor. Various data showed that Xu Huihui had no physical problems. Irregular sleep, anxiety and helplessness, should be caused by psychological. At the same time, the specialist has transferred Xu Huihui’s medical records to the Psychological Specialist Hospital.

  Switching from a neurological hospital to a psychiatric hospital made Xiongjun very uneasy. Seeing this, did he have a mental problem? Xu Huihui felt very relaxed, and felt that as long as she had no physical problems, as long as she could think about it mentally, it would not be a problem at all.

  A few days later, Xiongjun received a bill from the hospital, which had been paid by the insurance company. After adding things up and down, I just took a look at the doctor, and it cost nearly 5,000 New Zealand dollars.

  Seeing a doctor is not easy, whether at home or abroad. Xiongjun tries hard to adjust her mood every day and try her best to make Xu Huihui live a happy life, but she is still isolated from the world at home.

  A few weeks later, the psychiatric hospital called to make an appointment to see a doctor, and explained in advance that the cost of the psychiatric hospital was not included in commercial medical insurance and was a subject outside the New Zealand free medical system. The cost of seeing a doctor is quite expensive, at $150 an hour, and it seems that mental illness is only available to the wealthy.

  Xiongjun didn’t tell Xu Huihui these things, and made an appointment to send her there. In order to provide better treatment, Xiong Jun also specially requested to send a Chinese-speaking Chinese doctor to see the doctor.

  A week later, I came to the Psychological Specialist Hospital as scheduled. The rest and waiting rooms of each hospital in New Zealand have different elegant styles like coffee shops. Seeing Xu Huihui drinking coffee leisurely and looking at her phone, Xiong Jun felt restless in his heart. I heard Chen Kai say before that mental illness is the most painful illness in the world. The sick person is unaware, and the person who cares for him is heartbroken.

  Not long after, a middle-aged woman of Chinese descent came out, greeted her with a smile, and asked for warmth, amiable and amiable like a long-lost friend. Obviously, this is a psychiatrist. He speaks and behaves in a gentle manner, giving people the feeling that he wants to have a long talk with her and chat with her at home. This may be the professional temperament of a psychologist.

  The two chatted into the office like sisters reunited after a long absence, leaving Xiongjun to sit outside alone, as if he had nothing to do with him. Later, I learned that psychotherapy is an absolute privacy treatment, and only psychiatrists and therapists have the right to know.

  The helpless Xiong Jun waited outside for two hours to see Xu Huihui radiant and walked out with a smile on his face. He was relieved, and it seemed that the treatment should have some effect.

  After leaving the psychiatric hospital, Xu Huihui asked to have a meal in the city center. Xiongjun was overjoyed after hearing this, Xu Huihui regained her appetite, and it seems that she is expected to recover as soon as possible and return to normal.

  After hanging out with Xu Huihui for a while, she found a Hong Kong-style tea restaurant, ordered a lot of her favorite tea snacks, and savoured it leisurely. Looking at Xu Huihui’s affectionate expression, Xiongjun asked curiously, “How did the psychiatrist see a doctor?”

  Xu Huihui smiled slightly and said triumphantly, “It’s nothing, just chatting with her, I feel that she is very likable, and I am willing to talk to her. After the chat, I feel that my whole person has been reborn, like a new student, and I can see through everything. Now, look down on it, see it clearly, all the troubles are gone.”

  Xiong Jun stared at her dumbfounded, puzzled. Could it be that a psychiatrist really has such a powerful mana? Just chatting with people can make people feel comfortable and boost their spirits. If this is the case, I should go to see a psychiatrist myself. Now I’m so depressed every day, I don’t have any hope for the future, and I’m at a loss for all kinds of troubles.

  Thinking about it again, it is also possible that you have encountered a liar in the rivers and lakes, chatting about family affairs, slapping horses and beards, flattering people, making people happy, and cheating medical fees. Seeing that the psychiatrist is old enough to fool the little girl, it should be handy to talk about the big truth of life. Fortunately, it’s a woman, if it’s a man, maybe he’ll follow his path and get on his bed.

  After two weeks of face-to-face consultations, once every other day on average, Xu Huihui has obviously improved, and gradually changed her living habits. She goes to bed early and gets up early, and her life schedule is also full of schedules. Whether it is fitness in the gym, or cooking in the kitchen, she still pulls out after meals every day. Take Xiongjun out for a walk.

  After staying in the new house for so long, Xiongjun has never wandered around to see the surrounding environment and feel the breath of nature. He had to admire the psychiatrist’s boundless mana, not only for his brainwashing skills, but also for his magic spell that could make people passionate about life.

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