[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 27

  But not long after, Xiongjun came home from get off work and found real estate agent Ah Ren in the living room of the house, chatting with Xu Huihui. This made Xiongjun a little confused. He didn’t like agents, especially real estate agents. There must be no good thing for this kid to appear.

  Ah Ren saw Xiongjun walked in, his face became a little serious, as if he knew some big secret and it was hard to tell. He just nodded to Xiongjun, said hello, made Xu Huihui sign some agreements, and left in a hurry.

  After Xu Huihui sent away the real estate agent Aren, Xiongjun had some ominous premonition and couldn’t wait to ask, “What is this kid doing here?”

  Xu Huihui didn’t answer him, just pulled him to sit down at the dining table and have dinner together. Today’s dinner is very rich, all home-cooked dishes that Xiongjun likes to eat. The two chatted while eating, and looked back on their happy days in China together.

  Seeing Xu Huihui chatting, looking happy and happy, Xiongjun was very relieved, she finally returned to her original appearance, a lively, lovely, carefree girl from the north who lost her temper and laughed when she was happy.

  After drinking and eating, Xu Huihui was washing dishes and chopsticks in the kitchen. Xiongjun got up and went into the bedroom to change his clothes, and suddenly found three large suitcases erected in the bedroom. Carry it by hand, it is heavy! Subconsciously, she opened the closet and saw that all Xu Huihui’s clothes had been emptied.

  this! ? what’s the situation! ? Xiongjun ran out in a panic and rushed into the kitchen. Xu Huihui was washing the dishes and chopsticks when she turned around and saw Xiongjun’s nervous expression. Knowing that Xiongjun had discovered something abnormal, she smiled calmly, took Xiongjun’s hand, and came to the living room sofa to sit down. With a smile on his face, he calmly said to Xiongjun, “Jun, I have something to tell you. This is not a spur of the moment, I’ve already figured it out, I’m leaving.”

  Xiongjun was so frightened that he was sweating profusely, and he was speechless as he tightly grasped Xu Huihui’s hands. Her speech, demeanor, and expression did not seem to be vexatious, nor did she seem to be playing tricks. Then Xu Huihui said a lot of words fluently, it seems that she has been brewing these words for a long time.

  ”Thank you for taking care of me all the time. I am indeed sick. After the correct guidance of the psychiatrist, I want to understand a lot of things. We used to be love, but now it is just friendship. You and I are no longer in love with each other. You are just fulfilling your promise to me, and I am just fulfilling a dream to you. From the moment you left the country, we were already doomed to part ways.” Xu Huihui said calmly to Xiongjun.

  Xiongjun was speechless, but for some reason tears welled up in his eyes. Xu Huihui continued, “You have been abroad for so many years, and you already have a new life and a new love. This is normal. When I first arrived in New Zealand, I felt it, but I didn’t want to accept this reality. I know you Well, I don’t want to hurt me, so I live with me helplessly. I know you have other women in your heart. Although I haven’t seen her, I know she must be a kind-hearted and considerate girl. She must be I don’t want to hurt me, otherwise she would have appeared between you and me for a “Love Defense”, I believe that she, like me, has a very painful life.”

  After hearing Xu Huihui’s heartfelt words and looking at her calm expression, Xiongjun shook his head helplessly. It seemed that she really figured it out, but Xiongjun couldn’t figure it out himself.

  ”In these days of living abroad, I have lived a very torment. I don’t like foreign countries, and I can’t follow the local customs. There is no life here that I yearn for. I still like the domestic metropolitan environment. After get off work, I go shopping with my sisters and eat and eat. , I lived a carefree life every day. So I decided to go back, without any hesitation, this was not a spur of the moment, but a careful consideration. I have already bought the air ticket, it is 10 o’clock tonight, and there are still three hours.” Xu Huihui from the side The air ticket was taken out of the bag and placed in the hands of Xiongjun.

  Xiong Jun carefully checked the ticket. It was indeed a one-way ticket from Auckland to Guangzhou from China Southern Airlines at 10:00 sharp tonight. Tears fell immediately, and he stopped talking.

  And Xu Huihui gave Xiongjun an affectionate hug and said with a smile, “Don’t say you still love me, that’s lying to me. Don’t say that you want to keep me, that’s hurting me. Not to mention that you’re sorry for me, that It is ruining me. May our friendship last forever, even if we are separated by thousands of miles, we will always bless each other and be equally happy.”

  Xiongjun hugged Xu Huihui tightly, sobbing. But Xu Huihui, like a mature adult, gently stroked Xiongjun’s back and comforted, “Okay, a big man, don’t cry, the friendship between the two of us has long been like brother and sister, even if there is no fate to live together. , and we will grow old together with sincerity, right?”

  Xiongjun nodded with a smirk in tears, and finally kissed Xu Huihui’s forehead. Xu Huihui closed her eyes and accepted the most sincere kiss of friendship with a smile. Then he got up and put on his jacket, looked up, it was eight o’clock, and said to Xiongjun, “It’s getting late! Come on, take me to the airport.”

  Xiong Jun sighed deeply, wiped his tears, got up and moved his suitcases one by one to the car, and drove Xu Huihui to Auckland Airport. Along the way, the two of them held their hands tightly together, just like when Xu Huihui first arrived in Auckland, they were warm and sweet.

  Arriving at Auckland Airport, after parking the car, Xiongjun loaded the suitcase onto the trolley, accompanied Xu Huihui through the check-in formalities, and took her to the gate.

  Before parting, the two finally embraced affectionately, and Xu Huihui also made the final explanation. The house has been handed over to the intermediary Aren for sale, so that Xiongjun will move back to his girlfriend’s residence, restore the happy life of the past, and give them both sincere blessings. Then she turned around without hesitation and walked into the gate, disappearing into the vast sea of ​​people.

  Xiongjun stood for a long time at the busy entrance before he recovered. All this happened so fast that he couldn’t believe and accept it, and he was not feeling well. He staggered out of the Auckland Airport, got in the car, started the car, and involuntarily drove to the Auckland student apartment.

  At 12 o’clock in the middle of the night, Xiong Jun knocked on the door of Wang Bingbing’s apartment in Auckland. The sleepy Wang Bingbing rubbed his eyes and looked at Xiongjun, who was full of guilt and tears in his eyes, as if he suddenly understood everything.

  Early the next morning, the two were woken up by a WeChat voice message. Xiongjun picked up his mobile phone and saw that the message was from Xu Huihui. Xu Huihui’s carefree and familiar voice came from the phone, “Jun, I’ve arrived in Guangzhou. I just got off the plane. I’m fine, I just want to report safety. Take care and don’t let her down. I wish you happiness and goodbye.”

  The two looked at each other with happy smiles. But when Xiongjun replied to the message, WeChat displayed a system message.

  ”The other party is not your friend. If you want to chat with the other party, please add the other party as a friend first.”

  This made Xiong Jun suddenly feel sad and guilty. Obviously, Xu Huihui deleted him from the WeChat address book after sending the last message. This is also very in line with her character. She can take it up and put it down, dare to love and hate, unlike the heroic army, who is indecisive and indecisive.

  Seeing this situation, Wang Bingbing felt the same way. She leaned her head lightly on Xiong Jun’s shoulder, and whispered softly, “She’s really nice, but I don’t have the chance to become friends with her. I can only wish her happiness, and she will definitely be happy.”

  Perhaps because of Wang Bingbing’s sincere blessing, Xiongjun found out that Huihui returned to China through his mutual friend and found a job he liked, and met a man in the company building who was interested in her. A caring and caring man. The two quickly fell in love, married and had children soon after, and lived a warm and romantic life.

  It seems that immigrating abroad is not suitable for all people. Some people go abroad, as if they let themselves go and feel the breath of freedom, while some people go abroad, like entering a cage, living like a year.

  After all, Xu Huihui was passively going abroad, but luckily she turned back in time, otherwise she would not be able to go back when she got married and had children, as in the case of Chen Kai’s family. Everything is for the sake of the child. The child has grown up abroad and has become suitable for life abroad. Even if I return to China, I can’t keep up with the pace of life in China.

  Xiong Jun put away his mobile phone, got up and dressed, and suddenly found two suitcases erected in the corner of Wang Bingbing’s bedroom. When I entered the house last night, I was so confused and dizzy that I didn’t notice it at all. I was shocked and turned around and asked, “You’re leaving too!?”

  ”Yes, last night was my last night in Auckland Student Housing. I’ve graduated and I’m no longer a student, so I can’t renew the lease here. I didn’t tell you, I didn’t expect you to come, maybe it’s fate, Otherwise, you will never see me again.” Wang Bingbing got up and smiled and said with tears in her eyes.

  Tears filled their eyes and the two embraced each other affectionately. At this moment, Xiong Jun was determined that he would never fail this reasonable and empathetic beautiful girl in front of him no matter what.

  Without planning for the future or complaining about the past, the two returned to their former love-like life on the same day. Some people say that the love story between Xiongjun and Wang Bingbing is disgusting. And some people say that the love story between them is the fate of fate, and it has also passed the test of mutual trust.

  There are times when you have to believe in fate. Some people say that people live only to experience the joys, sorrows and joys of the world. Everything is a written script, you can’t change any plot, you can only feel it silently. It is said that from the moment you believe in destiny, your life will become calm, and vice versa.

  After helping Wang Bingbing move things and settling in the new residence, Xiongjun returned to Xu Huihui’s residence to sort out his clothes and was ready to move in with Wang Bingbing. There was no marriage proposal and no vows. The two of them made a natural decision to live together and never separate again. This should be called true love.

  As soon as Xiongjun parked his car, there was a person he hated very much, real estate agent Aren. The man walked over with a smile on his face, as if he had calculated the time to wait for him. He helped Xiongjun open the car door and said respectfully, “Brother Xiong, I’m here to help you move.”

  Xiongjun was annoyed, looking at this second-order trafficker, very unhappy. The joys and sorrows of many families are caused by people like him. To persuade people to buy a house, and to persuade people to sell a house, they must have done a lot of fanfare behind every client.

  Aren smiled and took out a contract, and shook it in front of Xiongjun, “Brother, I am also entrusted by someone to help them sell their houses and make a living. So I want to help you move as soon as possible, so I can reorganize this place. , help Sister Huihui sell it for a high price.”

  Xiong Jun knew very well in his heart that Xu Huihui would never be so heartless. He just got on the plane and returned to China last night, and he was going to move out this morning. But it doesn’t matter, he originally wanted to move in with Wang Bingbing as soon as possible.

  Aren pretended to be embarrassed and continued, “According to Sister Huihui’s intention, she asked me to contact you again in half a year and ask you to move out. But now that the housing market is on the rise, I am afraid that house prices will fall in a few months. Sister Huihui has nothing to lose, she bought a house with a huge loan.”

  Xiongjun shook his head helplessly, got out of the car and entered the room, packing his clothes. He cursed in his heart, these dog intermediaries forget their righteousness. From the beginning of buying a house to taking out a loan, and now selling a house, I have all planned and earned all the agency fees. If it weren’t for him, there wouldn’t be such a complicated story. Maybe Xu Huihui would have figured it out long ago and returned to China. It will not toss and toss, until the toss is sick.

  Later, I heard that Ah Ren sold the house at a high price, which was 90,000 New Zealand dollars higher than when Xu Huihui bought it before, minus the agent fee and other miscellaneous fees, and finally helped Xu Huihui to make 63,000 New Zealand dollars. The house was bought and sold by Aren, and he made a profit of NZ$70,000 in brokerage fees.

  After Wang Bingbing settled down, he told Xiao Su of his new address, and at the same time briefly recounted the reconciliation story between himself and Xiongjun. After hearing this, Xiao Su was very moved and gave his sincere blessings. At the same time, he strengthened his belief. He was convinced that true love is invincible.

  Since Zhang Nini and him returned to Queenstown on the South Island of New Zealand, everything has been going well. Zhang Nini moved out of the boss’s garage and went to a small apartment that Xiao Su rented before. The two lived a warm and sweet life. Zhang Nini is still the same as before. She goes to work in the boss’s Chinese restaurant every day. Although her income is not high, she is happy every day.

  But after all, it is a black hukou without an identity, and you have to be very careful about what you do. The most troublesome thing is seeing a doctor. The South Island of New Zealand is close to Antarctica, and the climate is relatively cold, making it easy to catch cold and get sick. One day, Zhang Nini suddenly fell ill with a high fever, and Xiao Su was caught off guard.

  Finally, he had an idea, contacted Wang Bingbing, borrowed her name and social medical number, impersonated her, and sent him to the hospital for emergency. Fortunately, I don’t need to show identity documents, so I just got through the border. After seeing the disease, I came back to bed with some medicine and recovered after a week.

  It’s not a solution to continue like this for a long time. Minor illnesses are fine. Although Xiao Su has a green card, she does not have a job and her income is not up to standard. Even if she is married to Zhang Nini, she cannot guarantee her to apply for a green card. It is also very difficult to find a high-paying job with a satisfactory income, which makes Xiao Su extremely anxious.

  After recovering, Zhang Nini still went back to the Chinese restaurant to work. Xiao Su was busy looking for job interviews during the day, and went to the Chinese restaurant to pick her up at night. One day I was stopped by the boss, and the two chatted together outside the store for a while. The boss is very nice and doesn’t seem like a gossip person, but today’s tone is a bit strange.

  ”Xiao Su, don’t blame me for being troublesome, I just care about you. Zhang Nini’s identity has never been settled, and she still has a black account. If you are sincere to her, help her solve this problem as soon as possible. I know you are a person with a green card, yes It’s not difficult for you. If you haven’t made up your mind, don’t play with the feelings of such people. They have no identity outside, no support, and the only way to go is to return to China or commit suicide. Stories like this, I I’ve seen a lot. I came here too, and I feel the same way.” The boss took a deep breath and spoke like a father.

  ”Of course I’m serious about her. We really love each other. I’m looking for a job now. It’s not that easy to find a job where the income meets the standard and can sponsor a spouse to apply for a green card.” Xiao Su said firmly to his boss.

  The boss nodded, exhaled a puff of green smoke, put his head close to Xiao Su’s ear, and said softly, “Yesterday I saw Zhang Nini vomiting in the back kitchen, like she was pregnant, and told me to keep it a secret, you have to hurry up. .”

  After hearing this, Xiao Su was both happy and surprised, mixed with mixed feelings. She was in a hurry and pretended to be calm. She held the boss’s hand tightly and said softly, “Thank you, I understand, don’t worry.”

  From that day on, Xiao Su not only cared more about Zhang Nini, but also seized the time and worked hard to interview for a job. Although Zhang Nini often reminds me not to waste time looking for low-end unprofessional jobs and hinder the future, but Xiao Su can manage so much, as long as he can find a high-paying job, he is willing to do anything.

  But Xiao Su still couldn’t understand why Zhang Nini was so tight-lipped about her pregnancy, she couldn’t help but want to ask many times, but she thought about the Chinese restaurant owner’s words that she couldn’t betray him, so she swallowed her words. Maybe she was overwhelmed, afraid that telling Xiao Su would make it worse.

  Good people always have good rewards. Not long after, Xiao Su was lucky enough to find a job in a software company. He was very comfortable with the job of a programmer. After all, this is what he studied in college. After the interview is successful, the two parties signed a labor contract. According to the New Zealand labor law, after a three-month probation period, they will become regular employees. The annual salary is very impressive, far exceeding the salary requirements of the USCIS to sponsor a spouse to apply for a green card.

  After signing the contract that afternoon, Xiao Su couldn’t wait to take the contract and ran to the Chinese restaurant to share the exciting news with Zhang Nini. At that time, it was just after the afternoon tea time in the Chinese restaurant, there were not many customers, and it was relatively free. The two embraced each other affectionately in the back kitchen and cheered. This touching scene brought tears to the boss’s eyes. He gave Zhang Nini a half-day leave and let them both go out to celebrate.

  Excited, Zhang Nini took Xiao Su to several high-end clothing stores, made him a tailor-made suit, and bought a high-end briefcase, which cost a lot of money. So expensive, Xiao Su refused in every possible way, but Zhang Nini said that this is the standard outfit for working in a big company, and it is also her heart. Be sure to dress up to go to work, don’t lose face of the Chinese people.

  Looking at Zhang Nini in his suit and leather shoes in the mirror, and the plain-dressed Zhang Nini next to him, Xiao Su felt very sorry, and he was deeply moved by spending so much money. I was determined in my heart to work hard, turn positive smoothly, and complete their big plan as soon as possible.

  In the days that followed, the two lived very regularly, taking Zhang Nini to a Chinese restaurant in the morning, and then going to work in the company by themselves. After get off work, I went to a Chinese restaurant for a free dinner, opened my laptop after eating, worked overtime, and waited for Zhang Nini to go home together after get off work.

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