[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 28

  Soon came the day of the first monthly salary. This was the first time in Xiao Su’s life that he officially received the money he earned, 8,000 New Zealand dollars, and he was very excited. Ordinary working class, the monthly income is basically around 4,000 New Zealand dollars, and the income of the software industry has always been higher.

  After get off work, he went to a jewellery store in the city centre and bought a diamond ring that he liked for a long time for 4800 New Zealand dollars. When I came out, I bought flowers and took them back, hid them in the closet at home, and then went to the Chinese restaurant.

  After picking up Zhang Nini back from get off work that night, a surprise romantic proposal came. The atmosphere was a bit strange at first, Xiao Su’s behavior was suspicious, Zhang Nini asked curiously, “What happened to you today?”

  When Xiao Su took out the ring and flowers from the closet and knelt down in front of Zhang Nini on one knee, she burst into tears and was deeply moved. All the surprise expressions that women should have were vividly reflected on her face.

  ”Marry me, let’s get married, and never separate.” Xiao Su looked up at Zhang Nini’s eyes and said affectionately.

  I thought that Zhang Nini would nodded excitedly and accepted this romantic proposal, but the result was completely unexpected. She roared up to the sky like she was going crazy, and fell on the bed, crying.

  Xiao Su was frightened and lost her soul, and it took a long time to react. Seeing that Zhang Nini was unwilling to accept her marriage proposal, her eyes filled with tears, her face was filled with tears, she was puzzled and confused. Pulling up Zhang Nini, who was lying on the bed and crying, she asked, “What’s wrong? Don’t you want to? I love you, no doubt about it!”

  Zhang Nini cried bitterly, smoked her throat, and was speechless for a while, but she slowly recovered, hugged Xiao Su tightly, and cried, “I love you too, but I can’t marry you.”

  ”What? Why!”, Xiao Su, on the verge of collapse, coaxed to Zhang Nini.

  In tears, Zhang Nini took out her passport, opened it and handed it to Xiao Su. Xiao Su’s eyes were blurred with tears. She stared at the passport for a long time, and finally found out that her marital status was married!

  Xiao Su completely collapsed, Lai fell to the ground, couldn’t sit for a long time, and was in a trance. He devoted himself wholeheartedly and fell in love with a married woman without any regrets. Heartbroken, his mind was in chaos. Looking back, Zhang Nini was always reluctant to accept his pursuit. There was a reason.

  Although the last two truly love each other and can live together, they cannot legally become a legal husband and wife, otherwise it is a bigamy crime. Now even if Xiao Su has found a job and is able to sponsor her spouse to apply for a green card, it cannot help her.

  Marital status: Married! Thinking of this, a man suddenly appeared in Xiao Su’s mind, Zhou Shijun! Could it be that Zhang Nini’s husband is him?

  ”Why don’t you divorce him!” Xiao Su asked.

  Zhang Nini burst into tears, sobbing and complaining, “Of course I want to divorce him. I have proposed many times, but every time I am beaten and bruised all over my body. I called the police, but the chief of the police station is his brother, covering the sky with one hand. I tried I ran away, but in the end I was caught by him, which made me even worse. In the end, I managed to escape from the country. I thought I could live the rest of my life in peace, but I didn’t expect to meet you.”

  With tears in her eyes, Xiao Su asked in confusion, “How could you marry such a person?”

  Zhang Nini sobbed and continued, “He was very good to me at first, but then the business became bigger and bigger, people became more and more irritable, and finally he went crazy. He often beat and scolded me, and put me under house arrest. I wanted to escape back to my parents. Family, but this will affect the parents, Zhou Shijun is now a triad, a lunatic!”

  ”Why didn’t you tell me about these things earlier? I can think of other ways to help you. My dad is an official in China, so he will definitely find a way.” Xiao Su said while holding Zhang Nini’s hands tightly.

  ”No, I don’t want you to be hurt, and I don’t want your family to be implicated. I’ve already fallen in love with you, but I know it’s impossible between us, so I’ve been avoiding you. Being able to live with you, I have Satisfied, no desires. I know you want to help me, but I can’t be your legal wife.”

  ”Yes, yes! Let’s go back to China to find Zhou Shijun! Find him for a divorce!” Xiao Su wiped away her tears and looked at Zhang Nini firmly.

  Zhang Nini shook her head helplessly, looked at Xiao Su with helpless eyes, and said, “I know you can’t understand, but it’s impossible. This time I escaped, and I also stole his most important thing, the ledger. At home, he will kill me.”

  ”Is there no way? I don’t believe it, there is no way out.” Xiao Su opened the ring box, took out the ring, and stubbornly put it into Zhang Nini’s finger.

  Zhang Nini smiled with tears in her eyes, looked at the shiny ring on her finger, nodded silently, and the two embraced and cried.

  ”Tomorrow I want to see an immigration agent who flew in from Auckland. He said that in a situation like mine, I can apply for a special exemption.” Zhang Nini said in Xiao Su’s ear.

  ”Really? That’s great!” Xiao Su’s eyes were filled with tears, excited and full of joy.

  The two got up after crying, washed their faces, and arranged flowers in the living room. The whole room was warm and sweet. Xiao Su’s marriage proposal tonight was a success in the sense.

  But the next day, when Xiao Su went to the Chinese restaurant as usual after get off work, Zhang Nini was not there. The boss also felt very strange that Zhang Nini, who was never late, didn’t come to work today. This makes Xiao Su anxious. Except for Chinese restaurants, she usually stays at home and never goes to other places. Could it be that she was kidnapped?

  I wanted to call the police immediately, but I suddenly thought that Zhang Nini had no identity and had a black account. In a hurry, Xiao Su searched around the street like a headless fly, but of course came back without success.

  When I got home, I checked Zhang Nini’s luggage, all of which were safe. This made Xiao Su even more frightened. It was often reported in the news that a body dug up by an animal was found in the forest of New Zealand and buried for ten years. Could it be that Zhang Nini has been unexpectedly buried?

  At the same time, Zhang Nini does not have a mobile phone, and usually has no friends to contact. Now it is an emergency, and there is not even the only way to contact her.

  Xiao Su was so anxious that she wandered back and forth in Queenstown all night until dawn. I imagine that I can meet her at the next corner, but the reality is cruel, of course it is impossible.

  Early in the morning, the owner of the Chinese restaurant called to inquire about the situation. Hearing that Zhang Nini had disappeared all night, she was so anxious that she sent all the shop staff to go out to find and inquire about the news. Xiao Su had no intention of going to work at all, so took a leave of absence and ran around with the clerks, searching hard.

  After a week, they searched the entire Queenstown three times, but Zhang Nini was nowhere to be seen. Xiao Su even drove a car to the nearby forest for a few laps, but there was no clue. 10,000 missing person notices were also printed and posted all over the streets and alleys of Queenstown, but there was still no news.

  Zhang Nini just evaporated and disappeared. Xiao Su lived in unbearable pain every day, and lived like a year. Before, she sat on the Prince’s Wharf every day, staring at the sea, but now she sits by the Queenstown Lake every day, staring at the lake. But he never gave up hope, and he firmly believed that one day, Zhang Nini would appear again.

  A week passed in a blink of an eye, but Zhang Nini was still nowhere to be seen. In desperation, Xiao Su called the police. Even if she had a black hukou, she had to find her and know that she was still alive.

  Came to the Queenstown Police Station, described the detailed process and made a complete transcript. But judging from the attitude of the foreigner police officer, it was obvious that he didn’t take it to heart at all, he was just doing business and filing. After all, Zhang Nini is an unidentified hukou, and the law is not obliged to protect her. There is no need for the police to waste resources on her, making a random record, without even saying anything to comfort Xiao Su.

  After walking out of the police station, he was not disheartened. He firmly believed that there would be a miracle like last time, and Zhang Nini would definitely come back, as long as he waited steadfastly. Then he resumed his normal life before, going to work in the company during the day and going to the Chinese restaurant after get off work, imagining that the boss might have the latest news from Zhang Nini.

  A few months later, he still perseveres and lives with confidence. The Chinese restaurant owner was deeply moved by him and encouraged him every day not to give up. Zhang Nini will definitely come back. But this is not a fairy tale after all, the reality is cruel, missing is missing, and there has been no news of her in half a year.

  The disheartened Xiao Su lived a life of isolation. Apart from working in the company, he just stayed at home in a daze. Until one day, he received a call from Wang Bingbing, and his mood improved. It turned out that Wang Bingbing and Xiongjun were planning to hold a wedding in the near future and invited Xiao Su and Zhang Nini to attend.

  When Wang Bingbing learned that Zhang Nini was missing in Queenstown, she felt the same way and became anxious. He Xiongjun launched all their acquaintances to search together and inquire about news. The search notice was not only forwarded in WeChat Moments, but also posted all over the streets and alleys of Auckland, but there was still no news of Zhang Nini.

  The earth will not stop, and life will go on as usual. Even if Xiao Su decides to wait for Zhang Nini to come back for the rest of her life, she must cheer up and live a normal life. Going to Auckland to attend Wang Bingbing and Xiongjun’s wedding, Xiao Su did not forget to leave a note at home, for fear that Zhang Nini would suddenly come back and be disappointed not to see him.

  Holding a wedding abroad is not as extravagant and wasteful as in China, and it is relatively simple. Wang Bingbing and Xiong Jun held a Western-style wedding. They chose a small church and arranged some tables, chairs and snacks on the green lawn next to the church. Although there are also one-stop wedding service companies in Auckland like the domestic ones, the prices are relatively expensive. In order to save this cost, the on-site staff all asked friends to do it for them.

  Chen Kai also called in the staff in the store to help, and he was in charge of the entire scene, and he was very busy. Mrs. Chen took the child and handed the most sincere blessing, a big red envelope. Although this is a Chinese tradition, it feels a little strange abroad. In the end, Mrs. Chen excused that this was the year-end award that Chen Kai gave to Xiongjun, and Wang Bingbing was grateful to accept it.

  It’s not like there are a lot of family and friends in China, and there is no room for twenty or thirty tables for a wedding, so they can’t be accommodated. The foreign social circle is relatively small, and there are only 20 or 30 relatives and friends present. The whole process was not as solemn and formal as the one in the TV series. Relatives and friends came one after another, and everyone chatted while eating, gossiping at home.

  Wang Bingbing, wearing a simple white wedding dress, and Xiong Jun, in a suit and leather shoes, took pictures on the edge of the lawn. There is no bridesmaid and best man group, and there is no photography and video group. Everything is simple, natural and unpretentious, and you can entertain yourself with your relatives and friends.

  Until a foreign priest arrived, shook the bell a few times, and shouted humorously in broken Chinese, “The guests are entering.” With a burst of laughter from relatives and friends, everyone entered the hall one after another.

  The interior of the hall is also warm and romantic, simple and moderate. According to tradition, relatives and friends sit down on both sides of the trail, with the woman’s relatives and friends on the left and the man on the right.

  The whispering relatives and friends fell silent as the marriage march came from a piano in the corner of the church.

  The humorous priest also made special preparations, took out the manuscript, said a lot of congratulatory words in broken Chinese, and made fun of Xiongjun who was waiting beside him, and announced the official start of the wedding.

  The parents of both parties were not present. With the sound of the wedding march, Wang Bingbing took her sister Wang Baihe’s arm and strolled into the venue. She walked to the long-awaited Xiongjun holding flowers. Wang Baihe proudly handed her sister to Xiongjun. , followed by a round of applause from the audience.

  Then the priest began to witness the marriage, the bride and groom signed the marriage certificate, and wore rings to each other. The whole process ended successfully with applause and cheers.

  When the wedding is about to end, it is also the most exciting moment. The bride, Wang Bingbing, is ready to throw out the bouquet in her hand. All over the world, according to tradition, whoever receives this bouquet will be blessed to be the next woman to marry.

  I saw Wang Bingbing turn her back to a group of women who were vying for the first place, and slammed it hard. The bouquet of flowers flew over a group of women dramatically, and hit the head of the elder sister Wang Lihe, who was chatting with the guests.

  Wang Baihe, who had regained his senses, saw that he was hit by a bouquet, and smirked, “No, no, I lost it again. How could I possibly get married, haha.”

  But everyone said in unison, “You can’t lose it anymore, it’s yours!”

  In desperation, Wang Baihe took the bouquet as a child’s play and continued to chat with the guests.

  The wedding ceremony ended successfully. Next, everyone went back to the lawn, ate snacks and chatted about family affairs, and then said goodbye and left in turn.

  Just as the guests were leaving, the real estate agent Aren arrived uninvited and hurriedly sent a red envelope with a smile on his face, “I’m sorry, I heard that you are getting married today, so I came here to bless you.”

  Xiongjun didn’t like Aren at all. For the sake of the red envelope, he nodded and smiled, and handed Aren a glass of champagne. There are still a lot of red envelopes, 1,000 New Zealand dollars. It seems that the real estate agent makes a lot of money. Since he is so generous, he will not care about the past.

  Unexpectedly, Aren’s goal was Wang Bingbing, so he was busy taking out a bunch of materials from the bag and handing them over to her, flattering, “Life is precious, and love is more expensive. Thinking of buying a house as soon as possible, I have a few good properties on hand…”

  When Wang Bingbing heard it, she immediately exchanged WeChat with Ah Ren. The real estate agency really did a lot of tricks. She gave you a red envelope of 1,000 NZD today, and earned 30,000 NZD from you another day.

  Sure enough, not long after, Xiong Jun entered the queue of the viewing army again. There are a lot of intermediaries like Aren, who keep a close eye on the customers, and are well-rounded and ignorant of ghosts. According to the latest statistics, there are more real estate agents in New Zealand than there are properties for sale, making New Zealand a country of real estate agents.

  The next day, Aren killed Xiongjun and Wang Bingbing’s residence, and reappeared in Xiongjun’s life, lingering like a fly, coming when he was not called.

  After a month of viewing, the couple decided to buy a cheap apartment. Compared with the house market, the apartment market is much calmer. Finally, a two-bedroom, one-bedroom apartment located in the city center is selected, with convenient transportation and convenient life. The total price is 450,000 yuan, and the down payment is 10%. The price is within the affordable range of the two people.

  Finally have their own fixed residence, the two moved to a new house, and they were overjoyed. Although the apartment is not as clean as a house, the two are very satisfied because the price is cheap and affordable.

  But there is also the trouble of living in an apartment. First of all, the partition walls of the apartment are not as thick as domestic buildings, but only two layers of gypsum board. The movement of the neighbors can be clearly heard in the dead of night. At the same time, a relatively expensive property management fee and maintenance fee must be paid every month. The maintenance fee is allocated by unified management. In other words, if the neighbor’s house leaks, you have to bear the maintenance fee proportionally.

  Apartments and houses have their own advantages. For example, Chen Kai’s house is a house, and all maintenance costs must be borne by himself.

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