[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 31

  Chen Kai’s father was still in a coma. The care worker, Lao Liang, took good care of him. Chen Kai couldn’t do anything to help him. He sat beside him and stood in a position, making the small ward seem more crowded. He also stood up from time to time. , make way for the bed next to you to get something.

  Domestic prices are very cheap compared to New Zealand, and the takeaway express industry is very developed. Chen Kai ordered takeaway meals for both himself and Lao Liang, and asked Lao Liang to stay by his father’s side and take care of all the meals.

  Sitting by the hospital bed doing nothing, listening to the patients gossip about their daily life, Chen Kai quickly integrated into this small society. A small ward with eight beds and eight patients reflects the living conditions of different social classes.

  The No. 1 hospital bed is the old man who hired two nurses. Today, he successfully changed the ward. He kept showing off that he was moved to the double ward next door. There were only two beds in a large ward, only leaders and retired senior cadres. , only that kind of special treatment, or 1,000 yuan a day. It was obvious that the old man was very rich, he was shrewdly ill, and he lived happily in the hospital.

  Before leaving the ward, he deliberately said a few words to Chen Kai alone, and invited him to sit and chat with them when he had time, because they knew that Chen Kai had returned from abroad and should be quite rich. Chen Kai also got up politely and said goodbye to them.

  The second bed is a middle-aged woman. At first glance, she looks like the kind of woman with a happy family. Her husband is in his fifties. The son and daughter-in-law are also present every day, asking cold and warm, serving dishes and meals. It is not a rich family, but it is still affordable to see a doctor. A few days ago, because the weather suddenly turned cold, she accidentally suffered a stroke and was sent to the hospital emergency room. Her hands and feet were a little inflexible, and she could be discharged after a few days of hospitalization.

  Bed No. 3 is a young couple who are very loving at first sight. The man is lying on the hospital bed, leaving half the space, and the woman is sitting on the hospital bed and playing with her mobile phone. Sent to the emergency room for treatment and observation. During the chat, I learned that the two are middle-class white-collar workers, so they are guaranteed to be in the hospital and see a doctor.

  The fourth bed next to it looked a bit desolate. An old man in his sixties was lying motionless on the bed, with an old woman of the same age sitting beside him. The old woman obviously had no experience in caring for people, and sat beside her at a loss. Later, it was learned that the old man had suffered a stroke for the fifth time and fell to the ground, and the old woman had also had two strokes. There is an unmarried older leftover girl in the family who is very busy with work every day. She can only come to help at noon and at night. At other times, she can only let them go. Because the family is not rich, there is no money to ask a nurse to help.

  The enthusiastic Lao Liang went over many times to help check and give pointers, but when he looked back at Chen Kai, he didn’t dare to be too active, for fear that Chen Kai would feel uncomfortable. After all, Chen Kai paid him to take care of his father and always went to help others. , seems a little irresponsible. Chen Kai can also see that Lao Liang is a kind-hearted person. Some people are like this. If they don’t help others, they will feel very uncomfortable. So Chen Kai said to Lao Liang, “Go and help them, my dad hasn’t woken up yet.”

  Lao Liang couldn’t wait for a long time, nodded, rushed over immediately, opened the old man’s quilt, “Oh, pee! It’s been a long time, you need to check regularly. If the bed-wetting is not dealt with, his ass will rot immediately. , it will be even more troublesome when it is rotten. You have to turn him over regularly, if he does not turn over, it will cause sores!”

  The old woman was sitting beside her, indifferent but with tears in her eyes, perhaps because she had also had two strokes and was in poor health, so she could not take care of her, so she could only sit next to her to accompany her. Lao Liang shook his head helplessly, cleaned the old man’s house, and shouted to the nurses outside, “No. 4 is wetting the bed! Change the sheets!”

  This kind of spirit and scene of saving lives and helping the wounded made Chen Kai feel that this was not a hospital ward, but a trench in a certain position.

  Not long after, the two nurses came in while complaining while holding the new sheets, their faces were very ugly, and they were very annoyed, “Why are you wetting the bed again! I just changed it for you in the morning!”

  ”Okay, okay, don’t talk about it.” Lao Liang muttered while helping.

  Chen Kai, who was sitting in the corner, saw all of this. Although Lao Liang was just a nurse, in front of the nurses, he had a lot of driving by the head nurse. Maybe it was because he had worked here for a long time and knew the way. . In addition, he was in his fifties, and the young nurse gave him a bit of face.

  It is really not easy to serve a patient who is bedridden. The two nurses and Lao Liang couldn’t move him at all. The nurses who were next to the beds immediately went up to help. The six lifted the old man up, changed the clean sheets, and then carried him back. Get the job done. The old woman on the side was very moved and thanked him continuously, which made Chen Kai feel a bit like a situation where they were united in fighting the flood and disaster relief. In a New Zealand hospital, six nurses would come directly, talking and laughing to complete the work, which also reflects the tension of domestic medical resources. People in the hospital are like being in the same trench. In the same way, we have to help each other and overcome difficulties together.

  Chen Kai shook his head helplessly, looked at his comatose father beside him, and felt that his future would be very difficult. Lao Liang had already seen Chen Kai’s thoughts, smiled and comforted, “Don’t worry, you work abroad, and you have money! What are you afraid of if you have money? I went back and was discharged from the hospital, and I found a personal nanny to help you take care of my father. It’s still pretty cool.”

  Chen Kai smiled bitterly and shook his head helplessly. When it comes to foreign countries, everyone will think that making a fortune abroad, but who knows the hardships of living abroad? Not to mention being abducted and deceived by compatriots, you still have to be self-reliant in life, labor is expensive, and building materials are not necessarily cheap. If you want to say that abroad is good, there may only be air and water there, as well as a medical environment that makes people worry-free.

  The patient in the fifth bed hadn’t had time to get to know him, so he was hurriedly discharged in the morning. Not long after that, a middle-aged man, in his 40s, threw his bag on the bed, leaned on the bed and started looking at his mobile phone. Thinking he was a family member of the patient, after chatting, he learned that he was the patient. A middle-aged man in his 40s seems to be very normal. Why he was hospitalized is very curious.

  Later I learned that he was a chef and a boss who owned a small self-service fast food restaurant. In order to make money, I cooked in the kitchen day and night, inhaled too much oil fumes, and passed out several times. This time it was the same again. After collapsing, he was sent to the hospital for treatment, and he kept complaining that he was not sick. The hospital made a fuss and wanted to make money from him.

  The person is quite humorous, chatting with the patients and talking about everyday things. Describe your entrepreneurial experience and hard work, and plan to retire and return home for a few more years, stop work as soon as possible, and enjoy your old age. But when he got the laboratory report from the hospital, his face turned pale with fright. Lao Liang went over to help him, shook his head helplessly and came back, and whispered to Chen Kai that serious lung disease and cardiovascular disease are more common. The second time I fainted was because of a heart problem, and the time was not long.

  This eldest brother took the chemical research report to the doctor for a long time, but finally accepted the reality. When he came back, he lost his sense of humor. He lay directly on the hospital bed without making a sound. This time he really looked like a patient. Now, the next step is to receive treatment honestly and be taciturn.

  On the bed beside Chen Kai’s father, on the seventh bed, lay an old lady in her 60s who had no family members, which was very strange. The old lady kept her eyes closed and never woke up. If it weren’t for the slightly heaving sheets, I’m afraid everyone would think she was dead. Lao Liang also glanced at the seven-bed patient from time to time, but never approached, for fear that something might happen and he would be implicated.

  It was not until a nurse came in with a loud voice that the people in the ward dared to pay official attention to her, and all eyes were on the seventh bed, the old lady lying motionless on the hospital bed.

  ”Bed No. 7! Go for an examination!” The nurse took the schedule, walked to the bed, and shouted to the old lady lying on the bed. Seeing that the old lady didn’t respond, she looked around and asked, “What about her family? What about her escort? Just alone?”

  ”Yes, she is alone.” Lao Liang got up and walked over, and said to the nurse.

  The nurse immediately became furious and shouted, “How can there be such an irresponsible family member! How can she do it alone? Now it’s time for an examination, what should I do?”

  Chen Kai, who was sitting in the corner, couldn’t stand it anymore, got up and said, “She is a patient, in the hospital, of course, the hospital should be in charge. Why do you have to find family members for everything? Can’t she get sick by herself? Is the hospital responsible for machine inspections and giving people medicine?”

  Before Chen Kai could finish speaking, the nurse smiled slightly and interrupted, “Little brother, this is not like you abroad. With so many people in China seeing a doctor, medical resources are already very tight. We are nurses from early to late. If you work overtime without pay, if your family doesn’t cooperate, how can you see a doctor?”

  Later, I found out that the nurses in the hospital are also quite gossipy about what the patient does and what the patient’s family is. Judging from her attitude, the patient in the seventh bed must be unknown.

  The nurse took out the schedule, crossed out the schedule for the seventh bed, and muttered, “No one in the family! Can’t check, cancel! Wait until the family arrives.”

  After hearing this, Chen Kai shook his head helplessly and sat down. This is the current state of the medical environment in China. Unlike New Zealand, the hospital is responsible for taking care of the sick and hospitalized. There is no need for family members to accompany him. Even if the family visits, the hospital will reimburse the travel expenses. It is no wonder that high-ranking officials and wealthy businessmen send their children overseas.

  ”You guys are also going to have a check-up, and a CT in half an hour, get ready to go.” The nurse interrupted Chen Kai’s thoughts, turned around and left without waiting for Chen Kai to ask a question.

  Chen Kai, who was at a loss, looked at his sleepy father, and then turned to look at Lao Liang. I saw Lao Liang smiled slightly at him, and the meaning reflected in his expression, as if Chen Kai hired him, there is no need to worry about anything.

  Lao Liang first called a nurse, took out the needle that Chen Kai’s father was infusion, and then went to ask for a thick quilt to cover it, and put a hat on Chen Kai’s father, saying that it was cold outside and it was snowing heavily. Swirling, if you go out like this, you will get sick, and the sickness will get worse.

  Checked Chen Kai’s father to make sure it was safe and would not catch a cold. Lao Liang began to clean the aisle in the ward, removed all the stools, opened the door, and shouted for help. Finally, he came back, opened the four fixed pulleys under Chen Kai’s father’s hospital bed, and pushed the hospital bed out one after the other with Chen Kai.

  The aisle was crowded with people, Lao Liang shouted in a louder voice, “Let’s go, let’s go,” while pulling the heavy hospital bed hard. The elevator door was crowded with people, and several hospital beds were lined up together. They were all for inspections, and they discussed who would get off first. Noisy, just like in the vegetable market.

  The building where the CT examination was performed was on the other side of the inpatient department. It was very difficult to walk about 200 meters and push this heavy hospital bed. Coupled with the snowy weather, it was like a military training for survival in the polar regions.

  I managed to push it to the Ct inspection building, but the entrance and exit of the building have been blocked by several moving beds, and there are still people arguing and arguing. Seeing this situation, Lao Liang immediately went to coordinate, and soon after clearing the road, Chen Kai’s father was pulled in smoothly. Chen Kai looked down and saw that there was already a thin layer of snow on his father’s body.

  After queuing in the crowded aisle for a long time, he got on the elevator to the third floor. When the elevator door opened, Chen Kai was shocked. The entire third floor was overcrowded, and the beds were arranged in an orderly manner, waiting for the doctor to come out and call his name for a CT examination. Everyone’s expressions were numb, and their eyes were dull, as if they had been waiting for a long time. In desperation, Chen Kai and Chen Kai pushed the hospital bed and pushed the people in front away, and finally got in line. Chen Kai was sweating profusely and was out of breath. He was once again fortunate that he had found a responsible person. The nurse, or I don’t know what to do.

  Waiting in the crowded aisle, Chen Kai began to look numb and dumb. Lao Liang patted him on the shoulder and said seriously, “Be awake, keep your wallet and be careful of being stolen.”

  Only then did Chen Kai react. When he reached out and touched his pocket, the zipper had already been pulled open and the wallet was missing. Lao Liang looked at him and shook his head helplessly, only a few words of comfort. Fortunately, there is not much cash in the wallet, and there is no card in it, and most of them are paid by mobile phone.

  Furious and furious, Chen Kai was on the verge of collapse in the crowded aisle. Looking at the patients who entered the CT examination room in turn, one bed after another, I felt like I was the raw material on the production line, waiting to be processed.

  After waiting for a long time, the hospital bed was finally pushed into the CT examination room. Chen Kai, the nurse and the doctor lifted the father together with the sheets before putting it on the CT machine. Finally, after the CT was done, it took more than two hours after returning to the ward to be resettled. Chen Kai sat down in the corner, sweating and exhausted, cursing in his heart, this is not a hospital, this is hell! Lao Liang didn’t have time to rest, so he was busy looking for a nurse to give Chen Kai’s father a needle to bring oxygen, and he was busy urinating and wiping himself. Seeing this situation, Chen Kai was numb, his eyes were dull, his consciousness was dull, and he gradually fell asleep.

  It was three hours in the afternoon after waking up again. Old Liang was still waiting by his father’s side, and a little girl wearing a red scarf was sitting on the bed next to him, who was about ten years old.

  Chen Kai’s eyes widened and he was taken aback. This kind of plot, which can only be staged on TV, actually exists in real life! The little girl was holding an iron cup and was feeding the old lady spoon by spoon.

  This scene made everyone feel sad for a while, so they paid special attention to the patients in this bed, asking long and short, asking cold and warm.

  Later, I found out that the little girl’s father was a migrant worker. Because of the busy work, he couldn’t get away. He had to ask his daughter to come over after school to take care of him temporarily. Sure enough, the children of the poor are in charge of the house early, and the little girl is very sensible although she is small. With the help of the surrounding patients and Lao Liang, he was properly cared for.

  But then something happened that made everyone in the ward very angry. The nurse walked in with the schedule and said to the old lady, “You didn’t wake up in the morning, so the CT scan was canceled, and it was changed to the afternoon. In an hour, go there early and wait.”

  The old lady probably didn’t understand, but just kept waving her hand, as if to say, don’t go or can’t go. The little girl got up and said to the nurse, “My grandma can’t leave.”

  Unexpectedly, the nurse said to a child indifferently, “If you can’t go, you have to go for an examination. Everyone pushes the bed, so you can find a way. Also, pay the hospital deposit as soon as possible.”

  The nurse turned around and left. There was silence in the entire ward, but the little girl was very strong, turned her head and asked everyone where the CT examination was done, and then began to try to drag the heavy hospital bed.

  As expected, the heavy hospital bed did not move, but the little girl was still trying. Chen Kai was already stunned, wondering if it was the child’s innocence and ignorance, or whether she had always faced life like an adult without fear.

  Lao Liang couldn’t stand it for a long time, got up and said to Chen Kai, “I’m sorry, can I go and help her?”

  Chen Kai nodded immediately and agreed, this is a matter of course, anyone will help this little girl. Along with Lao Liang, there were several other patients’ nurses and the cafeteria owner in his forties. The others also got up one after another and cleared the road. The four of them pushed the heavy hospital bed and left the ward. The little girl thanked them and left behind.

  This touching scene brought tears to Chen Kai’s eyes. He had forgotten his father who was sleeping beside him, as if he was in the ward just to help others. But soon, he was pulled back to reality.

  The nurse walked in and said to Chen Kai, “Your deposit of 20,000 yuan is almost exhausted. Recharge it before five o’clock. Otherwise, we have no choice but to stop the treatment. Others who need treatment are waiting in line.”

  When Lao Liang was not around, Chen Kai was a little overwhelmed. He had heard about the deposit, but he didn’t know it was so harsh, and he would not be treated without paying the deposit. Fortunately, he still had this amount of money, which gave him a bit of confidence, and asked, “How much do you want to pay?”

  ”Whatever you want, just make sure you have enough money to deduct.” After the nurse finished speaking, she went to work.

  Under the guidance of other patients, Chen Kai came to the payment office on the first floor. There are various payment methods, such as Alipay, WeChat, credit card and so on. Fortunately, Mrs. Chen prepared another 20,000 RMB in cash yesterday and remitted it to Chen Kai’s Alipay. Otherwise, it was a bit tricky, so he immediately charged a 10,000 yuan deposit.

  After returning to the ward, after listening to other patients’ discussions, I found out that the old lady beside me was lying all the time and did not receive any treatment because the deposit was not paid. The reason for asking her to go for an examination just now was to tell her what kind of disease she had and how much the treatment would cost. Make plans early, and this hospital seems to be full of routines.

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