[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 32

  Not long after Lao Liang and others finished the examination and pushed the old lady back, his son appeared. A migrant worker in a construction site uniform is still covered in dust. If the little girl hadn’t called him Dad, no one would have known it.

  When the old lady saw her son coming, the first thing she said was that she was going to be discharged from the hospital and did not want any treatment. Before the son could answer, the nurse had appeared behind them, urging them to pay the hospital deposit. When the old lady heard this, she was in a panic, so she sat up from the bed with all her strength and wanted to get out of bed. All the people in the ward stared intently at that corner, as if watching a drama, engrossed and silent.

  The son was quite filial. After comforting his mother a few words, he let her lie down, told his daughter to take good care of his grandmother, and quickly walked out of the ward.

  Later, there were whispers from the patients, and Chen Kai vaguely heard a few words. They were not very optimistic about the man wearing the work clothes on the construction site. Some people said that he went to pay the deposit, and some people said that he went to borrow money. Now, someone even joked that he went to rob a bank.

  Not long after, the nurse came in and impatiently started an infusion for the old lady for treatment. The old lady has been lying in bed for almost a day, and she is being treated only now because she has not paid the hospital deposit.

  I only heard about it before, but now Chen Kai saw it with his own eyes and was very shocked. On the other hand, Lao Liang, who was beside him, was very calm, busy with his work as if nothing had happened. Later, after chatting with Lao Liang, I realized that in the few years he worked, he had already looked down on this kind of tragic story. There is no worst, only worse.

  It was another exhausting day, and Chen Kai’s father was still awake. At dinner time, Chen Kai went back to his mother’s house to have dinner with her as usual, and left the rest to Lao Liang. After a long time, he got used to it and became numb.

  Early the next morning, Chen Kai came to the ward, just like coming to the office to go to work on time, and found that the old lady beside him had disappeared. Later, I found out that they were discharged from the hospital last night because they could not pay the hospital deposit. The hospital was humanitarian and gave them a bottle of nutrient solution.

  The bed in the hospital is like a dining table in a restaurant. There is no idle moment, and there are new patients, who can’t wait to come in and occupy this bed. In the next half month, such stories were played out every day in the small ward. After a long time, Chen Kai was completely numb, too lazy to pay attention to others, sitting next to his father, reading novels, and powerless. It is completely different from the TV drama. When the patient arrives at the hospital, the nurse takes care of it carefully, and the doctor patiently consults to find out the cause of the patient, prescribe the right medicine, and relieve the pain.

  Chen Kai’s father’s relatives and friends came to visit and saw that he was not awake, so he had to put down the gift to comfort Chen Kai and left early. Chen Kai’s father’s legendary girlfriend never appeared. Later, he heard from the family that he disappeared when his father fell ill. This kind of thing is normal, and Chen Kai no longer bothers.

  It seems that I can’t go back to New Zealand for a while, and I need to have a long-term plan. After the video discussion between Chen Kai and his wife, Mrs. Chen plans to hurry up to get the driver’s license, so that he doesn’t have to trouble Xiongjun to come and help every day. Wang Bingbing is about to give birth, and Xiongjun will be in a hurry.

  Half a month later, Chen Kai’s father finally woke up, which made Chen Kai, who had been waiting for a long time, extremely excited, clenched his father’s hands, and burst into tears. However, Chen Kai’s father looked at him with unfamiliar eyes. As Dr. Liu said before, half of his brain was amnestic due to ischemia. It seemed that he no longer knew Chen Kai.

  Chen Kai’s father realized that his right half was paralyzed, unable to move, and was in great pain. A movable left hand began to tug at random, babbled nonsense in his mouth, could not speak clearly, and could only make a simple shout, Bo Bo Bo Bo. Lao Liang hurriedly stepped forward to stop him and grabbed his left hand hard, otherwise the cannula on his body would be pulled out by him and inserted again, asking for trouble.

  Seeing his father’s madness and inhumanity, Chen Kai burst into tears. Lao Liang stopped Chen Kai’s father’s unreasonable madness and communicated with him patiently. And comfort Chen Kai, his father must be very uncomfortable now, so his temper is excusable.

  When Lao Liang was not careful, Chen Kai’s father pulled out his catheter, and the bed was full of urine. Chen Kai got up quickly and helped hold down his father’s waving left hand so that Lao Liang could free up the sheets to clean the sheets. Just as Lao Liang turned around, Chen Kai’s father became incontinent again and stinks. At this moment, Chen Kai has a feeling of wanting to die. On the other hand, Lao Liang didn’t mean to dislike it at all. He carefully cleaned up Chen Kai’s father’s urine and urination, which made Chen Kai feel that there was a feeling of raising soldiers for a thousand days and using them for a while.

  When Lao Liang finished cleaning up the toilet and was about to change the sheets, he needed Chen Kai’s help to turn his father over. Only then did Chen Kai realize that he couldn’t turn his father over by himself. As other patients said in the previous chat, one person fell ill, and the whole family suffered. Thinking about myself and my wife, and three elderly people to support, I feel like I want to die.

  Another inattentive, Chen Kai’s father pulled out the esophagus and oxygen tube that he had inserted into his nasal cavity. Lao Liang was helpless and immediately called a nurse for help. Perhaps because of the damage to the brain, Chen Kai’s father became crazy and shot people. The two nurses fled in fright and called the doctor directly.

  Dr. Liu took time to take a look and said a few words: If you can eat normally, you can be discharged from the hospital and transferred to a rehabilitation hospital. Don’t have too much hope, Chen Kai’s father needs someone to take care of him for life. Don’t expect him to restore memory either, damaged brain cells cannot be regeneratively restored.

  Chen Kai’s father was paralyzed, unable to speak, and could only express his wishes by shouting. He couldn’t take care of himself, and needed help in managing his clothing, food, and daily life. He had become a complete waste. Although Chen Kai tried to chat with his father every day, in his father’s unfamiliar eyes, Chen Kai was just a stranger.

  The next day, Chen Kai’s father, with the help of Lao Liang, could sit up. But he started biting the pillow nervously, which made Chen Kai sad, and his father had become a lunatic. The patient next to him pointed out that maybe it was because he was hungry, so he ordered takeout immediately. When Chen Kai’s father saw the food, he first ate it violently, and then lowered his head and vomited. Chen Kai couldn’t stand it anymore, so he walked out of the ward and found a corner where he couldn’t afford to sit still.

  Fortunately, the care worker Lao Liang did his best to take good care of Chen Kai’s father, and even washed his body and face every day. Chen Kai could only sit by his father’s side, holding hands every now and then. Seeing his father getting more energetic day by day, Chen Kai felt a little comfort in his heart, but his father didn’t know him at all, he was like a stranger Usually, the soul is gone, leaving only a half-paralyzed body.

  After discussion, Chen Kai’s father’s brothers and sisters decided to send Chen Kai’s father to a rehabilitation hospital for treatment. According to the current situation, it is estimated that he will live in the hospital forever in the future. Fortunately, Chen Kai’s father has a pension, and the insufficient part is subsidized by Chen Kai, which is reasonable and reasonable. There is no such thing as a son without a son.

  On the day that Chen Kai’s father was discharged from the hospital, his aunt helped to call a car to pick him up. At the same time, he settled the wages with care worker Lao Liang, 300 yuan a day, for a total of 28 days, totaling 8,400 yuan. During this period of time, the care worker Lao Liang took care of Chen Kai’s father in every possible way, which moved Chen Kai very much. Before leaving, I had a small chat with Lao Liang, what are your plans in the future?

  After Lao Liang ordered the money, he carefully put it into his pocket, smiled honestly, and said, “Take a good bath first, I haven’t had a bath for so long, and then take a good rest for a week, I haven’t slept well, Then start working again.”

  These words made Chen Kai feel very desolate, as if everyone lived a very hard life, as if only money could solve his troubles. If it wasn’t for Chen Kai still having some money this time, the consequences would have been unimaginable.

  The moment Chen Kai pushed his father out of the ward, he waved goodbye to all the patients, feeling like a prisoner who was released after serving his sentence and was greeted by everyone. In fact, during the time when my father was sick and hospitalized, I did nothing and felt like a sinner.

  Lao Liang didn’t leave until Chen Kai’s aunt finished the discharge procedures and helped to carry Chen Kai’s father into the car before waving away with a smile.

  ”Goodbye, a good life is safe!” Chen Kai waved goodbye to Lao Liang in his heart.

  The environment of the rehabilitation hospital is much better. Although it is not as crowded as the central medical clinic, the beds are not free. If it is not contacted a week in advance to make an appointment and open a back door, it will not be able to get in.

  Chen Kai’s aunt entrusted the relationship, so everything became relatively smooth. As soon as he arrived at the rehabilitation hospital, two big men helped lift Chen Kai’s father into a wheelchair and took him upstairs.

  The environment of the ward is quite good. There are three beds in a ward, and the new nurses have been waiting for a long time. After Chen Kai’s father was properly arranged, Chen Kai’s aunt went through the admission procedures. Chen Kai doesn’t have to do anything, just wait for the bill and pay. This reminded him of what Dr. Liu said to him before, “Just spend money.”

  Chen Kai’s father was very obedient under the care of the female nurse. Although he no longer knew anyone, he still liked recreational activities. Looking at the TV hanging on the wall, like a child, I don’t want to be disturbed.

  Although Chen Kai felt a little desolate in his heart, his father no longer knew him and others, but the way his father giggled while watching the TV program gave Chen Kai a lot of comfort. After all, he was his own father. It was really unbearable to look like he was suffering in a hospital bed. Now I am happy and crazy. Although he is paralyzed and doesn’t know his old man, he is not crippled and suffers. At the same time, I also felt a sense of relief in my heart, as if I had gained a new life and freedom.

  However, all of this still depends on money to solve the problem. After Chen Kai’s aunt completed the admission procedures, she showed the bill. According to Chen Kai’s father’s existing retirement salary, Chen Kai would have to subsidize his father at least 10,000 yuan a month, otherwise the status quo would not be maintained.

  Chen Kai did not understand China’s medical environment and the charging system of rehabilitation hospitals. After consulting with his classmates, he found out that the charging fees of this rehabilitation hospital are relatively high. It is a high-end rehabilitation hospital. There are many patients with mental problems in the hospital. relatively experienced. It turned out that after discussion, Chen Kai’s father’s brothers and sisters decided to choose a relatively high-end rehabilitation hospital, so that Chen Kai’s father would suffer less and enjoy more blessings. It doesn’t matter if he spends more money, because his son Chen Kai must have made a lot of money abroad, otherwise how could he go abroad.

  This may be the unanimous thought of most people in China. Isn’t it a move to make a fortune abroad? A monthly subsidy of 10,000 yuan for my father is not a small amount. In China, the average monthly income is only 7,000. Even in New Zealand, the average monthly income is only 4,000 New Zealand dollars, about 20,000 yuan. If it goes on for a long time, Chen Kai will not last for a few months. If a few other old people fell down again, wouldn’t it be bankrupt?

  Yes, it means going bankrupt, having money to see a doctor, having no money to wait for death, having money to find servants, but having no money to use yourself. This is the real situation of illness in China. Although there is medical insurance, but the sick need to be taken care of, and not many nurses can afford to hire them.

  Since Chen Kai’s father entered the rehabilitation hospital, he really has nothing to do except to visit his father in the hospital every day. Apart from watching his father do some rehab exercises, eat, watch TV, just sit by his father’s side. Chen Kai’s father never paid any attention to him. He was like a stranger. Sometimes he thought he was sitting on the side of the road and got in the way. Even Chen Kai’s father, who was sometimes short-tempered and in a fit of rage, couldn’t help him, and professional medical staff rushed to handle it properly.

  It seems that everything has come to an end, and there is no point in staying here. It is impossible to stay here forever, not to mention that I still have my own wife and children to take care of in New Zealand. After returning to China for nearly a month, I didn’t go out to dinner with my mother, nor did I catch up with my old classmates.

  Chen Kai and his wife discussed it and bought a plane ticket back to Auckland in three days. In the remaining days, he planned to spend the rest of the day with his mother, visit his father-in-law and his mother-in-law, and gather with old classmates.

  At the reunion of old classmates, Chen Kai suddenly felt that he had left the country, as if he was in another camp, and there were serious differences between some topics and his friends. That day, Chen Kai and a few old friends met in the tea room to chat and reminisce. They hadn’t been together for a long time, and they were very affectionate. The brothers were always open-mouthed.

  An old friend suddenly asked, “Chen Kai, you are a second-class citizen when you go abroad. Have you been discriminated against?”

  ”Second-class citizens”, this word makes Chen Kai feel very strange, indeed, before going abroad, there was such a word circulating, those who go abroad are all second-class citizens, their status is inferior, and they are discriminated against. But the fact is not like that at all, Chen Kai patiently explained to his friends.

  After arriving in New Zealand, you first get a work visa, and then convert it into a green card after meeting the requirements, that is, a resident visa, with permanent residency. Holders of these two types of visas are called residents. Those who were born in New Zealand or later acquired New Zealand citizenship are called citizens.

  Citizens and residents enjoy the same social benefits and voting rights, exactly the same, without any class distinction, not to mention second-class citizens.

  Besides, New Zealand is an immigrant country with more than 200 races. When you deal with each other, you have no idea where the other party came from. How can you discriminate?

  Discrimination depends on what kind of people you meet. Some people not only discriminate against outsiders, but also discriminate against anyone who is not pleasing to the eye. If you meet with bad luck, you can only admit that you are unlucky. This kind of discrimination is not aimed at specific race.

  Chen Kai said that when he first arrived in New Zealand, he was discriminated against at a gas station in the suburbs. At that time, he was refueling, and a foreigner was arguing with his girlfriend and was furious. Seeing that Chen Kai had finished refueling and was still dawdling there, he asked him to get out of the way. In retrospect, the foreigner didn’t scold anyone, but his attitude was a little bit nasty.

  Even if it is to be discriminated against, it is not because of some “second-class citizens”. There is no classification of second-class citizens abroad, and there is not even a system of territorial control. You can go to live anywhere abroad and enjoy the unified national welfare system, and you will not be treated differently just because you are a foreigner.

  Speaking of which, it is the household registration system in China that grades the common people. People in rich places look down on people in poor and poor places, and foreigners can’t enjoy the benefits of local people when they arrive there.

  When Chen Kai said this, some people couldn’t listen anymore and retorted, “Chinese people discriminate against Chinese people, at most they just look down on them, and foreigners discriminate against Chinese people, that’s the real discrimination.”

  Although Chen Kai argued in a pragmatic manner, no one discriminates abroad, and the locals are very friendly. When passing by, they always greet him with a smile. On the contrary, in China, if you greet a stranger, people will become apprehensive and think you are malicious.

  ”Everything is good abroad, and the moon abroad is very big.” An old classmate said sarcastically.

  Chen Kai reluctantly shut up. After all, he has lived abroad for almost two years. Compared with China, he is like two camps. There are many things that cannot be communicated and communicated. Any further discussion will only hurt feelings. In fact, there are good and bad at home and abroad, people have their own aspirations, as long as they live in the place they like.

  After finishing the class reunion and returning to his mother’s residence, Chen Kai began to pack his luggage. Tomorrow morning, I am going to the rehabilitation hospital to meet my father, and I will take the afternoon flight back to Auckland. Although Chen Kai’s mother didn’t say anything, she was reluctant to part with it. She thought about it from another angle. She was satisfied with her son’s happy life abroad.

  The next day Chen Kai came to the rehabilitation hospital. His father had just finished rehabilitation training and was sitting on the hospital bed smiling and watching TV. Although he was partially paralyzed, he is now leaning on crutches and can walk back and forth a few steps, gradually starting to recover. But I can’t expect him to be able to speak and recognize people like normal people, and walk neatly, because the brain tissue is damaged, which cannot be repaired or regenerated.

  Chen Kai sat with his father for a few hours, describing his work and life in Oakland. His father seemed to understand, but nodded while watching TV. He didn’t know whether he was watching the plot or listening to Chen Kai’s narration. When he left, Chen Kai behaved very normally and greeted his father. His father was the same as before, ignoring him and watching TV intently. Turning around and walking out of the ward, Chen Kai burst into tears and burst into tears. But this is helpless, and my life must continue to move forward bravely. His wife, children, and mother all need his care, so he can’t be helpless because of his father.

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