[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 33

  Chen Kai wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes and came to the lobby on the first floor of the rehabilitation hospital. There seemed to be something wrong in the noisy lobby, and a group of people were watching. Chen Kai, who was in a depressed mood, walked out quickly, without any intention of taking care of his leisure.

  Suddenly, a woman’s hoarse cry came from the crowd of onlookers, “Let go of me! Let me go back! I want to find my child.”

  The woman’s miserable cry made Chen Kai stop involuntarily, and the voice was still somewhat familiar. So Chen Kai turned around and walked back, looking at the crowd of onlookers.

  Two men were dragging a mad woman who fell to the ground, as if they were taking him to a rehabilitation hospital for rehabilitation. And this crazy woman with disheveled hair looked familiar, Chen Kai narrowed his eyes and took a closer look.

  Omg! Zhang Nini!

  what is happening? Chen Kai was a little panicked. He remembered that more than half a year ago, he was still helping to post a missing person notice on the streets of Auckland to find Zhang Nini’s whereabouts. Now he suddenly appeared in front of him, like traveling through time and space.

  In a hurry, Chen Kai immediately took out his mobile phone to take a video, and the two men were busy pulling Zhang Nini without noticing. Chen Kai followed the other idlers to the elevator entrance, and saw the two of them drag Zhang Nini up to the VIP area on the sixth floor.

  Chen Kai did not have Xiao Su’s contact information, so he directly sent the video to Xiong Jun through WeChat. It was still morning in Oakland, and Xiongjun was doing business in Chen Kai’s store, but he didn’t notice it.

  At first, Xiongjun didn’t recognize the disheveled woman in the video, thinking that Chen Kai had just forwarded a gossip video. But later, I found that the two men were very familiar, and when I replayed it carefully, I immediately became furious. One of them is Lao Jianliang, the murderer of his friend Lu Le! And the other is Zhou Shijun! Then I came back to my senses and looked at the struggling crazy woman on the ground, and then I recognized that it was Zhang Nini!

  Xiongjun immediately forwarded the video to Xiao Su. He was working in a software company at the time. When he opened the video, he recognized the disheveled Zhang Nini at a glance. Tears filled his eyes, and he picked up his briefcase and rushed out of the company.

  Xiongjun started a group chat and pulled Chen Kai and Xiao Su into the group. Xiao Su had already run all the way home. While asking Chen Kai for details, he packed his luggage and prepared to buy a plane ticket. He immediately flew from Queenstown to Auckland, and then took the connecting flight from Auckland to China that night.

  Chen Kai ran to the sixth floor of the rehabilitation hospital and wanted to do some investigations, but was stopped by the security guards, and other people were not allowed to enter the VIP area. The management inside is very strict and the facilities are quite advanced. Helpless, I could only look around at the door, and after thinking about it, I would go downstairs first.

  In order to help Xiao Su, Chen Kai also temporarily changed his ticket back to Auckland, and went to the airport early to meet Xiao Su. Xiongjun couldn’t hold it any longer and wanted to go back to China to help. After discussion, the three decided that Xiongjun should stay first. After all, Wang Bingbing was about to give birth with a big belly, and Chen Kai’s wife and children needed someone to take care of him. In the end, Xiongjun reluctantly agreed.

  On the plane, Xiao Su was restless, returning to her heart like an arrow. Zhang Nini, who had been searching for almost a year, actually appeared in China. In the video, her hair was disheveled and her mind was in a trance. Xiao Su was heartbroken and heartbroken as she watched it. The two men in the video, Xiao Su, also know each other. They are just as deep as the sea. I don’t know what method they used to get Zhang Nini back. If it weren’t for China’s ban on guns, Xiao Su would have already returned with the gun and threw them all away.

  The plane arrived on time, and Chen Kai waited anxiously at the exit. Not long after, I saw a cold, shivering man running out in summer clothes. That man was Xiao Su. Because I was in a hurry, I didn’t prepare clothes that were out of season, and my face was pale and my lips were purple from the cold. China is now in the twelfth lunar month of winter, a deep winter season with heavy snowfall.

  Chen Kai shook his head helplessly, took off his down jacket, and quickly put it on for Xiao Su. I planned to go to the store to buy some winter clothes first, but Xiao Su couldn’t wait to ask to go directly, but the two of them kept going, trembling like this.

  Xiao Su, who has not returned to China for many years, is amazed at the current prosperity of the motherland. Along the way, there are high-rise buildings, crowds of people, and a lot of traffic. He is no longer what he looked like before he left. However, the hazy sky was gloomy, as heavy as his mood at this moment.

  On the way, Xiao Su was so anxious that he didn’t even want to delay the time to eat. He nibbled the bread prepared by Chen Kai in the car and ran all the way. After a three-hour drive, I finally arrived at the rehabilitation hospital.

  After parking the car, the two rushed to the VIP area on the sixth floor according to the plan negotiated in advance. The elevator door opened, and Chen Kai rushed out, grabbing the two security guards and dragging him away. The security guard was bewildered, shouting while entanglement with Chen Kai. After three or two strokes, he pushed Chen Kai to the ground and kept asking, “Brother, what are you doing?”

  At this moment, Xiao Su has quickly rushed into the VIP area, pushing open the doors one by one to find Zhang Nini. The environment in the Vip area is really good. Every patient has a separate room, and there are two nurses who take care of them day and night. It seems that only rich people can afford to live in this kind of rehabilitation hospital.

  After wandering around a few rooms, Xiao Su finally found Zhang Nini. At that time, she was sitting on the bed, holding a doll in her hand, and staring out the window dully. A nanny beside her was peeling fruit for her, and another nanny was cleaning up the mess on the ground.

  ”Zhang Nini!” Xiao Su shouted at her.

  I saw Zhang Nini turned her head slowly, stared at the baking soda for a few seconds with dull eyes, and suddenly burst into tears, burst into tears, and stood up from the bed with the doll in her arms. Xiao Su rushed in immediately, jumped onto the bed, and the two hugged each other tightly, sobbing.

  ”Xiao Su, why are you here! I’ve been waiting for you for a long time…” Zhang Nini cried with tears.

  ”I’ve been looking for you for almost a year!” Xiao Su shouted angrily with tears in her eyes.

  Zhang Nini turned her head to look at the door, sobbed and asked Xiao Su, “Where’s Lu Le? Didn’t you come together? He said he wanted to come with you.”

  ”What!” Xiao Su looked at Zhang Nini with frightened eyes, not knowing what to say, “What’s wrong with you?”

  Zhang Nini hugged the doll in her hand tightly and made a gesture, “Shh, be quiet. The immigration agency brought people from the immigration bureau, and they want to send me back to China!”

  Looking at Zhang Nini with disheveled hair, talking seriously, Xiao Su was on the verge of collapse, shaking Zhang Nini and shouting, “Wake up! Zhang Nini! What’s wrong with you!”

  Zhang Nini pushed Xiao Su away, stroked the doll in her hand, and blamed, “Don’t shake me, my little baby just fell asleep, don’t wake him up.”

  Looking at Zhang Nini’s nervous appearance, Xiao Su stood at a loss. The two nanny pushed Xiao Su out, and the security guard and the doctor also came over after hearing the news and pulled them together.

  ”What are you doing! Let me go!”

  ”Don’t move! Move and break your hand!”

  ”Calm down young man! Don’t irritate the patient.”

  ”Call Boss Zhou quickly!”

  ”Xiao Su, don’t go! Lu Le hasn’t come yet!”


  The security kicked Xiao Su and Chen Kai out of the VIP area. After calming down for a while, they talked to the doctor. The doctor saw that the two were very concerned about Zhang Nini and invited them into the office for a detailed discussion. After inquiring about the relationship between the two and Zhang Nini, she described her condition in detail.

  It turns out that Zhang Nini suffers from a mental illness. After a period of recuperation at home, it becomes more serious. She is often insane and incoherent. Her husband Zhou Shijun had no choice but to send her to a rehabilitation hospital for professional rehabilitation.

  Xiao Su shook her head again and again, “No! She has no mental problems, she was tortured crazy by her husband!”

  The doctor was a little embarrassed, and comforted, “I don’t know about this, I’m only in charge of her rehabilitation. If there are other problems, you can only ask the relevant departments to deal with it. Don’t rush in to stimulate the patient like today, right? Her recovery has been poor.”

  Xiao Su and Chen Kai looked at each other and felt that this matter should be discussed in the long run. After thanking the doctor, the two walked out of the office.

  Zhou Shijun and others were already waiting at the door of the office, seeing Xiao Su with a calm expression and a smug smile. A nanny next to him pointed at Xiao Su and shouted, “Boss Zhou, it’s him!”

  Zhou Shijun nodded, beckoned the nanny to go back to work, then pointed to the reception area and invited Xiao Su to talk in detail. Xiao Su was very annoyed, and had the urge to rush to strangle him, but Chen Kai held him tightly.

  A few people came to the reception area and sat down. They saw Zhou Shijun lit a cigarette, took a deep breath, pondered for a while, exhaled a puff of green smoke, and asked Xiao Su, “Mr. Su, why do you care so much about my wife? There are some discords, but this is our housework, and we don’t need outsiders to intervene. What do you want to do when you chase after you from abroad to China? “

  ”I want you to divorce her, I will take her back to New Zealand, give her the best treatment, and let her recover as soon as possible. If you don’t love her, don’t torture her.” Xiao Su shouted with red face.

  ”Hahaha~” Zhou Shijun laughed, shook his head helplessly, breathing in smoke, and joked, “You won’t be like her, you have mental problems, right? Why should I listen to you, my beloved wife? Divorce?”

  Xiao Su glared at the rogue-like Zhou Shijun in front of him, and really wanted to pounce on him and stab him to death.

  ”I warn you! This is China, my territory! If you harass my wife again, you are welcome.” Zhou Shijun pointed at Xiao Su with a cigarette and scolded him, then got up and left.

  ”Where’s the child!?” Xiao Su shouted at Zhou Shijun.

  Zhou Shijun stopped in his tracks, turned his head to look at Xiao Su, and smiled coldly, “You made my wife’s belly bigger, and you haven’t settled the account yet, you are still yelling at me, I think you are like a lunatic too. , no wonder you can get together. That bastard, I wanted to kill him, but killing is against the law, so I was sent away when I was born.”

  ”You scum!” Xiao Su yelled.

  Zhou Shijun smiled wryly, exhaled a puff of smoke, pointed at Xiao Su and scolded, “I think you are really unreasonable, you made someone else’s wife’s belly bigger, and pointed at someone else and scolded scum? I don’t want to talk to a lunatic, Don’t let me see you again.”

  Zhou Shijun turned around and instructed a few security guards to keep them under strict supervision, and then left swaggeringly. Xiao Su was sitting on the sofa in the reception area, full of anger, but helpless. Under Chen Kai’s suggestion, they went to the local public security bureau to report the case.

  A police comrade from the Public Security Bureau received them and began to take notes seriously. When Xiao Su finished describing the whole story in detail, the police officer was very confused and asked several questions, “First, you and others His wife is in love and has a child? Second, you want someone else to divorce someone else’s wife, but others don’t want to? Third, someone else’s wife is crazy, you want to take her away? Fourth, you say someone else treats his wife No, send his wife to the most advanced rehabilitation hospital for treatment? Mr. Su, don’t joke, we are very busy. “

  Xiao Su and Chen Kai were speechless when asked, their eyes met and looked at each other in dismay.

  ”I suggest you find a lawyer first, and then explain your situation to the lawyer. The lawyer will help you. It seems that our public security bureau really can’t help you.” The police comrade offered advice in good faith, and then busy went.

  Xiao Su and Chen Kai walked out of the Public Security Bureau, and after a discussion, decided to let Chen Kai stay first, bought the train tickets for the day, and went back to their hometown to ask their father for help. My father was a half-officer in the officialdom. Although he was not a high-ranking official, he could at least trust his relationship and find someone to help him.

  After that, after Chen Kai went to the rehabilitation hospital to visit his father every day, he went upstairs to walk around, pay attention to Zhang Nini’s situation, and report to Xiao Su in time.

  Xiao Su got off the train and arrived at his hometown, which he hadn’t returned to for many years, and took a taxi back home. Pushing open the door, the parents saw Xiao Su suddenly appearing in front of them, and some couldn’t believe it, there must be some emergency. However, seeing that his son was in good shape and not sick, he put down seven distractions.

  The mother was excited and cooked a good table, while the father was a little worried, frowning and smoking a suffocating cigarette. During the meal, the second old man kept asking questions until Xiao Su confessed the truth and asked his father for help.

  Xiao Su’s father was furious, slapped the table and scolded, “Are you worthy of your parents? It’s hard to find a married woman and have a child! What face do you want us to go out to meet people?! After dinner, Pack up, get out of here, go back to New Zealand. I’m going to retire in New Zealand in two years, and I don’t want to be ashamed!”

  After his father finished scolding, he lost his chopsticks and got up and went into the house. After Xiao Su heard this, her eyes were filled with tears, and she was speechless. The mother shook her head and sighed, helpless.

  Xiao Su was disheartened and spent the night in his childhood room. At night, the two parents could be clearly heard whispering, as if they were working on a plan or complaining to each other. In any case, he decided to go back the next day, bring the guy, and rushed into the rehabilitation hospital to rescue Zhang Nini.

  The next day, just as Xiao Su was about to leave, a man in a suit and tie came to the house. The man was wearing glasses and had a gentle appearance. He politely handed over his business card, saying that he was a lawyer whose name was Wu Jie. It turned out that he was a lawyer hired by Xiao Su’s father in the morning. It is said that he has rich experience in handling lawsuits like Xiao Su.

  ”Thank you Brother Jie!” Xiao Su shook hands excitedly.

  ”You’re welcome, I’ll try my best.” Brother Jie said confidently.

  Then the two left together and got on the train. Although Xiao Su’s father did not come out to see him off, Xiao Su knew very well in his heart that his father loved him, but he hated that iron was not steel, and that copper was not gold. It might also be for his grandson’s sake.

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