[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 34

  Brother Jie and Xiao Su talked very speculatively along the way, and basically understood the whole story. Although it is very complicated, it is not difficult to understand, and it is understandable. After the two got off the train, they met with Chen Kai and began to collect information together to prepare for a lawsuit.

  Soon after, Xiao Su filed a lawsuit with the court, suing Zhou Shijun, the chairman of Ouli Group, for abusing his wife, domestic violence, and intentionally hurting others. The local procuratorate deliberately delayed at first, and finally brought the forensic doctor to the rehabilitation hospital to conduct a full-body injury examination on Zhang Nini.

  The VIP security guards on the sixth floor, seeing this posture, did not dare to resist, and gave way one after another. Zhang Nini’s two personal caregivers had to stand aside. After forensic identification, Zhang Nini was covered in scars and bruises, and the evidence was conclusive.

  But Zhou Shijun is not a vegetarian either. After getting the news of the nanny, he immediately found a barrister to court Bo, and the court opened as scheduled.

  In court, Jie Ge presented the information he had prepared one by one, and provided the forensic injury report. He accused Zhou Shijun of hurting others and domestic violence, proposed to undertake Zhou Shijun in accordance with the law, and canceled the marriage between Zhou Shijun and Zhang Nini.

  However, Zhou Shijun’s lawyer calmly explained that the scars on Zhang Nini’s body were not caused by Zhou Shijun. Many years ago, Zhang Nini was kidnapped, extorted for money, tortured and bruised all over her body. He also provided the records of the Public Security Bureau many years ago to prove that the accusers’ claims were not true. And provided a huge bill for the VIP rehabilitation treatment service of the rehabilitation hospital to prove that Zhou Shijun loves his wife like his life, and the husband and wife are in love. At the same time, several witnesses were also called. Two of them were Zhang Nini’s personal nanny. According to their accounts, there was no doubt that Zhang Nini and Zhou Shijun were in love with each other.

  Because Zhang Nini was mentally ill and could not appear in court to defend herself, the court finally ruled that the accuser had insufficient evidence and Zhou Shijun was not guilty.

  This ending surprised Xiao Su and Chen Kai. Xiongjun watched the live broadcast on WeChat and threw a cup in Oakland in anger. On the other hand, Brother Jie was very calm and firmly believed that the lawsuit could be won, so he went back to study the information and prepared to appeal again.

  Xiao Su walked out of the court reluctantly and bumped into Zhou Shijun at the door, only to see him with a smug smile on his face, puffing out blue smoke, strolling over, and whispering in Xiao Su’s ear, “If you cause trouble again, I will kill you. Your son.”

  After hearing this, Xiao Su was furious and threw his fist at Zhou Shijun, but was pulled away by Lao Jianliang, a thug next to Zhou Shijun, and was pushed to the ground. The court security rushed out immediately and shouted, “There is a fight at the gate of the court, and you don’t want to live? Do you want to go to jail?”

  Brother Jie and Chen Kai immediately pulled Xiao Su away, Zhou Shijun sneered, threw the cigarette butt on the ground, turned around and walked away.

  Xiao Su sat at the door of the court for a long time, the sky full of Feixue was as disheartened as he was at the moment. Chen Kai and Brother Jie stood by their side silently, empathizing with each other, and persuading silently. A middle-aged man in a trench coat suddenly appeared in front of him, wearing a pair of sunglasses, looked Xiao Su up and down a few times, smiled slightly, handed him a business card, and said, “I want to talk to you.”, and then left quickly.

  Xiao Su picked up the business card, and the three of them looked down at the vice chairman of Ouli Group, Zhao Yi. The three looked at each other, feeling very strange, and then contacted the vice chairman that night. Zhao Yi made an appointment with them in a secret teahouse private room, which made the three of Xiao Su feel even more strange.

  In the evening, this Zhao Dong went to the appointment on time. After entering, he closed the door, looked around the walls, and behaved very carefully. He lit a cigarette, drank a few sips of tea, chatted a few words, and then cut to the theme.

  ”Mr. Su, I know you. You are Mrs. Zhou’s boyfriend in New Zealand. Long story short, I just want to ask you, do you know that Mrs. Zhou has an account book?” Zhao Yi’s eyes were full of expectation. .

  Xiao Su suddenly remembered that Zhang Nini had told him before that when she escaped, she stole an important thing from Zhou Shijun, the account book.

  Seeing that Xiao Su didn’t answer, Zhao Yi roughly guessed it, and then said, “Mrs. Zhou had a big belly when she was brought back. Later, she gave birth to a baby boy and was sent to the country by Zhou Shijun. I think…”

  ”Where in the countryside! Did you know?!” Before Zhao Yi could finish speaking, Xiao Su couldn’t wait to ask.

  Zhao Yi took a deep breath of cigarettes and exhaled a cloud of blue mist. He clearly understood in his heart, and said calmly, “Let’s make a deal. If you can help me get that ledger, I’ll take you to find your child.”

  Brother Jie gently kicked Xiao Su under the table and gave him a wink, obviously not believing this sharp nose, narrow eyes, and sinister face Zhao Yi.

  Seeing Xiao Su’s hesitation, Zhao Yi continued, “Several factions in the company are looking for this ledger, and I am also taking a great risk. Zhou Shijun tortured his wife to force a confession several times about the whereabouts of this ledger, but his wife I’m crazy, I can’t answer.”

  Hearing this, Xiao Su burst into tears involuntarily. The brain made up for Zhang Nini’s escort back, with a big belly and the appearance of being tortured, heartbroken. After wiping away the tears from the corners of his eyes, he asked, “Why do you want the ledger?”

  Zhao Yi smiled triumphantly, took a sip of tea, and continued, “If I have the ledger in my hand, I can send Zhou Shijun to prison. Of course, you can also use the ledger to blackmail him, I believe he will immediately Kill you and silence. This ledger is also useless to you, only a few sensible people in the company can understand it.”

  The three of Xiao Su looked at each other in disbelief.

  ”I shouldn’t stay for a long time, you all think clearly and contact me.” Zhao Yi put out the cigarette butt, got up to leave, turned around and added, “The reason why Mrs. Zhou is still alive and sent to the rehabilitation hospital is because Zhou Shijun wants After she recovers, continue to extort the whereabouts of the ledger.”

  Looking at Zhao Yi’s back as he turned and left, Xiao Su couldn’t help but burst into tears. Poor Zhang Nini didn’t know how much suffering and torture she had to endure before she became the crazy look she is now.

  Brother Jie and Chen Kai also sighed and expressed their sympathy. They decided to help to the end and never compromise.

  Xiao Su immediately contacted Xiongjun in New Zealand. After learning about the situation, Xiongjun immediately flew to Queenstown. According to Xiao Su’s instructions, he opened the door and went in to find the account book. The three of them connected with Xiongjun’s WeChat video and provided on-site guidance. Sure enough, they found a thick ledger in Zhang Nini’s suitcase with the title: Internal ledger of Ouri Group! Xiongjun immediately took a picture of the cover of the account book with his mobile phone and passed it to Xiao Su, preparing to go to the post office to express it back to China the next day.

  With this ledger, Xiao Su saw hope, but how to use this ledger safely without being deceived requires a careful plan. The experienced Jie Ge pondered for a while and came up with a coup that kills two birds with one stone.

  Once you have the ledger, make a copy. First take the original to exchange the child, even if it is a conspiracy, and there is a copy of the backup. Then analyze the contents of the ledger, find out the evidence of Zhou Shijun’s crime, and send him to prison. Xiao Su and Chen Kai nodded in agreement, applauded, and the three acted immediately as planned.

  They then secretly met with Zhao Yi, the vice chairman of Ouli Group. When Xiao Su showed the cover photo of the ledger on his mobile phone, Zhao Yi was ecstatic and nodded with a smile.

  ”We have to get the child before we can hand over the ledger to you.” Brother Jie said to Zhao Yi.

  Zhao Yi didn’t think much about it, and immediately nodded in agreement, “Yes.” Then wrote down a rural address in other provinces.

  Brother Jie took this address and asked curiously, “Why do you trust us so much? What if we get the child and don’t give the ledger?”

  Zhao Yi smiled calmly and said confidently, “Actually, you have no choice. I know now that you have the ledger. If you don’t give it to me, I will tell Zhou Shijun that the ledger involves hundreds of billions of funds, and he will kill him immediately. The three of you are silenced. Therefore, you can only hand over the ledger to me in the end, and this is not to help you, I have my own plans. “

  The three of Xiao Su looked at each other and said nothing. It seems that Zhao Yi, the vice chairman of the Ouli Group, is bound to win everything. I saw him calmly get up and leave, and said, “Happy cooperation.”

  The three of them had the child’s address, and they decided to split the army. Jie Ge stayed and started to study the ledger, find out the problem, and prepare the materials. Chen Kai accompanied Xiao Su, and the two went to the remote western countryside to find their son.

  A few days later, the two followed the address to this remote western province, which is a poor and backward mountainous area. For a time, the two suspected that Zhao Yi was playing tricks, but they were unwilling to give up, and continued to search deeply. Finally, they followed the address and traveled through mountains and rivers to a family at the foot of the mountain.

  Under a typical two-story rural-style building, a woman is standing, holding a newborn baby who is basking in the sun. The child is three or four months old. It seems that Chairman Zhao did not lie, Xiao Su was overjoyed, and just wanted to go in for questioning, but was kicked out by the male host.

  This made the two of them more convinced that this was the child they were looking for, but there was no signal on the mobile phone, and they didn’t know where to call the police.

  After a policeman from the township police station learned about the situation in detail, because there was no evidence, he was dubious, but he was still responsible, and took the two of Xiao Su to the civil adjustment.

  The host saw that Xiao Su and Chen Kai brought the police back, but they did not see the door behind closed doors, which made the police at the police station begin to suspect, and finally opened the door reluctantly under the police’s warning.

  After a simple cross-examination by the police at the police station, all the truth was revealed. The child did not have a birth record in the village. Liu Bo, the male head of the household, was entrusted to take care of him temporarily, but there was no way to prove that the child belonged to Xiao Su.

  The male head of the household, Liu Bo, was taken to the police station for further questioning, but no matter what, he remained silent and did not dare to say who the child was entrusted to raise. He only said that the man was rich and gave him 10,000 yuan per month.

  The police at the police station are also a little helpless. They collect money and raise children for others. This is not an illegal thing. But if Xiao Su insisted that the child belonged to him, there would be a dispute.

  Finally, after coordinating with the police at the police station, they decided to hand the baby over to the nurses at the village health center, and took blood samples from the child and Xiao Su, and sent them to the city for DNA paternity testing. Although Xiao Su kept saying that the child looked like herself, what the law wanted was evidence.

  Chen Kai also felt that it was very necessary to do a paternity test. On the one hand, it could determine whether the child was Xiao Su’s, and on the other hand, it could also determine whether the vice chairman Zhao was lying.

  In the end, Chen Kai and Xiao Su stayed in the guest house next to the police station for three days, and finally got the news of their return from the city. The paternity test showed that the child was indeed Xiao Su’s, and the blood test showed that the child was very healthy and had no problems. Xiao Su was ecstatic, burst into tears, hugged the child, sobbing hard.

  The police at the police station immediately detained Liu Bo, the male head of the household, and prepared to sue him for human trafficking. Liu Bo knelt down and begged for mercy, crying and defending that he was only raising children for others and did not do anything illegal. Seeing that the baby in her arms has not been harmed in any way and is still very healthy, Xiao Su does not plan to sue Liu Bo, the male head of the household.

  After coordinating with the police at the police station and making a detailed case record, the male head of the household was released. Before Xiao Su and Chen Kai left with their children in their arms, the police at the police station took them to the station and told them in private that there were many such trafficked babies in the remote mountainous countryside. Please take good care of your children. This time It was a blessing to be able to successfully find the child.

  The two got on the coach with their children and immediately rushed back to the city. The coach was driving on the empty country road, and there was an endless horizon around, and a high-end Mercedes-Benz black car drove towards them. The two frowned and took a closer look. It was Zhou Shijun inside. It seemed that he had already received the news, but it was a step too late.

  Along the way, Xiao Su fell in love with this child so much that he even picked a name and said to Chen Kai, “Just call him, Maori Su.”

  Chen Kai laughed without saying a word, and the two returned triumphantly. Maybe it was blood relationship. Along the way, the child did not cry or make trouble in Xiao Su’s arms, and slept sweetly. However, Xiao Su was in a hurry about changing diapers and feeding and breastfeeding the child. Fortunately, Chen Kai raised the child and guided him patiently, so he brought the child back intact.

  According to Xiao Su’s wishes, first take the child back to his parents’ house and let them take care of him temporarily. Before the two of them got home with their child, Xiao Su’s parents were already waiting anxiously at the door. His father couldn’t wait to snatched his grandson from Xiao Su’s hand and held it in his arms, very happy. The second old man hugged the child and laughed hard, laughing and laughing.

  ”Look at this nose that looks like his grandfather’s and mine.”

  ”Look at the eyes that look like his grandmother’s mine.”

  ”Look how much this mouth looks like me.”

  ”Look at those ears that look like mine.”


  Xiao Su and Chen Kai looked at each other, and immediately rushed back after settling the child. Although he is reluctant to part with the child, there are more important things waiting for him to do.

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